What Do Paint Turtles Eat

What Do Painted Turtles Eat In The Wild And As Pets

Turtle Soup

Painted turtles are omnivores and tend to be opportunistic eaters. They will accept both animals and plants as food sources. In the wild, they typically eat things like fish, worms, and insects. Their diets will be rounded out by whatever plant materials they can find, like leafy veggies. They tend to prey mostly on animals, with veggies taking a secondary role.

In captivity, their diet must have a similar makeup. These turtles will thrive off of things like fish, crickets, minnows, crayfish, and cockroaches. They can also be offered various veggies, though protein sources should make up the bulk of their diet. There are commercial turtle foods available. It is usually recommended to keep your turtles diet as broad as possible for complete and balanced nutrition.

Turtles need to eat a varied and suitable diet. They are prone to a few diet-related diseases, like metabolic bone disease. A lack of certain nutrients causes these, so your turtle must receive all the nutrition they need.

What Vegetables Can Turtles Eat

Nutrition plays a crucial role in keeping aquatic and semiaquatic turtles healthy. Vegetables are often underutilized but should make up most of the adult omnivorous aquatic turtles diet. Just like with turtle pellets, it is crucial to offer a wide variety of dark, leafy greens in addition to other vegetables. A turtle should never eat the same vegetables their entire life. Instead, offer 2-3 types of greens each feeding and 1-2 types of other veggies. Each week or two, rotate through the options below to keep your turtle healthy and happy. Highly nutritious vegetable sources for turtles include:

  • Aquatic plants sold at aquarium storesensure they are specifically sold for aquatic turtles

Diet For A Baby Painted Turtle

The baby painted turtle grows fast. They need more protein than vegetables. The interesting thing is, you dont need to force them to eat more protein than vegetables. Naturally, baby turtles like to eat meat. Actually, baby turtles are carnivores. They start eating fruits and vegetables as they grow up.

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Food Avoid To Feed Painted Turtles

You should be careful when feeding your baby or adult Painted turtle since this species shouldnt consume some ingredients harmful to their bodies.

Painted turtles living in nature will eat small fish they catch, regardless of their type. On the other hand, you shouldnt feed your pet with fish coming from a body of water but only the one from a pet store.

Only that way, you can ensure that this food doesnt contain harmful bacteria your turtle is not used to. Always avoid offering Painted turtle the following food:

  • Amaranth and fruit seed

Keep in mind that baby Painted turtles are carnivores that need more proteins and enjoy consuming meat. These turtles will start eating vegetables and fruits once they turn seven years old.

That is a period when you should avoid feeding it daily and provide food once in two or three days. Plus, you should avoid some groceries, including:

  • Canned and processed food with preservatives and high salt and sugar levels

What Do Painted Turtles Eat In Captivity

SEA TURTLE Eating CORAL Large Original painting in

A diet for a painted turtle pet should mimic its natural diet as closely as possible. This means that the diet should consist of both animal and plant matter. Captive painted turtles eat live insects and fish, turtle pellets, and fresh vegetables.

A variety of fresh, frozen, and live foods can be offered to pet turtles.

Common meat-based options include

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What Kind Of Insects Should Painted Turtles Eat

The best way to feed your painted turtle insects is to give it dried insects. The most popular dried insects that you will find are usually dried crickets. Dried crickets are great for painted turtles because they contain a lot of protein and very little fat.

I havent tried any other types of insects besides crickets for my turtle, but from what Ive seen he seems to enjoy them. Here is a link to the dried crickets that I use to feed my turtle, in case you want to try it.

What To Do If Your Painted Turtle Doesnt Eat Vegetables

The first thing that you have to do is to determine the cause. And there are two possibilities.

The first possibility is that your turtle is too young. Its not uncommon for baby and juvenile painted turtles to not eat vegetables. When they are at those life stages they are growing a lot faster than adult painted turtles, and to grow this fast they need a lot of protein that they get from meat. So eating vegetables or anything else wont do them any good. If your painted turtle is you then its perfectly normal that it wont eat vegetables. Just wait until it reaches maturity, then you can try again to feed it vegetables.

If you are not sure how old is your turtle, then read this article: How Long do Turtles Live? there you will find a few methods that will help you approximate the age of your turtle.

The second possibility is that you got your turtle used to eat only meat, pellets, and similar things, and now it doesnt want to eat anything else. But fortunately, this is a common problem that has a simple situation. You just have to stop feeding your turtle so much meat and pellets, and start giving it vegetables as well. Start by reducing the amount of food that you give it and replacing it with vegetables. If it still doesnt eat replace more of its food with vegetables.

