Who Sells Benjamin Moore Paints

What Are The Different Retails That Offer Benjamin Moore Paints

Does Home Depot or Lowe’s sell Benjamin Moore paint?

Not all popular retailers sell Benjamin Moore paints due to their lack of interest to supply them. Benjamin Moore supplies only to independent retailers, so you find a supplier near your location by searching on Benjamin Moores official website. Its store ships within the United States continent, but also has retail outlets in Hawaii and Alaska. It also offers a pick-up facility from certain stores when ordered online. Benjamin Moore is available in Home Depot Canada, both online and in stores all across the county.

You can use the store locator on Benjamin Moores official website to locate the nearest retailer or outlet of their stores. Below are some independent retail outlets that sell Benjamin Moore paints.

  • Pamperins paints and decorating
  • Shilpark paints
  • Flanagan paints and supplies

What About Duration Or Emerald

If you are painting the exterior and want more longevity, try Sherwin Williams Duration or Emerald paints. These are $20-$30 more expensive than Superpaint but offer superior durability and last 8-10 years on average. Like Superpaint, these premium latex paints from Sherwin Williams are also low-voc.

Best Benjamin Moore Paint Products

Benjamin Moores top paint product is Regal Select. In fact, over 50% of professional painters chose Regal Select as their favorite interior wall paint. Its a higher-end 100% acrylic latex paint that simply checks all the boxes. Accordingly, you cant beat Regal when it comes to coverage, thickness, and ease of application. Its also known for its durability and cleanability.

Like most wall paints it requires two coats but its color pigment retention excels over other comparable paints. Regal comes in at a higher price point at $50-$60 per gallon but in most cases, its worth every penny. However, Regal both performs better and is $10-$20 per gallon cheaper than Sherwins comparable Cashmere product line. Benjamin Moores Regal also is a better paint than Sherwins Superpaint but Regal is $10-$20 per gallon more expensive.

Likewise, Regal Select is a low-voc house paint thats mildew resistant. This makes it safer to use indoors during and after the paint job is complete and reduces paint fumes.

If you are looking for voc-free or no-voc interior wall paint, then consider Benjamin Moores Aura paint line. It is a step above Regal Select which makes Aura $15-$25 more expensive but its a thicker paint that covers colors better.

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Wheres Benjamin Moore Paint Sold

If youre looking for Benjamin Moore paints, youll need to find an independent merchant in your area. Thats because the company only sells its products to independent retailers only.

To find a local store that carries Benjamin Moore products, check out the companys website. You can use the store locator feature to search for your nearest outlets.

You can also order paints directly from Benjamin Moores website, although shipping is only available in the continental United States. There are also retail locations in Alaska and Hawaii.

You can also pick up your online orders of Benjamin Moore paints atdoesnt participating stores. Some of the independent paint outlets that sell the paints include

What Paint To Buy At Home Depot Instead Of Benjamin Moore

who sells benjamin moore advance paint

If youre looking for quality paint, Home Depot has excellent options to choose from. However, you may be wondering which colors are comparable to Benjamin Moores because of their shared popularity.

Below are some of the top paint brands to buy at Home Depot rather than Benjamin Moore.

  • PPG Timeless Interior Paint is a premium, low VOC paint that provides premium protection against the suns heat and UV rays. It has a high gloss finish, offers excellent color retention and is easy to clean
  • Kilz paints are water-based, low-VOC paints that are easy to clean up and dry quickly. The line includes interior and exterior latex paints, stains, sealers and primers designed for use on walls
  • Behris the top selling brand at The Home Depot for a reason. Its affordable, high quality, and available in many different colors and finishes. So if youre looking for professional results at a friendly cost, Behr is a great choice.
  • Glidden Premium Interior paint is suitable for any interior application, including walls and ceilings in residential homes. This paint has an ultra-low odor and low VOC content that make it safe to use in homes with young children or pets. Glidden offers both latex and oil-based paints in its line of premium interior paints. Plus, its more affordable than similar paints from Benjamin Moore and other brands.

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Benjamin Moore Paint Is Available At Lowes

Color matching for paints that arent sold in Lowes shops is a service offered by the company. If you dont have access to a Benjamin Moore store nearby, this is the next best thing. It may cost more, though, depending on the materials employed.

In order to acquire a bespoke color match, bring in a smooth solid sample of your desired tint or shade of color. Paint chip, wallpaper, or a cabinet drawer can all be used. Wood or textured textiles cant be color-matched because of the way theyre dyed.

Lowes may begin the color matching process using the X-Rite iVue machine after you provide this to an employee. Using the color of the item you purchased, this software creates a tinted formula that matches.

