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The New York Times Wirecutter publication named Benjamin Moores Regal Select The Best Interior Paint out of the 55 options they tested. They asked professional painters about their favorite brands, and over half named this paint line.

The painters interviewed by Wirecutter said that Regal Select paint delivers on its promises and justifies its higher price tag by being more durable and more efficient than lower-priced competitors thanks to its excellent coverage.

Popular review site BobVila.com also awarded Regal Select the top spot in its list of the best interior paints. The reviewers praised the paint for its zero-VOC content, washability, quick drying time, and smooth finish. According to the reviewers, using this paint means that youre all but guaranteed an effortless and beautiful paint job.

Home magazine Country Living named Benjamin Moores budget paint, ben, as the best value in a lineup of the top ten paint brands for interior jobs. The reviewers noted that this option isnt as smooth as others, but it still provides good quality for a reasonable price.

In Good Housekeepings review of Benjamin Moore Regal Select, the reviewers gave the paint five out of five stars. Reviewers found this low-VOC option to be durable and stain-resistant while providing superior coverage, excellent fade resistance, and a beautiful finish.

Are Benjamin Moore And Sherwin Williams The Same Company

Some paint brands are compatible, while others are not. And compatibility has a lot to do with the formula. For instance, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are two distinct companies. So, they use different ingredients to produce their colors. That means you can combine the pigments for some projects but not others. Plus, brand variations are often demonstrated in the checkout line. And some retailers wont sell low-quality paint.

DID YOU KNOW: Benjamin Moore stores are usually locally-owned franchises. But Sherwin Williams stores are corporate-owned.

What Is The Cheapest Benjamin Moore Paint

Always choose your paint grade carefully. And never let price be the sole determining factor of what you select. But you can save money on your project while still enjoying a professional finish. Pick the cheapest Benjamin Moore stains your money can buy.

Look for ben Interior paint for a steep discount. You can only find it in flat, eggshell, or semi-gloss finishes. And you might have to apply more than two coats to your walls. Plus, youll probably need some primer. However, youll spend less than half the price of their mid-grade product. And it dries just as fast.

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Final Verdict And Concluding Thoughts

Matching Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint colors is a more difficult process than most people are aware.

If youre searching for a precise match, the best approach is to find the color code.

If everything else fails, you can consider one of the three methods described in this article:

  • Bring paint chip to paint store
  • Compare color deck to areas
  • Schedule a color consultation
  • Whats you experience been like matching paint colors?

    Let us know in the comments! 🙂

    Can You Return Benjamin Moore Paint To The Store

    Benjamin Moore Aura Satin Tintable Base Base 2 Paint Exterior 1 gal ...

    Did you get the wrong color? Is your finish not as beautiful as you expected? If so, try to return your paint to the store. But remember that each location operates under different policies. And franchises dont always have to honor brand commitments.

    Avoid frustration and wasted money by ordering paint samples first. That way, you can take the color home to test it in various lights. And if you dont like how it looks, you dont have to return to the store. Use the sample for touchups and mixing instead.

    You can return Sherwin Williams paint to the store if youre unsatisfied. But Benjamin Moore retailers arent quite as relaxed. Check the stores policy for more information. And always hang onto your receipt in case you need it.

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    Prepare For Your Shopping Trip

    Buy what you need and finish your project quickly. Stop searching all over town for the best Benjamin Moore paints. You can buy samples, pints, and gallons at your local Ace Hardware store. Or you can visit the nearest BM franchise to get exclusive deals on custom colors. And if all else fails, shop online to tailor your order and save some time.

    Bottom Line: Is Benjamin Moore Worth It

    Now you know what makes Benjamin Moore paint so special.

    But is it the right brand for you?

    Before I give you my recommendation, lets quickly review the main takeaways.

    • Benjamin Moore offers several paint lines ranging from high-quality interior and exterior paints to specialty products designed for specific projects.
    • Compared to other paint brands, Benjamin Moore paints feature high volume solids, making them thicker, richer, and longer-lasting than many other options.
    • Benjamin Moore offers both low and zero-VOC paints.
    • You can only buy Benjamin Moore paint at brand stores, ACE Hardware stores, or specific independent paint & hardware retailers that have been authorized by the company.
    • Benjamin Moores color catalog is extensive, and the brand offers a range of useful tools to help you visualize, organize, and choose from hundreds of paint colors.
    • Expect to pay more for Benjamin Moore paints than you would for other competing brands.
    • The main downsides are the high cost, inability to color match, and thickness, making it more difficult to wash out of brushes .

    Bottom line you cant beat Benjamin Moores quality, and theres a reason its one of the most recommended brands among painters, industry experts, and homeowners.

    The New York Times named Benjamin Moore Regal Select the best interior paint, and almost all the professional painters I spoke to highly recommended the brand.

    Learn more about Benjamin Moor on BenjaminMoore.com or ACEHardware.com.

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    Option : Compare A Color Deck To The Area You Wish To Match

    Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams both have color decks that are samples of their actual colors.

    Get a Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color deck and hold up different colors next to the location you want to match.

    Continue changing colors in the color deck until you achieve a near-match.

    This approach is only as accurate as your eyeing ability.

