Spray Touch Up Car Paint

Does Touch Up Paint Last

How to use Spray Cans to touch up car paint scratches like a pro!

In order to get the longest-lasting touch-up job, make sure to closely follow all of the steps. By adding multiple thin layers of both the touch-up paint and the clear coat, the car touch-up paint job should last.

Ensuring the surface of your car is completely clean, maintaining the surface smoothness throughout the process with sandpaper, applying the paint properly, and making certain you have the correct paint color will all give you a professional-quality car touch-up paint job.

Wash Area Of Car That Needs Paint

It is very important to only touch up car paint on a clean surface. If you dont wash the area before touching up the paint, you may capture dirt and debris in the new paint, potentially causing even more damage to your car.

With that being said, use car soap, water, and a microfiber towel to wash the area surrounding the chipped paint. Once you are done washing, thoroughly dry the area using a clean, dry microfiber towel.

Our guide on How to Wash Your Car provides a detailed step-by-step on how to wash your car like a pro. For this specific process, you only need to wash the part of your car where you will be touching up the car paint.

Custom Automotive Touch Up Spray Paint For Toyota / Lexus Cars

  • $3195

You can contact us if you could not find your color code in the listing

JERZYAUTOPAINT provides easy do-it-yourself solutions for many auto exterior paint needs. Our high-quality American-made base-coat paint by Sherwin Williams is computer formulated to match your car’s specific paint code.

NOTE: We hand-mix and sell OEM-spec paint . This color may vary slightly from your vehicle’s paint color due to vehicle paint fading.

We do not warranty paint matching issues due to paint fade.

OUR PAINT IS BASE-COAT SO WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THE PURCHASE OF CLEAR COAT WITH YOUR PAINT PURCHASE – it protects paint and significantly helps to match color/sheen.



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When Using A Touch

If the repair job at hand covers an area larger than the eraser on a pencil, consider using a product such as TouchUpDirects EcoJar. The tapered brush tip and specially developed ergonomic cap make this item particularly useful when controlling the flow of paint for those larger-scale jobs.

In general, coats that are even, light and consistent are the way to go. Avoid applying one thick coat, which is virtually guaranteed to clump. Remember to let several minutes pass between light coats.

What Do You Need To Know About Touching Up Car Paint

Gloss Clear 2K Touch Up Paint Spray Solid DIY Automotive Top Coat 400ml ...

Be safe when painting. It’s never a bad idea to wear safety glasses, a cotton mask, and nitrile gloves when painting to avoid injury and contact with harmful chemicals.

Detailing The Car Before Helps

It’s hard to know which spots actually need to touch up paint, and which parts simply need to be buffed out.

An electric buffer and some correction compound/rubbing compound do great at paint repair, but it doesn’t repair spots where rocks have completely off the paint, and that’s where the touch-up paint is needed.

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Supplies Youll Need For Touching Up Car Paint

You don’t need much when applying touch-up paint.

Just make sure you choose touch-up paint that matches the color code for your car.

Read below about finding the color code that matches your vehicle.

Car wash

Whether it’s in your driveway using the power washer/hose, or at the drive-through car wash, you’ll want to clean the car off before painting.

Microfiber towel

A microfiber towel will help dry the car and remove dust particles that will get stuck in the paint job.

Nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves provide good protection for your hands when painting. If you want to show up to dinner with clean hands, later on, you’ll want to use some nitrile gloves when working with car paints.

Airbrush/Automotive paint sprayer

You’ll want an airbrush kit or an automotive paint sprayer that connects to an air compress for larger touch-up jobs.

Painter’s tape

You’ll need some painter’s tape to help cover up objects like door handles and trim.

Masking paper/masking film

Masking film is a great way to completely cover up body panels when painting with a paint sprayer.

Paint masker

Professional auto body shops will typically use a paint masker to combine the painter’s tape and masking paper/film.