You will need to provide the associate with the recipe in order for them to manufacture the paint sample you require. Next, test it for color accuracy, and then purchase the whole gallon or quart if the results are satisfactory.

Are Benjamin Moore And Sherwin Williams The Same Company

Some paint brands are compatible, while others are not. And compatibility has a lot to do with the formula. For instance, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are two distinct companies. So, they use different ingredients to produce their colors. That means you can combine the pigments for some projects but not others. Plus, brand variations are often demonstrated in the checkout line. And some retailers wont sell low-quality paint.

DID YOU KNOW: Benjamin Moore stores are usually locally-owned franchises. But Sherwin Williams stores are corporate-owned.

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Is Benjamin Moore A Good Paint Brand

The semi-gloss paint from Benjamin Moore is a wonderful deal and comes in a variety of hues and sheens. Paint cans costing $30-$40 for high-quality paint are a good value, and they hold up well to spills and stains well.

Most of the paints are long-lasting and easy to clean. Although its easy to use and covers nicely, this paint isnt as thick as some others, so you may need to apply more than one layer.

Check out our linked posts on Behr paint, whether or not Lowes offers Benjamin Moore paint, and Lowes and home depot painting for additional information.

Does Menards Stock Benjamin Moore Paint

Retailer Spotlight: Herb Lack Paint and Hardware, Nyack, NY | Benjamin Moore

Most Menards locations carry several brands of pigment. And you can find almost any color you need. Yet, you wont be able to find any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint there. Thats because Menards is a family-owned franchise that maintains partnerships with local companies. So, they dont carry either variety unless through a neighborhood merchant.

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Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint

Home Depot is a one-stop shop for all your home improvement needs. They offer a wide variety of paint colors, sprays, and finishes. With their advanced paint mixing technology, youre sure to find the perfect shade to suit your taste.

But can you buy Benjamin Moore paints at Home Depot? This post will answer this question and provide you with a list of other places to buy Benjamin Moore paints.

Home Depot doesnt sell Benjamin Moore paints. In fact, Benjamin Moore prefers to sell its colors through independent retailers instead of large box stores like Home Depot. However, you can purchase other brands of paint at The Home Depot, such as Behr, Rust-Oleum, Kilz, and Glidden.

A Comparison Of Benjamin Moore And Sherwin Williams Store Locations

As of 2021, there are about 6,640 Benjamin Moore stores in the United States. Sherwin Williams, also as of 2021, has 4,438 store locations in America.

The difference is that Benjamin Moore stores are locally owned while Sherwin Williams is corporate. This means Benjamin Moore stores and places that carry their paints can have different products.

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Does Lowes Sell Benjamin Moore Paint In 2022

The new partnership will benefit existing customers with access to a wider selection of paint brands and products. The partnership also will allow Lowes and Benjamin Moore to work together on expanding their customer base through the purchase of new paint brands.

So, why doesnt Lowes sell Benjamin Moore paint? Well, they dont want to seem too biased towards Benjamin Moore their marketing strategy is built around selling everything regardless of brand. And they dont want to jeopardize their relationship with Lowes.

What Other Experts Say

Does True Value Sell Benjamin Moore Paint

The New York Times Wirecutter publication named Benjamin Moores Regal Select The Best Interior Paint out of the 55 options they tested. They asked professional painters about their favorite brands, and over half named this paint line.

The painters interviewed by Wirecutter said that Regal Select paint delivers on its promises and justifies its higher price tag by being more durable and more efficient than lower-priced competitors thanks to its excellent coverage.

Popular review site BobVila.com also awarded Regal Select the top spot in its list of the best interior paints. The reviewers praised the paint for its zero-VOC content, washability, quick drying time, and smooth finish. According to the reviewers, using this paint means that youre all but guaranteed an effortless and beautiful paint job.

Home magazine Country Living named Benjamin Moores budget paint, ben, as the best value in a lineup of the top ten paint brands for interior jobs. The reviewers noted that this option isnt as smooth as others, but it still provides good quality for a reasonable price.

In Good Housekeepings review of Benjamin Moore Regal Select, the reviewers gave the paint five out of five stars. Reviewers found this low-VOC option to be durable and stain-resistant while providing superior coverage, excellent fade resistance, and a beautiful finish.

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The History Of Benjamin Moore Paint

Benjamin Moore first began in 1883. Benjamin Moore started the business with his brother Robert in Brooklyn, New York. Benjamin Moore became a Corporation in 1889 and eventually moved to New Jersey, which is where the company is still based today.

