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How to Match Sherwin-Williams Paint Color to Your Metal Roof

One thing I want to make sure I mention is that in order to get the best results on repainting your aluminum siding, it’s imperative that you use 100% acrylic latex paint and acrylic latex primer.

This is going to offer the best adhesion on the surface area of the aluminum.

Choosing the right type of paint for your given painting project is an essential part of getting great results, and when you’re dealing with something as important as your home’s siding, you don’t want to skimp out.

The thing about paint is the higher quality paint you choose, generally, you’re going to get higher quality results.

But, I understand that paint can cost an arm and a leg for something as big as a 2,500 sq ft home.

If you want to get a better idea of which high-quality exterior paint to choose for painting vinyl siding, I’d recommend checking out our price guide article on Benjamin Moore paint.

You could also purchase Sherwin Williams or Behr paint as well as these are the top quality brands on the market, but in my opinion, Benjamin Moore makes the best exterior paints for the price.

That said, my estimates for this article account for about 8-9 gallons of paint for a 2,500 sq ft home because – in general – a can of paint can cover about 300 sq ft of surface area.

It’s also important to note that with aluminum siding, it is much more important to use a proper primer before you paint and to apply 2 coats of paint to get the best results.

High-End Paint Cost for 2,500 sq ft. house: $875

Questionq: Which Produces The Better Longer Lasting Paint Job On Aluminum Siding Spraying Or Brushing

A:Answer The key thing to consider when repainting aluminum siding is not the method of application, but the surface prep. Aluminum siding is normally painted only after it has faded and chalked. If the chalkiness is not removed, the paint will not adhere properly. Spraying will be much quicker than brushing, and as long as the proper tip size and pressure are used, it will produce excellent results. Duration, Resilience, or SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic, applied to a properly prepared surface will produce a quality long lasting finish.

Questionq: What Is The Best Kind Of Paint To Use On Factory

A:Answer Hardboard siding is manufactured by pressing a mixture of wood chips, binder and wax into shape and embossing with a wood grain pattern. Most of this siding is then factory-primed before shipment. To provide proper adhesion and to prevent wax staining, we recommend applying a quality alkyd-based primer before topcoating, whether the siding is preprimed or not. Once the alkyd primer has been applied, you can use either an acrylic latex or alkyd topcoat, depending on the customer’s personal preference.

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How To Paint Aluminum Siding

Deane Biermeier is an expert contractor with nearly 30 years of experience in all types of home repair, maintenance, and remodeling. He is a certified lead carpenter and also holds a certification from the EPA. Deane is a member of The Spruce’s Home Improvement Review Board.

  • Working Time: 5 days – 1 wk
  • Total Time: 2 – 4 wks
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Estimated Cost: $2,000 to $5,000

Installed far and wide from the 1940s to the early 1980s, aluminum siding is still found on many homes. That aluminum siding is still performing after decades is a testament to its durability, low maintenance, and resistance to fire, insects, and rot. But eventually, aluminum siding can become worn, faded, or dated, so it’s time to paint it.

With the right prep workincluding patchwork, cleaning, and primereven the oldest and most faded aluminum siding can be revitalized with a fresh, beautiful coat of paint.

Questionq: What’s The Best Way To Paint Exterior Brick What Techniques Will Give It A Unique Finish Or Texture

Sherwin Williams Let it Rain siding

A:Answer First, let new brick weather a year before painting. This allows any ores in the brick a chance to leach out. It’s a good idea to pressure wash the brick before painting to get rid of any powdery mortar or deposits on the brick. Allow the brick to dry several days before painting. If the brick has a glaze on it, and it doesn’t absorb water, you’ll need to abrade the brick in some way to open it up so the primer will absorb into it. Make sure the brick is clean before priming. We suggest priming with Loxon Exterior Masonry Primer or Loxon Masonry Conditioner. After priming, topcoat with two coats of a 100% acrylic paint, such as Super Paint. You can add some texture by using an exterior sand finish texture paint or an exterior stucco finish paint as your finish coat.

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Questionq: In Cold Weather Why Will Dark Colors Turn White Or Frosted Looking

A:Answer When latex paint is applied in temperatures below the manufacturer’s recommendation or when the paint is exposed to low temperatures and/or high humidity too soon in its curing process, it doesn’t form a proper film. To get rid of the “frosting,” rinse the surface thoroughly with warm water. A garden hose works best because you need a lot of water, not a lot of pressure.

Top Colours For Exterior Aluminum Siding Paint

There are so many reasons why having aluminum siding is a huge plus for the exterior of your home. Not only is it waterproof and corrosion proof, but you can also paint aluminum siding any colour you want! Vinyl siding is a little different as you can definitely paint it all colours, but it sometimes warps with very dark colours . But with aluminum, the colour choices are endless because the aluminum siding paint will really hold up over time.