Polishing compound

Polishing compound is a key ingredient for restoring a paint job to it’s original look.


Wax the car completely after touching up for the most professional finish.

Electric buffer

Buffer pads

Grease remover

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The Aerosol Applicator Kits

Touch Up Everything Kit

This kit has everything you need to give your car a polished finish. It has the Colorcoat, Clearcoat, and Primer that will allow you to paint. The Platinum Kit comes with our wax and grease remover wipe, tack cloth, polishing compound, sandpaper pack . Those who purchase this kit will also receive Free TUDCare, our replacement warranty.

Everyday Touch Up Kit

The Preferred Kit is good if your paint is down to the bare substrate . With this kit, you will receive paint, Primer, Clearcoat, and the wax and grease removing wipe. You will need primer if the scratch is deep.

Lite Touch Up Kit

The Essential Kit gives you just that: the essentials. In this kit, you will receive the Colorcoat and the Clearcoat. This is best used if your scratch is very light and you don’t need Primer.

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Aerosol Kit Items Explained

Aerosol Primer

Primer is the first layer to go down on your vehicle. It is there to help the paint stick. Learn More About Primer

Aerosol Colorcoat

Often referred to as the Basecoat, the Colorcoat is the actual color you see on your car. Learn More About Colorcoat

Aerosol Clearcoat

Clearcoat is a thin, clear layer of plastic applied over the basecoat. It protects the paint from outside damage. Learn More About Clearcoat

Wax & Grease Remover Wipe

This wipe is good for helping to prepare the damaged area by removing wax and grease. Watch Video About Wax & Grease Remover

Tack Cloth

Use our various type of sandpaper to wet sand scratches before painting. Watch Video About How To Wet Sand

Polishing Compound

Our polishing compound is specially formulated to restore your vehicle to a factory shine. Purchase Polishing Compound


Primer is the first layer to go down on your vehicle. It is there to help the paint stick. Learn More About Primer


Often referred to as the Basecoat, the Colorcoat is the actual color you see on your car. Learn More About Colorcoat


Clearcoat is a thin, clear layer of plastic applied over the basecoat. It protects the paint from outside damage. Learn More About Clearcoat

Wax & Grease Remover Wipe

This wipe is good for helping to prepare the damaged area by removing wax and grease. Watch Video About Wax & Grease Remover

Tack Cloth

How To Touch Up Car Paint

How to Touch Up Paint on Your Car

Searching to find out how to touch up car paint?

You’ve come to the right place!

In this ProPaintCorner.com guide, you’ll learn:

  • What you need to know about touching up car paint
  • Some simple steps for touching up paint on your car
  • Supplies to stock up on so you can fix the paint yourself

Touching up car paint is easier than you might think.

After matching the paint with the paint code on your car, all you have to do is apply the touchup paint onto smaller areas.

In some touch-up cases, you might have to use an airbrush or automotive paint sprayer instead of a traditional small touchup container.

Read more for a complete list of steps on how to DIY touch-up car paint.

So, before you do touch up your car paint, I recommend you read our detailed guide.

What’s In This Guide?

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Aerosol Applicator Features And Benefits

  • Our Aerosols are designed to re-spray entire areas.

  • The Aerosol Spray features a rotatable nozzle that creates a smooth fan pattern good for bumper repairs, mirrors, and other large panels.

  • Larger panels like hoods, mirrors, or trunks lids.

  • Each applicator is filled with our low-VOC environmentally friendly touch-up paint.

How Do You Touch Up Scratches On A Car

If the scratches on the car are not deep, you could benefit from using a Car Scratch Remover. With a very easy application, you can often fix shallow scratches. The product will also restore the gloss and finish if used with the sponge, and it is advertised as being safe on all car finishes. However, if the scratches are deep and large, this product may not help.

With that said, the same steps used to touch up paint chips can be used to touch up scratches as well.

