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The Sherwin Williams website is easy to navigate. It includes all their products, store locations, color guides, how-to instructions, and more. The prices in this article are the most current prices available directly from the website.

Buckle your seatbelts, there are a lot of paint choices available from Sherwin Williams! All prices are in bold. I will briefly highlight the main characteristics of each paint.

What Are The Benefits Of Sherwin Williams Paint

Apart from what weve already discussed, youll find that working with Sherwin Williams is incredibly easy. They keep extensive records, so they always know what kind of paint you purchased in the past. And they offer sales and deals to returning customers.

Not only do they sell quality paint, but Sherwin Williams also focuses on customer satisfaction. Their paint tends to go farther and work better than others on the market. It makes their product that much more valuable.

What Does Sherwin Williams Paint Cost On Average

Weve seen that the cost of Sherwin Williams paint can vary widely depending on what type of paint you purchase.

Its easy to understand why an average price for Sherwin Williams might be challenging to nail down since their products range from $14 to over $100. However, its usually an average of about $70.

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What Will It Really Cost To Paint A Room

When it comes down to it, how much money are we really talking about to paint a single room with Sherwin Williams paint?

An average bedroom in the U.S. is around 150 square feet. If you arent going for a drastic color change, a single gallon of paint should cover the walls. The cost of paint and supplies will be anywhere from $110-$175, depending on which paint you choose.

To paint a 600 square foot living room, you will most likely need two gallons of paint. The total cost of Sherwin Williams paint plus painting supplies will be around $150-$250.

Benjamin Moores Advance Trim Paint

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Yet another standout from Benjamin Moore is its Advance line of Water Reducible Alkyd interior paints. Advance is one of the best paints on the market to use for interior trim, doors, windows, and door casings. It outperforms Sherwin Williams Proclassic trim paint in almost every way and remains low-VOC, even after tinting. Not to mention, its cheaper at $55 per gallon versus Proclassics $70 per gallon.

In any new remodel where new trim is installed, our painting crews will use a quality primer before applying two coats of Advance. Indeed, they love using Advance paint because it self-levels like oil paint. Consequently reducing the pesky brush and roller marks that take time to fix.

Not only that, Ben Moores Advance hardens to look like a true factory finish. No question, it looks spectacular after application. This makes Advance our top pick for interior trim, doors, windows, and even kitchen cabinets.

No question, the Dallas-Fort Worth metro is one of the hottest real estate markets in the US. If youre looking for a new house in the Lonestar State, check out the best Dallas area suburbs to live in this year!

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Firing Of Tony Piloseno

In November 2020, the company fired employee Tony Piloseno, who’d amassed over 1.4 million viewers on his TikTok paint mixing channel, Tonesterpaints, for alleged misconduct. The company was criticized for their perceived mishandling of the situation with critics believing the company failed to realize the marketing opportunity they’d just lost. Piloseno received multiple offers of employment from Sherwin-Williams’ industry rivals and took up a position with Florida Paints where he will have his own art studio and develop his own custom range of paints. Commentators pointed out the differing reaction the company had after going viral when compared to other companies such as Ocean Spray, who had positively reacted to going viral on the TikTok platform.

Which Paint Is Best

The best paint between Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore is Benjamin Moore, by a slight margin. In terms of paint quality, durability, coverage, and ease of application, Benjamin Moores paint takes the cake. Indeed, their indoor paint product, Regal Select, is hands down the best interior paint on the market. Likewise, Benjamin Moores acrylic exterior paint products like Aura are pricey but may be worth the cost.

Need a quick and easy price quote to paint your house? Get your free painting estimate from Improovys expert team in minutes today.

Learn more about our top interior paint color picks of the year!

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Ben By Benjamin Moore Vs Regal Select

You can think of Ben By Benjamin Moore as Regal Selects younger brother. As you can imagine, Ben is $20 per gallon cheaper than Regal Select. However, it performs better than other entry-level interior paints from Sherwin Williams like A-100.

The main difference is that Regal Select offers better coverage and thickness versus Ben. This is due to a higher volume of solids in the paint formulation. Also, Bens dry time is two hours versus Regals one hour.

Next, Regal Select has a greater variety of finishes than Ben. Indeed, Ben only comes in only flat, eggshell, and semigloss while Regal includes all three plus matte and pearl finishes.

But heres a lesser-known fact about Ben by Benjamin Moore interior paint. Not only is it self-priming but Bens eggshell and flat sheens are close to zero-VOC. This is why we still love using Ben by Benjamin Moore for interior painting projects. Furthermore, Bens nearly $30 cheaper than Sherwin Williams zero-VOC Harmony brand.

