Wall Painting Designs For Living Room

Create A Sky Blue Living Room Scheme

100 living room colors combinations and wall painting colors ideas

A shade thats always been popular in the world of interiors, soft blue is a growing living room trend that is set to be next years color du jour.

Powder blue paint has the quality of being both soothing and invigorating, and offers plenty of design versatility. Used with crisp white and pebble grey, it creates a calming coastal feel, while as one block of color it can be an enveloping breath of fresh air.

Wall Colour Design Ideas With Tape #1

Any wall can be transformed into an interesting and masterful element of interior by painting blocks of several bright colors.

Moreover, no artistic skills are required as the tape helps you keep the lines straight.

Give your old a breath of fresh air using this modern

Image Source: Staunton and Henry

Lift Spirits With Orange

Being one of the most used rooms in the home it’s important that living rooms are happy spaces, and is guaranteed to bring a joyful, uplifting feel.

‘A firm Kelling favourite, orange is the new black and looks color with every colour you pair it with, says Emma Deterding, founder and creative director at Kelling Designs .It brings in warmth, brightness and an uplifting energy whether you use it on a whole wall or bring in splashes of orange through your accessories.’

If you’re considering an all-orange scheme be sure to introduce plenty of texture and variations in tone to prevent the space feeling overpowering. For walls, use paint ideas that combine two tones of oranges and choose a rug with a gentle pattern as done in this scheme by Kelling Designs.

For upholstery, opt for sculptural shapes in deeper shades of orange to anchor the scheme and choose sumptuous fabrics such as soft velvet or chenille for added texture.

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Livingroom Painting Design Ideas

The best kind of painting wall painting designs for living room are those that are both trendy but passes the test of time at the same time. Texture painting is one such example from wall paint design ideas for living room. When thinking about wall paint design ideas for living room, people always prefer a design that is both budget-friendly and good-looking. A design that passes both these criteria is stencil painting.

To cut it short, there are plenty of ideas out there are fulfills all your requirement of painting. All you need to do in such a situation is see some wall painting designs pictures for living room and choose the best among them.

The Perfect White Wall Paint

30 Most Attractive Striped Living Room Wall Paint Styles

Never underestimate the power of a white wall. Its clean and is an easy way to brighten up any space.

However, theres no such thing as just white. Theres warm white, cool white, bright white, soft white, etc., and dont get us started on the different shades.

If youre opting for a white wall, heres how to choose the perfect white wall paint.

And if you have little ones, dont let that deter you from choosing white because Magic Erasers are going to be your new best friend.

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Wall Colour Design Ideas With Tape #2

Revive a plain white wall with several pastel shades of honeycomb pattern.

These closely painted hexagons add a fun and funky vibe to the room. Use colors that complement the interiors.

However, opt for bright shades for a kidâs bedroom and subtle tones for the living or hall.

A neutral wall with a pop of color

Image Source: thistlewoodfarms

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Bold

When it comes to choosing living room color ideas don’t be timid say the experts. ‘Stop playing it safe, and choose colors you love and bring you joy,’ advises the New York based interior designer Phillip Thomas. ‘In one of my favorite living rooms, we used Benjamin Moore’s Ladybug Red to create a super vibrant space with a strong personality.’

Warm and bold, the vibrant red shade helps balance the strong architectural lines of this space, but also makes a wonderful backdrop for patterned fabrics and bold artwork.

‘I also love layer artwork, whether that means creating a gallery wall of prints and photographs, putting a framed painting next to shelves of small sculptures, or creating a dialogue with architectural elements, such as hanging art over a bookshelf or propping it up against a column,’ adds Phillip Thomas.

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Choose The Right Shade Of Gray

Now the best-selling paint color after white, gray has secured its position as the modern neutral of choice. Finding the right gray living room ideas is exactly like buying a red lipstick: you choose one with the undertone that suits your skin tone.

Gray paint tones vary from the cool end of the spectrum, with blue undertones as shown here, to warm shades featuring red bases that give a brown, pink or purple tint.

Your journey starts with deciding on the temperature of color your room needs cool or warm.

Best Wall Painting Design And Wall Painting Ideas With Beautiful Colour Designs

Tv Background wall design ideas | Simple Making process

The correct wall painting design sets the vibe of the space, therefore it’s crucial to get it right. A good wall colour design should inspire a bright and pleasant impression. AapkaPainter has a wide range of wall painting designs that can be used in a variety of rooms. It won’t be difficult to get the appropriate wall design painting for your rooms with a wide range of colours in various tones and tints. With the addition of modern and trendy colours, you may create the ideal ambience in which to spend your leisure time.