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How To Locate Your Paint Code

The first step to any paint matching process is to locate the paint code for your vehicle. Almost every vehicle in the U.S. has a paint code printed on a tag stuck to it. Watch this video to help locate the code for your vehicle. As always, feel free to contact us if you are having trouble.

Questions About Repairing Your Vehicle? Contact Us Using the Form Below.

Where Do You Find The Car Color Code On A Car


First off, your cars color code is typically three to six characters long, containing both letters and numbers. Typically the color code is at the bottom of the drivers side door jamb, the bottom right of the windshield next to the VIN number, or in the glove box. Sometimes, it is in the inside of the car hood or on the passenger side sun visor.

You dont want to just go off the name of the color of your car because that color will vary from year to year. The only way to guarantee that you purchase the right color is by identifying your cars exact color code.

If you cant seem to find it in any of those places, contact your dealer, and they should be able to help you out.

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Touch Up Car Paint Yourself With These Methods

If the chips are generally small, with the proper supplies and technique, you can touch up your cars paint. The process is rather time-consuming, but the end result is worthwhile. Not only will touching up your car paint make it look better, but it will also protect your car from future corrosion.

Well walk you through how to touch up car paint here. Youll learn about the best products, and, most importantly, the necessary methods in order to prevent further damage.

Below, you will find the steps on how to touch up car paint. We separated the process into two categories. First, there is a list on how to prepare the area for touching up the car. Then, there is a list of the actual process of touching up the paint.

Apply Filler Primer And Wet Sand

Submerge a sheet or two of 1500 grit wet sandpaper in a bucket of clean water at least a few hours before youre planning to do the touch-up work. Once youre ready to start, shake the can of filler primer, knocking loose any buildup inside.

Next, carefully spray filler primer over the chip, using a slow, even back-and-forth motion. The can should be six to eight inches from the vehicles surface .

Apply just a little primer at a time, making sure not to spray too much in one spot, which creates runs. The goal is to fill the depression created by the chip completely, so the primer protrudes slightly above the surrounding paint. Apply primer approximately one inch beyond the chip in all directions, doing your best to feather it to nothing towards the edges of the area.

Wait the manufacturer-recommended amount of time for the primer to dry fully, then take your 1500 grit wet sandpaper from the bucket. Spray a little water onto the area, then carefully and lightly sand the primer, aiming to smooth down the high spots, bumps and ridges.

Add more water to the surface periodically, and dip your sandpaper back in the bucket often to keep it wet. The goal is to feel no bumps or spatters when youre done sanding.

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Premium Paint Simple Application


Whether you are looking to touch up a rock chip, or re-spray a quarter panel, we can help you get the job done with our custom mixed touch-up and aerosol can paint products. Looking for an exact paint match? Bring in the vehicle and well make sure you get the right color the first time.

For Larger Surface Areas

Touching Up Even Large Spots Is Easier Than You Think

How to Use an Aerosol Spray Can to Touch Up Your Car Paint! | TouchUpDirect

For touching up paint imperfections that are larger than the size of a coin, you’ll want to use an airless sprayer or airbrush for the job.

After lightly sanding and cleaning the area, lightly airbrush the area with as many coats as necessary to get the job done.

Check out this Scotty Kilmer video that gives you some great advice on how to touch-up larger paint areas.

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Wash Sand And Rinse The Area

Give the area immediately around the chip, nick or scratch a thorough wash with water, soap and a sponge. Its important to remove all residual, oil, grime and dust from the spot youll be touching up or your primer and paint wont stick. Rinse off all soap residue when youre done. Lightly sand the chip with 220 grit paper until its bare, clean metal, with no hints of rust anywhere. Then rinse the dust off and let it dry completely.

Perfect Match Premium Automotive Paint

Dupli-Color® Perfect Match® Premium Automotive Paint is an easy-to-use, high-quality, fast-drying, acrylic lacquer aerosol paint specially formulated to match the exact color of the original factory applied coating. Ideal for use on all OEM paint surfaces, Perfect Match is available in a complete line of exact-match colors for current and late model import and domestic vehicles, making this product ideal for both small scale vehicle touch-up and for painting vehicle accessories.

