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Is Sherwin Williams Overpriced

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This question gets asked a lot. No one wants to overpay on paint. Looking at Sherwin Williams prices might make you think they overcharge for their products. Sherwin Williams can charge more for their paint because they have a high-quality product.

They also have a reputation that makes them one of the most trusted paint providers in the business. Even though their products are expensive, you find that youre paying for the quality, not just the name.

How Much Does Sherwin Williams Paint Cost

Sherwin Williams has a reputation for high-quality paint. In fact, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Behr are typically considered the top paints for the job by professionals and homeowners alike. So, just how much do Sherwin Williams paints really cost? Are they worth it?

  • How Can You Save Money on Sherwin Williams?
  • Which Is The Better Paint Benjamin Moore Or Sherwin

    So, is Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams leading the charge for a more eco-friendly solution in painting projects? Both should be awarded the gold medal, because not only do they each offer zero-VOC paint options, they are all highly durable and look fantastic. To stay on top, both companies make significant research investments that work toward creating a higher-quality and safer-to-use paint.

    Does this commitment to quality and safety come at a cost? The short answer is yes, but definitely not in regard to health, safety, quality or durability. And as we have already mentioned, the durability factor ends up saving money in the long run.

    As a professional painting contractor with years of experience using both paints, were not picking a favorite. However, there are situations where clients do have a personal preference and were happy to oblige them. Were fully confident that these two brands, which have practically identical satisfaction scores, have the qualities it takes for us to advocate the use of either.

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    What Is Sherwin Williams

    Sherwin Williams was established in 1866 by partners Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams. It is based in Cleveland, Ohio and has then long built other paint subsidiaries including Valspar, Ronseal and Pinturas. It has become one of the leading producers of paints, adhesives, other coating materials and decorative materials.

    You can find Sherwin Williams paints in more than 100 locations in the world. Having been heralded as one of the best paint producers, it was dubbed as Americas Paint Company.

    Favorite Sherwin Williams Products

    Sherwin Williams Super Paint Price Per Gallon

    I highly recommend Sherwin-Williams Superpaint for both interior and exterior painting jobs performed by homeowners or contractors. Its simply the best bang for your buck when buying a premium-level paint. Not to mention, it has excellent coverage, is durable, and is easy to work with.

    Keep in mind that Superpaint has a specific product for exteriors and another for interiors. Both are great acrylic latex water-based paints and the exterior version of Superpaint will usually last 5-7 years on average.

    Additionally, Superpaint is low-voc and like most modern premium paint, its self-priming. When compared to Benjamin Moore, Superpaint offers Aura-level quality for $20 less per gallon.

    In conclusion, its hard to find a better mix of value and quality than Superpaint whether you are a Sherwin Williams fan or not.

    Speaking of premium, check out our new list of Chicagos most expensive homes for sale. No question, these million-dollar pads are as magnificent as you can imagine.

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    How Do I Wipe Off Mildew Stains On A Wall That Needs New Paint

    The good news is that there are now cleaning products that are specifically designed to wipe off mildew stains from the wall. But if you want the good old stuff, you can always go for the old school bleach and water solution. Make sure that the wall has completely dried before applying the primer or else, the paint would never hold.

    What Other Experts Say

    The Spruce included Sherwin-Williams Cashmere as Best Overall in its top ten list of interior paints. After researching and evaluating the ease of application, finish, color selection, formulation, and value, the reviewers said Cashmere stands out because its buttery smooth application automatically levels out into an even layer, eliminating the risk of roller marks or brush strokes.

    In an Insider Reviews article about the best interior paints, the journalist highlights Sherwin-Williams Infinity as the best paint for a makeover. Infinity is perfect for dramatic color changes. In addition, its paint and primer combination has extreme hiding power and coverage, allowing you to turn a dark room into a bright oasis.

    They explain how Infinity is streak-free, living up to its one-coat promise. It dries quickly and holds up to washing and scrubbing. Its stain and mildew-resistant formula minimizes the need for touch-ups.

