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Easy Things To Paint For Beginners

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If youre looking for easy things to paint, grab these canvas ideas for beginners. All of these are achievable for the newbie artist.

Skills Required: None. If youve never picked up a paintbrush before, these projects will be a great place to start. They are all canvases and leave a lot of room for error .

When I was in second grade, I started taking painting classes . I remember one of the first things I painted, and I was excited: my Cabbage Patch Kid named Sarah.

I remember sitting back from my first canvas and thinking, that doesnt like the doll at all. I was 8. I was disappointed.

Im pretty hard on myself when I start a new craft or hobby, and I bet a lot of you are too. So before we even get started, I want to encourage you not to do that.

Thats why were starting with easy things to paint . . . because youre more than likely new to it. Its more than okay to not like what you make, and to let the canvas dry and then paint right over it. Sure we all want to be successful the first time.

But sometimes were not.

So just keep that in mind as you move along in your journey. Dont give up, and allow yourself room to make mistakes. Do it for me!

Making Use Of Canvas Wedges

You may have noticed a little bag with wooden wedges in them when purchasing a canvas. What you should be doing with these is hammering them into the holes on the inside of the canvas in the corners. This creates more tension on the surface of the canvas. You need this tension to be able to control brush strokes better.

If you paint often, you might consider purchasing a small rubber mallet for this purpose.

Easy Quote Canvas Art

This is a cool and easy painting idea that shows you how to transfer quotes, text or any pattern from printed paper right onto your canvas . This technique can be used in many mixed media/abstract type paintings or even trendy quote art paintings. AND with items you have at home.

Youll also learn how to make that cool watercolor background WITHOUT a drop of paint.

Find out how in the step by step tutorial.Tissue Paper Art

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Advice For Painting On Canvas Part Two

Next, take the time to practice your technique by trying out some smaller projects before moving on to larger canvases. And finally, always be sure to protect your work with a layer of varnish once its finished to preserve the colors and keep them looking vibrant over time.

With these simple tips in mind, youll be able to create amazing paintings with acrylic paint in no time.

Primers: Porous Or Non

Easy Acrylic Painting On Canvas

Whatever material you choose to use for your support, youll need to prime it. Primed canvases can be porous or non-porous. An acrylic gesso primer will make your canvas porous, while an oil primer will make it non-porous.

The basic principle is that a porous primed support will enable the paint to dry more quickly as the water content of the paint is drawn into the support itself. A non-porous support will allow the paint to dry naturally through evaporation only. The main advantages of the latter are that the paint will stay wetter and workable for longer and the oil paint will keep more of its lustre. On porous primers, the paint can look dead and chalky because it has dried too quickly.

A non-porous primer like Michael Harding Oil Primer ) will also give you more control of your brushstrokes, as the paint will glide over the surface, and stay wetter for longer. A non-porous primer will tend to drag the paint from the brush.

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Easy Canvas Painting Ideas For Beginners

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Looking for easy painting ideas to transform your bedroom or living room space? Find the Canvas Painting Ideas for Beginners and enjoy the creative process.

Got a few canvas boards at home, acrylic colors, or oil paints? Combine different colors to create a masterpiece of your own. These easy canvas painting ideas have easy steps to accomplish the end result.

So, dont fear to take the beginners step and paint your next great idea! As simple or as detailed as it is!

Painting dogs might seem tricky, something that only professional artists can do.

But, actually, once you get the hang of it, its all in a days work. Besides, the trick to painting dogs is to get their soulful puppy dog eyes right.

Check out this giant wall art! Dont worry its not as daunting a task as it might seem at first. You just need to plan ahead and buy a large-sized canvas to work on. You can buy one right here.

Then, go ahead and pick your paints. You will also need an overhead projector or an art projector from here. This will come in handy when you want to project your photo to use as a reference.

How To Make A Canvas Painting

You can find blank canvas in a variety of sizes at any craft store or you can update a canvas that you have on hand.

There are a few ways to update a canvas, but I decided to wrap mine in wallpaper.

I recommend using a thick material such as wallpaper or contact paper to cover your canvas.

The wallpaper that I used for this project is paintable and has texture to make my painting a little more interesting.

This pottery barn dupe looks best with a little texture because it looks more like the original design.

If you are looking for other ideas for easy things to paint then you might like my other projects.

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Use Paintbrushes With Firm Tough Bristles

The paint brushes you choose have to be able to withstand the hard, rough canvas surface. So, look for brushes with stiff bristles that are graded for acrylic and oil painting.

