Turn Photo Into Oil Painting

Adobe Illustrator Best Choice For Vector Graphics

Turn ANY Photo into an Oil Painting!

If perfection is a standard requirement for you, then the best-in-class vector graphics software is the go-to tool you need to turn photo into art.

Of course, a huge perk of the Illustrator is that you can reuse your artwork to fit any display, at any scale, and still look crisp and polished to the last pixel thanks to its vector-based editing toolkit.

Boasting a wide array of versatile painting and drawing tools, you will be able to reproduce the oil painting effect with mesmerizing results.

Smooth individual strokes and lines, layered-based editing, and fully customizable brushes that you can load at will this is what you can expect from the Illustrator and even more.

If you need to turn photo into illustration, Adobe Illustrator is the best option for the job.

Lets quickly look at its key features:

  • Scale images to the perfect size with crisp resolution
  • Layered editing for ultra-sophisticated results
  • Your work is automatically saved and stored into the cloud
  • Ultra-fast rendering
  • Seamless integration with Creative Cloud products such as Photoshop, InDesign, or After Effects
  • Compatible with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
  • Step-by-step in-app tutorials to support all your creative projects

Turn Photo Into Oil Painting

How To Turn A Picture Into An Oil Painting

Oil paintings are considered to be a slow and time-consuming art. If you are looking to create an oil painting from a photo within seconds, you are at the right place. Follow the steps below and turn your beautiful photo into a work of art.

  • Click on the Upload Image button and select the photo you want to add the oil painting effect to. Do note that the image has to be in a PNG or JPG file format.
  • Adjust the slider to filter the effect of oil painting on your photo.
  • Once, you are satisfied with the oil painting effect, click on the button. This will save the photo on your device which you can share with your friends and family.
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    A Variety Of Painting Filters For All Your Creative Needs

    Fotor’s photo to painting converter gives you over 50 unique painting filters and styles to choose from. These exclusive painting filters are inspired by talented artists and word-famous artwork, and new ones are constantly being added. Whatever you are looking for, we have it all: oil paintings, watercolors, sketches, cartoons, or something more creative. Make photos look like paintings with a single click!

    Online Photo To Painting

    Portrait Oil painting From photo Turn photo into oil

    If you experience any problems with this online photo to painting converter pleasesend a brief message to contact@suncatcherstudio.com.In your message, indicate what is not working so we can fix it. Similarly, if you have ideas on how to improve this software,please let us know.

    How do I use the interface?To use this online photo to painting converter, first press the “Browse” button and select an image.Next select the desired “Quality” – either “Low”, “Medium”, or “High”.The quality must be specified before the “Upload” button is pressed,since these radio buttons determine the quality of the image that is uploaded.Next press the “Upload” button to load your image.Now adjust the “Brush size”, “Brightness”, and “Contrast” by dragging the range sliders left or right.The “Brush size” allows you to similuate an oil painting.Each pixel is replaced by the most frequent color in a circular neighborhood.As the slider is moved to the left, a smaller brush size is used .As the slider is moved to the right, a larger brush size is used .Finally, when satisfied with your digital painting, press the “Save”button to save your new artwork or painting. Your oil painting is now ready to be printed on canvas!

    What type of images can be used? GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and SVG image formats can be used. Currently the maximum image size is set to 14 MB.

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    Turn Your Favourite Digital Photo Into An Oil Painting

    Some digital images lend themselves to artistic manipulation and it can be fun to experiment with the filter effects in your favourite software application to see what you end up with. In this tutorial we will edit an image to make it look like an oil painting. The process is very simple and straightfoward and can produce impressive results.

    Convert Photo To Oil Painting Using Free Software Or Online Tools

    You can use these free converter software and online tools to turn a photo into an oil painting on canvas on your Windows PC:

    1] GIMP

    GIMP is a popular free and open-source photo editing software for Windows 11/10. Using it, you can perform a lot of image editing tasks including converting photos to oil painting. It contains a lot of effects and filters one of which includes the oil painting effect. This effect is a part of the Artistic Effects category. You can simply choose it to quickly convert a simple image into an oil painting. While applying the effect, you can even edit some options to customize the effect accordingly such as mask radius, number of intensities, and exponent.

    Apart from that, it offers various other artistic effects such as Cartoon, Cubism, Softglow, Van Gogh, Waterpixels, Weave, Clothify, etc. Besides that, you can also blur, distort, add noise, and do much more. Let us now have a look at the steps to convert a photo into an oil painting in GIMP.

    How to convert photos to oil painting in GIMP?

