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Sherwin Williams Pure White Color Information

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These photos were taken at sunset so the siding has a bit of an orange hue next to the board and batten. It really is such a great white! Sherwin Williams Pure White has very little colourant in it. The color info is R – 237, G – 236 and B – 230. The hex value is #edece6 and the LRV is 84. Pure White can tend to pick up colors from its surroundings which is kind of cool! This way, it can kind of almost transform with your decor.

Benjamin Moore And Sherwin

Taking on a painting project comes with a variety of expenses, so it only makes sense that a budget-minded person would look for places to cut costs. Painting contractors will tell you that cutting costs on paint is a bad idea, because the savings only come up to bite you in the end, simply because bargain paint doesnt look good and it doesnt last.

Repainting is a costly endeavor, especially if it has to be done frequently. For example, think of the other costs involved with a painting project, from brushes to rollers, painters tape to drop cloths and other materials used to protect surfaces. And then there are the labor costs, which are usually the most significant. When you have to take on another painting project because the previous one looked horrible or the paint quickly faded, chalked, cracked or peeled, youre taking on all those expenses again.

Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore offer the top quality paints that you can rely on to prevent having to repaint your surfaces so soon.

Furthermore, it takes less work to apply these paints , they are easier to clean up because they spatter less and they look amazing on your surfaces. Finally, the biggest perk is that aesthetically pleasing look you get with these paints last a very long time.

How much does Benjamin Moore paint cost?

Interior & exterior paint prices$49-54/gallon

How much does Sherwin-Williams paint cost?

Interior & exterior paint prices$50-56/gallon

Higher-priced paints vs cheaper paints

Sherwin Williams Exterior House Paint

Sherwin Williams Exterior House Paint I may receive money or products from the company mentioned in this post. Please click on the Disclosure Policy to learn more

Choosing the best paint color for the exterior of your house can be difficult and stressful. Dont let that stop you. Follow along as I share the ten most popular Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors.

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Accessible Beige Sw 7036

Now, this was a big decision on which color to feature because I have two colors I like to use in the beige family on the exterior. Accessible Beige won because it was the easiest to find a picture to show you, but I love Kilim Beige very much, too.

Here are more popular Sherwin Williams beige paint colors if you are a lover of beige and want more ideas.

Can you see why this color is on the popular Sherwin Williams paint colors list?

Don’t forget my other favorite beige is Kilim Beige.

Naval By Sherwin Williams

Best Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors

Another top exterior blue paint color is Naval . A popular medium or dark blue house color, it sits on the warmer side of the exterior color wheel. When compared to Benjamin Moores Hale Navy, Naval is more of a classic Navy with fewer grey undertones.

Naval was Sherwin-Williams color of the year in 2020 and for good reason. It can be used as a deep blue front door shade or as a lovely siding color for exteriors with plenty of light. As a versatile neutral color choice, Naval can even be paired with a rosy pink front door for a pop of color. As you can see in the image above, Naval works nicely with a dark gray front porch floor accent color like Grey Shingle from Sherwin.

Check out Sherwins 2021 color of the year, Urbane Bronze.

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Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint

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  • The Bottom Line On The Best Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors For 2023

    Earth tones, near-black hues, and greiges are among some of the shades we plan to see lots more of in 2023. We hope this roundup has provided you with plenty of inspiration for your exterior home project.

    If your home is due for a fresh coat of paint or other exterior updates, enlist our team of expert virtual designers to help. Get started today.

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    Choose The Best Quality Paints For Commercial Painting Projects

    Most commercial property owners are focused on the finest details as well as their budgets. While the up front costs of choosing premium paint is more than whats available at the big box stores, the quality finishes and durability turn out to be more cost-effective in the end. Thats why so many commercial properties are painted with Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams products.

    Each brand produces paints that are a perfect fit for commercial properties. They include high-performance coating solutions that hold up well in high-traffic spaces, but also look professional. From eco-friendly options to finishes with luxurious luster, there are a variety of choices offered by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams.

    Premium Interior Paints Vs Other Paints

    Best Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors

    The look of interior surfaces can be greatly transformed by using the right paint. Choosing a quality paint, such as those made by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams, and having the right painting contractor apply them guarantees that interiors will look amazing. The following are some of the benefits youll experience with a premium interior paint:

    • Zero VOCs

      Premium paint brands are committed to safer, cleaner workspaces, which is why they offer no- to low-VOC options. Lesser quality paints still use ingredients that contribute odor and potentially harmful VOCs.

