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What Is Paint By Numbers For Adults

Paint by Numbers for Adults Winnie’s Picks//New Skillshare Class

You probably used to love painting when you were a child, discovering and mixing colors to get new ones. Why did you stop? Painting is known as a great activity to release stress and calm anxiety.

Paint by Numbers is a great way for anyone who enjoys painting to paint and to be good at it. All you need to do is to paint the numbers with the right colors to discover a beautiful design. On top of being recognized as a therapeutic activity, you will create a beautiful decoration for your home, made by you. The paint used in our paint kits for adults is acrylic because it is more practical to paint with it on canvas, and great result is guaranteed.

This activity is great for everyone, absolutely no experience is needed, and all levels can join. You just need to follow the lines and paint inside the defined zones. Some areas might be exceedingly small and some a little bit bigger which is the challenge of it. The more you get into it, the harder you can choose your painting to become.

Modern Paint By Number Kits

In the world of art, there are many different mediums that an artist can choose to use. One such medium is paint by numbers. This type of artwork is popular among beginner artists because it is a relatively simple way to create a painting. The paint by numbers kits were designed for anyone to be able to create a masterpiece. These kits come in various sizes so they can fit any space or budget. Paint by number kits have been used for years as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Christmas presents, and more!

When you want something unique but still affordable, these paint by numbers kits are perfect for you.

How To Frame Paint By Numbers Canvas:

The Artist Loft Paint by Number Kits with a wooden frame included. At time frame 05:27 of my video I show you how to add the wooden frame to your Paint by Number canvas easily!

I used the frame that came in the kit itself for two of them. For the Cardinal, I used a white frame instead! Try using this magnetic frame its easier to put together.

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Do You Have Abstract And Modern Templates

Yes, we do! Abstract painting is not an easy art but with our abstract paint by numbers, you can practice and learn the basics of abstract painting, quickly and easily.

The beginning of Abstract Art can be traced back to Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Cubism movements when artists began to realize that art can be nonrepresentational. Meaning, you do not always have to paint an apple as an apple. Instead, you can use color, shapes, lines, and patterns to represent an apple. Essentially, Abstract Art is separating from any literal, representational reference points that make the art. It is art in free form.

On another hand, modern art is an artists portrayal of a subject as it exists in the real world based on his own unique perspective. It is an art as an artist sees it. Our modern paint by numbers templates capture the real essence of modern art as expressed by their artist.

Best For Kids: Colour Talk Little Turtle Paint

Tsvetnoy Paint by Numbers for Adults Framed


  • Smaller canvas than most

  • Not recommended for children under the age of 4

This isnt the paint-by-numbers kit you got for your 8th birthday that only came with blue, green, red, and yellow dull watercolors and a stringy brush. This one, featuring a picture of a little turtle happily swimming underwater, comes with high-quality materials, and results in a piece of art you would be proud to hang on the wall.

The 8 x 8-inch canvas in this kit is smaller than most of the adult-sized versions, but thats not necessarily a goodor badthing. The smaller size may be easier for little hands to work with, and more proportional to their height. On the other hand, bigger canvasses may give beginning painters a little more leeway when it comes to getting the right colors in the right places.

Size: 8 x 8 inches | Framed: No | Brushes: 3 included | Difficulty: Beginner

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Custom Paint By Number Kits And Mental Health Benefits

Apart from giving a meaningful present to your friends or relatives, when you give them the kit, you give them an amazing opportunity to spend their time mindfully and with a purpose. It’s proven that creating art relieves stress and encourages creative thinking. That promotes brain plasticity. It also helps you improve your painting skills when working on a new painting.

If you’re new to this hobby, you may read our 10 tips for painting by numbers to learn more about it.

Getting Started: Painting For The Soul

On the painting template, you will now see many areas that are numbered. Concentrate on areas with the same numbers, choose the appropriate color, and paint the fields carefully and as accurately as possible. Then move on to the next fields with the number 2. Finally, the individual fields will merge into a work of art and the design will become more and more visible as you continue to paint.

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Christ Of Saint John Of The Cross Salvador Dali

This painting of Jesus is one of the most controversial ones. Dali is known for his surrealistic arts and this painting is a very traditional one. Just the approach which Dali took was exceptional for him. Its the angle of looking that doesnt show the face of Jesus but shows him on the cross from the top-side perspective. Unique painting, its considered as the best religious paintings of the 20th century.