In the past, people used their aluminum siding paint more to blend in with the house and its exterior features. They would often simply match up the colours with what would go best with the brick, windows, trims and doors. But now in 2020, aluminum siding paint is used more as a feature to help your home stand out. The colours are more pronounced and powerful and people arent afraid to be bold! Which is actually really exciting.

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How Much Does It Cost To Paint Aluminum Siding

Are you wondering how much it costs to paint your aluminum siding?

Youve come to the right place!

In this guide, youll learn:

  • The typical cost of DIY painting aluminum siding
  • How to save money when painting aluminum siding
  • How much it usually costs to hire a professional vs. do it yourself for aluminum siding
  • The estimated cost of labor and supplies to paint your aluminum siding

And much more!

Psst! Are you wondering how much it will cost to paint your home’s entire exterior instead?

Questionq: Mixing Instructions For Two

Rejuvenate Exterior Acrylic Coating – Sherwin-Williams

A:Answer In some high-solids materials, the liquid will become solid at the end of the potlife. In most cases, though, the potlife refers to the amount of time you have to apply the coating before it gets to a critical point in the chemical reaction between the two parts. After the potlife period expires, the material will become difficult to apply and the adhesion, cure, and performance of the coating will be adversely affected. When working with these types of products, it’s best to mix only what you can use within the potlife listed by the manufacturer.

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Questionq: How Can I Upgrade A Coating System From An Alkyd To A Urethane Or Epoxy Without Completely Removing The Old Finish

A:Answer In many cases, the application of a high-solids universal primer or barrier coat will allow the application of a strong solvent-based epoxy or urethane over a previous coating. Using a barrier coat reduces the likelihood of the solvents in the topcoat lifting previous finishes and eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming removal of all existing paint.

Average Cost To Paint Aluminum Siding By Number Of Stories

Many factors influence the total cost to paint your aluminum siding. The number of square feet is the biggest, but others may impact costs.

One is access. The more difficult it is to reach the area, the higher the cost of painting that section. There is often little difference in the cost to paint aluminum between one and two sidings, but having a cupula, eaves, dormers, and other features near the roofline can raise the projects cost.

Color changes also increase the cost. While some homes may be painted a uniform color, it is very common to change the color as you change stories. For example, you may have a darker siding on the lower half and a lighter color above.

If this is the case, then the cost to paint your home is higher than using a single color. The more that the painter needs to stop and adjust, the longer it takes to paint that section, and the higher the cost.

So while painting a one or two-story home with no unique features and a solid color both cost $2 a square foot, painting a two-story home with decorative features and two or more colors can cost $4 a square foot, even if the size of the home is the same.

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Questionq: What Is The Best Method Of Touch

A:Answer To achieve acceptable touch-up results, it’s important to apply touch-up by the same method as the original application, if possible, to avoid having any difference in sheen or texture. Be sure to use paint from the original batch, reduced 25 to 50 percent, and only apply a thin coat. It’s also best to apply the touch-up paint under similar temperature and humidity conditions as the original.

Create Your Solution And Clean The Siding

16+ Sherwin Williams Aluminum Siding Paint Colors

Wear gloves, then mix in a bucket a cleaning solution of one cup chlorine bleach, one cup TSP and one gallon of water.

There are three ways to clean the siding: scrubbing with a sponge, using a pressure washer, or a random-orbit sander.

Scrub with a Sponge

  • Soak abrasive sponge in cleaning solution and scrub siding clean.
  • When youre done, rinse siding with garden hose.

Use a Pressure Washer

For large areas, use a pressure washer to spray cleaning solution onto siding.

  • Connect garden hose to pressure washer and attach a fan-spray tip to the washer’s wand. Fill the washer’s reservoir with bleach/TSP/water cleaning solution.
  • Aim the spray tip at an angle to the surface, pointing downward to avoid shooting water under the siding.
  • When youre done, rinse the siding with clean water.

Use a Random-Orbit Sander

To remove paint from siding, use a random-orbit sander with a 100-grit abrasive disk.

  • Attach the sander to a wet/dry vacuum thats equipped with a HEPA filter.
  • Use it on the siding and you may find that using this sands down to the bare metalwhich would be the ultimate prep job. However, you may find this too time consuming so cleaning with a pressure washer will likely work well enough to get ready to paint.

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Painting Aluminum Siding Vs Replacing It With Vinyl Siding

If you have existing aluminum siding and it is time to repaint, consider replacing it. Vinyl siding is considered a lower-maintenance material than aluminum because it does not require painting.

However, vinyl can be considered higher maintenance than aluminum in some ways. Vinyl siding can melt and warp in hot climates and become brittle and crack in cold climates. Aluminum siding holds up in all climates, so the only area where vinyl is lower maintenance than aluminum is a moderate climate.

The cost of new vinyl siding is around $9,000 on average, so repainting is a lower cost in the short term. Aluminum must be repainted regularly, while vinyl siding usually lasts up to 20 years. Over this time, the costs of repainting aluminum can make it more expensive.

