Wall Paint Design Ideas With Tape

Wall Paint Designs For Living Room #3

7 wall painting design masking tape ideas

Use colorful or contrasting furniture and mixed finishes and textures to full effect in this living room.

A rich purple color block wall

Image Source: John Lewis

If you envision your living being less dramatic and point of attention and more aesthetically pleasing, this textured wall paint is your best fit.

A rich smokey textured wall with hues of grey

Image Source: Wallhub

Nancys Striped Paint Patterns

A blue and beige reflected triangle stripe pattern is the first of our designer Nancys wall paint suggestions. Positioned just above the bed, this designs center anchors the furnishings and frames the rooms breezy, tropical spirit. In Plan 2 of Ruby Meadows, charming stripes of black, white and taupe play up a sporty, baseball-themed bedroom. By varying the widths of the stripes, Nancy established a look that can grow with the child.

Mioris Triangular Wall Paint Designs

Surfs up in Plan 2 at Sterling Chateau! Our designer Miori is delighted with how the orange and beige teepee wall paint design she specified interacts with the rest of the bedroom. By placing the center point in the corner, Miori emphasized the bed as a focal point and opened up the room. Her next wall paint idea comes from the same model home. There, oversized floor-to-ceiling diamonds in peach, blue and beige act as a grand headboard. This paint design also draws the eye upward, contributing to an overall airy feel.

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Evelyns Dynamic Accent Paint Designs

At Meritage Homes Ravello community, Evelyn used bold colors and geometric shapes to punch up the modern vibe of the Harrison model. Contrasting blue, gray and orange shapes on a bedrooms window wall inject cheery, creative energy, while the patterns diagonal lines serve to expand the space. In this same homes loft, Evelyns use of staggered parallelograms in blue, gray, and white advance a mod vibe, which she further developed with wicker pod chairs and a mid-century-inspired console table. Within the nursery at Ravellos Meriweather plan, Evelyn went whimsical with a teal and off-white circus tent ceiling.

Don’t Forget The Ceiling

Wall Paint Design Ideas With Tape (10+ DIY Painting Projects)

The new accent wall, painted ceiling ideas have become a hugely popular trend recently. Whether you’re opting for something bold, or something that creates a calming effect for your space, painting with plain white overhead is taking a backseat to a more colorful approach.

‘We wanted this bedroom to feel serene and calm, like a warm spring day,’ says interior designer Emilie Munroe, founder of Studio Munroe , of this relaxing bedroom scheme. ‘Because the background color of the wallpaper is aqua blue, using white on the ceiling would have actually felt high-contrast and jarring. By matching the aqua on the ceiling, the room now feels cozy and grounded.’

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Wall Paint Design Texture

Currently, textured wall paints are the latest development in the market. Its demand is increasing day by day due to the benefits it offers.

Wall textured paints evoke special effects and textures and offer a variety of shades and colors. It is suitable for all application areas, be it residential, commercial, interior, or exterior.

Moreover, wall texture paints refresh your space with creative and alluring designs and patterns. Their distinguishing property is that they are more pigmented and denser than traditional paints.

Cane Inspired Wall Paint Design

You can enjoy designing with duct tape even if there is nothing black on the walls around your house. If you try to look at a character-inspired mural design, you can move as much as possible from black.

As you can see in the example given here, it can be bright green a la mode. However, you are not limited to green.

You can change the colors and do anything else that surprises you. You do not need more than a quarter of the paint to do this in a standard room.

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Soft Tones Paint Design

You probably dont want loud and bright tones in your room, and you certainly dont need bright colors, especially before creating the elegant atmosphere you see here.You can use masking tape to create a muted palette closer to natural colors.

It brings peace to the bedroom or living room. In addition, the sharp corners of the model are not too difficult to produce.

Best 10 Ideas For Using Painters Tape Wall Designs

Create a wall design using tape and paint – Lowe’s Creative Ideas

When painting, you can utilize the best paint and brush. If you dont appropriately cover the surfaces, you wont get the results you want. And keeping in mind that a solitary paint shading can unquestionably refresh the space. Painters tape can be used in endless manners to accomplish any look you want for your walls.

You need solid clingy tape, a razor or scissors, a shower jar of hues that you need to paint, a pen to draw the ideal example, and a veil and gloves for assurance of skin and face. Here are some ideas for making various designs, including different types of mathematical triangles, on your wall.

Check them now!

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Take Color To The Window Frames

Your window frames are the perfect canvas to experiment with paint too. For a feature, you could use an accent color to decorate your windows, or to make your woodwork act more cohesively, try painting it to match other elements in your space, as in this living room paint idea by Studio Munroe.

‘Here, we used the same color paint on both the trim and ceiling, so the floral wallpaper was the star of the room with the lovely architectural woodwork details clearly taking the backseat,’ explains interior designer Emilie Munroe. ‘If we had highlighted the casework in a separate paint color, the room would risk feeling overwhelming or chaotic with each element vying for the front stage.’