Avoid grabbing any watercolor brushes you have lying around theyre known for being softer and are going to break down rather quickly when used on canvas. A bonus to using firm-bristle brushes? They make it easier to do unique acrylic painting techniques like dry brushstrokes.

Idea 7 Metallic Impasto Designs

Painting on 22 Tiny Canvases!

For abstract painters, heres a twist. How about using metallic acrylic paint to create impasto work? Thats what our artist did and we think it looks awesome! These rich paints are perfect for using the palette knife to create deep and highly textural strokes. The rectangular canvas gives it an added modern feeling and is the ideal size for perching on a small easel for everyone to enjoy.

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Experiment With A Medium

Painting on canvas is a great time to play around with a medium. A medium can be added to acrylic or oil paint to create cool effects in painting, many of which are specifically intended for use on canvas. There is a variety to choose from, ranging from oil paint media which can make either a high-gloss or matte finish to acrylic media, which can add body, gloss or texture to your finished painting.

Idea 1 Fantasy Abstracts

Shut your eyes and imagine your favorite colors swirling around you in different shapes. Now open them and start painting, using what you saw. Youll be happily surprised at what your mind has come up with! Here our artist used gouache paint in some pastel shades along with bright hits of color to create this fantasy abstract painting on a canvas panel. Note how she uses a variety of brush strokes along with some splattering to add an otherworldly appeal. Here you can learn how to use gouache.

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Idea 11 Atmospheric Landscapes

In this impressionistic scene, the artist applied metallic acrylics with loose brush strokes. This gives the painting the ethereal feeling of a lakeside sunset. Painted on a canvas panel, the reflection of the sky in the water is beautifully captured. Take pictures of the sky during the early morning or late afternoon hours, also known as the golden hour, to create your own magical moments such as this.

Easy Painting Ideas Inspired By Real Life:

Something To Paint On A Canvas
  • Your favorite coffee mug
  • Someone who is doing an everyday activity such as sleeping, cooking, putting on makeup
  • Go big: show peonies blooming on a giant canvas or piece of paper
  • Knot some rope and paint what you seeit’s trickier than you think

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How To Prime A Canvas

When priming your support, use a wide priming brush like a C Roberson to give an even finish. Start from one side of the support and work horizontally across the entire surface in one direction, and then allow it to dry. Once dry, turn the support 90-degrees and repeat the process, working across the brushstrokes of your first coat. Again, allow to dry, and then repeat as necessary.

Painting On Wood Slices

Did you know you can use acrylic paint on wood slices? And these gorgeous cuts of pine and bas make unique paintings that you can display around your home, paint as ornaments, give as gifts, sell or just because. If youve never painted on wood, youll want to check out this tutorial on how to paint wood slice ornaments for everything you need to know.

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Advice For Painting On Canvas Part One

If youre new to painting on canvas and want to try your hand at acrylic paints, there are a few tips that can help you get the best results, such as keeping the fabric, texture, and priming in mind.

Each of these things will have an effect on the quality of the canvas and what kind of painting is best for the chosen canvas.

Easy Painting Ideas Perfect For Beginners

Painting On Random Things| Revamp Old Things | Easy DIY’s

Looking for easy painting ideas? Whether you just started painting or yet to begin, this curated list of painting ideas will inspire you to pickup a paintbrush and add some color to your life.

And create art that youll be proud of.

Whether youre looking for painting ideas for your wall, painting as a hobby, easy painting ideas for kids, family and friends, landscape painting ideas, or use as sip and paint ideas, new acrylic painting techniques, my wish for you is the enjoy the process of painting- no matter the outcome.

All you need to get started are some paints , paintbrush, canvas, and the most important element: an open mind.

So you can create art that youll be proud of.

Before jumping into some awesome paint ideas, lets go over which type of paint to choose, and supplies youll need- since many beginners dont know where & how to start.

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Common Types Of Canvas

Cotton Canvas

Cotton canvas is an affordable option for painters who are just starting out. A properly prepared cotton canvas will last a long time . Its naturally flexible and durable and is often primed with acrylic primer.

Linen Canvas

Linen is made from flax and is more durable, rigid, and longer-lasting than cotton. Its also the more expensive option. Linen canvas is often primed with oil-based primers and doesnt warp as much over time, so its the go-to choice of many professional artists. You dont have to worry about this type of canvas becoming too brittle either as linen retains its natural oils.