After a couple of weeks or a month of using this method, your painted turtle will start eating vegetables soon enough, and in the end, it will also start to enjoy some of them.

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Basic Food And Water Habits

When painted turtles eat they often do so while swimming, so it is advisable that if you own a turtle you feed them foods that can either float or be clipped to the side of the enclosure.

Aquatic turtle pellets are a great and staple diet, however, turtles should get fresh and leafy greens in their diet, as well as enough dark greens such as romaine lettuce, dandelion greens, and fresh parsley.

These should be offered regularly but not all the time as part of their continuous diet. Lets talk some more about feeding your turtle in captivity.

What Do Painted Turtles Eat In The Wild

What to Feed Painted Turtles

Wild painted turtles are opportunistic omnivores. Their diet typically consists of small fish, snails, insects, worms, crayfish, and aquatic vegetation. The specifics of their prey depend on their habitat.

Turtles that live in ponds and lakes tend to eat more fish and crayfish, while those living in marshes and swamps eat more insects, snails, and worms.

This difference can be attributed to the different ecosystems across the painted turtles diverse habitats.

Aquatic vegetation is an important part of the diet of all subspecies of painted turtles. They are known to occasionally eat berries, mushrooms, and other terrestrial vegetation when it is available.

The type and amount of vegetation consumed vary depending on the availability of other food sources.

In general, painted turtles are extremely versatile when it comes to their diet. They consume virtually anything that can fit in their mouth. This allows them to survive even in habitats with limited food options.

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What Kind Of Pellets Should Painted Turtles Eat

Most pellets that are labeled for turtles are good, but so are a lot of fish pellets. They contain more or less the same things. A good pellet should contain a good amount of proteins, usually between 25% and 30%.

With my turtle, I tried to keep things a little diversified so I choose to occasionally switch different types of pellets. So I usually give him Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Turtle Food and Mazuri Aquatic Turtle Diet. Both of them have really good nutrition values for turtles and my turtles like them both. And the fact that both of them come from trusted brands is a plus.

Vegetables That Dont Benefit Painted Turtles

There are a few vegetables out there that contain little to no nutritional value for painted turtles. In general, vegetables are regarded as great food sources that can help any person maintain good health, but turtles dont benefit the same way from vegetables as we do. Some of the vitamins and nutrients from vegetables help people remain healthy to have little to no beneficial effect on turtles.

Some of those vegetables are iceberg salad, cucumbers, eggplants, and some mushrooms. There are other vegetables that do little to no good for the health of the turtle, but I only listed a few of them because this way it will be easy to remember, and they are also some of the vegetables that you are very likely to encounter at most stores.

While those vegetables dont actually harm painted turtles, they only manage to fill their stomachs, but dont provide too much nutritional value. So it would be better to just give your turtle something else instead. For example, instead of giving your painted turtle iceberg salad, you could give it green leaf salad which contains a lot of beneficial nutrients, and its actually loved by most turtles.

If in the past you used to feed your painted turtle some of those less nutritional vegetables, there is no problem, as I said they wont harm your turtle. But from now on you should give them some better vegetables.

Now lets move to the other types of vegetables that arent good for painted turtles, those with a high amount of phosphorus.

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Turtle Habits And Biology

What do you know about tortoises and turtles? First off, turtles have been around longer. Which means a tortoise is a type of turtle. And turtles are popular enough that people volunteered and rescued them during that infamous Texas blackout. The turtles were cold-stunned. So they were captured, hidden up in a warehouse, then released in warmer waters.

When we are warm-blooded mammals. So when we feel cold, we can use clothes, heaters to warm ourselves up. Turtles like tortoises are cold-blooded reptiles. When they get too cold, they have to sit on a rock and bask in the sun to raise their body temperatures. And when theyre underwater, they can only survive in waters over 50°F.

Below that, they cant move their bodies and may drown. So if you have turtles at home, warm their water in the winter. Turtles are slimmer and lighter than tortoises, with flattened shells and flipper-like legs. This is because they spend more of their lives in water, unlike their tortoise cousins that love land more. Turtle bodies are better adapted for swimming.

As a pet, turtles can live 20 to 40 years. But sea turtles can live hundreds of years. One of the recent Texas rescues was 150 years old. In the wild, turtles come on land to lay eggs about 150 eggs and bury them. The eggs hatch and find their way back to the ocean. Only about 15 hatchlings make it. So if youre raising turtles, youll have to actively protect the eggs.

How Much Do You Feed A Painted Turtle

Sea Turtle Eating Jellyfish

Besides giving your painted turtle the correct foods, what is also almost as important is how much you feed them.

