Sip And Paint Ideas For Adults

Sip And Paint Parties Are The Perfect Combo Of Creativity And Good Vino


The appeal of wine and painting classes is obvious. Not only do you get to spend a couple of hours with your nearest and dearest, sipping wine and socializing – you also get the opportunity to learn a new way of self-expression. If you haven’t had the chance to let your creative side unfurl over the past few months, or even years, then a wine and paint night is sure to bring a spring to your step. After all, creativity is an important part of human nature, and you are sure to relish the chance to indulge yours and release your inner Picasso or Rembrandt, under the watchful eye of an enthusiastic professional.

It doesn’t even matter if you have never painted before, or if you never thought painting would be your thing. Give wine painting a try and learning an array of tips and techniques from a talented artist will give you a brand-new perspective, and you may even find that, when the party is over, you can’t wait to give it another go.

What Is A Sip And Paint Party

A sip and paint party refers to a social gathering where the attendants engage in creative painting lessons as they seamlessly sip their wine or other beverage drinks. Itâs also known as social creativity or social painting. Paint and sip parties are an exciting way to learn the art of painting in a rather relaxed atmosphere while catching up with your friends or networking with people you donât already know. And the best part is that you donât need to be a modern-day Picasso to enjoy these parties. You can have all the fun even if you know nothing about painting. But if youâre planning to host a sip and paint party, whether in your home or over a social networking platform, there are several tips to implement in making the occasion fun and memorable. Those tips shall be the focus of this post.

Paint A Mermaid Tutorial

If you want to paint a beautiful mermaid ocean scene, complete with a moonlit starry sky, this tutorial is for you. This full-length tutorial is designed for all levels and goes beyond the basics. Itll give you the techniques you need to make your painting reach the next level.

In this video, youll learn how to make the moon and stars glow and accurately reflect on the water below as well as in the mermaids hair. Youll be able to paint a beautiful, colorful seascape as well as a detailed mermaid in the foreground.

This is the perfect tutorial for a whimsical sip and paint evening. If you have friends that are looking to learn some new painting skills and make a beautifully colorful piece without getting lost, this is the perfect tutorial for you. You can find the full-length tutorial here on this YouTube video:

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Supplying Palettes For Guests

For palettes, where artists can mix paint, you have a choice: you can either purchase paint mixing palettes at a relatively inexpensive price, use paper plates, or cover reusable plates in Glad Press-and-Seal for easy cleanup. For a more environmentally friendly sip and paint event, I recommend making you own paint palletes with this DIY paint palette tutorial here!

Plan A Kiss Art Party

Paint and Sip/Pre drawn/ DIY Paint Party/Canvas painting/adult

KISS is an acronym that stands for keep it simple, stupid. While we dont think its appropriate to call anyone stupid, with a few notable exceptions, it would be foolish to make your art party overly lavish, complicated, or expensive.

Along those lines, its silly to expect that everyone on your team has an inner Picasso they can conjure up to create a masterpiece. Even Bob Ross, arguably the best art instructor ever, couldnt get all of his viewers to paint beautiful pieces despite his very precise, extremely patient, and gently delivered directions.

Just like Ross long-running and aptly named show on PBS was meant to celebrate the joy of painting, your paint party should be a celebration of your team as a whole and as individuals. To make sure your event doesnt cause anyone to hang their head in shame, keep things simple and get some printable designs off the internet. You can then transfer those images onto a blank canvas for each team member.

To keep things even simpler, choose printable images that have numbers throughout the picture that indicate where certain colors should be used. Make sure each participant has a color-coded chart so theyll know where they should use each color on their paint palette.

A few years ago, sales of adult coloring books surged by 6.6 percent in the United States. The increased demand for adult coloring books was so great at the time that it caused a national colored pencil shortage.

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Adult Private Art Lessons

Sip and Paint offers private art lessons by providing an education in fine art skills that is customized to the level of the student. We offer practical techniques, by professional artists, to help fuel creativity and expression.

To schedule a private lesson or for more information call Sip and Paint 339-6517.

Best time to call Sip and Paint is between the hours of 1pm-9pm Monday through Sunday.

Emails,, checked during the day.

Best Paint For Paint And Sip Parties

On a budget, youll be tempted to buy the cheapest paint available- but I recommend against it. You want your guests to have fun! Cheap paint is watery, transparent, slow to dry, and hard to work with- thats no fun!

Thankfully, theres a huge variance in the price range for acrylic paint- from entry-level kids paint to expensive heavy-body professional paints. An affordable and perfectly midrange option is Liquitex Basics. Liquitex Basics can be purchased individually by color or in sets. For small parties of 5 or fewer people, a 48 color set of small liquitex basics tubes is a great choice.

