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Living Room: Add Warmth To Vast Spaces

Portola Paints Lime Wash Tutorial

AD100 designer Giancarlo Valle brings warmth through the subtle texture of limewash-painted walls.

An oversized space with tall ceilings can be such a design blessing, but also a curse, says Augusta Hoffman of in New York. Ample square footagesuch as in a living roomcould mean more opportunity for creativity, but can also run the risk of being too spare or cold. Correct furniture proportions can counter this effect, but there are often still too many moments of negative space, she says. Limewash paint is an excellent tool to add a quiet warmth to these areas.

What Is Limewash Paint: Four Places To Use It In Your Home

When it comes to paint, designers have a new darling: limewash paint. The textured paint is coming into the spotlight thanks to ingenious uses and new vivid colors. One look at the teal cream puff of a bedroom designed by Justina Blakeney can tell you that this is no ordinary paint. Whether you play up the texture or opt for a minimalist approach, the effect is striking. But what is limewash paint exactly?

Limewash paint has unmatched texture.

For starters, limewash paint is known for its chalky, nuanced texture that creates a romantic old-world feel. Its made from crushed limestone thats fired at very high temperatures, mixed with water, and colored with natural pigments. Though trendy, its not new. Lime paint has a deeply rooted history as one of the first-ever house paints emerging from the Roman and Mediterranean regions, says Justine Sirot, a spokesperson for the France-based paint and wallpaper company Ressource, which recently opened a flagship showroom in the D & D showroom in New York City.

There are also other natural benefits to limewash paint: Its breathable, nontoxic, and eco-friendly, and the high pH level means that its bacteria- and mold-resistant. Also, because limewash paint contains no VOCs , its application is practically odorless.

Limewash is different from other lime-based paints, such as Venetian plaster, which is much thicker and tends to have a more polished and formal finish.

Can I Make My Own Limewash

Mixing your own limewash is the budget-friendly way to go. Its a simple process that involves making a lime putty from hydrated lime mixed with water, and then gradually diluting the concoction with water until it has the consistency of thick cream. Natural pigments are added for color. See DIY Project: Limewashed Walls for Modern Times for our tutorial.

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Application On New Lime Render Lime Plaster Or Existing Lime Washed Surfaces


To prepare the surface for limewashing, brush and wash free of any loose particles, dirt, lichen etc. If there is mould growth, the surface should be treated with a fungicide and rinsed off before limewashing.


Damp down the area with clean water before applying each coat. Controlling the suction in this way minimises the likelihood of dusting and cracking.


Whisk the limewash thoroughly before use.Brush apply limewash with a large emulsion or masonry brush. Dont allow it to build up too thickly as it can craze on drying out. Remember its a wash and will look transparent on application but will dry opaque.Coloured limewash dries to a much lighter shade than the wet colour.


Ideally leave each coat to cure for 24 hours. For each further coat, follow the same procedure as the first coat.Protect external limewash from the weather if necessary. A thin coat curing slowly in the presence of moisture will form a more crystalline, hard-wearing surface compared to a chalky finish if a thick coat dries out too quickly.

  • 4 coats on new external lime render.
  • 3 coats on new internal lime plaster.
  • 2 or 3 on existing limewashed surfaces.


Limewash is a water-based paint. Therefore do not apply in temperatures less than 5 ºC partuicularly if theres a risk of frost.


1 litre of limewash covers 3 6 m² per coat .



What Is The Consumption Of Badisof

Crown Lime Wash Matt Emulsion Paint 2.5L

The Badisof is available in a 4 or 8 kg bucket.Consumption :

* 20 m² with a 4kg bucket* 40 m² with a 8kg bucketOn a normally absorbent support.

You can watch our application video HERE.

Warning : this product is made to order only. Depending on the current request, preparation times may exceed 48h working hours. Consult our delivery policy.

Do you have a doubt about the color ? You hesitate between several shades ? Order the powdered samples, test them and you will be able to order them with confidence.