Its a solid entry-level paint with premium performance thats better for the environment. Our professional painting crews think thats a big win in any case.

What Is The Quality Of Sherwin Williams Paints

Sherwin Williams Love For Color Anniversary Sale TV Commercial

Consumer Affairs gave Sherwin Williams 4.7 stars out of 5 based on 257 ratings. Consumers like the paints thorough coverage and found it easy to apply.

According to the Good Housekeeping report of the best paint brands, Sherwin Williams Duration paint was voted the best for large rooms. Their testers found the paint to be very durable, smooth to apply, and fade-proof.

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Painting Hacks To Save You 40% Or More On Sherwin Williams

Im big fan of Sherwin Williams paint. While their paint costs a bit more than what you find in the Big Box stores, its worth it as you get higher coverage, use less paint, and it lasts longer. I also love their color selection and how easy it is to find coordinating shades for accent walls.

Sherwin Williams has a wide selection of paint shades and great customer service. They can provide advice on which paint is best, which paints to use on different surfaces , sometimes assist with color and finish selection and advise you on the best painting tools to use.

Another big benefit that Sherwin Williams provides is that they store all the paint colors and finishes you bought, so even if you forget, theyve got you covered.

Since Ive been in the painting business for many years, I wanted to provide some insider tips on how you can save some money with Sherwin Williams, so you get the best of both worlds great paint and a great price.

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How Does The Cost Of Sherwin Williams Paint Compare To Benjamin Moore And Behr

On average, Sherwin Williams’ paints cost anywhere from $38 to $100 per gallon, with the average gallon of their paint costing around $70, depending on the line and color. Being Home Depot’s house paint, Behr is another extremely popular option of paint brands. On average, Behr paints cost anywhere from $22 to $50 per gallon, depending on the line and color.

Another popular option is Benjamin Moore, a company originally based in New Jersey that has become extremely popular since its founding in 1883. On average, Benjamin Moore’s paints cost around $35 to $80 per gallon, depending on the line and the paint color.

Typically, you get what you pay for, and this is ultimately true when talking about paint. The more expensive a paint is, the better the quality typically is. Cheap paint typically does not give you full coverage, meaning that you will have to apply more coats and work harder. Premium paint is typically more expensive, but it only needs one to two coats, meaning that you pay more money but end up doing less work and having a nicer product at the end of the day.

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Want To Shop Even More Sherwin

Be sure to and you may receive a one-time use coupon via email valid for $10 off a $50 purchase at Sherwin-Williams! Or by texting COLOR to 27579 and youll get a coupon for $10 off your next purchase of $50 or more when you respond with consent to receive text messages.

As a PaintPerks member, youll also receive 10% off every day on paints, stains, and supplies, invites to exclusive sales, a special gift for your home anniversary via email, and your color and paint purchases will be saved for 10 years!

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Saving On Quality Paint


Whether you are new to painting or have been doing it for years, the company offers everything you need to start and finish any paint job easily. For example, theres Sherwin Williams flooring paint for coating concrete, garage, and basement floors with a perfect finish. There are also wall paints for home interiors and exteriors, as well as options for commercial buildings.

For those who paint vehicles and other machinery, Sherwin Williams paints and primers are available. The paint colors come in an assortment of shades to suit the unique taste and vision of every customer some of the biggest sellers are Sherwin Williams agreeable gray, sea salt, and rainwashed.

Shop the online store for everything you need to complete your painting project. Youll find painting tools and supplies, such as brushes, tape, safety equipment, caulk, roller covers, sandpaper, and more. Get an awesome Sherwin Williams deal by shopping online now with our exclusive Sherwin Williams coupons!

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Favorite Sherwin Williams Products

I highly recommend Sherwin-Williams Superpaint for both interior and exterior painting jobs performed by homeowners or contractors. Its simply the best bang for your buck when buying a premium-level paint. Not to mention, it has excellent coverage, is durable, and is easy to work with.

Keep in mind that Superpaint has a specific product for exteriors and another for interiors. Both are great acrylic latex water-based paints and the exterior version of Superpaint will usually last 5-7 years on average.

Additionally, Superpaint is low-voc and like most modern premium paint, its self-priming. When compared to Benjamin Moore, Superpaint offers Aura-level quality for $20 less per gallon.

In conclusion, its hard to find a better mix of value and quality than Superpaint whether you are a Sherwin Williams fan or not.

Speaking of premium, check out our new list of Chicagos most expensive homes for sale. No question, these million-dollar pads are as magnificent as you can imagine.

Sherwin Williams Discount Offers And Promotions

Products are competitively priced, but you can get even better bargains by shopping during a Sherwin Williams sale. There are several Sherwin Williams paint sale events throughout the year, offering discount prices on many products.

