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What Type Of Paint To Use In Your Bedroom

Wall painting Stencil design for Bedroom | Low Budget

Different rooms in your house will have various micro-climates. And thus, will require using different types of paint for the interior of each room.

But the best type of paint to use in your bedroom is acrylic latex interior wall paint.

Bedrooms tend to be very forgiving spaces so that you can use any sheen for the walls, from matte to satin or eggshell.

Paint A Diy Headboard

Looking for a bedroom painting hack? Literally, the cheapest alternative to a real headboard, all you need for this quick DIY bedroom paint idea is some paint, a brush and some masking tape.

Start by using tape to mark out a rectangle around the top of your bed. Then, take your color of choice and start painting, being careful to keep within the lines of the masking tape. Let the paint dry, giving it another coat if it needs one, and then peel away the masking tape. We have loads more where that came from in our DIY headboards feature.

Paint A Kitchen Splashback In Unexpected Colors

Want an expensive looking tiled kitchen splashback but don’t have the budget? Creating a tiled look is one of the most brilliant wall painting ideas around that you can recreate really quickly with tester pots and masking tape. Simply mark up your design to scale on paper and transfer it on to the wall. If you go wrong, you can just repaint. Clever.

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Tips For Achieving A Design That Looks Fantastic And Is Not Overpowering

  • Select a color scheme that matches, or complements, to say the least, your scheme.
  • Take the paint charts out and get as many samples as you can.
  • Examine the colors as to how easy are they to work with, how easily can you clean them, and how do they look once dried.
  • Take a look at the source. The quality and quantity of any is getting is a crucial factor. Rooms with plenty of natural sunlight look best when painted with pastel shades.
  • Donât be scared of experimenting. Playing with colors is never a bad idea as long as you know what you want.
  • Yes! Test out the colors. Still, deliberating? Use the testers and narrow down the options by painting sheets and putting them against your wall.
  • Find your feature wall and create a spotlight. If you fall in love with bold, bright colors, add color to just one wall as it will draw attention to the area and make it more noticeable.
  • Do not forget the ceiling or the âfifth wallâ since it is just as important.
  • Focus on the details and other accessories for a cohesive look.
  • Let the color flow by choosing the same color scheme throughout the home.
  • Those tips and key points just about cover it all.

    You, hopefully, must have found useful ways to incorporate wall paint designs in your exactly how you imagined, or possibly even better.

    Happy painting!

    Click here to explore various to amplify the fifth wall of your rooms.

    Add Texture With Thoughtful Paint Effects

    Wall Painting Ideas For Bedroom

    If you’re looking to really make an impact with your paint choice try using bold paint effects, which can add depth to any colour scheme, even neutral bedroom ideas. By carefully mixing two colours, in this case neutrals, from the same colour strip you can create a textured effect for your walls. This skilful painting method is a great way to make a statement without having to use pattern or shouty saturated colours.

    This textured paint effect on the walls is painted in Stone III and Stone V pure flat emulsion, both by Paint & Paper Library. The muted tones are offset against the strong contrast of the black wall lights and side table, while hints of orange and blue-grey on soft furnishings inject a warming, softer quality.

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    Make Navy Feminine With Floral Touches

    With powerful and authoritative connotations, a navy blue bedroom has the natural ability to show that you mean business both in and outside the home.

    But rather than clad your walls in this inky hue, break up any bit of conservatism with a beautiful floral feature wall. As well as the beautiful bright colors from the petals, it will lift any harshness from the shade.

    D Wall Painting Designs For Bedroom Experience Your Wall In 3d

    You can never go wrong by choosing from some 3D wall painting designs for bedrooms. The range of possible patterns and abstract combinations is vast, and therefore limitless in imagination for a bedroom 3D colour design.

    A honeycomb mirrored wall for instance can be a great addition to the 3d wall painting for the bedroom. Possible to use in any light colour, and combined with the matching furniture choices, a honeycomb effect lends an elegant effect to the room.

    You can also opt for a combination of wooden or brick patterns combo to bring out a rustic look and personality in your bedroom. This is especially great for rooms where you can complement them with artistic crafts and showpieces or the best color combination for bedroom

    So, if you are out to design your bedroom walls, dont limit yourself to a single colour. Think of hue combinations, add textures, and patterns, and express your personality through art. You can also check out our blog on how you can Add some character to your space with the best wall texture designs for your bedroom.

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    Go Boxy With White And Blue Paint

    Dividing a wall in two horizontally has a number of positive benefits: it can create the look of a paneled wall, can give a boxy, modern room added character and a period feel, and it can, if the wall is painted a darker color below dado level than above, make the ceiling of the room seem higher.

    If you aren’t just using your current wall color as the base colour for your project, start by painting your whole wall in that first color for the best results.

