What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen Cabinets

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QUICK TIPS: What Colour Should I Paint My Kitchen?

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Paint Colours To Try That Are Similar To Balanced Beige

  • Sherwin Williams Loggia

Oooo, I have a GREAT example of Accessible Beige with cream cabinets to show you, just to hammer down how its NOT a great option

My E-Design client hired me to fix her kitchen, but it wasnt as easy as changing the paint colour. Sure, the backsplash and paint colour were well-coordinated, but the granite and cream cabinets were doing their own thing and didnt suit EITHER of the other surfaces. Accessible Beige look too taupe/flat compared to the yellow/cream of the cabinets. its a bad combination that just makes the cabinets look more yellow and dated.

The above is a great example of a kitchen that has beautiful finishes that arent well-coordinated with each other. And paint cant fix everything when a good foundation isnt in place.

Just because YOU want a certain paint colour, doesnt mean your home agrees with you!

Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Whatever color you choose for your cabinets you will want a paint job that stands up to the wear and tear every kitchen experiences. Good surface preparation prior to painting is a crucial first step for the best possible paint adhesion.

Want a painted finish for your cabinets that looks fantastic and is hassle-free? Let our team of professional painters handle your kitchen cabinet painting for you! to get your free estimate.

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Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Choosing a paint color for interior walls is undoubtedly difficult, we know its no easy task. And choosing a paint color for kitchen cabinets is no different. No one wants to deal with the frustration and headache that can come from picking the wrong paint color.

Some of the most popular kitchen cabinet paint colors are whites and grays. But as of lately some cabinet colors that have been trending are darker colors and blues.

So, today Im sharing with you the 13 best and most popular kitchen cabinet paint colors.

Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice

21 Best What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen With White Cabinets

If you are looking for a gray with a tiny bit more warmth to it – Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice is an excellent choice.

It is a beautiful light gray with a taupe undertone which looks amazing with the warm toned kitchen cabinets and some natural accents.

For reference, it’s a bit more saturated in color than Repose Gray while being a bit lighter.

I actually tested it in my kitchen while we were remodeling but it didn’t work well in the dining area that doesn’t get a lot of natural light. If you do have an abundance of light, you’ll love it.

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Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Built-in custom cabinets get a sleek neutral finish from a coat of gray color. The pleasing blend of traditional cabinetry with modern warm gray paint creates a casual, comfortable kitchen atmosphere. Rich hardwood floors and crisp white trim add contrast, making the cabinetry paint color read as a soft taupe.

Neutral Trend Cabinet Paint Colors

Neutral trend cabinet paint colors instant download paint palette.

Includes whites, greens, blues, and browns for kitchens and baths.

Color trends are color trends and the cabinet manufacturers are the ones who put their stamp on what the new colors will be year to year.

While I was the VP of Marketing & Sales at Amerock , I worked with the cabinet manufacturers on finish trends.

TRUST ME they do lots of in depth research to predict and commit to cabinet colors years ahead.

The major cabinet manufacturers at Lowes are BIG brands that have lines at kitchen and bath dealers too.

So dont discount the big box retailers because they will focus on carrying the trend colors just as much as high end custom kitchen and bath showrooms.

In staring at the large wall of colors, there was one color that called to me as NEW.

When I grabbed for it she said YES, we just got this in a few days ago!

We both gravitated to what I was calling green, blue, gray and she pulled the two best ones for me.

Pretty right? They look SO new and beautiful, but yet at the same time safe and classic too.

If youve seen I LOVE blues, but these soft greens are next in line for me.

After seeing these colors, I wanted to dig deeper to see what else is newnot just what I love.

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Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors According To The Experts

Kitchen cabinetry can really make a difference in the look of your kitchen, when youre pulling together your interior design concept.

So, its no surprise to me reader questions on cabinetry colors and kitchen paint ideas are super popular around here.

Since Im pretty partial to white kitchens and my own kitchen paint color,which you can see here, I thought it would be helpful to have a kitchen cabinet expert weigh in.

Luckily, I happen to know a very knowledgeable one!

First things first, let me introduce you

Louise Pascal is a principal at True North Cabinets a nationally published, award winning firm based right here in New Canaan, CT.

With over nineteen years experience in the cabinet making industry, I know youre going to really appreciate hearing Louises kitchen cabinet color recommendations!

The Best Black Paint Colours For A Kitchen Cabinets

Neutral Kitchen Paint Colors | Benjamin Moore | Interior Design Lesson 28

Ooooo, I do love a black island and it can be a great way to tie in black appliances if you arent ready to shift to white or stainless steel.

