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Easy Painting Ideas Perfect For Beginners

HOW TO BLEND ACRYLIC PAINT on Canvas for Beginners

Looking for easy painting ideas? Whether you just started painting or yet to begin, this curated list of painting ideas will inspire you to pickup a paintbrush and add some color to your life.

And create art that youll be proud of.

Whether youre looking for painting ideas for your wall, painting as a hobby, easy painting ideas for kids, family and friends, landscape painting ideas, or use as sip and paint ideas, new acrylic painting techniques, my wish for you is the enjoy the process of painting- no matter the outcome.

All you need to get started are some paints , paintbrush, canvas, and the most important element: an open mind.

So you can create art that youll be proud of.

Before jumping into some awesome paint ideas, lets go over which type of paint to choose, and supplies youll need- since many beginners dont know where & how to start.

Beginner’s Guide To Painting On Canvas

Every professional artist started with a blank canvas and a bundle of questions. Do you opt for cotton or linen canvases? Which art supplies work best on stretched canvas? Do you opt for pre-primed or unprimed canvas?

Our short guide will go over the canvas painting fundamentals so you can start your work of art with confidence. Lets dive in!

How To Paint Acrylic On Canvas

This article was co-authored by Kelly Medford. Kelly Medford is an American painter based in Rome, Italy. She studied classical painting, drawing and printmaking both in the U.S. and in Italy. She works primarily en plein air on the streets of Rome, and also travels for private international collectors on commission. She founded Sketching Rome Tours in 2012 where she teaches sketchbook journaling to visitors of Rome. Kelly is a graduate of the Florence Academy of Art.There are 17 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, 100% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 97,206 times.

Using acrylic paint is a fun way to get started painting. The paints are usually cheaper than oil paints, and they dry quickly. To begin, gather your supplies and set up your work space. After that, learn the basic brush strokes to begin filling in your canvasses, and then work on learning more advanced techniques.

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Preparing Your Photo For Painting On Canvas

When thinking about the photograph you want to use as a base for your canvas painting, keep in mind that you will basically be using the image as a kind of base for a paint-by-number concept. Its really about the vibe of the image, the color, and the shapes that you are going to be using as a guide. Therefore, your photo can be a bit out of focus or lack some detail. I tend to paint in a very loose impressionistic style, so having a pixelated photo actually helps to promote that style.

Whatever image you choose, you are going to need to make sure that it will print in the Printique ordering system. Printique is set up so that images that are too small to print with good quality actually wont go through the ordering system, so you will need to enlarge your image and save it to the actual size of the canvas you are trying to order. I use photoshop to crop and save larger files for printing, but there are also other programs or apps you can use if Photoshop is not an option.

Upload your photo to a Printique Gallery and select the size Canvas Print youd like to paint. I choose to get my canvases with a black edge rather than a photo wrapped edge. A black edge looks more like a real painting and is less space you will need to paint.

How Do You Start A Canvas Painting With Acrylics

40 Beautiful Oil Paintings Like You have Never Seen Before

Buy a pre-primed canvas that was already primed with gesso. Find an idea youd like to paint and print the reference. Sketch it lightly with a pencil or charcoal and paint with acrylics moving from the background forwards, from darker colors to lighter accents. Always paint in thin layers and let them dry for 30 min in between.

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Moon Painting Step By Step

You can follow either the YouTube video tutorial or the step by step written instructions below to learn how to paint the moon.

Moon Painting YouTube Tutorial

How to paint the moon step by step instructions

Step 1

Take a large bowl or a compass to trace in your moon shape with a pencil or piece of chalk. If youre using a 12×12 canvas, place the moon 1 from the top and 2.25 from either side of the canvas. The diameter of this moon is 7.5 wide. If youll be painting the water reflection at the bottom leave a couple inches at the bottom of canvas, otherwise just try to centre the moon on canvas as best as you can.

Step 2

Using your pencil/chalk trace in the dark areas of the moon. You can use my sketch below as a reference or use the moon reference photo download .

Step 3

Paint around the shapes with white acrylic paint . Tip: to get nice crisp edges, gently sweep the chiseled edge of the flat brush along the inside border of the moon. It also helps to work with a thin paint consistency. Use water the thin down your paint so its like a gravy consistency because it flows better when a bit thinner.

Step 4

Paint in the shapes you traced with dark grey paint , using a medium round brush . Tip: its okay if the white and grey paint mix at edges, this will work out nicely in the end.

Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Step 9
Step 10

Order Your Canvas Paint Project From Painting To Gogh

Now that you know how to paint on canvas, heres our final tip: Avoid the hassle of researching canvases, primers, and brushes by ordering your painting supplies from Painting to Gogh!

Our painting kits and tutorials are designed for all skill levels and interests, from masterpieces like The Scream to a simple sunflower. Theyre easy to follow along with so you can focus on having fun with your friends, family, coworkers, and more. Choose your favorite painting to get started.

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What Type Of Paint Is Best For Painting On Canvas

Acrylic paint, of course, is the clear favorite, because of its favorable qualities. I dont know why that amuses me so

But, to be clear, acrylic paint is not necessarily better for canvas than oil, or even watercolor paint, and all three have been used on canvases by fine artists for centuries. Indeed, at the highest levels of fine art it might be said that oil paints are the most used, or at least have been historically.

But if you are using the right canvas, then they all can be excellent choices, and all will work great. It is more important to decide which kind of paint you personally want to use do you like oil, fluid acrylic paint or watercolor better? -, and then select the right brand and the right specific product.

What You Should Know About Canvas Before You Get Started

Oil Painting for Beginners – Basic Techniques + Step by Step Demonstration

When you paint on canvas, youre participating in a centuries-old tradition in the art world. The medium became popular during the Italian Renaissance in the 1600s, and one of the oldest surviving oil paintings on canvas dates back to the 1400s.

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Take a look at the most famous paintings in the world like The Starry Night, Girl with a Pearl Earring, and The Birth of Venus and youll discover they were all done on canvas.

Today, artists are spoiled for choice when it comes to painting mediums, but canvas is still one of the most common materials for oil and acrylic painting. In most cases, the canvas is tightly stretched across a wooden frame so its easy to paint on !

Love The Starry Night? We do too! Get all the supplies you need to paint it, including an artist-led tutorial, with Painting to Gogh.

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How To Draw And Paint A Butterfly

Check out this easy tutorial and learn how easy it can be to not only paint a monarch butterfly AND to actually draw one, free hand .

And dont worry you dont need any special drawing skills!

This tutorial is thoughtfully broken down into the easiest possibly steps that everyone can do . Flutter on over to the tutorial and paint some gorgeous, vibrant butterflies > How to draw and paint a butterfly.

Very Easy Things Topaint On Canvas

Abstract FlowersPainting

You dont need topaint the elaborate and intricate details of flowers in an abstract painting.That makes it many times easier. Just blend the different colors of flowers onthe canvas and your abstract flowers painting will be ready to go up on thewall.

Quote Canvas Art

This kind ofproject gives you the flexibility to do with the canvas as you please. Pick anice quote for your canvas and then give the background a nice ombre or rainboweffect. Make sure you blend the colors so that there is no sharp line visiblebetween them.

Leaves Painting

Like I said, we have easy things for you to paint as a beginner! Get a branch from your yard full of leaves and place it on the canvas. Next is your job to paint the canvas. Once the paint is dry, remove the leaves and you have a beautiful art work ready.

Starry Night

Capture thebeautiful sight of the night in your canvas by painting a beautiful starrynight. Turn your canvas black and then add the perfect touch of twinkling tinystars and a dreamy moon. You can make this painting more amazing with a nicemessage painted on it. Maybe try your luck in calligraphy as well!

Dot Painting

As the namesuggests you can make a whole new painting with nothing but dots. It is easy tomake and really takes not much effort. Also, it makes one great décor item. Sostart making dots in different sizes with the colors of your choice.

Geometric Patterns

Duct Tape Painting

Abstract Heart

Pixel Painting

Striped Canvas Art

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How Can You Convert A Picture Into A Painting

If you want a professional picture to painting, Snappy Canvas artists and support can help you with the most beautiful creations among available photo to painting online services . You can choose from different styles of paintings, and how you want to turn your picture to a painting. If you were searching the web for the words paint my photo, then you have definitely come to the right place.

Its simple! You decide your favorite photos, and you send them to From there, our picture painters will apply their talent to convert photo to canvas painting, creating a handsome handcrafted work of art!

Think about that this a unique painting, uncomparable with a ready made canvas or other non personal painting. The sentimental value is incommensurable.We are happy to create memorable painting gifts out of your photos.

You will get free shipping if your order is over 99$. If you want to ask us anything, we are here to answer with details.

Ready To Turn Your Picture Into Oil Painting

" ABstract PAinting"  , Abstract Acrylic Painting

The team at MavenArt is ready to help! We offer a worldwide network of professional artists who are ready to take your picture to the next level. By leveraging the ease of online access with a beautiful art form, we are able to deliver top-quality oil paintings that are seamlessly made from your favorite photographs.

