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Akiane’s painting of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ

This now-famous Jesus Prince of Peace painting was miraculously created by an 8-year-old child prodigy in only 40 hours! Yet this inspiring portrait of Jesus was years in the making. Much to the shock of her atheist mother and agnostic father, beginning at age 4, Akiane Kramariks mind has been filled with images of Jesus, heaven, and angels.

When only 4, Akiane told her astonished parents that she had been to heaven with Jesus. In fact, this was her simple explanation of her mysterious absence of several hours during which time they frantically searched for her.

Following Akianes visits to heaven, she was determined to capture her heavenly experiences. From age 4 to 8, she created hundreds of sketches. She also fascinated her parents with descriptions of her heavenly dreams, visions, and messages from Jesus.

At age 6 Akaine was asked by her Lord and Savior, Yeshua, to share the real face of Jesus with the world by painting a portrait of Jesus that would capture His compassion and His love of all mankind. With her parents help, Akiane began to search in earnest for someone on earth whos facial features resembled the images of Jesus she had experienced in her heavenly encounters with Yeshua, Jesus our Messiah.

Artist Akiane Kramarik Shares Her Story Of Creating World

The Prince of Peace painting had an arduous journey. In 2003, it was stolen from the then 9-year old artist, returned damaged when she was in her teens. After carefully restoring the piece it was resold by mistake, then hidden from view ever since.

For the first time in more than 15 years, the original Prince of Peace painted by then 8-yr old art prodigy Akiane Kramarik was unveiled in November 2019. Instantly, it was purchased by an anonymous U.S. art collector for $850,000. I have an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and happiness that this piece is no longer hidden from view, says Kramarik.

Akiane completed this coveted 36x 48 oil painting in 2003 when she was 8-years old. The painting took more than 40 hours to complete and was nearly twice her size. Over the years, thousands of Prince of Peace prints have sold to buyers worldwide.

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*key Revelation About Peace Painting Revealed On The Katie Couric Show Art By Akiane Kramarik

Posted by Brian McCullough on December 08, 2020

Child prodigy artist, Akiane Kramarik, knows that experiencing visions of Jesus and Heaven changes everything! Akiane Kramarik has been helping change the way many people think about Heaven and life after death since she was 8. Its not just her paintings, which are awe-inspiring in themselves, but its how she came to paint them.

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Prince Of Peace Age 8 Age 7

Who painted the prince of peace. For many years a blurry image of Prince of Peace appeared to me in my dreams and visions. Akiane s painting of the Prince of Peace About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features 2021 Google LLC. Born July 9 1994 is an American poet and painter.

Waiting Age 6 Life Age 6 Rainbow River Age 6 Releasing A Bird Age 6 Hollow Compasses Age 6 Empathy Age 6. Child Prodigies Reveal All. In 2014 Akianes Jesus Prince of Peace painting was featured in the bestselling book Heaven is for Real the true story of 4-year-old Colton Burpos encounter with Jesus during his heavenly near-death experience.

As a result of an exclusive arrangement with Akiane and the Perth Mint in Western Australia her famous Prince of Peace painting has now been immortalized on a 2019 1 oz. She began drawing at the age of four. Plus unique handcrafted Christmas ornaments cards and more inspirational artisan crafted gifts with 10 donated to help others in need.

Its still surreal to me. Prince of Peace painting by artist Akiane Kramarik. The Real Face of Jesus a 3-D recreation from the Shroud of Turin.

Again I Find The Winter Age 7 The Horse Age 7 Strength Age 7 Footsteps Of Spring Age 7 Eagle Age 7 Each Age 7 Dream Fence Age 7 Age 6. I wake up after I have had many dreams Akiane added. Sitting in her North Shore home studio Kramarik walked us through her story.

Pin On Gods Love

Prince Of Peace By Akiane Kramarik

Pin by Jan Bohachef Martin on My Christian Faith!

This painting of Jesus Christ was painted by a then 8-year old Akiane Kramarik based on her visits to heaven as a 4-year old and modelled on a real-life carpenter!

In an odd little aside, when I cropped this image down from a larger image and then saved it as a 100% quality version of the original image, it saved it as 77.7 kilobytes! Christians will understand the significance of that based on the importance to God of the number 7 in the Bible!

