Ppg Paint At Home Depot

Some More Useful Tips And Tricks


Believe it or not, priming has more of a science to it than you might think. Here are some additional tips and tricks to help get the best job done.

  • You should use bonding primers on shiny surfaces .
  • Gray-colored primer is the best paint primer for walls you plan to paint red or darker/more vibrant.
  • White primers are best suited for lighter topcoats.
  • Have the primer tinted like the top coat.
  • If youre working with stained wood or cedar/redwood, Use a primer with stain-blocking properties.
  • You should apply the paint within 48 hours from priming because the primers are made to bond with the paint in a specific time frame.
  • Before applying mildew-resistant primer, you should wipe the existing mildew with a mixture of three parts water and one part bleach.
  • The best exterior paint primer for wood that doesnt stain is a water-based 100% acrylic or latex primer.
  • Sand the primer slightly for a flawless paint finish.
  • Combining primer and paint from the same manufacturer usually yields the best results because the products are formulated to work with each other.
  • Dont use shellac outside, as it can soften when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Apply latex primers with synthetic brushes and oil-based primers with brushes with natural bristles.
  • Always ventilate your workspace.

Price Bulk Vs Smaller Quantities

Buying in bulkmeaning a five-gallon bucketdoesn’t always pay off. Before you grab that bucket, price it out on a per-gallon basis and see if single gallons might be cheaper or more practical for your needs.

For example, you may only need three to four gallons of paint for your job, which means a five-gallon bucket could be overkill and overpriced for your project. Sometimes, the price per gallon and the price for a five-gallon bucket are extremely close, and, other times, the bucket is a better deal. Prices may vary near you, so always do the math to find your best buy.

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Behr Drywall Primer And Sealer

Price from $39.32

  • Not suitable under glossy or satin paints
  • Requires multiple coats

Its essential to prepare and prime drywall before painting it. That way, youll accomplish impeccable results and have perfect walls in your home.

The best paint primer for drywall, wallboard, plasterboard, wood, brick is Behr acrylic low-VOC Drywall Primer+Sealer. You can also use it over previously painted surfaces youll just need to clean and prepare the surface. Mildew stains must be removed with a good mildew stain remover.

Its recommended not to use this primer in high-moisture areas or top it with satin or glossy paint. Rather its perfect under eggshell and flat paints.

If youre applying it to previously unpainted brick, you must test pH before putting a layer of Behrs paint primer for walls, and the pH mustnt be higher than 9.0!

This primer protects from freezing and mildew. Its dry to the touch within half an hour and ready for top coating in an hour.

Using the primer with a brush or roller doesnt require thinning, but an airless sprayer does. Cleaning it only requires some simple soap and water.

Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint

PPG Diamond 1 gal. Pure White Satin Interior Paint and Primer

Are you planning to give your home a facelift? If your walls are starting to look dull and dingy, repainting them is a quick and easy solution. And why not use Benjamin Moore paints, which are known for being high quality and easy to color match?

Home Depot offers innovative paint mixing technology and is a great place to shop for paint and other DIY products. The company offers an excellent selection of paint brands at reasonable prices.

So, lets find out, does Home Depot sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

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When To Use Latex Primer

Latex is the best primer for walls, bare drywall precisely because it evens out the surface. Youll also use it on bare softwoods, weathered wood, concrete, brick, aluminum, or galvanized steel. Latex primers block stains, albeit less severe ones.

They are great indoors and outdoors, especially indoors, as they emit less odor than oil-based or shellac paints. Latex is also great for masonry and holds up better in covering more prominent stains, even on larger exterior surfaces.

How Do You Match The Paint Color Thats Already On The Wall

To create a paint match for a color thats already on the wall, you will need to carefully remove a one-square-inch paint chip using a knife or razor blade. Once you have your paint chip, keep it in a sealed plastic bag and take it with you to the hardware store where they will be able to create a color match. If you cannot remove a paint chip, try using a camera to create an accurate representation of the color. However, a photograph is unlikely to create an exact match.

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Find The Oops Section

Many Home Depot stores keep a small, discreet section of what’s termed “oops” paints. It’s the perfect section to look for colors for small paint jobs. These incorrectly mixed paints, damaged containers, or returned paints are sold at a substantial discount. Look for the tiny oops section usually located close to the paint mixing area.