How much Paint to Buy for a Paint and Sip Party

The #1 most common question about paint party supplies is how much paint should I buy? While the answer may vary depending on the intricacy of your piece and the size of your canvases, there is a rule of thumb you can follow:

If you are using medium quality paints plan on about 1 oz per person for the most heavily featured colors and .25 oz of each paint color per person for other colors. So purchasing a standard 4 oz tube of Liquitex Basics paint for each color in a projects paint color list should be enough for 4-6 people to complete the painting. For larger groups- like 7-12 people- buy a second tube of any prominently featured colors.

For less than 5 guests, simply purchase a set of small tubes of acrylic paint in many colors. This set will eliminate the need for you to identify which colors you need before shopping. .

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Pricing Out Your Paint Party

How much a painting party costs depends on a number of factors, including which materials you already own and the number of guests youll invite. Most resources suggest planning to spend $25 to $50 per person, but the cost will be higher if youre starting from scratch. Remember to budget for any food or alcohol as well.

Some paint party companies offer discounts when you order a high volume of kits, like for a corporate event.

Paint Night Without The Pressure

Date Night Ideas | DIY | Paint & Sip At Home!

SHOP: Black girl magic coloring book from Dorothy Gilbert Art, $25 from Nalipo, $3 from The Crochety Pixie, $1 from Etta and Odie, $1 from Kilyko Studio, $2.25

Okay, we concede that technically its not a paint party without paint, but for a decidedly less daunting date with creativity, you cant go wrong with a box of and a few cheerful coloring pages. Whether you prefer a meditative mandala or detailed terrarium scene, bringing a piece to life one color at a time is a wonderful way to keep your hands busy and your brain occupied when your energy levels are on the lower side.

Tip: Need a quick and easy paint night idea in a pinch? Search for on Etsy and presto! Youve got yourself an instant canvas.

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Drink Wine And Paint No Experience Needed

Planning a party is always stressful, whether it’s a birthday bash or a girlfriend’s bachelorette. It can be hard to organize activities that will appeal to everyone invited. If youre searching for simple birthday party ideas or bachelorette party ideas, it doesnt get much better than a paint wine night. Even if none of your guests have picked up a paintbrush since they were a child, they will still be able to make the most of these fun and laidback classes. From Palo Alto to South Bay, every sip & paint session is taught by a professional artist from the Bay Area, keen to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with you and your party guests. The addition of delicious wine and your other favorite drinks is simply a bonus!

As the paint night unfolds, you will acquire all kinds of helpful tricks and techniques from your encouraging instructor, not to mention plenty of inspiration from a bottle of one of California’s finest vintages! Perfect your brush skills and build your artistic confidence as you discover how to create your very own vibrant masterpiece, which you will definitely want to frame once you get it home. While you paint, you and your guests can laugh, chat, and swap stories about the special person you are celebrating. It’s the perfect party plan!

Sip And Paint Party Ideas

December 9, 2021 by Niki Schafer

Running out of sip and paint party ideas? Brainstorming? Browsing over internet here and there? It takes a lot of effort I know.

So, after analyzing a ton of ideas, we gathered here the coolest ideas trending on social medias, personal blogs and newspapers and stuff. Lets have a look, 25 sip and paint party ideas

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Use A Sip And Paint Host Package

If youre feeling nervous about hosting the perfect sip and paint event, consider purchasing a host package. This Cherry Blossom Tree Video Package from Feeling Nifty is the perfect way to make sure you have everything you need as a new sip and paint host.

This package contains four different videos and one PDF guide to help you with everything you need to know to host your first Sip and Paint event.

The first video will inform you of what supplies youll need to get before your first event. Feeling Nifty has plenty of tips and tricks when it comes to getting the best supplies on a budget. There are plenty of suggestions and recommendations for what supplies and paints to buy and how to buy them.

The next videos will show you how to set up the perfect space for your sip and paint event as well as review your complete shopping list and give you a checklist to complete before your party.

The fourth video is a full-length painting tutorial, showing you how to create a beautiful Cherry Blossom painting with minimal experience and supplies. This tutorial is 47 minutes long and can be played directly to your guests at your Sip and Paint event.

Finally, the downloadable PDF guide is a complete workbook to help you and your guests if you are struggling with your Cherry Blossom painting. This workbook is complete with instructions and pictures that you can use to follow along with and create the perfect piece of art with all the support you need.

Have A Diy Paint Party At Home

Paint and Sip/Pre drawn/ DIY Paint Party/Canvas painting/adult

Want to have a paint party at home?

The trend of painting and sipping your favorite bubbly is still on the rise and Im loving every bit of it!

Going to a paint studio is a lot of fun and I strongly encourage you to go and support your local studio if youve never tried this experience before!