Painters Tape Hexagon Patterned Wall

Are you actually feeling a little more in the mood for something extra fun, both in terms of pattern and colour, and youre not afraid to put your painters tape to good use in a busier looking way? Then maybe this multi-coloured painted hexagon wall outlined in clear detail- complete with colour scheme suggestions- thanks to Hometalk might be a little more up your alley.

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Delightful Wall Paint Ideas

We all are familiar with the notion that a fresh coat of paint will revive a space. Sometimes, however, whats called for is a style revolution in the form of painted wall patterns. Whether youre aching to make a statement in your new home or transform a space in your existing, this design element delivers. In addition to being impactful, painting an accent wall is fairly easy and affordable to implement. All you need is a little inspiration and some know-how.

To get you started, weve asked our team of interior designers to share their favorite wall paint ideas from past installations. Before you roll up your sleeves, brush up on what tools youll want to have on hand, and get some tips on how to paint patterns on walls:

What Youll Need:

Painters tape Paint rollers and trays Paintbrushes

A tall step stool or short ladder Great music

Pay Attention To The Ceiling

Geometric Tape Design Painting

Your ceiling must not be white. Paint the ceiling with a different color other than the usual white and make it stand out.

Also, you can become creative with your choice of color.

It has been identified that when the ceiling is coated with a lighter color than what is on the wall, the wall will appear higher.

On the other hand, if you paint the ceiling with a darker color, the wall will appear lower.

It all depends on the narrative you want to put out on display.

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Geometric Wall Paint: The Pros

We may keep talking about the benefits of geometric pattern on the walls round the clock. However, if you still hesitate and want to make a decision quickly, we are going to summarize all the obvious advantages of such an interior solution.

Taken from Wallsauce UK

  • Its fresh. If you want to create something really interesting and relevant, feel free to turn to the geometric paint. It is impossible to create two identical projects and you may be sure that you will not see anything similar anywhere.
  • Its colorful. Deep play on contrasts and shades of the same color will allow you to experiment with accents and space and discover a new vision of familiar colors.
  • Its changeable. If you want to try on a new kind of geometric wall painting, it does not take much time and does not require excessive effort.
  • Its easy. If you decide to try DIY geometric mural paint, you will never doubt the success. The geometric pattern is so easy to make that you risk getting carried away by it.
  • Its inexpensive. Wall paint of the right color and size will turn much cheaper than exclusive wallpaper or luxury designer art project. However, the effect will be no less impressive.

#idea : Colourful Geometrics

This bright and colourful geometric design suits places such as the parlor or the family room. Its brilliant hues are dazzling, while the inclining strokes give the plan a unique look.

Utilizing painters tape start setting your mathematical structure on your highlight divider. Ensure your painter tape is level against the wall without any edges springing up as an afterthought. This will guarantee a smooth line while eliminating the paint.

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#idea : Stripes And Lines

Probably the most straightforward approach to go through tape to liven the paint on your dividers is by planning stripes or lines.

It will be conceivable to make both a straightforward striped divider and an entire conceptual canvas with painters tape.

For instance, you can paint a wall with one shading, at that point, stick pieces of concealing tape on it at any request and spread the whole divider with the primary shading. Whats more, after eliminating the painter tape, youll get a unique and innovative wall.

Try A Different Trim Color

3D Wall painting Design ideas | your Wall Interior Masking Tape Painting Idea

It is commonplace to have the trim in white color but the trim doesnt have to be white.

White trim looks good on colored walls but you can decide to be creative with this.

You can paint your trim in a color that is lighter than what you have on the walls.

You can also run the trim and the wall in monochromatic colors.

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Go Bold With The Color Blocking Trend

The modern trend for color blocking focuses around painting abstract shapes on your walls, ceilings and more, creating simple, yet bold murals in bold color palettes.

In some instances, they’re more effective than others, and in this design by Mumbai-based interior design and architecture firm Zero9 , this creative wall mural idea has been designed in conjunction with the placement of furniture to highlight certain aspects.

‘The living room is a visual treat right from the entrance door with its pop of colors and an experimental color blocking which uses the walls and floor as the canvas for this artistic expression,’ explains designer Prashan Chauhan. ‘The furniture complements the visuals with its sharp contrasts in form and color.’

Black And White Gallery Walls

The ambiance of these colors just creates a dramatic appearance on the walls. Be it a geometric shape or abstract or just plain black and white wall. This combination always establishes a breathtaking effect.

The persona created by these colors makes it a choice of royal. A little precaution can enhance your work and shorten the working time. These little hacks can save your day from a messy disaster. Just have a look!

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Divide Spaces With Matching Paint Colors

We all know how beautiful a room could look when separate walls in the same room are painted in different shades of colors.

You could also make a room look livelier when you paint different sections of the room with different but matching colors.

