Red Brick House Painted White

White Brick Is A Low Maintenance Siding Material

Painting a Brick House White

Unlike other siding materials brick requires practically no maintenance other than cleaning. Because a bricks color is baked all the way through the entire brick, the color is permanent and doesnt fade like vinyl siding does. Of all the home siding options brick has the lowest maintenance to keep its beautiful look.

But theres more to maintenance than just keeping your siding looking pretty. Bricks wont rot and arent easily damaged from impacts or storms. You also wont have to worry about termites, carpenter ants or other pests gnawing at your siding. Just clean the bricks from time to time and make repairs if theyre ever needed.

And bricks dont need to be sealed like stone veneer does to keep its color bright.

However if you have painted brick then you do have to re-paint eventually.

Painted brick is different than other painted surfaces because of how the paint absorbs into the wall. It lasts a lot longer than painted wood or fiber cement siding.

White Brick Homes Have Better Resale Value

Even though brick is a more expensive material to side a home with than most other materials, they have better resale value and save homeowners money on maintenance costs. When customers ask us if a brick home is worth the money, the answer is generally yes. How much do you save by not having to paint the home every 3-5 years like you do with wood or fiber cement siding? How much will you save on repairs if you live in an area prone to bad storms? And how much will you save by never having to reside the house?

Brick is a rich look that typically brings up the curb appeal and value of the home, especially at the high end of real estate values. But brick should be used in the right neighborhood where the look and extra up front costs make sense. Its not a one size fits all solution but in most cases a brick exterior is worth the money.

Pair that with the additional advantages of white siding. White is a very popular choice that also rates at the top in terms of resale value. So with a white brick house you get the benefits of both.

Is White Brick More Expensive

Brick is one of the more expensive materials to side a home with. The good news is that additional cost generally translates into a more expensive home. On larger custom homes, brick will add value to the home and help maximize your resale value. A white brick house typically holds value much better than homes sided with other materials that require more maintenance. Buyers like the idea of having a siding that doesnt require regular maintenance and wont need to be replaced in the future. Not to mention white brick is a beautiful exterior finish.

However these types of questions are all about location and price point. In some markets and on some homes white brick wont return a premium. Brick siding in general is best when used on mid to high end homes if you want a good return on investment.

In terms of material costs, a white brick or white brick veneer is about the same as an equivalent red brick.

If you plan on painting your brick then of course you would have to add the additional cost of a paint job.

Painted white brick house with black framed windows and doors. Transitional home design.

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Should You Paint Your Brick House In 2022

Many luxury homeowners are choosing to paint their brick homes. What are the pros and cons of painting brick? And is this option right for you?

A white painted brick house – Colonial Style luxury home in Columbia, SC

We have seen a lot of interest in exterior brick paint, messy mortar, German smear finishes for brick, mortar washes, and other specialized brick finishes from our clients in the South Carolina luxury home market recently.

People are interested in a Modern Farmhouse or Modern Craftsman look. Finishes that look distressed or Old World are popular, too.

Of course, we also build many homes with other exterior materials like bare brick, Hardie Board plank siding, and board and batten. Each of those finishes also has its own unique charm.

There is something about brick that draws people to it. The durability and strength. The texture. The warmth and the unique architectural aesthetic.

If you love your brick unpainted and raw, were here for that. But if you want to explore the possibilities of painted brick, or paint alternatives for brick, wed love to help you discover your options there, too.

Why Should I Paint My Bricks White

Painted house exterior white

Today, home living is all about creating an affordable living experience, and is this where white brick enters the picture. With white brick, your home is provided with siding that you dont have to install.

White bricks are not made of clay, unlike their red brick counterparts. The special bricks are made of quartz sand, calcined gypsum, cement, lime, water, and aluminum powder.

With a stronger brick, your home can withstand bad weather and wildfire. Because of their added safety features, white brick homes are more attractive to homebuyers.

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Painted Brick Home Before And Afters

Because these brick exterior before and after pictures are actual homes weve painted, we have some pretty unique insights. Many colors listed in the brick house photos below are beloved by exterior design experts across the country. Likewise, we cover how to choose the perfect front door and trim colors for your new brick painting project.

Whether you DIY or hire professional brick painters, well provide tips to ensure your exterior paint job turns out gorgeous. Lets get rocking and rolling with our first example of a white-painted brick house, before and after painting.