Kilz Original Stain Blocking Interior Oil

Olympic Elite Penetrating Deck Stain – PPG @ Home Depot

Price from $31.38

  • Block medium to severe stains
  • Can be applied to various surfaces
  • Great for bare and already painted wood
  • Not great for flooring

Kilz oil based primer for interior surfaces successfully hides old and blocks new medium to severe stains from ink, water, smoke, grease, markers, and tannin. It stops odors, too. You can use it on drywall, wood, wallpaper, plaster, brick, painted metal.

The manufacturer doesnt recommend its use on flooring, though.

Follow the instructions before applying carefully prep the surface, mix the primer, use a sprayer, brush, or roller to apply. You can apply another coat, or a layer of latex- or oil-based paint, after one hour.

Because its oil-based and stain-blocking, its the best paint primer for wood in general. Its great for painting bare wood and wood with old paint .

Although its an odor eliminator and , low-VOC, this primer smells pretty intense . With this type of product, you should always use a mask with filters and work in well-ventilated areas!

Cleaning oil-based primers is a bit more complicated you must use paint thinner or mineral spirits to clean your brushes and the mess youve made.

Kilzs best oil-based primer is also covered by a limited warranty, like other Kilz products, and covers around 300 square feet .

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Behr And Glidden Are Popular Paint Brands At The Retailer

Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 13 years.

Deane Biermeier is an expert contractor with nearly 30 years of experience in all types of home repair, maintenance, and remodeling. He is a certified lead carpenter and also holds a certification from the EPA. Deane is a member of The Spruce’s Home Improvement Review Board.

The Spruce

If you’re standing in Home Depot’s interior paint section now, you may be wondering which of the store’s two main brands to choose from, Behr or Glidden, or if one of the other attractive contenders is the right pick.

Paint contractors may tell you to skip Home Depot altogether and instead purchase from a standalone store like Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore. But if you’re on a budget, or working on a smaller project like a kid’s room or a guest bathroom, Home Depot paints are perfectly acceptable.

Plus, any tools you may need to get the job done, such as ladders or sprayers, are right there at your fingertips. So the question remains: Which paint brand should you choose?

Who Has More Affordable Paints

The paint prices available at Lowes and Home Depot are pretty much neck-and-neck, with only slight differences.

The most affordable brand available at Lowes is Valspar, while the most affordable brand at Home Depot is PPG. Lets look at how these brands measure up.

At Lowes, a gallon of white, satin-finish paint starts at around $26 from Valspar, while the top shelf offerings from Sherwin Williams start at about $40.

At Home Depot, a gallon of the same type of paint also starts at $26 , while the popular offerings from Behr start at about $37 per gallon.

Although its a marginal difference, it seems from this example that Home Depot offers slightly lower prices on their premium paints. However, their low-end paints start at the same price.

Winner: Home Depot

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How Leanne Used It

Here, Leannes client wanted bold, so she painted the cabinets Holly Glen by PPG, then balanced it all out with Delicate White from her collection. The result: a sweet, totally homey kitchen with just the right amount of color.

Leannes palette pro tip: Pair Delicate White with Bold Brandy and Never Green for a refined, yet casual space.

Who Has Better Paint Quality

PPG Ultra

To figure out who has better quality paint, well be comparing the top paint brands at each store: Behr versus Sherwin Williams .

Overall, Sherwin Williams receives better feedback for paint quality than Behr, especially among professionals. Sherwin Williams paint is known for being thicker than Behr paint, meaning that youll need less of it to get an even coat, and you might not have to paint over the same spots as many times.

This also probably explains why Sherwin Williams paint is a bit more expensive than Behr.

Winner: Lowes

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Ppg Expands Its Presence In The Home Depot

PPG has announced an expanded relationship with The Home Depot and its subsidiary HD Supply to offer an extensive lineup of professional PPG paint products and services designed exclusively for professional customers. The program began in the fourth quarter of 2021 and the product lineup will be available at all Home Depot Locations. The agreement includes brands such as Speedhide Interior, Break-Through, Multi-Pro, Perma-Crete, Permanizer Exterior, Pitt Glaze, Copper Armor, and more.

PPG states that pros shopping The Home Depot and HD Supply will be able to take advantage of its network of knowledgeable sales representatives, same or next-day delivery, free professional color rendering services, color tools, and other services.

Durability And Ease Of Cleaning

Quality paint is durable and easy to clean. You don’t want paint that rubs off the wall when you’re trying to clean up unexpected food splatters in the kitchen or marks on the wall in your kids’ playroom. A good brand of paint will adhere to the wall and provide better protection. The durability of the paint will also give you peace of mind of the knowledge that you won’t have to paint any time soon .

