Rust Oleum Inverted Striping Paint

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Rust-Oleum® Professional 2X Distance Inverted Marking Paint Spray

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About 2300 System Inverted Striping Paint

Easily designate paths and boundaries with Rust-Oleum High Performance 2300 System Inverted Striping Paint Spray. This solvent-based paint creates crisp, long-lasting lines that withstand weather and wear.

  • Creates bright, sharp, well-defined lines
  • Coats 400 or 800 linear feet
  • For indoor/outdoor use on concrete, gravel, etc.great for parking lots and warehouse aisles
  • Dries in less than 10 minutes guaranteed not to clog highest solids for complete coverage

When you have a striping project on the line, turn to Rust-Oleum. Our collection of inverted striping paints are easy to apply, fast drying, highly visible, and durable, making them ideal for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor line striping projects. No matter what your project is, or what kind of surface you are working on, Rust-Oleum has the striping paint solution for you.

For Best Results

  • Apply using the Striping Machine or Striping Wand


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