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Muted Colors Living Room Paint Ideas

If you like the idea of the darker colors but are afraid theyre too intense for your living room, then consider muted colors. These are colors that lack vibrancy. You could have all of the same shades and hues that youll find in bright, bold, pastel, and dark color options.

The one drawback of muted colors is that they can look a bit boring. But you can balance this with decor thats more vibrant and bold. Or, you can embrace the boring and create a calming atmosphere.

Don’t Forget The Ceiling

The new accent wall, painted ceiling ideas have become a hugely popular trend recently. Whether you’re opting for something bold, or something that creates a calming effect for your space, painting with plain white overhead is taking a backseat to a more colorful approach.

‘We wanted this bedroom to feel serene and calm, like a warm spring day,’ says interior designer Emilie Munroe, founder of Studio Munroe , of this relaxing bedroom scheme. ‘Because the background color of the wallpaper is aqua blue, using white on the ceiling would have actually felt high-contrast and jarring. By matching the aqua on the ceiling, the room now feels cozy and grounded.’

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Simple Wall Painting Designs For Living Room

Before I proceed, I want to state that all of the 26 creative wall painting ideas for the living room are not just beautiful but easy to replicate as well.

All you need to do is either employ a professional painter who will replicate your desired design or buy a good paint sprayer for DIY projects, and you are a step away from bringing your living room design fantasies to the limelight.

That said, I have listed below the 26 simple paint designs for walls that you should consider:

A Bright Pop Of Colour

Wall Paint Ideas for Living Room

Some wall painting ideas for living room help highlight pieces of art, while some others are art in themselves. This living room is a perfect example of the latter. The white and grey of the living room scream modern minimalism, and the splash of the bright yellow colour breaks the monotony of these neutral colours. With the right kind of decor and lighting, this room makes for a stunning space.

Colours are representative of your style and they are also responsible for setting the right tone for any space. This is why choosing a good wall painting design is crucial for a space as used as the living room. If you need personalised design consultation for your space, get in touch with us at Design Cafe today!

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Simple Wall Painting Designs For The Living Room

When I was a kid, I knew the living room to be a sacred temple because anyone who dares to play in it is in for a big punishment from my parents.

Was it so in your days as a little boy/girl?

The living room ought to be in its best appearance because it is the part of your home that first greets you when you return home from the outdoor events which could be good or bad.

Aside from this, the living room immediately sells you off to your visitors, they could easily define your taste as regards interior decoration.

Going forward, the importance of good wall painting design cannot be overemphasized because it sums up the appearance of a space.

This is to say that no matter the level of architectural skill and finishing you have in your home, if the wall painting design isnt done appropriately, then I am sorry to let you know that it was a wasted effort.

Having seen the struggles most people go through to find suitable wall painting designs for their living room, I have come up with this article to help in your decision-making in that regard.

Moreover, there are times when you may be tired of the boring wall paint designs you used for your sitting room, and now you are ready for a challenge.

I am glad to announce to you that out of the 26 simple and creative wall painting ideas for the living room in this article, you will surely find the one that tickles your fancy.

Paint Colors For Bedroom

Wall paint for bedrooms doesn’t have to be expensive. A simple wall decor can brighten up even boring rooms. Worried you have a small room, you don’t have, you can make them look extra spacious with just a splash of few colors and moving around the furniture a little bit. Brown white bedroom color ideasLeaf green bedroom color ideasLavender bedroom color ideas

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White Or Cream Living Room Paint Ideas

White living rooms photograph well and are beautiful inspirations. However, consider the practicality of a white or cream living room in your home. If you have messy pets or children, then this may not be the best choice for you. However, you can still have hints of white by using white paint.

Try pairing your white walls with colored decor. You could have a darker rug that will hide spills and dirt. Then choose furniture in other neutrals for a calming, yet bright space.

White can look stark, cold, and almost too bright. If you agree with this, consider warming up the room by skipping bright white and using an off white or cream color. This paint will have hints of yellow, pink, or beige. This gives the room a subtle warmth.

Another idea is to take a sleek and ultra-modern approach. Paint the walls a crisp white and then pair it with black accents. You could paint the crown molding and trim in black. This scheme defines the space, and the black trim creates a stunning visual effect.

For other white room ideas, check out The Top 60 Best White Kitchen Ideas .

Soft Pink And Turquoise

100 Modern Living Room Color Combinations 2022 Wall painting colours ideas

A striking colour scheme for your living room decor is soft pink and turquoise. The combination gives your house a bright and glossy appearance, and the flamboyant character of pink and turquoise tends to make it an excellent choice. Asian Paints, Shalimar Paints, and Berger Paints have a great collection of these shades.