For instance, the walls, the ceiling, and the floor can be defined with different colors.

You could still stretch this illusion a little further.

Imagine the striking effect you will have when two separate colors are used on one side of the wall.

That is when two different colors meet at the middle of a wall and not at the edges.

But care must be taken to ensure that the colors are of the same color scheme.

Go Paintless And Embrace A Raw Plaster Finish

25 DIY Tape Mural Wall Art paint ideas

Raw plaster walls have a beautiful texture and inject a subtle, earthy wash of color to your home. They provide a wonderful canvas for brighter colors to shine too, from pastels to bold neons like in this light-filled bathroom by interior designers Holloway Li.

‘Dont use any paint at all and retain the raw plaster look,’ advises Alex Holloway, founder of Holloway Li Interior Architects. ‘We found a sealer called PROTECTiT100 that binds the raw plaster so it doesnt leave a dusty deposit and means the space captures the raw feeling and is a lot easy to repair and patch over time, without having to repaint the whole room each time.’

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Wall Paint Design Ideas With Tape

Looking for some wall painting ideas for your living room, hall, or bedroom? These DIY wall paint design ideas with tape are easy to do yourself, even if you dont think youre creative.

If youre looking for an easy and inexpensive way to update a room, painters tape and paint make a great combination.

Its easy to create wall painting designs yourself that look beautiful even if you dont think youre artistic.

Well go from simple designs to more complicated ones so you can decide just how much effort you want to put into it.

Keep reading to find 10 wall paint design ideas you can do with tape.

Black And White Gallery Wall

With two colors called common colors, you can create simple picture ideas perfect for your kitchen, bedroom, and any other unusual part of your home.The perfect combination of black and white keeps these things private with a neat tape. The feeling here is born from the ingenuity and creative genius of the child.

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Paint Designs With Tape

TikTok video from Alisha Ali : “#PepsiApplePieChallenge”. Part 2 of painting my living room | Made desired angles with tape | Use 2 different colours to paint | …. Bezos I.


TikTok video from Shah Faleha : “#tape #painter #painters #paintersoftiktok #painterstape #painterstapepeel #wall #wallpaint #walls #wallpaintdesign #painting #home #homedecore #wallpaintdesign #ideas #grey #designerlooks #like #support #peekaboo”. CONFETTI INSTRUMENTAL.


351 Likes, 9 Comments. TikTok video from Random DIY Guy : “Get perfect crisp lines with painters tape #paint #diy #frogtape #painting #painttips #painterstape #crisp #satiafying #painthack #hack #worksmart”. Get that perfect crisp line | Bet you use Frog tape WRONG | First get the tape on the wall as smooth as you can | …. Honeypie.


64.5K Likes, 788 Comments. TikTok video from Katy Wallace : “DIY Frogtape wall design #frogtape #accentwall #diy #home #houseoftiktok #fyp #paint #painting #decorating”. Funky Town.


697.3K Likes, 2.6K Comments. TikTok video from Corbin White : “#learnontiktok #diytiktok #diytok #painterstape #oddlysatisfying #painting”. Trying a Painting hack i saw on tik tok | Applying clear silicon caulk | Holy moly it actually works | …. Feel It Still.


Wall Paint Design For Hall #2


A classic and marvelous combination of pale yellow and dark brown gives an eyecatching and romantic look to your hall.

Moreover, the huge window right beside the dark-colored wall allows plenty of natural sunlight in and makes the space brighter and airier.

The classic pale wall that reflects maximum sunlight

Image Source: Urban Company

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Use Painters Tape To Create A Custom Pattern

You can actually make a big impact by sticking up the painters tape to create a custom pattern.

First, make a grid by taking measurements, make your marks and use tape.

You can use paints of separate colors to splash on your feature wall.

Feel free to be creative with as many colors as would catch your fancy.

Color Contrast Adjoining Rooms

Choosing contrasting colors in adjacent rooms and considering how room colors look when viewed from one to another is a clever way to create a flow of hues throughout the space. This lovely jade green bedroom has a view through to a candy pink hallway part of a series of colorful rooms designed by Natalie Tredgett.’When deciding what colors to use in two adjoining rooms consider the conversation between the spaces,’ says Natalie. ‘Our eye is drawn to warmer colors, so lead with a pink, coral, or terracotta to naturally draw someone in that direction. Then create layers and complexity by making the next room a cooler color like green, teal, or blue.’

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How To Paint A Pretty Trellis Wall With Painters Tape

Are you the kind of fine details enthusiast who really adores both stencilling and freehand painting and might be interested in finding a way to marry the two techniques in one place? Then were absolutely convinced that this next tutorial from From House 2 Home is just the kind of thing youre looking for. They show you how to use painters tape to make the basic trellis shape in the background and then paint vines, branches, or flowers overtop in whatever way you please to create the illusion of a beautifully creeping garden.


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