    Decorative Paint Techniques For Your Walls

    simple wall spray painting designs | wall painting ideas for bedroom easy

    Kelly Weimert is an interior design expert with 10 years of experience writing about design and home decor. Her work has also been featured in Apartment Therapy, Hunker, Texasliving magazine, and other interior design publications.

    Illustration: The Spruce / Theresa Chiechi

    If you feel like your design has grown stale or outdated and could use a refresher, look no further than your walls. With the seemingly endless list of creative painting techniques available today, its easy to completely transform the look of your room without adding clutter via extra decor or encroaching on your square footage. The following ideas are all youll need to give any room in your home a fresh and inviting vibe, no matter your aesthetic leanings or style sensibilities.

  • DIY enthusiasts, this ones for you. Wall stenciling is a simple and easy way to add sophistication and intrigue to your space without the cost of hiring a professional. All you need to do is order the stencil that strikes your fancy and spend an afternoon giving love to your walls. And if you’re stuck for ideas, the internet is overflowing with stencil inspiration, including these designs from Royal Design Studio.

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    Brown Bedroom Accent Wall

    This bedroom shows that an accent wall isnât always need to be complicated. Instead, even just a simple and plain wall painted using a strong color can truly change the entire look of any space.

    To achieve this, make sure you are using a color that will stand out loudly against any other colors inside the bedroom, such as the brown that we used in this bedroom.

    From Floor To Ceiling

    Yep, just take that paint and put it everywhere. Ok, it doesn’t need to go everywhere, but it certainly can. The 5th wall, otherwise known as the ceiling, often gets forgotten about, which is strange as this is the largest expanse of wall that you will see without it being interrupted by furniture – it makes sense to give it some paint loving!

    Have a read of our blog post on how to pull off the dark painted ceiling trend.

    Complete coverage

    Image credit: Style By Emily Henderson

    We’re talking from the bottom of your skirting, right over the coving and cornices and across the ceiling. Painting everything possible on the wall elongates the walls and can make the room seem much larger and grander. Plus, the finish is complete continuity!

    Continue your statement wall

    Image credit: Hillarys.co.uk

    Painting the walls and ceiling doesn’t mean everything has to be the same colour. Remember feature walls? Yep, they’re still a thing. If you’ve chosen a feature wall paint colour, you could double that statement by continuing the colour onto the ceiling – it really gives the room that extra oomph!

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    Create An Elegant Finish With Painted Panels

    Whether your walls are tongue-and-grooved or paneled, or you’re creating your own DIY wall panels from lengths of MDF pinned and glued to the wall, painting it in an authentic, period shade , will give your bedroom an elegant, traditional appeal that’s rather smart, too.

    Then all you have to do is choose contemporary furnishings and accessories for the perfect mix of old and new.

    Go For A Painterly Effect

    20 Amazing Wall Art Ideas For Your Bedroom

    This is a great paint ideas trick that makes your ceilings seem higher. Choose a colour on the base but then bleed into white and continue the white onto the ceiling, so that your eye doesn’t know where the wall ends and the ceiling begins. Paint the bottom in a colour also gives a more cocooning feel when youre in bed, but the room will remain light and fresh, thanks to the white. Use a roller to paint the bottom half of the walls in the darker colour, finishing the top edge with rough upward strokes of a paintbrush.

    Make more of a favourite painting or print by colouring a border around the frame. Use masking tape to mark out a square 8-10cm bigger than your frame and colour it in with leftover paint. Remove the tape and, when the paints dry, rehang the picture.

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    Wall Colour Design Ideas With Tape #4

    This feature wall exhibits an excellent way to dress up your walls.

    Use painterâs tape to make triangular shapes and fill paint with the help of unique designed stencils in each one.

    This not only adds dimension to the walls but also is a captivating wall idea.

    A wall benefiting from various patterns and ideas

    Image Source: Reality Daydream

    Immerse The Room In Earthy Shades

    Dont be afraid to try warmer, more intense shades with your bedroom paint colors, especially if yours faces north or east, has a small window or has proportions that make it feel unwelcoming.

    Picking a yellow? If citrus bedroom color ideas feel too bright, pick earthier tones instead. Team with crisp white woodwork for a fresh look and accent with black accessories to give the room a contemporary edge.

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    Eclectic Teen Bedroom With Accent Wall Paint Design


    Give your teenâs bedroom a chic and fun look by going for a multicolored wall. Use vibrant shades of paint to cover up the whole wall in colorful waves. Balance this by painting the other walls a cheerful white. Use bright colored throw cushion covers and curtains and tone it down with a white bed cover and white chair.