The atmosphere is very relaxing, the instructors are fun and gifted at guiding you through the process of painting a beautiful masterpiece. And best of all, anyone who has never picked up a paint brush before can execute something to be proud of!

On the contrast, having a paint party at home has its benefits too!

The biggest differences between having one at home versus having one in a studio is that you have more time and flexibility to plan things and it may be cheaper than going to a studio.

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Food To Serve At A Paint And Sip Party

The whole point of a paint and sip party is to, well, paint and sip lol. So, if you have adults at your party, youll want to have wine or champagne on hand for the sipping! Its always a good idea to have a non-alcohol option too, like punch or fancy mocktails. And of course, if you are having kids as guests, youll want to have some art-themed snacks on the table too.

Our party was mid-afternoon, so I prepared snacks that kept with the rainbow-theme for the party. I made rainbow fruit skewers using strawberry and watermelon for red, pineapple for yellow, cantaloupe for green, grapes for violet, and blueberries for indigo. We also had a veggie tray laid out like a rainbow, Kool-aid in varying colours, rainbow-coloured candy, and sweets with rainbow sprinkles.

Create Something For The Other Person

Whether its a scene, the first place they met, a piece with the couple depicted, or something else thats important to both of them, ask them to create something that will be meaningful to their partner. Arrange for them to sit together or opposite each other to mesh the date night with a romantic surprise for the final reveal of each piece.

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An Evening Of Painting Is Easy To Organize

If you can’t wait to put together an evening of wine and painting for someone special in your life, then you’ll be pleased to discover that this kind of event is very simple to arrange. This means you will face none of the usual party-organizing stress! When it comes to location, you can choose to attend a sip & paint session in your local area, such as Concord or Berkeley, or ask for a teacher to come to you! They will bring all of the art supplies you need, so the only things you’ll need to provide are your favorite drinks and snacks. What could be simpler?

Some of the worst parts about throwing a party is the stress that comes along with the task. From finding the perfect location to making sure everyone is entertained, it can be overwhelming up until the last guest walks out your door. With these painting parties, all you need to do is send out the invites. You can actually enjoy the party while it’s happening, rather than worry about clean up, entertaining, and making sure everyone is having a good time. It’s out of your hands as soon as you start pouring the paint and the wine!

Set Up The Workstations


After assembling the necessary supplies, itâs time to set up the workstations. For starters, the number of workstations should be slightly higher than that of invited guests. The surplus stations will take care of any uninvited attendees who may choose to tag along. Ideally, every workstation should have the following items:⢠A table⢠A chair or couple of chairs if you wish to have the painting sessions conducted in groups⢠Wine and wine glasses⢠Party foods and snacks ⢠Canvas⢠A jar of clean water⢠Aprons⢠HairdryersNOTE: Itâs recommended to place the paint in the middle of the table so that everyone can access it with ease. Once youâve sorted the supplies for each station, cover each table using a tablecloth. This will prevent the surfaces in the event of accidental spills. Do the same to the floors. Next, make provisions for good lighting. Not only can proper lighting complement your drawings. It may also come in handy in case the sip and paint party continues into the night. Fairy lights or additional lamps will work just fine. Last but not least, remember to make the instructional area visible from each workstation. If youâve hired a painting instructor, youâll need to designate a prime spot from where they can be seen by everyone else in the space. Similarly, if the video tutorials will be projected on a screen, be sure to position the screen at a vantage point.

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Tips To Host Your Own Canvas Painting Party

Thanks so much for reading along for 10 Tips to Host Your Own Canvas Painting Party! I was provided materials for this Paint Party by DecoArt/Social Artworking in exchange for a post. Opinions are 100% mine. Its probably no surprise that I love having friends over to craft! Over the years, we have painted wine glasses, done seasonal crafts, painted pallets, and occasionally enjoyed a canvas paint party. One of my favorites was our peacock canvas paint party over three years ago. Our most recent craft night ended up being a Canvas Paint Party! I love these at home parties from Social

A Wine And Paint Night Is Something New

After a long year of lockdowns and other restrictions, being able to celebrate a special occasion with a unique and engaging activity is sure to win you major brownie points with your loved ones. Sip and paint parties are something new and refreshing, a welcome break from more traditional gatherings at home or a local restaurant.

Wine painting parties make perfect anniversary or bachelorette party ideas, because not only are they interactive, theyre lots of fun for everyone – not just art enthusiasts. Thats particularly true when tasty nibbles and a few bottles of good wine are involved. So, what are you waiting for? Show that special someone in your life how much you appreciate them by organizing a paint night filled with wine, art, creativity, and laughter that neither they nor your guests, will ever forget!

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