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Introduction To Lime Paint

Lime paint is a type of mineral-based paint thats just better in all aspects. Its friendlier to the environment, healthier for you, and prettier to look at, compared to regular old paint. Ever heard of the saying its as boring as watching paint dry? With lime paint, even watching it dry would be quite an interesting experience, thanks to all its unique properties. So heres what lime paint is, and why it definitely deserves all the hype!

What Colors Does Limewash Come In

In its base form, limewash is off-white. Color is achieved by adding natural, alkali-resistant pigments, which are available in shades dictated by what the earth has to offer. Browns, grays, and taupes are the norm.

Keep in mind that limewash becomes much lighter as it dries. Its up to 10 times darker when its wet so its important to test colors. The opacity depends on the number of coats that are applied typically up to three coats are recommended. This is a paint that requires an openness to chance. Colors vary depending on the pigments used, the composition and porosity of the surface being painted, and the application of the paint.

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Ordering Paint Online: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order for Store Pick-up?

Once you are ready to checkout, head over to the Cart icon at the top right of your screen. Choose “Store Pickup” and then select the location, date and time you wish to collect your order.

What is the average lead time for Store Pick-up Orders?

Orders can be placed for Store Pickup at any Catalina Paint Store location. Our team can have your paint order ready for pickup within 2 hours.

Do you offer Local Delivery?

Yes! JC Licht offers delivery within a 30 mile radius around each of our locations. Once you are ready to check-out, head to the Cart icon at the top right of your screen. Select “Local Delivery” and enter your zipcode to see if you are eligible.

How fast can you deliver my paint?

We offer next day delivery on every order! When you are ready to checkout, head to the Cart and select “Local Delivery”, enter your zipcode to ensure you are eligible and then choose your preferred delivery date and time slot.

Do you offer FREE Delivery?

Yes! All orders above $75 are delivered FREE. Order below $75 can be delivered for a $10 delivery fee.

Do you have any products in-store that are not on the website?

Yes. The products displayed on our online store represent only a small sample of what we carry in-store. To shop a wider range of products, please visit or call your nearest JC Licht Location.

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The Bathroom: Amp Up Small Spaces

How to Lime Wash Paint using Bauwerk Lime Paint

Murdock Young Architects dresses up a bathroom with wow-worthy limewash paint.

Because a bathroom is on the smaller side, you can afford to be more dramatic with the wall choice, Hoffman says. In a Soho loft she designed for a former Navy Seal, she used a saturated black color to create a moody effect, while the texture of the limewash, applied with shorter brush strokes, kept the space from feeling flat and heavy. Dark, dramatic tones in a powder room always feel less intense and an exciting opportunity for a departure away from more classic design, she says.

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Hand Crafted And Beautiful Colors

Nothing can compare to the subtle, yet complex colors and finishes of Lime Wall Paint, where every color is hand-made from scratch using earth mineral pigments. From the subtle suede-like soothing texture to the way light plays on the surface, your walls will come alive with a gorgeous depth you never thought possible. The beautiful shades of lime wash paint we have selected will elevate your living space and create a designer look to every room.

Ideal for interior or exterior surfaces, Lime Wall Paint can be applied to drywall, plaster, stucco, masonry, wood and previously painted surfaces.

Tools Of The Trade & Proper Dilution

Classico Limewash is a concentrated slaked-lime paint product. You have to add water to dilute it and mix it in a separate mixing bucket into a paint-like consistency. Its a very simple process and allows you to create a custom thick or thin paint.

When diluting, remember that its easier to add water later, so start with less water and mix your way to your ideal consistency.

Product needs to be diluted with 50 70% water.

Classico Limewash is available in these bucket sizes:

1Liter: 80 100 SQ FT

2.5 Liters: 200 250 SQ FT

15 Liters: 1200 1500 SQ FT

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How Is Limewash Applied

Limewash should be applied in several thin coats using a long-haired or masonry paintbrush that creates feathered strokes. Never use a roller. Kalklitir of Swedens How to Apply Lime Color to a Wall video details the application process and shows how the paint soaks in and dries.