Canvas Board

Canvas board is another common option for new and student painters. Some are made of primed cotton canvas thats stretched over a fiberboard, while others are simply a board thats been primed and stamped to have the texture of canvas. Theyre cheaper and great for practicing before you start on your canvas art piece.

Abstract Mini Canvas Paintings

Abstract paintings are quite a rage these days. And its not just on mini canvases that they are created, they are also loved on large canvases. Besides, painting abstract designs are far easier than painting figures.

What makes the mini canvas painting ideas above an absolute favorite among both beginners and ace painters is their simplicity. Here are artistic miniature painting ideas listed below are intricate and delicate brushwork examples that lend them a unique identity. Check and get inspired! Yes, the above ideas are simple and very much doable. If you pick the right brush and the right paint medium, you will be able to convert your imagination well into a picture, without an iota of distortion. So, what makes you wait? Go and get your hands dirty!

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Looking For Things To Paint

The world is full of art inspiration. Just look around you and youll see dozens of interesting things to draw and paint. But, in case youre looking for something new to work on at the moment, weve collected ideas for paintings from our team of artists that we know will inspire you. What youll see here are a lot of different subjects and types of canvas. So, whether you paint in bright colors or soft pastels, hyper-realistic or impressionistic, take a look and get those creative juices flowing!

Canvas is a favorite surface on which to paint because it holds the paint well, it gives a painting a slight textural look, it lasts a long time, and its lightweight, making it easy to carry. As youll see in these works, our artists have used both canvas panels as well as those stretched and stapled over a frame. They also have taken advantage of the different sizes that are available to enhance the overall appearance or feeling theyre trying to evoke. At Arteza, we offer several ways to have the canvas that fits your style and budget. You can get multiple packs in a range of sizes as well as in white and black. By buying in bulk you can rest assured youll have a fresh canvas waiting for you when youre ready for one, or be able to work on several paintings at once.

Now, lets take a look at some subjects you might want to consider for your next painting.

Idea 23 Tiny Paintings

Trippy moon phase abduction

This hyper-realistic portrait is juxtaposed with the small size of this canvas to give it a surreal look and feel. By getting up close to his subject, the artist was able to convey even more emotion. Experiment with doing something similar on a set of tiny canvases and youll end up with an alluring gallery of little, yet hugely impactful canvas art.

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How To Prepare Your Canvas For Painting

First, kill the white! Or to put less dramatically, apply a ground of colour on your canvas. This not only gets rid of the daunting white, but also acts as a harmoniser. As you paint some of the ground will inevitably show through the brush strokes, creating a visually pleasing, harmonious effect. If using oil paints, try applying the ground colour thinly mixed with a little Liquin drying medium ) the day before you want to start painting to give it enough time to dry.

Apply the ground colour roughly with a brush and then scrub it in with a wad of kitchen towel. Dont be too precious, it doesnt need to be perfect. Try experimenting with different coloured grounds. You will need to add more paint over a darker ground compared to a lighter one, but this can create interesting results.

Angle Your Canvas To Paint Comfortably

First, decide whether youll be seated or standing when you paint. Many easels are easy to adjust so you can switch between both. Adjust your easel based on your height and how comfortable it is to hold the brush up to the canvas. For some painting techniques, you want to be able to make contact with the canvas at a 90-degree angle.

Make sure you can easily see your painting subject, whether its a video tutorial, a drawing, or a real-life object.

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What Type Of Paint Should You Choose

Choosing a type of paint for your work can be quite overwhelming at times given all the varieties out there. Some paint types can be more durable than others or can completely change the look of your final work of art. The right paint choice can be very important in accomplishing your artistic goal, depending on what you are creating. The different paint types vary in style and properties making a big impact on your next painting quest. Some popular types of paint are watercolor, acrylic, oil, and gouache. Read our comprehensive list of types of paint to get a better idea of which one is right for you and your project.

Take Advantage Of Canvas Wedges

DIY Marble Painting | Acrylic Pouring Canvas Painting | SUPER EASY TO DO!

If you received a little packet of wood or plastic pieces with your store-bought canvas, theyre called canvas wedges, canvas tightening keys, or stretcher bar keys. Theyre used to stretch and tighten the canvas if it starts to sag.

Canvas can get droopy from all the layers of wet paint, temperature changes, humidity, and age. If you notice sagginess after painting, wait until your canvas is completely dry and hammer the wedges in afterward.

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