    Country Living magazine named Sherwin-Williams Cashmere and Sherwin-Williams ceiling paint in its top 10 interior paints article. They describe Cashmere as gliding on smoothly without streaks or stippling with strong coverage. A reviewer praised the thick consistency of the ceiling paint as it prevents splatters and makes clean-up easy.

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    How Long Does Sherwin

    The inclusions of a warranty are the first thing to understand and consider when inspecting any damages to your product.

    Sherwin-Williams offers a limited lifetime warranty on all products for as long as you live in your home. This is only applicable for products applied to a single-family house.

    The warranty covers if you purchase and apply the product to your home, pay for the product and installation on your home, or buy the product and apply it to another house that a third party owns.

    Do I Need Two Coats Of Sherwin Williams Paint

    Emerald Interior/Exterior Urethane Trim Enamel – Sherwin-Williams

    As has been said, Sherwin Williams are relatively thicker and can do the job in just one coat. But in certain instances that it would require double coats, know that each coat must be applied at a one-hour interval. But if you ask professionals who have experienced using Sherwin Williams, they would tell you that the best interval in between coats should be 24-hours.

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    How Does The Cost Of Sherwin Williams Paint Compare To Benjamin Moore And Behr

    On average, Sherwin Williams’ paints cost anywhere from $38 to $100 per gallon, with the average gallon of their paint costing around $70, depending on the line and color. Being Home Depot’s house paint, Behr is another extremely popular option of paint brands. On average, Behr paints cost anywhere from $22 to $50 per gallon, depending on the line and color.

    Another popular option is Benjamin Moore, a company originally based in New Jersey that has become extremely popular since its founding in 1883. On average, Benjamin Moore’s paints cost around $35 to $80 per gallon, depending on the line and the paint color.

    Typically, you get what you pay for, and this is ultimately true when talking about paint. The more expensive a paint is, the better the quality typically is. Cheap paint typically does not give you full coverage, meaning that you will have to apply more coats and work harder. Premium paint is typically more expensive, but it only needs one to two coats, meaning that you pay more money but end up doing less work and having a nicer product at the end of the day.

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    Sherwin williams super paint data sheet.close skip navigation. All prices displayed are for u.s. To clearly give you the picture of its cost, you would need to shell out almost $800 if you need 10 gallons of it. Sherwin williams superpaint exterior acrylic latex = $70/gallon The performance, considering hide and coverage, was above average. . Auto Body Paint, Coatings and Supplies. Sherwin-Williams® Automotive Finishes, a division of The Sherwin-Williams® Company, manufactures and distributes a complete line of advanced technology automotive paint and coating systems. Providing high performance interior and exterior auto coatings, along with associated products, we serve a variety of customers.

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    Can I Cover Bright Red Walls With Just A Gallon Of Sherwin Williams Primer

    This depends on the surface area of your drywall. But to give you a straightforward answer, a gallon of Sherwin Williams primer can probably turn those bright red walls into white walls. Aside from what we have covered here, there are also go-to Sherwin Williams primer products like the ProBlock primer and the Wall and Wood latex primer.

    Professional Painting Contractors Opt For Premium Paints

    5 Gallon Exterior Paint Sale. home depot paint sale exterior paint for ...

    Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore are the go-to brands that Painters Inc. has relied on for many years. These companies have an unmatched commitment to quality and continue to evolve with new and sturdier paints that bring an aesthetic appeal that other paint manufacturers cant match.

    At Painters Inc., were dedicated to quality and pleasing our customers, and we know the best way to do that is to use premium paints from Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. We consistently hear from our customers upon completing a painting project that the outcomes exceed their expectations, and by using these premium paints we are able to maintain our reputation as the preferred painting contractor in the Chicago area.