You can also unlock Sherwin Williams discounts by taking advantage of the military discount. If you dont qualify for the military discount, you can join the PaintPerks® benefits program to enjoy major savings.

Dont miss any upcoming Sherwin Williams promotion offerssign up for the online stores newsletter to receive Sherwin Williams discount alerts and more in your inbox!

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How Much Does A Gallon Of Sherwin Williams Paint Cover

In general, one gallon of Sherwin Williams’ paint can cover anywhere from 225 to 400 square feet however, this depends on the paint and the project that you are completing. If you purchase a gallon of paint, you will see the estimated coverage is listed on the side of the can.

You can also go online to Sherwin Williams’ website to their Paint Calculator, as this tool will help you determine how much paint you need.

What Is The Best Kind Of Sherwin Williams Paint

Emerald Interior/Exterior Urethane Trim Enamel – Sherwin-Williams

Many options on the Sherwin Williams paint shelf are high quality and value. However, the cashmere interior acrylic latex paint is widely considered the best overall option. It has a smooth, almost butter-like application, and its easy to level each layer evenly.

While this is frequently rated the best Sherwin Williams paint out there, there are, of course, many other options to consider. And there are highly effective paints that arent as expensive.

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Visualize The Best Color

With the advanced Sherwin Williams visualizer, ColorSnap, you can find the perfect color anytime, anywhere. See what one of their over 1500 colors looks like on your walls seamlessly in real-time with Instant Paint, the technologically-advanced solution to help you make the right choice. Easily create custom palettes, save the colors you love, try different options, and share your results to see what others have to say.

Instantly save color cards you find in-store to your online palette, use their night feature to see what your walls will look like any time of day, and use their useful tool to calculate exactly how much paint you will need for your next project. You’ll want to ensure that you have enough Sherwin Williams exterior paint for your home before you start!

Color match any photo instantly: simply tap anywhere and drag to find your desired Sherwin Williams paint colors based on the image. Outfit every room in your home with the palette of your dreams with a Sherwin Williams discount or Sherwin Williams promotion today!

Benjamin Moore Vs Sherwin Williams

by Andre Kazimierski | Dec 19, 2021

Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are some of the best paint brands on earth. Both painting companies make quality paint used widely by professional painters and DIY-warrior homeowners alike. But which paint is best?

In this article, well compare Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams to help you decide which paint to use for your next painting project. Well uncover the highest-quality paint to use for interiors versus exteriors and share professional painter tips thatll save you money and time.

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Helpful Tools If You Are Going To Paint Yourself

Here are some painting tools that may come in handy if youre going to do the painting yourself. Also, be sure to check out my article on the Top 10 DIY Painting mistakes and how to avoid them. The products below can be found on Amazon and delivered straight to your door.

  • Painting brush this one costs a bit more, but its totally worth it. It will help you paint faster and more accurately. If youre going to paint yourself, dont skimp here. Incidentally, this is Amazons Choice as well.
  • Painters tape a must have. Use for all the trim as well as ceiling area
  • Paint roller kit this includes a tray. Use the brush for the edges and the roller for main areas of the wall .
  • Drop cloths Yes, youll need them for sure. Some people have some on hand, but often not enough if you are doing many rooms.

Hip2save Sidekick Emily Will Only Use Sherwin Williams Check Out Why

Sherwin Williams Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint Extra White for Sale in ...

Im in the midst of painting the entire interior of my home so Ive been frequenting Sherwin Williams for these sales. I bought all of my paint untinted, took it home, and Ive been taking the cans back when Im ready to paint the next room so its freshly shaken. Plus, if I end up having any extra unopened cans, I can return them when Im finished with the whole project!

Buying paint from SW is a pretty large investment, especially when compared to the big box store competitors, but I never knew the importance of paint quality until I started using this brand. My rooms in Cashmere Low Lustre Pure White are turning out gorgeous!

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What Is The Most Popular Type Of Sherwin Williams Paint

As mentioned above, the Emerald line of Sherwin Williams’ paint is known for being their most popular and best type. Emerald is a high-quality paint that is used by both professional painters and home DIYers! Emerald is a paint and primer combination, making for ease when working on your project.

It also typically only requires one coat, as this paint is thicker than other paint lines. It is important to note that Emerald is an interior paint and works best in that setting. If you are hoping to do an exterior project, you should consider a totally different paint line.

The Emerald line of Sherwin Williams’ paint is also fairly environmentally friendly, as it is low-VOC. A lot of consumers who purchase this paint care about the environment and love that this product does not harm the environment. It is also highly durable, a trait that is rarely seen alongside environmentally friendly paint products.


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