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Patterns Living Room Paint Ideas

If you want to paint a pattern on the walls of your living room, start by choosing one wall. If you try to paint a pattern on all of the walls, the room will feel closed-in. It could even be disorienting if you choose a particularly detailed or bright pattern.

Once you have your chosen wall, consider the scale of your pattern. You could have a small repeating pattern or a large scale pattern that takes up the entire wall.

Simple patterns you can do are stripes, squares, diamonds, or some other basic shape. Modern trends embrace abstract patterns or random large shapes that you create with masking tape.

If youre a skilled painter. consider using a stencil. A stencil will let you create more detailed patterns that would be almost impossible to do freehand.

When choosing your pattern, consider your color scheme, budget, interior painting skill level, and interior design theme. Abstract and geometric patterns look good with modern and contemporary designs. Stripes can look right at home in a rustic or farmhouse living room.

Use Colour Blocking To Break Up Walls

Create a colour-block wall of uplifting colour by using a tonal palette separated with a white border. Think vertically to add height to the room, using blocks of pastel blue and green and dividing the area with an off-centre stipe of white.

The use of the white for the dividing line mirrors the skirting boards and ceilings to create a frame of colour to make the coloured blocks feel all the more impactful.

Coordinate the look with matching soft furnishings and accessories. Choose a living room colour scheme to suit your own personal tastes to make the look totally unique for your home.

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Pick A Deep Earthy Tone

For cozy living room ideas, picking a deep, earthy tone will always be a great option.

This snug living room, painted in Morris & Co ‘s Wooded Dell green, a new paint shade for 2022, creates a relaxed, inviting ambience. The deep green complements the traditional country cottage interior, with the yellow accent shade, Sunflower Yellow, adding an uplifting, contemporary twist.

Create An Ombr Effect

3 Panel Canvas Art Oil Painting Flower Painting Design Home Decor Print ...

One of the main entertaining spaces in the home, the living room is the perfect place to create a stunning feature paint effect to capture attention.

There is an array of living room feature wall ideas to choose from, but using paint can be a simple yet highly impactful way to create a unique design that reflects your style and personality.

In this living room, the collection of paint colors by Benjamin Moore , Pink Harmony, Salmon Peach and Dusk Pink work in harmony to create a unique, striped feature wall. This playful, adventurous design shows the versatility of working with paint in the living room, and how you dont necessarily have to use decorative accessories or wallpaper to create a unique feature wall in a space.

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Wall Paint Designs For Bedroom

To please your personality, it is mandatory to paint your bedroom walls in a way that appeals to you the most.

Painting the bedroom walls is an inexpensive way to personalize your space. You have the liberty to paint any spots from the ceiling to the floor.

To add maximum value to your, you must make sure to paint more than just the walls.

The matte and textured paints are best for wall colour for bedrooms.

Different Livingroom Paint Colors Designs

The living room is a social space where all the members of the house unite. It is also space where you can invite and entertain your guests. Hence, you should choose warm colors for the living room that has a jovial and intimate effect on the vibe. Orange, yellow, pink, and reddish hues are considered to be the best paint colors for the living room. The wall colors for the living room should not be too dark as they can create a congested effect. You can also explore living room color ideas with texture and stencil painting. Explore our best living room color combination to beautify your space.

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Wide Selection Of Paintings For Living Room Online At Wallmantra

At Wall Mantra, you will be able to find several kinds of paintings for living room online that will go with your overall home décor. There are so many options online be it abstract canvas or old-fashion oil paintings, you can find anything that will go with your taste. We also have an outstanding trending collection that is just meant for the youth. You may be fond of classics or traditional paintings you will cater to your need at our portal. If you are looking for colorful designs or water colour options, you will find it at Wall Mantra. Our collection also includes acrylic paintings that are absolutely striking. Other than wall paintings, we also have several options in wall accents, wall stickers, posters, and so on. All of them are quite affordable, something anybody can but without burning a big hole in the pocket.

Match Your Skirting With The Wallpaper

wall painting stencils for living room Designs and ideas (DIY)

A really easy way to update your bedroom colors that doesn’t require a complete overhaul and most likely an afternoon of relaxing DIY is by painting skirting that is often kept simple in a bright hue.’Skirtings and cornices dont have to be an off-white and eggshell and gloss dont have to be left just for the woodwork,’ says interior designer Octavia Dickinson. ‘While decorating a bedroom at The Bear Inn, Hodnet, I picked out colors in the wallpaper and painted the skirtings in a bright glossy blue which instantly modernizes the room and frames the wallpaper.’

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