Essentially, the rule goes something like this:

Give your painted turtle about a handful of vegetables or plant every day to munch on. To cover your turtles protein and other nutritional needs, give about a heaping spoonful of turtle pellets 2 or 3 times a week. Its also a good idea to give it a treat, such as crickets or mealworms, every week or two.

You dont want to feed your painted turtle a protein source every single day. You also dont want to feed it too much when you do feed it. This can lead to obesity and kidney problems.

A good rule of thumb is to give your turtle about as many pellets as the size of its head, or as many as it can eat in 10-15 minutes.

Dont worry if you think its not enough. Trust me, it is! Remember, in the wild painted turtles eat mostly insects. They are getting enough nutrition from their turtle pellets.

Likewise, you also dont want to go too crazy with the treats. Personally, I give my aquatic turtles either a small treat every week, or a bit bigger portion every other week.

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How Long Can Painted Turtles Go Without Food

Painted Turtles can go a few days without eating food. Young Painted Turtles should eat every day, but adult Painted Turtles shouldnt.

Adults should eat only once every two to three days. Otherwise, as a pet, they can become obese, thus getting certain health issues.

In the wild, they exercise more since they can explore. However, they could still become obese over time if they eat every day.

Painted Turtles Habits And Biology

Painted turtles with lovely olive or black shells and yellow and red marks on the neck, tail, and legs usually live over 50 years in the wild.

After cold months spent in hibernation, these animals will enjoy swimming and sunbathing near small lakes or ponds during hot summer days. You can find four subspecies in 45 states from Atlantic to Pacific coasts, including:

  • Eastern Painted turtles These black shelled turtles lined with red usually reach 7 inches in length. They are common in various regions from southern Canada to northern Mexico.
  • Southern Painted turtles With only 6 inches in length, it is the smallest turtle in this group, but a yellow-orange stripe over the carapace makes it the most beautiful. You can find it in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Missouri.
  • Midland Painted turtles You can find these 7 inches long turtles in Tennessee and Alabama.
  • Western Painted turtles These 8 inches long turtles with an olive green carapace live all over the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Interestingly, females are bigger, and males barely reach half their length. The difference in size doesnt bother them to show love by touching the partners cheeks. Then, both swim to the lake bottom to mate. As a result, each pair will fill the nest dug in soft sand with 4 to 20 eggs.

Believe it or not, Painted turtles cant move their tongues while spending time on the land. Therefore, they always eat their meal in the water.

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Quick Tips For Caring For A Baby Painted Turtle

While getting a baby painted turtles diet right is an essential part of keeping them alive, there are a few other things that you need to do to keep your turtle alive and healthy.

For starters, you need a 15- to 30-gallon aquarium for them to roam. They need a dry area to bask in and an area with plenty of water for swimming. The water needs to stay between 75- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit and plenty of filtration, so youll need to invest in a quality filtration system and a water heater.

Youll also need a heat lamp that gets the basking area between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit because turtles cant regulate their own body temperatures.

Finally, while feeding them once a day is the bare minimum that you need to do, its better to feed them several small meals throughout the day. This is even more important when your turtle is younger. As they age, you can increase the size of the meals and spread out the time between meals.

What Do Pet Turtles Eat

The Eastern Painted Turtle!

I’m a music lover with an interest in animals, especially pet turtles.

To get the right food for your turtle, first you’ll need to figure out what type of turtle you have.

Turtles are a lot of fun to keep as pets. They range from extremely easy and low maintenance to very difficult and high maintenance. Part of what makes a turtle easy or difficult to keep is what it eats. Some foods are more difficult to acquire or cost more than others, so keep their diet in mind when selecting the type of turtle you want.

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Foods Baby Or Adult Painted Turtles Should Avoid

Painted turtles will usually eat any fish they can catch, not caring what type it is. In general, they will eat small fish that are easier to catch and will not resist too much.

If keeping a painted turtle as a pet, keep in mind when feeding your turtle that any fish you feed them should always come from a pet store and not from a body of water. Wild fish contain bacteria that the turtle is not used to, and health problems can develop.

Here are some fish that should not be fed to your baby or adult painted turtle.

What Baby Painted Turtle Eat

Baby-painted turtles eat the same things as adult painted turtles. The only difference is that baby and juvenile turtles prefer to eat more meat than adult turtles. Even if they are omnivorous as a species, babies and juveniles are basically carnivorous.

Baby painted turtles will eat more meat not because they like it more than they like fruits or vegetables, but because they need it to grow faster. So more or less they have to eat meat since plants wont help them too much.

If you want your painted turtle to have a good and balanced diet, I would recommend you to check out this article where I, and the rest of the members of Turtleowner.com, choose the best turtle food on the market: Buyers Guide: Best Turtle Food

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