The Paint Colors We Used Were

Red brick house painted white. When paired with white paint red brick material can create a timeless look. If not done correctly you will have problems down the line. This Painted white brick home still has the original red brick front porch.

White Brick Home with Welcoming Gas Lantern Sitting Area. First of all you can beautify your brick with paint colors. As you can see the walls white grout also looks updated with the new white color.

The bright white can sometimes appear a little too harsh against red brick. See more ideas about red brick house house exterior house colors. An off-white will give the appearance of white against the brick but a little softer.

I suggest doing a ton of research especially if you are painting brick. Travel and prep shutters down windows taped start of pressure-washing Day 2. This single door entry is showcased with one French Quarter Yoke Hanger creating a striking focal point.

After doing mine I suggested to a friend to do her fireplace she did it light gray and she was also very happy she did. Wythe Blue- Benjamin Moore color matched at Sherwin Williams_. New large suburban red brick home with arched windows side garage grey shingles and gardens in the front yard.

We painted it white and it updated the look of the whole room. Stellablackmon westvillage via a cupofjo. Brick on front chimney side of house get first coat.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee oc-45 is another beautiful shade of white paint with red brick.

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Where Should I Paint The Interior Of My House

Now that we have established that you should not paint over brick, whether it is interior brick or exterior brick, and we know for certain that you can add colors to your red brick color scheme, lets move on to where you should paint the interior of your home.

Clearly, the first step is to locate the brick inside your home. It can be a fireplace, an accent wall, or even brick flooring! Wherever it is, that is the room where the accent color or complementary color scheme will be painted.

Your walls, trim color, doors and doorways are all things that can be painted white, or in whatever color combinations you choose remember that you can choose more than one color to add dynamic and diversity to the room! Flooring is also something that you should pay attention to, since browns and grays are commonly used for flooring and go wonderfully with red brick.

Cool Spare White Sw 6203 For A Slight Grey Undertone On Brick Walls

Dover White House – Bricks painted with LimeLike

For those who prefer a cool white appearance on their brick houses instead of the warm one, Sherwin Williams Spare White SW 6203 as used in the elegant traditional home in the picture can be the right option. It is a cool white color that looks like it has a slight grey undertone in it.

This houses wall color looks just right, being together with the grey garage door, black windows, and grey roof. It even looks nice being side by side with the stained wood front door and sidelights.

We love how the lanterns are added to decorate the brick. It is a very simple trick to avoid the empty look of any home exterior with ample open wall space like this.

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Cons Of Painting Brick

  • Painting brick is permanent. Professinal painters know that once a brick is painted, it needs to stay painted. Consider this permanent unless youre willing to fork over some major Dolla Dolla bills to have it removed. The good news is you can change the color. That was the winning decision with me!
  • Moisture can cause paint to chip. This is true for many home exteriors. Excessive moisture can be a concern with painted brick especially near the base close to the ground. Be preparred to repaint every 7-10 years depending on the quality of paint you use. We used the BEST paint by Sherwin Williams!
  • You may need to clean the exterior of your house more often. While painted brick is much easier to clean than natural brick, dirt and mildew will be more visable on the painted brick. An occasional power washing will keep the painted brick crisp and clean. The service is affordable costing a couple hundered dollars if you dont want to tackle it yourself. We own a power a power washer so we will DIY when its neccesary.

For us, the PROS outweighed the CONS, so we moved forward with the planning phase.

Strong Traditional Feel With Sebring White 1492 And Brown Roof

For the fans of traditional design, this next home design inspiration is a perfect selection. In this case, we want you to focus more on the white paint for the brick surface and roof color.

The product used in this design is Benjamin Moore Sebring White 1492 and brown roof shingles, which tend to be on the light and a bit orangey side.

The color combination between the two exterior elements somehow creates a strong traditional visual. We love how beautiful it looks.

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// Traditional Home With Warm Grays And Stone

As you can see, many traditional red brick homes were originally paired with bright white siding and trim a color palette that we prefer to tone down a few notches. On this home, we recommended Benjamin Moores Kendall Charcoal on the siding with Pale Oak on the trim. The entryway got a major upgrade with gorgeous new wooden double doors, a lovely surround and overhang, statement sconces, and a fresh stone-and-pavers walkway leading up.

How To Choose A Paint Color For A Brick Home

Perhaps you

What exterior paint color goes with red brick? Do I need to choose a neutral paint color?

This is a question that is asked often and when it comes to brick exteriors there are a few ways to go about choosing a paint color to work with it.