However, aluminum is a more durable material than vinyl. It is also more environmentally friendly, even with frequent painting.

What Makes Benjamin Moore And Sherwin

The word premium isnt tossed around lightly when it comes to how Painters Inc. describes the top paint brands. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams have earned their place at the top of the market, beating every other brand. Why are they better than other brands? The answer is that they offer higher quality finishes, last longer, are easier to apply and are more washable than other brands.

At Painters Inc., we use the best tools and the best paint because were committed to quality finishes and pleasing our customers. Thats why we use Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams paint. We know our customers dont want to take on another painting project any time soon, so when we complete the job, they know we wont be back until they require a new color or many years down the road when the elements have finally taken their toll and it is finally time for repainting.

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Which Is The Better Paint Benjamin Moore Or Sherwin

So, is Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams leading the charge for a more eco-friendly solution in painting projects? Both should be awarded the gold medal, because not only do they each offer zero-VOC paint options, they are all highly durable and look fantastic. To stay on top, both companies make significant research investments that work toward creating a higher-quality and safer-to-use paint.

Does this commitment to quality and safety come at a cost? The short answer is yes, but definitely not in regard to health, safety, quality or durability. And as we have already mentioned, the durability factor ends up saving money in the long run.

As a professional painting contractor with years of experience using both paints, were not picking a favorite. However, there are situations where clients do have a personal preference and were happy to oblige them. Were fully confident that these two brands, which have practically identical satisfaction scores, have the qualities it takes for us to advocate the use of either.

Painting Aluminum Siding Vs Replacing

How to Prepare Aluminum Siding for Paint | This Old House

If you have aluminum siding on your home, you are likely aware that it needs repainting roughly every 4 to 6 years. This adds up and can get expensive. The only reason to replace the siding with new aluminum is if it has significant denting or corrosion. Even the new siding requires painting again within a short time.

If you are looking to invest in a lower-maintenance siding, consider replacing your aluminum with steel. Steel siding does not become chalky over time, and some finishes are considered lifetime, meaning that they never need to be repainted unless you want to change the color of the siding.

Otherwise, replacing your existing aluminum siding does not lower its long-term maintenance costs and only delays your need to repaint by another 4 to 6 years.

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Questionq: Is It Advisable To Apply An Exterior Alkyd Over An Existing Latex

A:Answer No, it isn’t. The alkyd layer will get hard and brittle as it ages, but the latex underneath will remain flexible. As time passes, the latex layer will flex and move with the expansion and contraction of the substrate more than the alkyd topcoat will. This will compromise the adhesion of the alkyd to the underlying latex and cause the alkyd topcoat to peel.

Questionq: Will Acrylic Latex House Paint Stand Up To A Harsh Seashore Environment Where There Is High Humidity Wind

A:Answer Acrylic latex paints have demonstrated outstanding durability in the most rugged environments including direct sunshine, moisture from rain and snow, and at the seashore. Due to the superior adhesion of acrylic latex paints, they don’t tend to blister, crack or flake when exposed to rain or high humidity. Remember that the most important part of repainting is surface preparation. While priming is usually not necessary for some repaint surfaces when using an acrylic latex paint, it’s a good idea to prime any bare wood. For the best performance in the seashore environment you describe, it’s advisable to carefully wash away any salt deposits found on the surface to be painted along with any “chalk.”

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Questionq: Do Acrylic Latex Primers And Topcoats Breathe To Allow Moisture Vapor To Pass Through Does This Breathability Diminish When A Second Topcoating And Subsequent Repainting Is Done

A:Answer Studies have shown 50 gallons of water is vaporized into the air of an average home each day from cooking, bathing, laundry and people. Much of this moisture passes through the walls. If the exterior coating traps moisture, blistering and peeling will occur. Moisture vapor is more likely to pass through acrylic latex paint films than through solvent alkyd types. It’s true that application of additional coatings will reduce moisture vapor transmission, simply on the basis of increased film thickness. However, even with several coats applied, the latex film will be adequately permeable to water vapor and better than alkyd paint films of comparable thickness.

Questionq: How Late Into Fall Can I Paint House Exteriors With Latex Paint And Give Customers Long

2021 Cost to Paint Aluminum Siding (per Sq. Ft, by Brand...)

A:Answer Fall can be a tricky time to paint outside. A common mistake is to paint when daytime temperatures rise above 50° F and nighttime temperatures drop below 35° F. Even though the temperature may be acceptable at the time of application, the paint can stop coalescing, or melting together, when the temperature drops. Additionally, dew will form on almost everything as soon as the sun sets, and seep into the uncured paint. When the moisture evaporates, certain ingredients rise to the surface causing surface staining and possible adhesion problems. My best advice is to use a paint made for painting at 35° F and above, like Duration, Resilience, Super Paint or A-100 Exterior products.

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