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Paint Child And Small Umbrella

Next, paint loose light blue violet strokes on the path towards the bottom for more reflection.

Paint the childs umbrella red .

Then use white to loosely outline the umbrella and the curved lines on the inside part of the umbrella.

Then loosely paint black outline on the bottom and right of the umbrella.

Paint the coat using the #4 round brush and cadmium yellow light mixed with a little white. Paint the rain boots as well. Note: it wont show up very well until we loosely outline the coat and boots with black.

Then paint the legs with black. Loosely outline the boots.

Paint The Ground On Each Side Of Path

Use the same black and white for the ground. This time, instead of painting up and down strokes, you will be painting textured x strokes. Start on the bottom of the canvas. Fill the left and right sides of the path with the criss-cross strokes.

Try not to over blend the colors. This should look like an abstract grays area on both sides of the path. You can vary your colors by adding bits of black in some areas and bits of white in others.

Try to make the ground that is closest to the horizon line appear slightly lighter by adding more white. This will give the illusion of some depth on your ground. Also note: your horizon line does not have to be completely straight. It can be slightly curved/sloped like a hill or higher level ground.

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Draw Mother And Child With Umbrellas

Sketch lightly with a pencil for this drawing portion. Remember that this style of painting is loose/ abstract. You dont have to make these figures look perfect! I have given you dimensions below of my drawing. These are just estimates and you dont have to be exact! You want to position your mother and child so they are about an inch and a half from the bottom of the canvas.

Start at the bottom and draw the mothers legs. The bottom points of her legs are about 1.5 from the bottom of the canvas. Draw a very narrow vertical triangular shape. We dont see her feet in this.

Then draw the bottom of her coat/skirt. This is about 1.25 wide and about 1 high. Her torso is about .75 high.

Next draw the umbrella. Draw a large curve with scalloped lines. The height of the umbrella from the bottom points to the top middle curve is about 1.5 high. Remember, these are only estimates and yours does not have to be the same as mine.

Then draw the child. He is to the right of the mom and the umbrella needs to be lower than hers. Start with the umbrella this time Draw a curve that is smaller than the moms umbrella and then draw the scalloped lines on the bottom.

Then draw the boys rain coat. This goes down about an inch and the bottom line of the rain coat goes slightly diagonal upwards.

Draw Horizon Line And Path

Goodinfo: Walking In The Rain Oil Painting

Lay your canvas so that it is in a vertical position.

The horizon line is not in the exact center of the canvas. It is a little bit higher than the center. If you are working on an 11 x 14 canvas, measure about 7.5 from the bottom of the canvas.

If you are working on a larger or smaller canvas, estimate a line that is a little higher than center.

Then draw a line all the way across lightly with a pencil.

Next, draw the path. This path does not have to look perfect and it can always be adjusted later. Draw two diagonal lines that do not go to a point. Start the lines a little inwards on the bottom of both sides. This path is relatively center in the canvas.

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How Do I Buy A Walking In The Rain Print

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of buying work by Julian Opie is by using us to reach a seller. MyArtBroker is a curated site, meaning we feature artists that our collectors say they want. You can find Julian Opie art for sale here. Youll need to create a free account to buy or sell with us.

Hand Painted Walking In The Rain Oil Painting

Hand Made Oil Painting on high quality Canvas with environmentally friendly Oil Paint Important:This is a 100% handmade oil painting unlike painting made out of brush strokes on digital printing.

Subject : Walking in the rain

Style : Modern, Landscape

FRAME: No Frame and Unstretched

Size : W100cmxH100cm. How to ensure the correct painting dimensions. This Beautiful knife painting can be produced on your preferred dimensions .

Artists : From various professional artists with average of 15 year experience

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Why Is The Walking In The Rain Series Important

Captured in the artists structured, graphic language, Walking In The Rain encapsulates contemporary life in a way that makes the viewer think about their own body in relation to the figures in the prints. Opie rationalises the human form in a decidedly stylised manner, striking a balance between the soft and human, and the hard and artificial, producing an uncanny effect. Undertaking a task that has preoccupied artists for generations, Opie captures modern life in an entirely unique way.

Throughout his career, Opie has produced many images of people walking in the form of static prints, paintings, sculpture, and moving images. Producing anonymous passers-by with which to populate his world, Opies figures are not devoid of personality thus maintaining a sense of individuality within multiplicity. Depicting the act of walking perfectly suits Opies desire to animate his images as this form of movement is universally simple and familiar to the viewer. The movement in Opies Walking In The Rain works appear far more realistic than expected, despite the fact that the form of each figure is highly stylised and so movement itself is presented as a form of realism.

How Can I Sell My Walking In The Rain Print

How To Paint âWALKING IN THE RAINâ? Acrylic PAINTING Tutorial EASY!

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Walking In The Rain Painting

Paint Mother & Umbrella

Load your palette with cadmium yellow light hue and titanium white. Mix about 2 parts yellow to 1 part white. Paint the shape of the umbrella with a # 4 round brush. Then paint a few strokes with just titanium white to highlight the umbrella.

Then load your brush with cadmium red medium hue. Wipe the brush off. Then load the tip of your #4 round brush with cadmium red medium hue. Loosely outline the umbrella outer edges . Then loosely outline the bottom scalloped lines and the middle lines that curve.

Then paint the torso and bottom part of the coat/skirt with light blue violet.

Highlight and darken the coat with white and black. Lightly paint white on the left side of the coat. Then lightly paint black on the right. Blend it slightly with the light blue.

Then paint the legs. Loosely paint the vertical triangular pieces shapes. Then loosely paint left and right horizontal strokes under the legs going in a vertical direction.

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