Heres another gorgeous kitchen with painted cabinets and a striking darker island

And one more, just because its so fun

Shown above, Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

While there are ALWAYS exceptions, in order to paint your island or cabinets black, your kitchen would ideally have:

  • black or gray in it
  • a butcher block countertop

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Painting Supplies That Make Your Life Easier

Listed below are some of my number one suggested paint products. I own and use every single one of these paint supplies and continue to rebuy them. Having quality paint products really is important and one of those areas I suggest not to skimp on. A good brush and roller can make or break if your paint job looks professionally done or not!

Best Sage Green: Farrow & Ball Pigeon

The Spruce

A light sage green is a luscious color for kitchen cabinets, according to Jessica Salomone, the interior designer behind Lotus and Lilac Design Studio. “I recommend Farrow & Ball’s Pigeon. It is a gorgeous hue perfect for a broad range of decorating tastes from traditional to modern farmhouse style,” she says. This sage hue is also a popular choice for kitchen islands.

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Can Your Cabinet Color Help You Lose Weight

What color to paint my kitchen cabinets to lose weight? Color strongly influences the painting industry, and choosing the right color for your cabinets is essential to improve your kitchen aesthetics and suppress your appetite. Kitchen cabinets colors filter your perception and alter your food preferences.

Research shows that color is a powerful medium, allowing people to view their interior design. Unlike most animals that see shades of gray, humans have an excellent dimension of vision. Therefore, your kitchen cabinets color can influence your food perception, psychology, and preferences.

The powerful influence of color is an inviting study for professional painting contractors, helping their clients achieve various goals, including reduced appetite. It is essential to paint your kitchen cabinets skillfully to suppress your appetite and achieve your weight loss goals.

The question is: what color should you paint your kitchen cabinets to achieve this goal? Many homeowners are unaware of color psychology when it comes to cabinets. Todays article will discuss different colors you should avoid or choose to paint your kitchen cabinets. Read on!

What Color To Paint Kitchen Cabinetswith Light Floors

what color should i paint my kitchen with gray cabinets from Can I Pa ...

Light floors give you a lot of flexibility and freedom. You can go with a darker color like a charcoal gray or navy. Light gray also looks well-balanced with light floors. If you go with a light neutral or white, make sure to bring in some contrast with darker neutral colors in your other finishes like your backsplash, counters or appliances.

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Should I Paint My Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

You might have wooden cabinets, in which case it’s all about deciding whether you should get rid of the look and go painted or embrace the natural look. Wood has its merits as a cabinet look, giving a sleek minimalist or Scandi feel to your kitchen.

Just make sure the finish is perfect. ‘Choose a high-gloss or lacquer finish for wood it’s an easy way to maximize your light sources,’ say Anna Baraness and Kristin Tarsi, co-founders and partners of Studio AK .

A wooden cabinet scheme also can work well against other materials you might be used within the kitchen, like for example.

‘The kitchen in our Heath House project was a bespoke, handmade kitchen,’ says London and Hamberg-based architect and designer, Catherine Finkernagel , who designed this beautiful space featuring timber cabinets. ‘One of the main aspects of the brief for the whole house was for the spaces to be exciting while at the same time natural and sustainable and as the kitchen plays a big role in that brief what better material provides that than timber and marble?’

‘The material choice is key to this and the warmth of the material often offsets the very cold, sterile, and hard materials found elsewhere in the kitchen like the appliances,’ says Catherine.

Classic White Kitchen Cabinets

Classic white cabinets are always a safe choice and will never go out of style regardless of what anyone says. Theyre perfect for any kitchen and can be paired with almost any color scheme.

The downside of having white cabinets is that they can show dirt and stains. If you want white cabinets, you may want to choose white uppers and go with a darker color on the lowers, which well talk more about later.

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White Kitchen Cabinets Give A Classic Timeless Look To Your Kitchen

This is my white kitchen in the image above.

But not all whites are created equal.

If youre wondering what the best kitchen paint colors for your cabinet doors are, Louise knows the ten most popular paint colors for kitchen cabinetry based on her experience.

So without further ado, here are the best kitchen cabinet paint colors according to kitchen design expert, Louise Pascal, principal at True North Cabinets.

Picking out a kitchen cabinet paint color can be one of the most confusing home improvement decisions, but it doesnt need to be!

Darker cabinets can contribute to a more moody, edgy or modern look depending on the cabinetry style.

While bright colors or brightly colored cabinets appear lighter, creative and bit more whimsical.

However, one of the most classic looks will always be white cabinetry.

