Rust Oleum Floor Tile Paint

Where Wouldnt You Use This Application

How to Paint Tile Floors With Rust-Oleum HOME Floor Coating

I cant see painting the interior floors of an entire house with rustoleum floor paint. Especially if you have pets that may scratch the floor easily.

This is also not intended for walls, like shower tile. You should use the epoxy based Tub and Tile paint for that.

I would also avoid using this to paint counter top tile.

Rustoleum Home Floor Coating

Rustoleum floor tile paint, or Rustoleum Home Floor Coating, is a newer product that promises to transform interior tile, vinyl, wood, and more.

It is a floor coating that can go over top of a number of existing finishes to make them look new again.

This two product system consists of a paint product and a sealant . You can buy them separately, or just pick up a kit that has both products in it.

Since I had a tile bathroom that hadnt had new flooring since the 70s, and Im always game to try a new DIY, I decided to give it a try.

Does Painting Floor Tiles Last One Year Review

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A Rustoleum floor tile paint review after one year!

One year ago I shared how to paint tile floor when we painted our pink tile floor on our covered back porch which we use as our workshop.

Ever since sharing that post, I have received countless questions about the durability of the painted tile and how it is holding up!

Does painting floor tiles last? Well it has been one year and Im rieady to share a totally honest review!

Here is a look back at the before and after of our painted tile floor:

Note, I have also painted bathroom floor tiles too. You can see how to paint tile floor in a bathroom and the 6 month update on those painted bathroom floor tiles in that post!

Before I get into the full one year review, there are some important factors to cover first.

Note, this post contains some affiliate links. For more info see my disclosures here.

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Step : Painting The Pattern

Because the second coat completely covered all the paint, I made sure to make a little mark in the wet paint on the tape lines so I knew where to peel off.

After this second coat of tile paint dried, I peeled off the blue painters paint. This is always scary you dont know if it will peel all the paint off with it, or whether youll have tons of paint under the tape.

Here is how it looked:

Not too bad!

The tile paint stuck right to my glazed ceramic tiles without sanding or priming first! And, it didnt peel up on the side where I took the tape off! I was definitely impressed now.

So I began to retape the lines on the other sides. This would ensure that the black paint I applied went on the unpainted tiles.

But before I was ready for black paint, I had to seal the tape. This is a little painters trick to help make sure you get crisp lines when painting two colors right next to each other.

To seal the tape, I painted a coat of the white paint everywhere where the blue tape met the unpainted tile.

Then, I finally painted with the black paint.

Again, this stuff was super pigmented and only required one coat to get a really dark finished look.

I waited the 6 hours for this coat to dry, and then pulled the tape off.

And found a DIYers catastrophe:

Thankfully , this is about my millionth DIYers catastrophe, so I got right to work fixing it and completely skipped over the despairing step.

To fix it, I found a tiny craft paint brush and painted over all the stray marks.

Remember Painting Is Not A Long


In some cases, painting may not be the best long-term solution for your problems. Consider tile paint as a quick and easy treatment that may wear down in the long run. After a few months or years, the paint will most likely start chipping and flaking.

Painting your tiles is an excellent way to freshen up their appearance but it’s a short-term solution. Tile replacement is recommended if you want a long-term solution. Undoubtedly, painting your old tiles is a cost-effective way to improve their visual appeal. This task can be relatively easy to do as well, especially if you’ve chosen to go with only one paint color. It only takes a few hours to do, too.

Many homeowners swear by Rust-Oleum paint products for various home improvement projects. It offers excellent coverage, and the sealer also gives a stunning glass finish.

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What Would I Do Differently When Painting Tile Floor Again

If I were to paint my tile floor again with the Rustoleum, I would definitely use a second coat of the top coat as I said previously. Maybe even a third coat too!

Also, I would make sure to stay off of the painted floor for a full 7 days after applying the top coat. We didnt use the room much during those first 7 days however, the flooring was more prone to chipping and even light foot traffic caused a few chips.

I hope this one year Rustoleum floor tile paint review has been helpful and answers your question does painting floor tiles last?

If you havent checked out the tutorial yet make sure to head over tohow to paint tile floor, as well ashow to paint tile floor in a bathroom.

Follow along on and for all the DIY projects Im working on!

Would You Do This Project Again

On this side of things, yes, I definitely would!

I love the matte finish of the floor. And being able to touch up the floor was an easy process.