  • Primer
    • Universal Black Metallic Perfect Match 8 oz. Aerosol
    • Universal Gloss Black Perfect Match 8 oz. Aerosol
    • Universal Flat Black Perfect Match 8 oz. Aerosol
    • Universal Silver Metallic Perfect Match 8 oz. Aerosol
    • Clear Top Coat Perfect Match 8 oz. Aerosol

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    Touch Up Car Paint Yourself In Five Steps

    Once youve purchased and gathered all necessary tools and supplies, its time to start making those ugly chips and flaws in your vehicles once-pristine paint job disappear. This takes some skill. But if youre careful and methodical, youll most likely come out with a vehicle that looks shockingly flawless.

    Optional: If Needed Apply Primer On Chipped Area


    In most cases, applying a primer is not needed. But if the chip is very deep, go ahead and apply primer. Apply the primer ONLY if the chip reaches metal new paint does not adhere to metal so the primer will ensure your touch-up paint sticks. Squeeze a small amount of the primer onto the area. Using a small, fine-tip brush, gently cover the metal area with a thin coat. Then, wait for the primer to dry. It is important to only put the primer onto the chipped area, as it could potentially damage the finish of the car in the surrounding area. If the primer does get on the surrounding area, wipe it off immediately.

    As an alternative to the primer, rust arrester also works for this step. If you opt to use both a rust arrestor and primer, make sure to use the rust arrestor BEFORE the primer.

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    Apply Paint To The Chipped Area

    Now, for the actual painting! While there isnt much creative freedom in touching up car paint, patience and precision are the keys to success.

    Apply the paint to the chipped area using a fine-tip paintbrush. Dab a single drop of paint into the chipped area, slowly covering it. Only use enough paint to cover the chip, avoiding getting it on the surrounding area. After painting, the spot will look slightly elevated compared to the surrounding area that is okay and to be expected. When you sand the touched-up area in a few days, you will smooth this surface down.

    You will likely need to repeat this process and paint 2-3 coats on the area. It is essential that you wait at least an hour between each coat.

    After you have applied 2-3 coats of paint, you are done for the day. The rest of the process for touching up car paint, outlined in steps 3-5, will take place 24 hours later.

    Apply Clear Coat And Wet Sand

    After letting the paint dry overnight, spray clear coat over the painted area, keeping the coating as even and free of runs as possible. Once youve coated the entire touch-up area with clear coat, let it dry overnight again, then wet sand it. Start with 1500 grit paper, then work your way right up to 3000 grit, keeping the surface wet the whole time. Rinse off any clear coat residue, and the job is done.

    I like to add one more layer of clear coat for extra protection. After this second coat dries, do a little very light wet sanding with 3000 grit paper.

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    Types Of Automotive Touch

    Aerosol Paint

    One of the most common formulations out there, aerosol paints are easy to use but offer messy application results than other varieties. If you choose to use an aerosol, keep in mind that the spraying distance mattersthe further away you hold the can, the more dispersed the color will be. Overall, these work pretty well, but other applicators are more user-friendly.

    Touch-Up Pens

    The most common type of automotive touch-up paint out there, touch-up pens often come standard with a new vehicle purchase. Most car manufacturers also make them in the exact colors of their vehicles, giving you a perfect match fairly easily. The downside here is that they work best for really small chips or scratchesanything too deep wont be filled by the rather thin formulation.

    Paint Brush Touch-Up Kits

    A couple of different varieties of the paint brush automotive paint exist on the market. Some have a finer, felt-like tip, while others mimic a brush with fibers. Both can work well, depending on the overall quality of the product. Just keep in mind that these tend to apply thickly, which can make matching the rest of your paintwork a little difficult.


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