You can read more about Akiane’s story on her own website as well as purchase prints of the original painting.

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” – Isaiah 9:6

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The Inspiring Stories Behind Akianes Remarkable Paintings

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If you could make a case for destiny, Akiane Kramarik would be a good example. At just nine years old, she appeared on the Oprah show, presenting her realistic paintings, among which was a heartfelt portrait of Jesus.

Youre obviously gifted. Where does this come from? Oprah asked Akiane.

It comes from God, the young prodigy replied with a smile.

Akiane is now 27 years old and her priceless paintings are displayed in art collections around the world. Since that Oprah interview, the artist has travelled to 30 countries sharing her spiritually-themed art and messages of peace and unity.

Below we share a few of the touching stories behind her endearing works of art.

The Famous Prince Of Peace Painting By Harry Anderson

Bevelyn Beatty became nationally known when, during the volatile riots of 2020, she poured black paint of the BLM murals on the streets of New York City while crying out that only Jesus could make a difference. She was also saying to the police , We are not here to defund the police. We are here to defend the police. She then went to Chicago and preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ outside the home of Mayor Lori Lightfoot, for which Bevelyn was again arrested. She is no a stranger to jails, because before she met Christ, she found herself in trouble with the law. Since coming to Christ, Bevelyn has become a passionate and articulate proclaimer of holiness and righteousness.

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What The Future Holds

After years of international travel, Akiane Kramarik and her family have moved back to the United States and live near Chicago.

Does Akiane Kramarik still dream of opening up an art gallery and an international art academy for the aspiring artist. Is she still working on her 3rd book? Does she still rise at 3 am every day to paint. We all wonder what will become of Akiane and her art … only time will tell.

Take a moment to explore more paintings of Jesus by Akiane Kramarik in our Online Gallery –

Prince Of Peace Painting By Artist Akiane Kramarik

How Jesus Saved His Own Portrait…The True Story of Akiane’s Lost Masterpiece

According to most media reports, Akiane Kramariks most famous painting is the Prince of Peace, painted in 2003 when she was eight years old. It depicts her vision of the Likeness of Christ. Also in 2003, a four-year-old child named Colton Burpo had a near-death experience after being rushed to hospital with a ruptured appendix. Afterward, he described his experiences of being in heaven where he sat on Jesus lap and met pre-deceased family members.

Coltons family was amazed by the childs story. He described people and events that he couldnt possibly have been aware of unless he had actually been to heaven. His father recounted the events in a best-selling book entitled Heaven is for Real, which has sold over 30 million copies worldwide, and was also produced into a blockbuster movie also titled “Heave is for Real” and

Colton looked at many artistic likenesses of Jesus over the next few years, hoping to find the one that would be the most accurate depiction. Then, in 2006, Coltons father found a CNN documentary with Akiane Kramariks Prince of Peace painting of Jesus on the Internet, and showed the portrait of Christ to Colton, who said: Dad, that one is right!

Learn about other interesting similarities between Akiane Kramarik and Colton Burpo.

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Prince Of Peace Painting

Who Painted The Prince Of Peace Painting

For the first time in more than 15 years, the original Prince of Peace painted by then 8-yr old art prodigy Akiane Kramarik was unveiled in November 2019.

What did Jesus looks like?

For many scholars, Revelation 1:14-15 offers a clue that Jesuss skin was a darker hue and that his hair was woolly in texture. The hairs of his head, it says, were white as white wool, white as snow. His eyes were like a flame of fire, his feet were like burnished bronze, refined as in a furnace.

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This Was Many Years Ago Today The Internationally Acclaimed Prince Of Peace Painting Is Recognized By Believers Around The World As The Real Face Of Jesus

Soon after the resurrection painting of Jesus Prince of Peace was completed, the media frenzy began, beginning with Oprah Winfreys attention. Akianes appearance on Oprahs show was followed by hundreds of guest appearances around the globe.

In 2014, Akianes Jesus Prince of Peace painting was featured in the bestselling book, Heaven is for Real, the true story of 4-year-old Colton Burpos encounter with Jesus during his heavenly near-death experience. After seeing an array of images of Jesus, Colton Burpo, the subject of the book, identified the Prince of Peace painting by Akiane Kramarik as the Real Face of Jesus as he experienced the Lord while in heaven.