    Is Benjamin Moore Good Paint

    Most people love Benjamin Moore paint. Thats because its a high-quality pigment, and it can outlast other brands. Take Benjamin Moore versus Behr stains, for example. Both products are durable and vivid. But Benjamin Moore is usually less expensive while still covering the same square footage.

    Meanwhile, BM offers a savvy combination of quality and quantity. So, the brand sells paint and primer duos at affordable prices. Plus, their formulas dont contain volatile organic compounds . And that means theyre safe for use in homes even if you have allergies.

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    Benjamin Moore To Sherwin Williams Color Match: Ultimate Guide

    Can you match Benjamin Moore to Sherwin Williams paint?

    Short answer, not 100% accurately.

    Most painting contractors will tell you that they can match the color to be exactly the same, but the truth is paint manufactures spend tons of money making special formulas to create unique paint colors for their brand which makes it really difficult to get an exact match.

    In this article, we will discuss:

    • The best way to color match paint and where to find it
    • Things to consider before matching Benjamin Moore and Sherwin paints
    • How to color match as best as possible
    • #1 thing to avoid when matching paint colors

    Lets get started:

    Can You Buy Benjamin Moore Paint At Lowes

    Benjamin Moore Classic Gray: Is It Your Perfect Gray Paint Shade ...

    Lowes once sold every major paint brand. However, things changed in 2022. As of January, Lowes no longer distributes lacquer or supplies for Benjamin Moore. You must visit another store, buy online, or shop at your local Benjamin Moore franchise instead. But since the transition is recent, you could ask a Lowes associate for some help finding your favorite colors.

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    Does Menards Stock Benjamin Moore Paint

    Most Menards locations carry several brands of pigment. And you can find almost any color you need. Yet, you wont be able to find any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint there. Thats because Menards is a family-owned franchise that maintains partnerships with local companies. So, they dont carry either variety unless through a neighborhood merchant.

    Does Home Depot Have Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

    The Home Depot stocks countless items for home renovation and remodeling. They have one of the most extensive paint counters in modern retail history. You can find products on their shelves from a bunch of well-known brands, including these:

    Surprisingly, Benjamin Moore paint is not on that list. Home Depot does not sell it, and they havent for several years. So, you have to buy your supply from somewhere else if BM is the brand you choose.

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    Manual Matches Are Inconsistent And Time

    Try to match up the color manually is a difficult process with small adjustments making a huge difference in the end result.

    For example, you should only mix paint in natural light since artificial lighting will alter the colors. Almost anything can have an effect of the overall result.

    Most painters dont have the time or patience to get the colors to match perfectly.

    Types Of Benjamin Moore Paint To Consider For Your Home

    Unmatchable: Lights, Dry Sage Paint Color | Benjamin Moore

    Could your walls use a little color? Painting is one way to change the whole feeling of a room!

    Dont know how you will ever choose a paint brand? With so many options it can be hard to know what is best. Dont look too far because Benjamin Moore paint can certainly cover the inside and outside of your home.

    Learn more about the types of Benjamin Moore paint.

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    Is It Possible To Replicate Paint Sheens Between Companies

    Simply stated, the answer is NO.

    There is no uniform paint sheen in the United States for residential use. Benjamin Moore Eggshell and Sherwin Williams Satin are comparable products. And so on. Because of the change in reflectiveness, each sheen requires a different paint recipe. This adds to the unpredictability of your match.

    When you tell a Sherwin Williams painter that you want to match a Benjamin Moore Satin sheen for some trim, you create a lot of confusion and a few mix-ups along the way.

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    Contact Us About Types Of Benjamin Moore Paint

    We hope you have learned a bit about the 12 types of Benjamin Moore paint for the interior and exterior rooms.

    Are you ready to start painting? Do you have the time or the know-how of which type of paint is best for each room?

    Our painting contractors at Carolina Blue Painting would be happy to help you. We are professional painters who paint for both residential and commercial properties. Between interior and exterior paints, our team has the expert knowledge and experience to provide the best 12 Types of Benjamin Moore paint for each individual room.

    Let us help you give your home or business a brand new look. For all of your painting needs be sure to contact Carolina Blue Painting here!


    Option : Remove A Paint Chip From The Area You Wish To Match And Take It To Sherwin Williams For Comparison

    Benjamin Moore Aura Semi

    This may be your most convenient and cost-effective choice if you dont want to use a professional color consultant.

    All you need to do is find an area where you can remove a chip of paint and bring it to a Sherwin Williams store.

    You can accomplish this with a knife or razor blade in an area that is easily covered.

    Note: If youre attempting to match an outside surface color, take paint samples in areas with shade since the sun causes colors to fade over time.

    When you bring it to Sherwin Williams, they will utilize a Spectrophotometer to compare the color with Benjamin Moores hue.

    Once again, this is only 90% accurate.

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    Does Benjamin Moore Paint Come In Five

    You can buy Benjamin Moore paint in bulk through an affiliated retailer. But dont search for large buckets at stores that dont sell the brand. Then, prepare for some stores not to carry such massive containers. Get ready to approach a BM franchise or shop online instead. Meanwhile, some retailers offer customers a discount if they buy their paint in bulk. So, ask an associate for more details.

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