The paint finish that you use will also help with the ease of scrubbing that wall, but a better grade of paint is both durable and scrubbable no matter the finish.

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Where To Buy Benjamin Moore Paint

Finding a store that stocks this brand of paint in your area can be tricky. Fortunately, you can find the full range of products on the companys website. The company ships its products to the continental US, although shipping charges can be quite high.

There is also a handful of dedicated stores in states such as Hawaii and Alaska. You can use the store locator to find the nearest outlet. Alternatively, you can find a limited range on the Walmart website and in selected stores. Perhaps the largest selection is currently offered in collaboration with Ace Hardware.

Do Lowes And Home Depot Accept Paint Returns

PPG Paints: Evolution of Color Event with Sarah Fishburne

Knowing whether or not you can return your paint is an important part of deciding where to shop.

At Home Depot, you can take advantage of their 30-day, satisfaction-guaranteed paint return policy. This means that within 30 days of your purchase, if you are not satisfied with your paint for any reason, you can return it to Home Depot for a replacement. However, you cannot receive a refund on your paint unless it is untinted and unused.

Surprise! Lowes has the exact same return policy for their paints. Return it within 30 days with your receipt and Lowes will provide you with a replacement can to meet your expectations.

Winner: Tied

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The Best Paint Primer For A Spotless Finish

If youve ever tried painting bare surfaces with some paint, you mightve realized a great disappointment with splotchy color and bubbling, peeling paint as a result. Knowing what the best paint primer is for your project will help prevent mishaps and having to redo work.

So as not to spend all your time in vain trying to paint a surface that just wont accept the beautiful paint youve chosen, heres our list of the top primers in the industry.

Prestige Interior Satin Paint And Primer In One White

Price from $33.92

  • Satin finish can be washed
  • Cleans with soap and water


  • Not for all surfaces

For the best paint and primer in one, we picked Prestiges white satin finish interior primer and paint. Before you purchase any self-priming product, however, you must make sure of the following: the surface youre painting isnt stained or peeling, it isnt stained/bare wood, and the color isnt lighter than the previous coat of paint. If it is, youll have to use appropriate primers for different surfaces .

Having checked all boxes, you can proceed to get this great product, which will beautify your living rooms, bedrooms, family rooms, hallways, not leaving much smell due to low VOCs.

Prestiges best paint with primer smoothly applies and sticks to plaster, drywall, or stucco. Acrylic latex formula allows you to clean any spillage or unwanted splatters with soap and water. Their satin finish paints are very mildew-resistant and can be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner after theyve sat for two weeks.

This paint applies with a high-quality applicator and can be thinned with water . The paint cures after an hour and can be recoated after four hours. Although Prestige offers the best one coat paint and primer you can get, some colors may require more.

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Buying Paint At Lowes Vs Home Depotwhich Is Better

While Lowes and Home Depot are similar in a lot of ways, they actually carry a fairly different inventory when it comes to certain things. And paint is definitely one of those categories.

The paint brands you can expect to find at Home Depot are almost entirely different than the brands youll find at Lowes.

For example, Home Depot carries Behr paints while Lowes carries Sherwin Williams paints.

But despite the difference in paint brands, Home Depot and Lowes offer fairly similar prices on their interior and exterior paint options.

Below, well get into more details about what types and brands of paints each store carries.


White Paint Vs Base Vs Primer

PPG Ultra

Many times white paint, base paint, and primer are confused with one another, especially now that many white paints are formulated with primers. Here are the differences:

  • White paint: A white paint is a neutral topcoat of paint.
  • Base: A base is a clear or white medium used to mix the pigments to create a paint color. Some professional painters use a non-tinted base on top of a primer and before a topcoat to add durability to the paint job. However, other painters may refer to base paint as the first layer of a paint job that comes after the primer.
  • Primer: A primer differs from paint in that it’s specially formulated with a mix of resins, solvents, and other ingredients to seal porous surfaces , hide surface discoloration, and help topcoats of paint to better adhere to the wall.

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Workability Of Ultralast Matte Finish

This is a very unusual paint in so many respects. On the first coat, I can only get about 24 out of one dip of the paintbrush. Which is good. The second coat glides on much better. I was able to get about 30, which is very good.

The working time with a brush is about 15 seconds. The paint starts to get sticky and lose its flow quickly. It also dries and can be repainted in 2-4 hours, depending on humidity and temps.

Rolling this product is easy, and for a matte finish, it self levels like a semi-gloss paint.

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