The company began to expand in the early 1900s. After World War II, Benjamin Moore focused on producing a number of new paints, including latex paint, which was the most environmentally friendly paint of the time as well as one of the easiest to apply and clean.

One of Benjamin Moores most famous paints Regal Aqua Velvet was developed in 1972, following in the tradition of Regal Wall Satin, another popular paint that had been developed in 1957. The company has been a historic source of innovation in the paint industry, leveraging a proprietary Computer Color Matching System in 1982.

The company is well over 100 years old today and is still pushing the envelope in house painted technology and environmental friendliness.

Developed A Environmentally Friendly Chalk Paint That Can Be Custom Tinted Into Most Benjamin Moore Colours*

From the cabinets in your kitchen to a piece of furniture to a fun craft. Our top benjamin moore washable flat paint were created after hours considering the most recent 6,230 reviews of visitors.below you will find a thorough and comprehensive guide on each one which all was produced by major brands: Color, technology, innovation, and leadership define benjamin.

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Can Lowes Color Match Benjamin Moore Paint

Lowes can offer to match different paints that are not available in their stores to suit your needs, and are often able to match colors from other stores.

I think what you are looking for is a colour library or possibly a paint store who does not offer this service. Good luck!

You can use an example of a shade you want to mimic in order to create your customized color match.

Now that youve got a custom color match, youll need to know what will happen to that color when you use your new custom color.

but thats the beauty of being able to mix a brand new batch each and every time, with new colors and fabrics to play with!

After you brought this in, the associate with iVue machine can begin color matching. It reads the color and develops a tint formula to match the item.

In order to have this type of paint, youll be required to get a sample from the store. This ensures the paint is the same color and its not too dark or too light.

How Much Does A Gallon Of Benjamin Moore Paint Cost

Benjamin Moore Dark Harbor in Behr | Premium Paint Hack

Expect to pay a range of prices for Benjamin Moore brand stains. Depending on the retailer, your costs can vary by tens of dollars. The Regal grade is mid-range. Yet, it costs about $60 per gallon. Meanwhile, the Aura grade is high-end. So, youll pay around $80 per gallon for that. Your fees dont include specific pigments, finishes, or other ingredients. Thus, the total increases if you choose high-hide paint to conceal imperfections.

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Lowes Colors Can Match Benjamin Moore Paint

Lowes will color match paints in-stock to your specifications.

It may be more expensive depending on how much you use, but this is the best option if there are no Benjamin Moore stores nearby.

If you have a solid, smooth example of your preferred tint or color to hand, it is possible to get a custom match. This could be a paper, wallpaper, or cabinet drawer.

The color cant be matched for stained wood, textured fabrics.

This will be taken to Lowes by an associate. They can then begin color matching with the XRite iVue. This reads the color and develops a tint formula to match the item you bought.

The associate will then transfer the formula to the tinter, and create the required paint sample. You then simply test it to make sure its the correct tint and if so, you can buy the full gallon or quart.

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Benjamin Moore Paint Store To Open In Highland Township

Highland Township is set to review construction plans for a new Benjamin Moore paint store in the Watkins Landing shopping plaza by Milford High School.

Color the Highland Township Downtown Development Authority pleasantly surprised.

“We weren’t expecting it. It was a surprise to us,” said Melissa Dashevich, DDA executive director. “We’re excited to have them here. There is no other paint store in Highland, other than Ace . They carry paint, but aren’t an actual paint store.”

Cassie Blascky, a DDA board member, reached out to Benjamin Moore for more information, including the store’s projected opening, but had not received a response as of Sept. 7.

“I like to see new business, people with new opportunities,” Blascky said. “The DDA works hard to assist them. We reach out to support them. We are thrilled.”

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Linda Burkhart, township zoning administrator, said the township received construction plans for the store interior last week. The new business will move into suites 104 and 106 at the plaza, 2330 S. Milford Road.

“They have to do an interior build-out of the space and those are the plans in for review. A review usually takes three to four weeks,” Burkhart said. “Then they get issued building permits. They have to build first, before they open.”

Contact Sharon Dargay at.

What Brands Of Paint Does Lowes Sell

who sells benjamin moore paint uk

There are a variety of other brands of paint available at Lowes, and consumers may search online by color, kind, or brand.

Brands that they carry include:

  • In addition to a variety of hues, Valspar paints may be used for both interior and outdoor painting. Exterior stains and furniture paint are also available from this vendor. In addition to Lowes, this paint may also be purchased through independent stores.
  • Benjamin Moore and KILZ are often compared because of their quality and popularity.
  • You can only buy Sherwin-Williams paint at a Sherwin-Williams storefront or at Lowes because of a retail distribution agreement the two companies have.

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