Plus, there are so many different colors available! It would be fun to use this system again using a second color with a stencil in addition to the first base coat color.

I would also consider applying this paint to a concrete patio or laundry room floor. But I would definitely add multiple coats of the top coat for additional durability.

The entire process is very easy, doesnt take too much time to complete, and is a perfect way to temporarily fix an outdated floor.

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Number Of Top Coats Used

We only used one coat of the Rustoleum top coat over the painted floor tile because we were short on time when doing the project.

Rustoleum only requires one coat of the top coat but does recommend using a second coat for extra durability. Looking back I wish we had made the time for the second coat of the top coat.

What Would You Have Done Differently

How to Paint your Tile Floor with Rust-Oleum HOME Paint

I still would have painted the tile. In fact, I may be painting the tile in our basement bathroom!

But there are a few things I would have made sure to do now that Im on this side of things.

Before the initial base coat application, its important to prep the ceramic tile.

I used Krud Kutter which I love as a cleaner! Its heavy duty for sure.

But, maybe I would have started with more of an abrasive cleaner or scuff the bathroom floor tiles first like I did with the wall tiles.

Then follow up with a cleaning using the Krud Kutter before I applied the first coat.

Another thing I would have done differently is to apply a second coat of the Rust-Oleum Home Top Coat.

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Do You Need Special Paint To Paint Your Tile Floors

I have seen people paint their tile floors with everything on the market. People claim success with chalk paint, wall paint, and even craft paint.

While I think that you can find some initial success with these different products, the best way to ensure your painted tile lasts as long as possible is to paint it with a product that is specially designed for painting tile.

Recently, I tried out Rustoleum Floor Coating. I wanted a product that was made for painting floors, because I really wanted to use the best tile paint for my project.

I didnt want to have to replace my floors any time soon, or to have to repaint them. I figure that a product made for floors and by a company as well-regarded as Rustoleum, was a good place to start.

Final Thoughts On Painting Tile

Painting tile is a cheap way to update a stained or outdated ceramic tile floor. It is easy to do (especially if youre only painting one color. Plus, it only takes a few hours of actual working time.

Based on my experience painting tile, I would definitely recommend Rustoleum Tile Paint for your project. The coverage was amazing and the sealer dries to a hard, glassy finish.

If youre looking for other inexpensive ways to update your floor tile, check out this post on painting grout. Instead of painting the whole tile, you can paint just the grout lines to give the floor a refreshed look.

If your floor just needs a complete overhaul, check out this post on peel and stick floor tiles. They are SUPER easy to put down, and make it look like a brand new floor .

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How I Painted My Ceramic Tile Floor

In my home, I had a bathroom tile floor that was in great condition, but dated. The tiles looked perfect, but were a dingy yellow color that I didnt love.

Oh, and my three year old had painted her nails in there and knocked over the bottle.

Additionally, I had painted the grout about a year and a half ago, but it needed touched up again.

A few months ago my husband had brought home Rustoleums tile painting kit, and it had been sitting there waiting for me to begin. With most of the kids gone for the afternoon, it seemed like a good time to try it out.

Do Painted Tile Floors Last


If you paint your tile floors, you can expect that this might not be a extremely long term solution. Painted tile floors can last for a couple of years, but like all painted surfaces, eventually they will need redone or replaced.

This is especially true if you are painting a floor, because floors are constantly scruffed, scraped and walked on.

All that abrasion on the floor can cause the paint to chip and scratch.

Additionally, you may find that painted tile floors can peel if they are in a damp environment, such as a bathroom.

But, painting your tile floors is an awesome shorter term solution. Additionally, because it is so inexpensive, it is a great option to try out while youre saving for a new floor.

Using the right product is critical in ensuring that your painted tile floors last as long as possible.

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Would I Paint Tile Floor Again

Yes I would paint tile floor again depending on a few factors. Overall, here is my recommendation for when to paint tile floor.

For a high traffic room, if you need a short term, cheap solution for ugly outdated flooring, painting tile floor is a great option! Its definitely not as durable as real floor tile or other flooring, so thats why I recommend it as a short term solution.

For a low traffic room, it can be a longer term solution for updating your flooring. But, keep in mind it will still be subject to chipping because its still paint!

Painting our tile floor only cost us about $100. If we had used real tile, it would have cost much more and would have been a very labor intensive project. If we hired the tile install out it would be significantly more expensive!