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    Is Sherwin Williams Paint A Good Choice For New Drywalls

    Yes. Sherwin Williams exterior paints are mostly paint and primer combos. This means that you could directly apply them in a new drywall without primers. Aside from this, they are also washable and can survive well in humid or frosty regions. These features lessen the paint costs for your new drywall. The best Sherwin Williams paint for new drywall would be the Emerald exterior semi-gloss.

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    F150 Dash Lights Meaning

    Benjamin Moore ben is the only budget line of the brand. SherwinWilliams offers three less expensive lines: Captivate, A-100 Exterior, and Eminence. Sales are another factor to. Asking $150 Reg sale price is ~$47/gal. ~5 gallons Behr Premium Plus Interior ceiling flat ultra pure white paint. Asking $75. Reg sale price is ~$115/5gal. ~4 gallons SherwinWilliams Super Paint, Interior, Agreeable Gray paint in a satin finish. There feels to be about one gallon remaining in one 5gal bucket and about 3 gallons. Sherwin Williams Mirror Gloss Black Powder Coating Paint 1 LB $14.99 Pay in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50 with Learn more Packaging Options Quantity Add to Cart Add to Wishlist Brand New, Virgin Gloss Mirror Black #2 Powder Coating Paint. This is the only Gloss Black you’ll ever need.

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    How Do You Choose The Right Benjamin Moore And Sherwin

    Fortunately, each brand has services that will guide you through their colors. For example, Sherwin-Williams has an online assistant called ColorSnap that can help you visualize how colors will look in your spaces. Similarly, Benjamin Moore offers its Personal Color Viewer. But if you need more guidance, check out our extensive article about how to choose the best paint for your interior and exterior.

    Final Thoughts On The Cost Of Sherwin Williams Paints

    Latitude Exterior Acrylic – Sherwin-Williams

    Sherwin Williams is one of the best paint brands out there, and while they’re definitely more expensive than brands like Valspar or Glidden, it’s for a good reason.

    Their paints offer much better coverage, and they have so many more features packed into every paint can because they’re all mildew resistant, low-VOC or zero-VOC, and self-priming.

    If you love to take on DIY home improvement projects rather than hiring a painting contractor, I recommend spending some of the money that you’ll save on high-quality paint from Sherwin Williams.

    As always, happy painting!

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    Todd Tribbles Professional Opinion

    Ive used both brands and they both work equally well. Its more about the quality of the paint than it is about the brand. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are the best out there and Id use either. Designers may have a preference though.

    • Benjamin Moores Aura and Regal Select lines both have great coverage and I love the fact that they both touch up very easily.
    • Sherwin Williams Emerald Designer Edition and Emerald paints cover great as well and they both flow easily off your brush and roller.

    Both products are consistently good and come with great customer service. Knowing the person selling me the paint will come out to the job site and help solve any problem that might arise is priceless.

    Our clients ask for both and come to us with colors from both companies so we are able to use a wide variety of paints. Whether you decide on Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams if you stick with the premium product for your next project you will be well served.

    How Much Is Sherwin Williams Paint Vs Benjamin Moore Paint

    So how do Sherwin Williams’ paint prices add up to other direct competitors like Benjamin Moore?

    Keep in mind, these are the 2 top paint brands out there and their prices reflect that. They’re definitely more expensive than brands like Valspar, Behr, and Glidden.

    That said, let’s do a direct comparison between these two paint brands below!

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    What Is Benjamin Moore Paint Known For

    To date, Benjamin Moore boasts more than 3,500 paint color options. This comes as a shock to most property owners who would have difficulty naming only a fraction of them. The good news is that when our customers have an extremely particular opinion on colors, Benjamin Moore can step up and satisfy them.

    One of the big perks with choosing Benjamin Moore is that unlike inferior products, their paints really last. Rather than fading out quickly, losing their luster and requiring a fresh coat, Benjamin Moore looks great on surfaces for years and years. When our customers cant risk having their new paint go drab and dingy, choosing Benjamin Moore will ensure their interiors look fantastic and easy to maintain.