    • Better coverage

      Premium paints are far easier to apply to surfaces than low-quality paint, which can save on labor costs. Furthermore, premium paints cover larger areas, which means less must be purchased compared to bargain brands.

    • Less dirt buildup

      Premium paint includes additives that help deflect the buildup of dirt, mold and mildew. This keeps surfaces looking better for longer periods of time.

    • Hold up to scrubbing

      Premium paint is essential in high-traffic areas where stains and scuffs on surfaces are common. Its essential because these surfaces have to be washed/scrubbed frequently and lower-quality paint will rub off under this kind of pressure.

    • Less spatter

      Controlling spatter is difficult, which is why using paint that resists spatter is important. With less spatter comes more refined finishes, which is something premium paint offers.

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    What Is The Most Popular Color For A House Exterior

    The most popular color for a house exterior is Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams. The creamy off-white exterior color looks great on every type of siding including wood, vinyl, brick, fiber cement, and stucco. Alabaster also works as a siding or trim color so it’s quite a versatile exterior paint color as well.

    Chicago Location

    Tips For Choosing An Exterior Paint Color

    There are a few important factors to consider when youre choosing your homes exterior paint colors. First and foremost, some of your homes colors are there before you begin. The colors of your roof, and any stone, brick, or wood that is to remain unpainted all count. After all, you dont want your house to clash with itself!

    Next, its important to know that all that sunlight bathing your house is going to make any color look both lighter and cooler than it already is. Paint colors that are perfect for your living room can vanish into thin air on an exterior. Pick a color that can stand up to all that sun!

    Before making any final commitment to a color scheme, be sure to sample. A one inch paint chip wont get the job done! Paint a large enough area that you can stand back and get a good impression of the color under changing lighting conditions throughout the day.

    Dont forget to sample the color next to any permanent elements like that brick, stone, and wood we were talking aboutits the only way to be sure those colors all play nicely together.

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    Premium Exterior Paints Vs Other Paints

    Its a given that the look of exteriors should be enhanced by a new paint job. However, bargain brands often miss this important factor and they definitely fall short on durability, which means whatever aesthetic appeal they have initially will quickly diminish.

    The following is what you can expect with a high-quality exterior paint from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams.

    Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore have designed their exterior paint formulas with ingredients that not only look spectacular, they also last a long time. The alternative brands that you find at your local hardware store skimp on the ingredients, which is why going with the premium brands makes more sense.

    Wide Selection Of Paint Products

    Studio McGee

    Paint differs in more than just color some are made for exterior uses and others for interior surfaces. They also differ in luster and texture. Some are more expensive than others, which can also influence choice. There are actually several factors that make one paint wildly different from another.

    What paint products does Benjamin Moore make?

    Painting projects can differ quite a bit, which means the paint used should also differ. For example, some interiors require a paint with few to no chemicals being released into the air , such as the healthcare environment. Benjamin Moore makes paint for just about every type of environment. Versatility is one of the reasons its a go-to option for so many painting contractors.

    Benjamin Moore offers a wide range of job-specific, high-performance products for every type of commercial and retail space including:

    • A fast drying paint, Benjamin Moore makes painting projects that require a quick turnaround completely possible
    • As a scuff-resistant paint, its less prone to being damaged in high-traffic areas
    • Need a chalkboard or dry erase paint? Benjamin Moore has you covered
    • As a premium paint brand, the company adheres to strict brand standards
    • If youve got a floor that needs to be painted, Benjamin Moore has developed a highly durable option for you
    • Benjamin Moore paint is fade resistant, ensuring that you wont have to take on another painting project for years to come
    Explore Benjamin Moore interior paints
    Eco Spec paint
    ben® paint

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    Follow Along As I Share With You My Top Go

    Once I received a phone call from a client who was in tears because she was painting the exterior of her house and after many tries couldn’t find a color she liked.

    My heart went out to her because she had lost all the excitement in decorating because of the paint, which is why I am sharing my top 10 go-to popular Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors.

    Update: I have added a printable list at the bottom of this post for easy access to the colors when you go pick up samples at the paint store.

    This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you purchase at no cost to you using the links below. All opinions are all my own.

    Black Exteriors With A Contrasting Door

    Suggested Exterior Paint Colors:Off Black No. 57 + Blue Ground No. 210, Farrow & Ball

    “Darker shades are playing their part in this quiet revolution,” O’Donnell says of the monochromatic paint color trendbut don’t forget about the front door! Using black siding with a lighter entrance can help draw attention to the architecture of your home in a fresh, unexpected way. Try replicating the look of this home, which pairs siding and trim painted in Farrow & Ball’s Off Black with a cheery Blue Ground door.