First, we know red brick is more muted and toned down. So we want to keep that in mind when it comes to finding paint colors to work with it. For example, if you were thinking of using white, choose a creamy white as opposed to a bright white. The bright white can sometimes appear a little too harsh against red brick. An off-white will give the appearance of white against the brick, but a little softer.

Second, we want the paint colors to complement red brick, not work against it. One way to do this is by pulling colors from the actual brick itself. Generally speaking, red brick has a variation of colors in it. Choosing one of those color variations will keep the home looking cohesive.

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Fix The Broken Bricks

For some minor repairs, consider using concrete caulking to fill in the chips and scraps your bricks have experienced throughout the years. After scrubbing your house down with a power washer, these marks might be more visible. Fixing these cracks might be enough for you to put off a total refacing for a few years.

Is White Brick Still In Style

White painted brick is a desirable exterior design that will remain stylish. This versatile material will make your home appear larger and airier thanks to the bright white painted surface. In fact, whitewashed brick homes have existed since the early 15th century, and are still highly sought today.

So if youre still wondering whether a white brick house is still in style, we assure you that it is still very much in demand today.

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Mortar Wash/german Smear For Brick

Mortar wash is a method of applying extra mortar on your brick and wiping some off of it before it dries. It creates an antique look. Usually, youll choose from a white or gray mortar.

The advantages of this look are that the materials are inexpensive and it adds beautiful old-world charm to a modern home. Also, you dont have to reapply after several years like you would with paint.

The disadvantage of this look is that a mortar wash is a more time-consuming process than painting during application. Also, this effect, once applied, is essentially permanent. You would need muriatic acid to remove the extra mortar and it could be a difficult process.

White Brick House With Siding

Painting Brick White Fast and Easy!

Whether you use real white brick or paint your existing walls, white brick homes are one of the only type that can be modern and traditional at the same time. Some of the best examples include vinyl siding which adds more interest and variety into the design.

White brick with black window and door frames is one of my favorite exterior design trends. Its a timeless look that feels both fresh and modern yet traditional at the same time. I really like the way brick can transform whats generally considered an old fashioned design into something fresh and modern. Throw in some vinyl cedar shake veneer to add a little more interest and variety to the design.

This beautiful home features painted white brick walls with gray shutters and a stained real wood front door.A mid of vertical and horizontal vinyl siding accents add some additional design elements along with the metal accent roofing.

When your building a new home with painted white brick, you can save some money by using a more affordable brick since youll be painting them anyway. How a brick is made and fired changes the look and price. If youre planning on painting the bricks white then theres no need to use a brick that has an expensive finish. Make sure to use a good quality brick but get a deal on an unpopular color. It doesnt matter if the bricks you use are orange or purple since youll be painting them white.

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Using The Right Tools And Materials

Like any other job, having the right tools on hand will make the job flow much smoother and easier. You will want to make sure you have a sprayer or roller that can cover large amounts of an area at one time. We recommend using a sprayer. This will cut down on work time, will make it easier to get into all the joints, and will be much easier overall. But make sure to spray at all angles to make sure the paint gets into all of the nooks and crannies of the brick. This is especially important if you have over grouted joints like our house.

If using a sprayer, you will still need a brush on hand for any drips or any hard-to-reach areas. Always keep in mind that before applying a second or third coat, you want to make sure and let the paint dry for at least 4-6 hours.

We own the Graco Magnum and absolutely love it. If you are going to DIY a painting project like this, a good paint sprayer is a must.

Its also very important to use the right type of paint on your exterior brick. We recommend using either a mineral-based paint or a latex paint made specifically for masonry. Both are fine, but mineral-based should hold up even longer.

Exterior Paint Colors For Brick Homes

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Brick homes have a ton of character and charm to them but sometimes pairing brick with the right paint color can be a difficult task. You want to find a paint color to complement the red brick without taking away from the charm of the home. Follow along as I share the 10 best exterior paint colors that go with brick homes.

I take my dogs on daily walks all around my neighborhood. Im constantly looking around at all the homes I pass. I love to see what people choose as their exterior paint colors and how the color works with the characteristics of the home.

Lately, I have been particularly interested in red brick homes. Mainly because they can be difficult to pair paint colors with. Whether its a home with brick as an accent or a home with brick on the full-body, you want to make sure all the colors you chose play well together.

Today I want to talk about a few paint color ideas that go with brick.

Want paint like a true professional?

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