An Inexhaustible Source Of Paint By Number Themes To Satisfy All Your Desires

7 Common Mistakes that will RUIN your painting by numbers

Whether you’re young or old, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our many themes and designs. From still lifes to masterpieces, from landscapes to wild animals, everything is possible! Each of our models is available in several sizes and can also be delivered with or without a frame. Experience the joy of combining business with pleasure with paint by numbers, which is a great stress reliever and a great way to get away from your daily worries. The time you spend on a paint by numbers canvas is the perfect opportunity to clear your mind and refocus on yourself!

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Ballet Dancers By Vikmari

  • Pros: Magnifier, delicate design, gift box available
  • Cons: Traditional design
  • Difficulty level: Beginner adult

Capture the behind-the-scenes glimpse of dancers warming up with this beautiful paint by numbers kit by Vikmari. It comes with an easy-to-read numbered canvas, a set of paintbrushes, pigments, magnifier and instructions. You’ll just need to find a frame to finish.

Latest deals from trusted retailers

Collection: Mini Paint By Numbers

The collection of small paint by numbers kits. If you have never done this before, one of these kits will be the best to start with. We’ve picked the most beautiful and simple designs to make our Mini Paint By Numbers Kits so beautiful and still contain all the details. You will find some flowers, animals or landscapes.

It might be the case that you need a canvas of a special dimension that fits the place on your wall and our small paint by numbers kits can do their job here. With the size of 8×8″ or 20×20 cm they’re a perfect fit if you need just a small canvas.

If you need larger canvases, you can find beautiful Flowers Paint by Numbers or Landscape Paint by Numbers in other collections, so don’t forget to check them all.

  • What Does the Sea Give You 1 review

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More Paint By Numbers Tips:

  • Start with a small area first: On your first day, paint a small area, and let it dry. Come back and see how the paint dried- and whether you applied too much or too little paint. Adjust accordingly.
  • Work one color at a time: Midway through my canvas, I realized I get more area covered if I just pick one color and move the canvas around to fill ALL the areas of that number.
  • Lay the paint thick especially light colors: If you apply a thin coat of paint for those lighter colors, you will be able to see the printed number on the canvas once it dries. So apply a thick layer of color from the get-go. Dont worry about running out of paint, I had lots of paint left over after I was done.
  • Take breaks often: Dont try to do too much in one sitting. You might inadvertently smudge wet paint when you try to do too much at once. Not to mention strain your eyes if you are painting super small areas.
  • Work with a task light: I love using this task light on my desk while painting. It helped me see those tiny printed numbers VERY easily.
  • Keep your reference sheet: If your kit comes with a reference sheet, keep it safe. I thought I wouldnt need it but ended up pulling it out a few times to check orphan areas that were missing numbers. Sometimes, you paint just a partial area, and later realize there is a blank area with no number!
  • What Are Adult Paint By Numbers Kits

    Best Adults

    Adult paint by numbers kits are the perfect way for men and women to tap into their artistic side. These kits come with everything you need to create beautiful paintings, including pre-printed canvases, high-quality paints, and detailed instructions.

    With paint by number you will use a real artistic canvas, and all you have to do is to match each paint pot number with the corresponding number on the canvas. Painting section after section, you’ll see your masterpiece come to life!

    What’s great about these painting sets is that they’re a really relaxing and inexpensive way to enjoy the craft of painting. You don’t need any prior experience or skill, and the results are always beautiful.

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    The 6 Best Paint By Numbers Kits Of 2022

    Paint your way to a clearer mind

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    Whether or not people realize it, theyve probably developed their own strategies for coping with stress throughout their lives. Maybe it involves taking a trip to the batting cages to release some pent-up energy, or going for a walk in the woods to quiet their restless mind. Art is another calming, stress-relieving activity, but one many people forget about as they head into adulthood.

    If someone wasnt good at art in school, it may not even occur to them to try their hand at it again as an adult. But theres a key difference: Now no one is being graded, there are no assignments, and, most importantly, the idea is to help people manage stressnot create it. There are many different types of art therapy to explore, so it may take some trial-and-error before finding one that truly helps with relaxation.

    Paint-by-number kits can be an effective stress management tool for people of any ageparticularly if they deal with anxiety . When purchasing a paint-by-number kit, there are several things to keep in mind, like whether youd rather paint larger areas or smaller details, and the kind of paint included with the kit.

    Difficult Canvases For Experienced Artists

    Take your painting skills to an all-new level with our advanced Paint by Numbers collection. If you are looking for a challenge, this collection is for you. It is the best way to practice more advanced techniques by learning how shading works or how adding more texture to painting should be done without the stress of starting from scratch.