So its really no surprise these popular kitchen cabinet colors all fall in the white paint color scheme category.

Update: My kitchen cabinets are white, but if youre at all curious about the wall paint color, its Farrow and Ball Elephants Breath.

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color

NEVER Ask a Kitchen Designer | Should I Paint My Cabinets?

So when you start thinking about a paint color make sure you take into account your walls, counters, backsplash, floor, and appliances. You want everything to be in balance and play nicely with one another.

Consider the following:

Do your paint color research.

All that being said its a good idea to do some research before diving right in with a paint color for your kitchen cabinets. You want to make sure its the best choice and youll enjoy it for years to come.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Do a Google search for the paint color you are thinking about. Youll be able to find great articles and pictures of what the color looks like.

I have a ton of in-depth posts about all different paint colors. For example, a few of my most recent paint color posts were the ever so popular Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray, BM Caldwell Green, and Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist.

I am browsing and posting on Pinterest all the time. Check out myfor some inspiration.

  • Talk to a professional. Sometimes scheduling a color consultation and getting help from someone who knows about paint colors can be a tremendous help.

This is something I do all the time for clients. A lot of the time people know what they want but they just need a little help making the final decision.

Want to paint like a true professional?

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How Do You Paint The Inside Of Kitchen Cabinets

Painting the inside of kitchen cabinets may not be necessary but is solely conditional on personal preference. Many people have testified to painting their kitchen cabinet interiors as the absolute best thing, while others believed it was not important.

There are often mistakes people to make when dealing with painting complicated spaces like inside kitchen cabinets with shelves and hard-to-reach corners. However, this guide will provide detailed steps on how to paint the inside of kitchen cabinets, leaving one with a sleek and professional finish.

How Do You Pick White Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

Honestly, there are not many right or wrong answers here. The only word of caution Id give is to not choose a white that is too pure, bright and stark. Generally speaking, any white you choose is going to be a safe, classic color. Its the color choice that will leave you with the least remorse and is legitimately timeless and endlessly versatile. Some people worry over white kitchens being trendy and the subsequent need to then update their space yet againits simply not true. White kitchens have been in style for a long time and there is no end in sight.

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Best Warm White: Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White

The Spruce

Architect Taryn Bone from Bone Collective Studio is fond of Decorator’s White from Benjamin Moore. “It has a warmth that bright white misses, but it is not too warm, so it still works well with cooler tones such as gray and blue,” she says. You can’t go wrong with this timeless color favored by home DIYers and decor professionals for sprucing up any set of cabinets.

Turquoise Can Increase Hunger Levels

What color should I paint my kitchen cabinets?

Psychologically, turquoise represents balanced emotions, clarity of thoughts, and streamlined communication. If you want to paint your kitchen cabinets turquoise, you may experience negative metabolic responses, leading to increased hunger levels.

Although using turquoise to paint your kitchen cabinets will reflect hygiene, purity, and cleanliness, it can make you indecisive about healthy food choices and cause mood swings. For instance, you may swing between yellow energy and blue energy comprising turquoise.

Even if you want to use turquoise to paint your kitchen cabinets, experts recommend balancing it with purple, magenta, or pink. However, it still wont help you lose weight or suppress your hunger levels.

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Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Hc

Stonington Gray is a HEAVY, light depth stormy gray paint colour with a passive blue undertone. Because Stonington Gray leans that bit cooler, it can be more reactive with the yellow in cream cabinets or trim. The more MUTED your cream is, the better chance you have of this combo looking great as Stonington Gray NATURALLY prefers white paint colours.

Stonington Gray has an LRV of 59 which means youll have a better shot at it if you darken it by 25%. Adding this bit of extra depth puts it closer to 55 and will give you a bit more flexibility.

The Best Colors For White Cabinets

White cabinets come in an array of different shades. You can choose a crisp color like Sherwin Williams Pure White or something more shaded like Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee.


The important thing to remember about white kitchen colors is that you need to pick a white shade with the right undertone for YOUR kitchen.

For example, I picked Sherwin Williams Alabaster for my kitchen with SW Agreeable Gray Walls because I needed a color that slightly warm without a real creamy yellow undertone.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Paint Oak Cabinets White

Picking the best white with the right undertone deserved a post in itself. Here is the ultimate guide:

White is the most popular color for kitchen cabinets not only because it gives even the smallest kitchens a light and airy look, they also give you lots of flexibility with your decor.

Also, dont forget to check out this post where I blind tested over 24 different white paints: The Best Paint for White Kitchen Cabinets

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