Now, its easier than ever to turn your photograph into oil painting created by a world-class artist – and you never have to leave your home! Our image to painting services is carried out online, and at the end of the process, your piece of art is delivered with care to your doorstep.

Our photo into painting services can be completely tailored to your needs, making it possible to get a high quality oil rendering of your favorite memory. We proudly create oil paintings of cherished people, pets, cars, and more each and every day!

If youve ever considered the possibility of turning a picture into a stunning oil painting, the MavenArt team is excited to show you that your dream is now a reality.

Getting your canvas paintings starts with placing your order and submitting your photograph today. Once youve done so, your oil painting will be hand painted. We offer all customers the opportunity to review their paintings so that revisions can be made, if needed. Then, orders are carefully prepared for shipping before being sent to your home or business.

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Old Holland Classic Oil Paint

I want to be totally upfront here and say that for almost twice the money I cant see that Old Holland are markedly superior to my beloved Gamblin Artist series. They are, though, probably just as good, and are in fact truly excellent in every way creamy and totally controllable consistency, incredibly rich and intense pigment, beautiful flow and a kind of inner light that less expensive oils dont seem to have.

And to be fair, the number of fine artists who use and swear by Old Holland is quite impressive, and the quality and beauty of these paints is far better than anything else Ive ever used save for Gamblin, and so they are definitely a good choice for the best premium oil paint for painting on canvases, and for any artist who wants the very best results and the most beautiful paintings.

Size And Edit Your Image

In our editor, you can easily crop and rotate your image, or change the color profile. We offer two options:

Black & White


From there, you can choose to add a professional review of your image. Our trained image experts will personally check your image for quality issues, adjust the brightness, contrast, and sharpness, then send a personalized assessment to your email for your final approval before it goes to print.

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Common Types Of Canvas

Cotton Canvas

Cotton canvas is an affordable option for painters who are just starting out. A properly prepared cotton canvas will last a long time . Its naturally flexible and durable and is often primed with acrylic primer.

Linen Canvas

Linen is made from flax and is more durable, rigid, and longer-lasting than cotton. Its also the more expensive option. Linen canvas is often primed with oil-based primers and doesnt warp as much over time, so its the go-to choice of many professional artists. You dont have to worry about this type of canvas becoming too brittle either as linen retains its natural oils.

Canvas Board

Canvas board is another common option for new and student painters. Some are made of primed cotton canvas thats stretched over a fiberboard, while others are simply a board thats been primed and stamped to have the texture of canvas. Theyre cheaper and great for practicing before you start on your canvas art piece.

Angle Your Canvas To Paint Comfortably

How to Transfer a Photo to Canvas

First, decide whether youll be seated or standing when you paint. Many easels are easy to adjust so you can switch between both. Adjust your easel based on your height and how comfortable it is to hold the brush up to the canvas. For some painting techniques, you want to be able to make contact with the canvas at a 90-degree angle.

Make sure you can easily see your painting subject, whether its a video tutorial, a drawing, or a real-life object.

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Easy Things To Paint For Beginners

Home / Craft Ideas / Easy Things to Paint for Beginners

If youre looking for easy things to paint, grab these canvas ideas for beginners. All of these are achievable for the newbie artist.

Skills Required: None. If youve never picked up a paintbrush before, these projects will be a great place to start. They are all canvases and leave a lot of room for error .

When I was in second grade, I started taking painting classes . I remember one of the first things I painted, and I was excited: my Cabbage Patch Kid named Sarah.

I remember sitting back from my first canvas and thinking, that doesnt like the doll at all. I was 8. I was disappointed.

Im pretty hard on myself when I start a new craft or hobby, and I bet a lot of you are too. So before we even get started, I want to encourage you not to do that.

Thats why were starting with easy things to paint . . . because youre more than likely new to it. Its more than okay to not like what you make, and to let the canvas dry and then paint right over it. Sure we all want to be successful the first time.

But sometimes were not.

So just keep that in mind as you move along in your journey. Dont give up, and allow yourself room to make mistakes. Do it for me!

Desert Sunset With Black Cactus

Silhouette paintings can be a lot of fun to create, and sunsets and the desert are perfect subjects for it! This painting is created by using yellow, red and blue acrylic paints, and blending them together to make a sunset. Once it has dried, using black paint, create a horizon with mountains, and a few cactus in the foreground and background. Easy!

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