    What Can I Use Instead Of Painting The Walls

    3D wall painting design ideas for bedroom PINK BLUE VIOLET

    Shillingford suggests ‘Use canvasses to add splashes of creative colour to walls and paint up bits of furniture to fill the space in between with your favourite shades. You can also make a feature with colour by painting old vases, picture frames and accessories too. ‘

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    How To Choose The Right Bedroom Wall Painting

    If you are planning on buying the best bedroom wall painting, you will have to keep certain things in mind. It is not easy to find the best deal out of the lot, but by keeping different factors in mind, you will be able to get what you desire. Firstly, you need to know your taste and choose a painting according to that. Consider your preference when you select the design and make sure that it is in accord with the theme. Secondly, you will have to consider the choice of keeping the furniture in mind. An artwork too big or too small wont accentuate the bedroom. Thirdly, the type of painting matters as well. It can be photography, canvas, metal wall art, or oil paintings. Whichever is your preference, go for that. Lastly, keep your budget in mind when you are shopping for wall paintings.

    Painted Wall Arch For Living Rooms

    Your living room deserves more than just bare, tired walls. A painted wall arch is one of the latest and trending wall painting ideas of 2022. With shades of blue and white, you can turn your living room into a Mykonos inspiration. With other pop shades, your living room can look chic and glamorous. Simple wall painting ideas like the wall arch invite conversation and must become a part of your home design moodboard of 2022.

    Here are a few ways to introduce a painted wall arch as a wall painting idea in your living room:

  • Paint a subtle shade of green into your faux wall arch and place jute decor or an artificial plant in front of it
  • Paint a contrast shade inside an actual wall arch of your wall
  • Have the trinity of wall arches in the middle of your living room
  • Use your painted wall arch as a portrait wall or a shelf area
  • These creative wall painting ideas are set to transform your living room into a charming and elegant space.

    Characteristics: Minimal, vivid, elegant

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    Save On Wallpaper By Painting The Bottom Of The Wall

    We love a feature wallpaper here at Ideal Home. But we appreciate that they can be expensive. If you’re looking to cut the cost but don’t want to be restricted to a single feature wall, try this neat trick instead. Choose your print, then find a paint that either matches the backdrop or coordinates with the pattern the teal used here falls into the latter category. Then paint the bottom third of the wall in that colour and paper the top two thirds. You should save one or two rolls’ worth!

    Final Words For Your Bedroom Paint Colors

    40 Easy DIY Wall Painting Ideas For Complete Luxurious Feel

    A lot goes into choosing the right bedroom paint colors, from the color of your bedding and decorations in the room.

    From deciding what color to paint the trim and which sheen to use for a finish, youll spend quite a bit of time deciding how to proceed.

    But the time you invest in choosing your bedroom paint colors will reward you with a welcoming and stress-relieving environment.

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    Add Height With A Painted Dado Rail

    Firstly, loving this all over pink. It’s perfect for a small bedroom as it almost blurs the edges of the room and alludes to the space being bigger.

    The dado rail effect helps give the room height too, and you could really easily recreate this paint idea in your own space with any bedroom color. Just use masking tape to create your line and then use a slightly darker tone of the wall color above to create the subtle color block effect.

    Paint A Bedroom In A Pastel Pink

    Pink is still a massive trend right now, but in interiors, we have moved past the slightly brighter millennial pink, towards softer, more blush pinks which we personally think are so much easier to decorate with.

    Blush pinks are perfect for bedrooms because they instantly make a room feel more cozy and warm and just more inviting. This bedroom idea for women quickly upgrades a pretty princess space to a cool Queen scheme.

    For a great pink paint for bedrooms try Farrow & Ball’s Sulking Room Pink .

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    Modern Grunge For Kitchens

    A popular wall painting idea for open kitchens, modern grunge lets your space take on a raw, rugged, loft-like finesse. This wall painting idea is perfect for homeowners who want to go for dusty tones like grey, black and browns. There are many ways to give your kitchen a modern grunge look. You can either go all out and twin your cabinetry and furniture as well or you can choose a few walls to display the grunge aesthetic while being minimal and chic.

    This is one of the latest wall painting ideas of 2022, especially for kitchens because kitchens deserve their own design and colour scheme as well.

    Characteristics: Raw, rugged, muted

    Match Curtains And Walls In Refreshing Green

    Easy wall painting design bedroom | wall painting ideas

    According to research, green is the best colour to paint a bedroom . A green shade along the lines of this soothing mint is perfect. Enhance the impact as a backdrop by choosing curtains in exactly the same colour. That way, you’ll have less of a headache when picking bedlinen as you’ll only have one colour that blankets and cushions will need to coordinate with, and a freedom to experiment with pattern. Green bedroom ideas are sure to make for a serene sleep space.

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