Porters Original Lime Wash Is Australia’s Best Known Exterior Lime Wash

Buy Limewash here at Lincolnshire Lime

It creates a soft weathered patina reminiscent of the wonderful finishes on the buildings of Tuscany, Portofino and other regions throughout the Mediterranean.

Porters uses slaked and aged lime to give this finish its ageless beauty. It is a truly wonderful material that mellows gradually while it wears away. Lime Wash also has hygienic properties and acts as a mild fungicide due to its high pH.

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Brush For Limewash Paint

These brush is made for limewash painting and are produced in professional quality.

This brush uses a material mix of approx. 30% natural bristles and approx. 70% synthetic bristles. Because of the high alkalinity of lime, pure natural bristles should dry out and wear off very quickly.

90 mm visible bristle length

Dimensions: 170 x 70 mm, with bucket hook

Easy Application & Low Maintenance

Because Classico Limewash is highly permeable and breathable, it calcifies to the brick for maximum durability and will continue to patina over time, lasting decades without having to repaint or maintain the finish. Due to the high pH of the paint, it is naturally mold-resistant and has a high UV and fade resistance allowing the color to keep its depth and quality over time.

Designed to be a one-coat process with no need for an additional primer, the application is easy and efficient. First, dampen your brick or masonry surface to combine cleaning and prepping in one simple step.

Make sure your Classico Limewash is already diluted, mixed and ready to apply once youve wet your surface.Apply as directed then wait for 10 60 minutes depending on temperature and sunlight to begin the wash off process.

Follow our Easy Application Tips in the Classico Limewash brochure for more information.

Results are best when applied with the Masonry Brush or you can use a PRO paint sprayer.

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Bedroom: Create A Relaxing Atmosphere

Dreamy bedroom designed by Giancarlo Valle, coated in limewash by Portola Paints.

The place where you need a good nights sleep should be calming, serene, and soothing. I especially love using limewash paint in bedrooms, Scotti says. When you paint both the walls and the ceiling with the same pigmented limewash, the chalky, muddled texture creates a cocoon-like feeling.

This Paint Is Amazing

how to make your own lime wash paint!

Glad I came across this paint – really versatile and easy to clean up. The paint easily covered some dark interior 70’s brick and came out amazing. Enjoy.

  • ROMABIO® Classico Limewash is an authentic, slaked-lime paint that is specially formulated to create unique white wash effects for Interior and Exterior brick, stone, and other masonry surfaces. Applied easily as a 1-coat process to instantly create authentic limewash finish equal to the look in historic Europe.
  • A breathable, high UV-resistant, and long lasting finish, Classico Limewash will patina overtime creating a unique, beautiful finish. Ideal for unpainted, absorbent brick, stone or other masonry surfaces.
  • Easy to use, 1-coat paint process, no additional primer. Handcrafted in Italy with Dolomite lime using 2,000-year-old techniques and modern technology. Perfect DIY for one-story homes and fireplaces. Toxin-free and environmentally friendly.

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What You Will Need

If you are going to lime paint new drywall or previously painted surfaces you will need our Mineral Prime.

Lime Wall Paint is best applied with a large block brush. This application technique helps achieve the soft, mottled appearance of lime wash especially when it is applied in a random, crisscrossing technique. The various brush strokes will result in tonal variations and help to refract light in various ways enhancing the texture, depth and mottling effects.

So you will need Mineral Prime , Lime Wall Paint , block brush, mixing bucket, painters tape, plastic or drop clothes , paint roller, stirring stick, spray bottle, paint tray and ladder.

Limewash Is Traditional Blend Of Our Own Superior Matured Lime Putty Water And Linseed Oil It Comes Naturally As White Alternatively Earth Pigments Can Be Added To Produce A Fantastic Range Of Colours

Limewash is a very ancient paint made from limestone which has been crushed, burnt and slaked with water to make lime putty. The lime putty is matured for several months before being thinned with water to make limewash.