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    Professional Painting Contractors Opt For Premium Paints

    Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore are the go-to brands that Painters Inc. has relied on for many years. These companies have an unmatched commitment to quality and continue to evolve with new and sturdier paints that bring an aesthetic appeal that other paint manufacturers cant match.

    At Painters Inc., were dedicated to quality and pleasing our customers, and we know the best way to do that is to use premium paints from Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. We consistently hear from our customers upon completing a painting project that the outcomes exceed their expectations, and by using these premium paints we are able to maintain our reputation as the preferred painting contractor in the Chicago area.

    Wrapping Up Our Favorite Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors 2022


    Thinking about changing the color of your homes exterior? We hope these on-trend options provide a good starting point. You might be considering the fresh, airy look of white. Perhaps youre itching for something bolder or more daring, like a deep green or black. Whatever style youre after, these top Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors for 2022 have every base covered.

    Feeling inspired to elevate your homes curb appeal? Our designers are ready to help. We will provide a virtual rendering bringing your design goals to life. Get started today!

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    Sherwin Williams Light French Gray Sw 0055


    Lazy Gray, in my opinion, is not lazy at all. The gorgeous gray is working its hardest at being the perfect blue-gray color. Lazy Gray has an LRV 53, just like Light French Gray. The gray in this color helps balance the blue undertones so they dont appear too blue.

    Lazy Gray is the perfect blue- gray exterior paint color.

    Dont forget to pick up these amazing painting tools! They will only make your life easier!

    Sherwin Williams Paint Is Definitely Worth The Price Try It

    We replaced some exterior wood and once it aged, I wanted to paint it with a quality paint that would last. Some online sites recommended Sherwin Williams, so I gave it a try. I was very pleased with the way it spread on. The wood I painted was on the north side of the house, and I’ve been so pleased with how it still looks as good as the week I painted.QualityI’ve done quite a bit of painting in the last few years, and I like Sherwin Williams the best. I think it is definitely worth the price.DurabilitySo far, everything I painted looks just as good as when I spread it on.CoverageI used a brush, and was very pleased with how easily it covered the wood. I was painting pine, and I did put on two coats, mostly because it was outside. I thought that a gallon of Sherwin Williams paint covered quite a bit of wood.Ease of AppliationAgain, I used a brush and enjoyed the painting job. Sherwin Williams paint goes on easily. I was very happy with how the paint spread. I used white, which is sometimes tricky to get to look good.


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    The 21 Best Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors For 2022

    Do you enjoy seeing the popular colors Sherwin Williams puts out every year? I know I do!

    Sherwin Williams is well known nationwide to be one of Americas most popular paint brands. Its easy to see why with their array of tasteful color choices, customizations, and over four thousand store locations across the U.S., Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

    Keep reading as I share my hand-picked, best Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors list recorded this year. This list will inspire you to paint your homes exterior soon, guaranteed!

    Which Is The Better Paint Benjamin Moore Or Sherwin

    Our Exterior Paint

    So, is Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams leading the charge for a more eco-friendly solution in painting projects? Both should be awarded the gold medal, because not only do they each offer zero-VOC paint options, they are all highly durable and look fantastic. To stay on top, both companies make significant research investments that work toward creating a higher-quality and safer-to-use paint.

    Does this commitment to quality and safety come at a cost? The short answer is yes, but definitely not in regard to health, safety, quality or durability. And as we have already mentioned, the durability factor ends up saving money in the long run.

    As a professional painting contractor with years of experience using both paints, were not picking a favorite. However, there are situations where clients do have a personal preference and were happy to oblige them. Were fully confident that these two brands, which have practically identical satisfaction scores, have the qualities it takes for us to advocate the use of either.

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    Consider Your Neighborhood’s Style

    Pick colors that complement neighboring facades, but don’t replicate them. “When selecting colors for your exterior, I always recommend starting by looking at which colors your neighbors have chosen and avoid using those same shades,” Wadden says. “Instead, choose a color that complements itthis curb appeal trick benefits you and your neighbor!”

    Stray Away From The Trends

    Trends have several pros and cons and come and go so quickly. Ive searched social media platforms many times and compared different style options pretty religiously. It can get overwhelming fast. There are just too many choices out there! Unless youre a professional interior designer, its hard to get color combinations perfectly right.

    Painting your exterior isnt a home project youll often redo. Once you commit to a project this large, the last thing youll want to do is not be fond of your color choices. But never fear, here at Minneapolis Painting Company, were here to help with all your painting needs and have a great list of suggestions below!

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