Cost savings and the simplicity of this project are definitely the biggest pros! Make sure to check out painting tile floorpros and cons in my original post for a few other considerations.

To Answer Your Questions

: I want to do this, but wondering how it holds up with your dog?

The bathroom floor has held up just fine with Kobe going in and out of there all the time but I will admit I was a bit nervous about the kitchen because he uses the kitchen door to go out/inside. The paint takes a week to cure, so I figure since it survived that first week, were in the clear! Theres not even one scratch!

Why did you switch from the small to large roller?

The base coat paint is very thick and easier to control with the smaller roller. Plus I wanted to be close to the floor to make sure I was getting the best coverage possible. I switched to using a 9 roller for the top coat because that paint is very thin. What ended up working best was to first roll the top coat and then go back with the brush to brush out any areas where the top coat had puddled in the grout!

What top coat are you using?

ALL paint I used was part of Rust-Oleums Home line. Its a 2 step product. First the base coat and then top coat. The top coat comes in either matte or gloss . I painted tile, but its also good for concrete, hardwood, laminate, vinyl & more. Definitely read details on this before buying though and know that its meant ONLY for interior floors.

What color are you using?

How long does it take?

When can you walk on it?

What dust-buster do you have? Do you like it?

And no one asked me this, but I want to share

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Do You Need To Prime Tile Before Painting It

It depends. If you used a regular paint product, you are definitely going to have to prime first. You want to make sure that the paint really adheres to the floor tile, and proper preparation is key.

But, if you use the product I did, it does not require priming. Just clean the floor really well and youre ready to paint!

How To Paint Tile Flooring With Rust

DIY Laundry Room Tile: Rust-oleum Floor Coating Paint (Learn from my mistakes!)

This blog post is sponsored by Rust-Oleum. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you missed episode 1 of this makeover series, dont forget to start at the beginning!I have to admit, this project was months and months in the making. We had originally planned to rip out the tile in the laundry room, but after my friends at Rust-Oleum told me about a new product that was coming, I quickly halted our plans. I waited for the new floor coating product from Rust-Oleum HOME to hit the shelves in Utah.

The best part about this product, is that it can be used on multiple types of flooring! So if you have vinyl in your bathroom that you want to change, this product is PERFECT for that. Or, if you want to paint a rug on your hardwood flooring , this product is PERFECT for that too!

We are using the product on our porcelain tile in our laundry room. The room was a perfect blank slate, and I cannot wait to show you the end result.

Supplies needed:

A Small amount of Krud Kutter to degrease the floors before painting them Cost: About $7.00

A small scrub brush, a lint free washcloth, a spray bottle of water, and a small scraper.

Two Quarts Rust-Oleum Home Floor Coating in Charcoal Gray for the base coat of the flooring. Cost: About $40.00

2 Quarts Rust-Oleum Home Floor Top Coating in Matte Clear Cost: About $40.00.

1 large roll of 2 wide Frog Tape Cost about $10

A high quality paint brush. My two favorite paint brushes are a Wooster shortcut and a Purdy angle brush. Cost about $5.00-$10.00

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Step : Sealing The Painted Tile

I vacuumed the floor really well again, and even wiped it with a damp rag. If you dont spend hours on the floor painting a pattern on it, you wont need to do this.

I applied the sealer using a clean foam roller. I rolled a thin layer one, working my way out of the room, and made sure to use my finger to get any debris out of the finish before I moved on from each section.

As the product guide directed, I let it dry for 24 hours before walking on it, though it seemed dry way before this.

To be fully cured, the product takes 7 days, so only light use is recommended for a full week.

Here is how the painted floor tiles turned out:

See that nice shine that the top coat provides?

Rustoleum makes two finishes for the top coat: matte and semi-gloss. I went with the semi-gloss to help hide any painting imperfections in my pattern.

I really love how it looks! The finish is hard and strong. I cant scratch it even when I try.

It really transformed the look of the bathroom .

Do You Have To Sand Tile Before You Paint It

You might! Some products, and some tiles, requires that you sand the glossy sheen off prior to painting.

The product I used had you do a test to determine whether you need to sand first. You painted a small, inconspicuous spot, let it dry, and then scratched an X in it. Then, it instructed you to take a piece of duct tape and stick it on. After pulling it off, if 10% or more of the paint was removed, the product guide recommended that you sand your floor first.

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