    Here is the process to turn your photos into oil paintings in GIMP:

  • Firstly, download and install GIMP on your PC, and then launch the application.
  • Now, browse and import the source image to it using File > Open.
  • Next, go to the Filters menu and click on the Artistic > Oilify effect.
  • After that, customize effect parameters like mask radius, number of intensities, and exponent and press OK.
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    2] Chasys Draw IES

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    Convert Layer To Smart Object

    Locate the Layers panel at the lower-right corner of your workspace. If you don’t see it, go to Window > Layers. Right-click the “Background” layer and select Convert to Smart Object.

    Converting to a Smart Object allows you to go back and edit the artistic filter that you will apply in the next step. This is called a “nondestructive edit” because it preserves the original photo, even after applying effects.

    Editing Photos In Photoshop Camera

    How to turn a photo into an OIL PAINTING in PHOTOSHOP

    1. Open the Photoshop Camera app.

    2. Select the All Photos icon to the right of the camera button. From there you can access any of your photos in the PsC Studio or your camera roll. Open a photo to edit it

    3. Select the Lens icon to preview any of the lenses youve added to your app applied to your photo. Click the Lens Library button in the upper left corner to manage your lenses.

    4. Each lens features three to ten different variations. Swipe left or right to cycle through these options

    5. Once you find a lens you like, click the selected lenss icon at the bottom of the screen to open the Properties menu.

    6. In the Properties menu, select any of the editing variables and slide your finger left or right on the photo to increase or decrease that individual setting

    7. When done, click the Export button, choose dimensions for your final image, and click Save to camera roll.

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    Experiment With These Photo

    AI recognition has not only openedbut completely reimaginedthe door for photo and video editing. Once you begin using your smartphone as a creativity tool, you’ll be amazed at how many cool tricks and techniques you will discover. Leave behind your standard sepia color scheme, and try giving your photos a little something extra.

    The 6 Best Free Apps To Turn Photos Into Art And Paintings

    These awesome apps can transform any ordinary photo into a work of art. Works on your selfies, too!

    It may take artistic geniuses hours upon hours to complete their masterpieces, but you can now make one in minutes. Thanks to some photo-to-painting apps, you can use your smartphone to turn any selfie or photo into an instant painting.

    Stunning filters will allow you to select between a wide variety of painting styles. Soon, you’ll be impressing all of your friends with your beautiful and creative pieceswhether you use them for profile pictures or hanging wall prints.

    Here are the six best apps for turning pictures into paintings.

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    Insta Toon: Cartoon And Art Cam

    Insta Toon has developed a strong fan following by providing a high-quality product that actually delivers exactly what you’re asking for. There are fewer photo editing tools available in this app, as it focuses strictly on turning your photos into paintings.

    Simply upload an image from your camera roll or take a picture in real-time to get started. From there, scroll through the list of available filters until you find the perfect fit. There are a plethora of filter options, including black-and-white sketch designs, oil paintings, and comics.

    You can save the new piece as a still image, GIF, or video and share it with anyone. You can also export in different resolutions, including SD, HD, and Full HD. This app is only available for iPhones, however.

    Insta Toon for iOS

    Use Your Photo To Create A Textured Oil Painting

    Oil Painting Portrait

    Creating a real oil painting takes patience. It can take up to a week for the finished product to dry! But with our Oil Painting effects, all you need is about 5 seconds. Then, simply adjust the Amount of the effect and edit your painting as you would any other photo. Exaggerate your favorite aspects of an oil painting to really make it pop!



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    Make Some Basic Photo Edits

    In the Edit tab in the left sidebar, youll find all the essential photo editing tools you need to prepare your image before turning it into an oil painting. If you need to, use the Crop tool to crop your image into your desired orientation. You can either type your dimensions into the Width and Height boxes or choose from presets in the dropdown menu. We went with Golden Ratio to better frame the building in the photo.

    Use theExposure tool to enhance Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, and Shadows. Simply drag the sliders until the picture looks perfect, then click Apply.

    If youd rather use an all-in-one tool to enhance your photo, click on the A.I. Image Enhancer at the top of the Edit menu. Using the power of A.I., this tool will automatically amplify the colors and add light and contrast where your photo needs it most. Just drag the slider to choose the perfect amount of enhancement and click Apply.

    You can make as many photo edits as youd like before moving on to the next steps, or completely skip over the editing and head right to the Artsy tab to go straight from photo to oil painting its all up to you!

    Goart: Art Photo Editor

    Another excellent app to help you turn a photo into a painting is GoArt. GoArt has been designed with a major focus placed on the ability to print the art that you create. This brings some excellent benefits and a few potential issues for your photo needs.