Mike Wye Limewash is naturally white and forms a complex crystalline matrix which has a matt, slightly chalky appearance. It is coloured with pigments and can be used internally or externally where it works best on porous surfaces such as a traditional lime plaster, lime render, stone and brick. Unlike modern barrier paints, limewash works by sinking into the surface. It hardens by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to form crystals of calcium carbonate which give the limewash its deep matt appearance and protective qualities. When used on porous surfaces, the colour will deepen if there is any dampness in the background material, hence its attractive shading.

Tallow or raw linseed oil are traditional additives which help to improve its water-shedding qualities when used externally .As it is a water-based paint, limewash isnt easily absorbed into less porous surfaces such as cement renders or hard gypsum plasters, and therefore it wont wear nearly as well on these. Additives such as casein can be added to help it bond to these less porous materials.


Our Limewash Colour Chart shows the range of 24 fabulous colours at affordable prices including natural white. A colour matching service is also available for a fee of £40+VAT.

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Badisof What Is It Exactly

The Ocres de France’s company was one of the pioneers in the manufacture of ready-to-use lime paint more than 20 years ago.Badisof is a ready-to-use limewash paint for indoor use. It allows to create brushed matte and velvety brushes lime paint, discreetly nuanced in simple liming, strong water or patina, with the easy brushed technic.It is applied on a suitable support or after the apply of an underlay . On a healthy support, without irregularities, the Sofadher will be ideal before a Badisof.

Badisof exists in its natural version or factory tinted . These 42 colours correspond to sof-doses : you can colour the Badisof/Badisof Plus yourself with the sof-doses. A sof-dose in a 4kg bucket corresponds exactly to the tint that would have the coloured Badisof/Badisof Plus, tinted in our factory. This option is interesting when you want to be able to lighten a colour. Example : instead of buying a Badisof Plus Amande, you can buy a natural Badisof Plus + 1 sof-dose Amande, which you pour only half or 3/4 to have a lighter shade. Buying the sof-dose + Badisof/Badisof Plus also slightly reduces the manufacturing time of your limewash painting . However, be careful to mix it with an electric stirrer in a homogeneous way !

Exemple with the ocre jaune JFLES dosed at 5% and 20% in the Badisof Plus

And Remember It Is Removable

Amazon.com: limewash paint

One of the added benefits of using our authentic slaked-lime product is that, unlike traditional latex paint, Classico Limewash can be wiped or washed off immediately after application for a no-stress, no commitment purchase.

With the use of a high force pressure washer, the entire application on the exterior of a home can be removed up to 2 days following the initial application. This allows you to test the product on your brick or masonry surface first.

We highly recommend test strips and areas, ensuring you fall in love with the product and color before tackling the entire surface area.

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The Limewash Paint : Better For You And For The Environment

Why choose our limewash paint instead of a classic paint ?

Because it has a much lower level of Volatile Organic Compounds and therefore much less harmful. The VOC-free statements you see on ecological paints dont mean the paint doesnt contain them at all, because its technically impossible to do without them. This statement is used for paints containing a concentration of OC of less than 5 g per litre. The rate of C.O.V contained in our paints is less than 5 g per litre.

What are our limewash paints made of ?The rate of C.O.V contained in our paints is less than 5 g per litre. Everything that is natural is privileged in our paints : mineral pigments are used to elaborate the hues, which are therefore more pastel than in classical paint, and of course French lime, which is a limestone used for centuries. However, like all powders, lime is irritating to the respiratory tract: wearing a mask and gloves is strongly recommended during the implementation of the product. But once the preparation is on the wall, this product is 100% safe, without any danger.

Our paints are prepared in powder, without water, to avoid the addition of preservatives and extra weight, which would increase transportation costs. Water will be added at the time of application.Our buckets are recyclable, in the yellow buckets, and can also be cleaned and reused.

For all these reasons, our lime paints are labelled A+.


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