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    Minimalist Paint By Numbers Kit

    • Cons: Needs two layers of paint
    • Size: 12″ x 16″ or 16″ x 20″
    • Difficulty level: Beginner adult

    Great for beginners due to its simplistic design. Although simple, the design is beautiful and modern and would look fabulous hanging in any home. Within this kit, you’ll receive a linen canvas, eco-friendly paint and paintbrushes. If you would like you can choose the option to include a frame.

    History Of Painting By Numbers

    Blue Nude by Pablo Picasso | Painting Tutorial | Paint by Numbers for Adults

    A little more than 45 years ago Jürgen Schipper saw a Walt Disney painting system in a toy store in New York. It was the theme of the Last Supper. This fascinated Schipper immediately.

    Schipper was the son of a toy manufacturer and therefore had the opportunity to develop this idea further. He hired draughtsmen to create new designs and put together oil paintsets for new artworks. But in Europe, his idea was met with little interest. He had to do a great deal of persuasion first before the first department stores included his painting sets in their range. Particularly in food discount stores, he celebrated his first successes with small paintings for children.

    Something then surprised many: suddenly adults appeared in toy shops and looked for painting kits for themselves. Painting by numbers that is. Thus began the triumphal procession of Schipper and his images with numbered areas for painting. Other manufacturers also offered Schippers own number painting pictures in their offering, and a separate branch for these manufacturers was established.

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    What Happens After You Place Your Order

    We always check whether the size ratio fits the ordered canvas size. After that, the paint by numbers draft is checked by our designer if it’s suitable for painting, and only then it’s printed on canvas. Each canvas is individually checked for errors and any wrong color, and the Custom Paint by Numbers gets packed together with the rest of the accessories and finally shipped to you.

    Vintage Paint By Number Sets

    In the paint by numbers universe, different thematic exists. The vintage paint by numbers kits are very important because of their history and their origin of it. In the mid-50s in the US, paint by numbers was an incredibly trendy movement and activity for the Americans. Half the population would decorate their home with a painting that was made with a paint by numbers kit.

    Even more interesting, an exhibition was put in place to show all the different sorts of paint by numbers that were made then. Lets just put it like this: it was a big thing. So you might wonder, what is a vintage paint by number then? Its all the subjects that take you down memory lane and remind you of these retro-style painting moments. The colonial period was extremely popular within the painting by number universe half a century ago.

    Vintage can be perceived as an old-fashioned style of decoration and painting, that brings you nostalgia in the images and tones used.

    Vintage also means the in winemaking that the grapes were all collected within the same year, this is also the reason why you will find many paintings representing wines and grapes with neutral and darker tones.

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    Adult Paint By Number Kits Popular Designs

    There are a number of great brands producing paint by numbers kits for adults. Unfortunately, there are also some dubious suppliers from China, who offer inferior quality. Some of them do not even match the numbering with the colors. Therefore, pay attention to ratings and if in doubt, rather choose paintings from well-known manufacturers.

    There is a very large selection of themes and subjects for paint by numbers kits for adults. Below are some of the most popular themes.

    Topwoozu 5d Diy Diamond Painting Kit

    [31+] Paint By Numbers For Adults On Framed Canvas

    Courtesy of Amazon

    Calling all patient crafters who enjoy detail work! With this Diamond Painting Kit, youll use a special pen to pick up tiny diamond shapes and stick them onto the canvas. Slowly and surely, this will build a beautiful piece of artwork. Youll likely find the process both relaxing and satisfying, especially if you include a great playlist or an audiobook.

    Once the project is complete, you can roll up the canvas youve createdor you can frame it and hang it in your own home . The finished canvas will be 11.8-inches square. The kit comes with the canvas backing, diamonds, a key for where to place them on the canvas, adhesive, and so on.

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    We Are Knitters Loopy Bubble Weaving Kit

    Courtesy of We Are Knitters

    This weaving kit from We Are Knitters comes with everything you need to make a vibrant, delightfully textured, colorful wall hanging. It’s suitable for beginners who may not have used a loom since potholder crafts in elementary school. Each kit comes with all of the wool yarn youll need for the project, a pattern, needle and label, a dowel, and a loomnote that the loom does not come assembled, so youll need to put it together once the kit arrives.

    When you order, you can select each of your yarn colors, choosing from several options. Plus, if you have a loom already or you decide to make another wall hanging after this one, kits can be ordered without the loom, too.

    Paint By Number Kit For Adults

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