    The app uses AI technology to convert the photo into an artistic piece. Although it creates a clean and quality image, this can take a few minutes to process, unlike most instantaneous options. However, like Prisma, GoArt allows you to adjust the intensity of the effects to ensure the resultant artwork is of your likingthis intensity setting is available across Android and iOS.

    Once youre finished, youll notice theres a watermark on the photo. You can save up virtual coins in the app to remove it or upgrade to the premium version for its complete removal.

    You can select from various art styles, including everything from expressionism to structuralism. Create masterpiece after masterpiece and frame them on your walls at home.

    The major caveat with GoArt is most of the filters are under the premium version of the app.

    GoArt for Android | iOS

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    Colored Pencil Drawing From Photo

    Live help: Call 1-844-333-3729

    Colored pencil portrait drawing made from your photo. 100% free-hand drawn on art paper by a master portrait artist. Artists can also draw houses, pets, dogs, cats, and scenery from your photo. Includes unlimited revision requests until you are satisfied with the end result. Available rolled or framed.

    • – for paintings larger than 12″x12″ .
    • 30% Off Multi-Item– 20% off second item, and 30% off each additional item in the same purchase.

    Promos automatically applied at checkout.

    For assisted ordering, call 1-844-333-3729

    • How do I pay the deposit amount? So far it will only allow the full payment.
    • This photo is from 1966. It has faded but I am assuming since it appears to mostly be black and white that it would be ok. Please let me know your thoughts.

    Stephanie from Bethel,US Very satisfied with process but still anxiously awaiting the delivery of painting. My son is very excited.

    Lindsay from Surrey,CA Amazing work!!! It made a very special gift for my friend who recently lost her dog. Thank you thank you thank you.

    Dalton from Kutztown,US

    Noah from Buena Park,US

    Susan from Hoschton,US This was our second painting done by Joy Chen. The oil painting arrived today and we were extremely pleased!! She…

    Karen from Philadelphia,US Thank you for the beautiful piece of art

    For more reviews just browse the orders in our gallery, or see allrecent top rated orders.

    How You Can Use This Effect

    Photo to Oil Painting Effect (Without Oil Filter) – Photoshop Tutorial

    Add this oil paint effect and convert your photos into oil paintings online and for free. Attention, vintage fans! Be sure, this realistic oil filter will turn your picture into a piece of art in a few seconds. Imitate an antique oil painting with this photo to oil converter and gather dozens of likes and retweets from subscribers on social networks.

    This picture to painting converter works brilliantly with landscapes and cityscapes. If you are a fan of retro-cars, give a new look to your photo album: apply this oil paint filter to make them look even more vintage! Admirers of costume photo shoots will also find it attractive to convert their photos to oil paintings to make them look even more authentic.

    Pay attention to other artistic photo effects on Funny.Pho.to. Here you can find lots of options: transform your photo into a pencil vs reality image in Ben Heines style or convert it into a charcoal or into a beautiful pastel drawing.

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    Free Desktop Software To Turn Photos Into Paintings

    If youre wondering how to turn a photo into a painting online by using your computer, there are a number of free sites that allow you to add realistic painting styles to anything you upload.

    In addition, most of the popular photo editing software tools include some kind of portrait painting filter that gives that photo-to-painting effect youre looking for.

    Here are the two recommended options.

    Adobe Photoshop For Professionals

    This program is one of the most popular tools from Adobe. Its popularity has increased exponentially because of an incredibly wide range of features.

    You can create images from scratch, apply different professional effects to your photo, and even allow you to transform your pictures into oil and watercolor paintings.

    Like what you read but not sure how to proceed? Heres a comprehensive tutorial on how to use Adobe Photoshop to transform your photos into paintings.

    If you need an app to turn picture into painting, Adobe Photoshop is the best choice for professionals.

    Lets quickly look at its key features:

    • Stroke smoothing options

    Free trial

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    Adobe Online Photo To Painting Convertor

    Adobe develops software to manage and edit photos and graphic elements. Theyre the industry leader who offers renowned software tools such as Photoshop and Lightroom. Adobe provides several free editing tools, including the Online Photo To Painting Converter part of the Adobe Photoshop Express platform.

    If you have any of the Lightroom or , you can also convert your photos to paintings with the use of the software but thats a whole other guide.

    The free converter is a simple application. Upload a JPEG or PNG file to the online site and then click the Art Effects tool kit. Then you select from Oil Painting, Cartoon, Colourize, Pop Art, or Stylize. Theres also a list of effects with each showing a preview of your image with the effect applied.

    You adjust the intensity of the effect as some of them are strong to begin with. All thats left is to download your finished painting.

    While its a free-to-use service, you need to create an Adobe account to access its features so not entirely no strings attached.


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