The Very Next Day Akianes Prayers Were Answered

Akiane 2013 Calendario

The doorbell rang. The visitor was a bearded man, over 6 feet tall, with strong hands and a warm smile. His demeanor was a balance of meekness and poise. He was a modern-day carpenter! Akiane said in Lithuanian, Tai jis! This is He!

The mysterious carpenter God had sent to Akaine was available for only 3 days, yet Akiane was so thankful! She sketched him from every possible angle. Then, at age 8 and in just 40 hours, the Jesus Prince of Peace painting was created!

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The Artwork Was Condemned Stolen Mistakenly Sold And Locked Away For 16 Years

A painting of Christ by an eight-year-old child prodigy will finally be put on display, 16 years after the artist, Akiane Kramarik, completed it.

The work in question, a masterpiece of artistic realism called Prince of Peace, was stolen, mistakenly sold, and locked away in a private collection.

In 2003, Kramarik met a traveling carpenter who inspired her to paint the face of Jesus. While the work exhibited a tremendous amount of skill from an artist of such a young age, it was not well received by critics at the time it was first shown, with some even going as far as to suggest burning the painting.

The painting was then sent out for exhibition, but Kramariks family was distraught to find that the painting was stolen and held for ransom. What followed was a long period of negotiation, but it was finally returned, although during this time the painting was not properly cared for and it came back to Kramarik covered in sawdust, which she meticulously removed.

Prince of Peace will forever bear the marks of its abduction, with some of the sawdust embedded within the paint, which Kramarik likens to the scars left on Christs own head by the crown of thrones during his Passion.

Akaine gained acclaim as a prodigious new face in the artistic scene as both a visual artist and a poet, but she never gave up on Prince of Peace, keeping track of the paintings location and selling prints of the piece so that the memory of the hidden painting would not fade.

Even Scientists Are Amazed By The Prince Of Peace Painting And Shroud Of Turin Similarities

Could the Jesus Prince of Peace painting be the Real Face of Jesus image seen in the Shroud of Turin?

See the many ways you can own an affordable, high-quality print of Jesus Prince of Peace painting! by Akiane Kramarik!

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Join over half-a-million, Jesus, Prince of Peace fans! Enjoy daily inspirations, art & encouragement!

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Who Painted The Prince Of Peace

God wants me to do it he said But I wish to remain anonymous In 40 hours Akiane painted Prince of Peace above on an enormous 36 x 48 canvas prompting many people to write her that this was the same face they had seen in their own dreams and visions. The work in question a masterpiece of artistic.

Father Forgive Them A Painting By Akiane Kramarik Little Girl Age 12 Who Has Visions And Visits To Heaven Jesus Painting Akiane Kramarik Akiane Kramarik Paintings

Katie Courics Interview With Akiane Kramarik

What does Akiane Kramarik have to say about painting?

Katie Couric interviewed Akiane Kramarik on television, in fact, this was the first time that Akiane Kramarik ever met Colton Burpo! A portion of the interview is shown here:

In the course of the interview, Akiane Kramarik talked about her early visions of being in heaven and meeting God and spoke of how strange this was since she had not even been introduced to the concept of God.

When asked about her parents, Akiane Kramarik revealed that they are no longer atheists they believe in God and believe unquestionably in life after death.

Akiane Kramarik also mentioned that the Prince of Peace has been compared to the Shroud of Turin: Some researches actually analyzed my work and compared the Shroud of Turin with this paintingthey said it was almost 80 to 90 percent accurate.

Watch a brief video demonstration of Shroud of Turin & Prince of Peace likeness here: source of video unknown & found on YouTube

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Prince of Peace is a painting by Liz Lemon Swindle. This painting depicts the determination of Christ looking for the blind man He healedLiz Lemon Swindle is a world renowned Christian artist. Her work of art entitled Prince of Peace is sure to bring peace, calm, and joy into your life.During His ministry, Christ healed a blind man. The leaders of the Jews called the man before them and demanded he renounce Christ. When he refused, they cast him out.When Jesus heard what the leaders had done, He immediately went looking for this man . I could see the determination on Christs face as He made His way through the crowd. I draw comfort from knowing that if He will search after him, He will search after me.?Havenlight | Let Art Be Your Voice


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