    There is also a bit of panache that goes with choosing Benjamin Moore. Not only do our clients have peace of mind when they make this choice, they also get the opportunity to impress anyone who asks which brand they chose. Finally, Benjamin Moore paint is easy to apply, which can save on labor costs. It is also spatter resistant, which means cleanup is easier.

    Sherwin Williams Super Paint Vs Duration

    Price Of Paint Per Gallon Sherwin Williams

    Super Paint and Duration are two of the most popular paints from Sherwin Williams, with the Duration series being the more expensive one out of the two. The exterior paint is thicker and can be used on multiple surfaces. The price starts at a whopping $89 per gallon for the exterior paint, as of this review. Wait for a paint sale to get a better price. I can tell you from experience that the paint has held up fine on the outside of my house. You get what you pay for.

    Exterior Super Paint is a good alternative if you don’t want to fork over the extra money for Duration. I do feel that both paints are overpriced without a discount. The paint isn’t as thick as Duration, but this can be a positive too because it allows surfaces prone to moisture to breathe better instead of the moisture getting trapped underneath.

    I don’t recommend using interior Super Paint to paint the walls in your home. As I explained earlier, I experienced problems with surfactant leaching and colorants separating from the paint during application. The paint coverage is really good, but I wouldn’t personally use this product again on my painting projects when there are far better paints to use.

    I use interior Duration most of the time for walls, or I’ll use Regal Select. Both paints are washable, low VOC, and cover in a couple coats. I can also use either one in bathrooms and not have to worry about surfactant leaching issues.

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    What Affects The Cost Of Sherwin Williams Paint

    While Sherwin Williams is known to be one of the most premium paint brands out there , they still do have some affordable paint options that you can choose from if you’re set on shopping at Sherwin Williams.

    Choosing a high-quality paint is a great option when you’re looking to create a stellar paint job.

    Sherwin Williams is one of the best paints out there and it’s very comparable to Benjamin Moore or Behr.

    These 3 brands are renowned as some of the best paint brands out there, but Sherwin Williams is probably the best one if you want a high-quality finish.

    With that said, let’s answer the question of “how much a gallon of Sherwin Williams paint costs” depending on the type of paint you’re looking for.

    While I can’t give you a “one size fits all” answer by breaking it down into categories and then estimating the overall cost to paint a room with Sherwin Williams paint.

    Which Paint Is Best

    The best paint between Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore is Benjamin Moore, by a slight margin. In terms of paint quality, durability, coverage, and ease of application, Benjamin Moores paint takes the cake. Indeed, their indoor paint product, Regal Select, is hands down the best interior paint on the market. Likewise, Benjamin Moores acrylic exterior paint products like Aura are pricey but may be worth the cost.

    Need a quick and easy price quote to paint your house? Get your free painting estimate from Improovys expert team in minutes today.

    Learn more about our top interior paint color picks of the year!

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    Best Benjamin Moore Paint Products

    Benjamin Moores top paint product is Regal Select. In fact, over 50% of professional painters chose Regal Select as their favorite interior wall paint. Its a higher-end 100% acrylic latex paint that simply checks all the boxes. Accordingly, you cant beat Regal when it comes to coverage, thickness, and ease of application. Its also known for its durability and cleanability.

    Like most wall paints it requires two coats but its color pigment retention excels over other comparable paints. Regal comes in at a higher price point at $50-$60 per gallon but in most cases, its worth every penny. However, Regal both performs better and is $10-$20 per gallon cheaper than Sherwins comparable Cashmere product line. Benjamin Moores Regal also is a better paint than Sherwins Superpaint but Regal is $10-$20 per gallon more expensive.

    Likewise, Regal Select is a low-voc house paint thats mildew resistant. This makes it safer to use indoors during and after the paint job is complete and reduces paint fumes.

    If you are looking for voc-free or no-voc interior wall paint, then consider Benjamin Moores Aura paint line. It is a step above Regal Select which makes Aura $15-$25 more expensive but its a thicker paint that covers colors better.


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