Painting Brick House Before And After

Con: Using The Wrong Paint On Brick Can Cause Damage

Painting a Brick House White

If you want to paint a brick house, the NUMBER ONE tip is to use a paint designed for brick. AND, to follow the manufacturers recommendations for application and prepping the brick for paint.

If you use cheaper, exterior paint that wasnt made for brick, the paint can peel or bubble on the brick. AND, the wrong paint can also trap moisture in the brick that can lead to permanent damage to the brick.

Detailed Steps To Painting Exterior Brick Homes

Having your house painted is not merely an aesthetic choice! Painting brick houses can be transformative, turning a 1980s bungalow into a 2020s home, completely reinventing the appearance and style of the space you live.

Exterior house paint adds vibrance and brightness to your home, not to mention providing a cleaner, more manicured look. A fresh coat of paint can slash years off your home, increasing property value and boosting the overall appeal.

But if you are considering running to a local hardware store and grabbing the first paint can, you see and then slap it on Well, after understanding the process, you may want to hire an exterior painter instead.

Painted brick homes durability is not merely predicated on choosing proper paint it also means applying it correctly! Unpainted Brick for all intents and purposes is maintenance-free. Therefore, accurate brick painting is vital to prevent unnecessary and premature repaints, which is both costly and avoidable.

Is Painting A Brick House A Good Idea

Painting your brick house exterior is a great way to modernize your home’s curb appeal and increase its value. Using a warm white or a charcoal gray brick paint color can transform an exterior when painted correctly. Not to mention, a fresh coat of paint can protect your brick from future deterioration from the elements for years.

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Exceptions That Make It Ok To Paint Brick

#1 If It’s Already Been Painted

Most painted brick needs regular repainting, and compared to removing the old paint, it’s typically the lesser evil. Just be sure to use the right paint.

The right paint to use for exterior brick: Use a mineral-based paint or a silicate paint that’s designed to be breathable, and is recommended for brick, such as the brand KEIM.

Should you DIY it? The long and short of it is this: There is so much critical, tedious prep work required, like cleaning and repairing damage, you’re better off having it done by a professional. According to Homewyse, the average cost for a professional to paint your brick home is $1.70 to $3.27 per square foot. That adds up fast.

#2 If the Brick is Severely Damaged

Let’s say you’ve got an older home and the “the grout between the brick is old, and may have turned to sand,” says Chris Landis, partner/owner of Landis Architects/Builders, who sits on the board of Washington, D.C.’s, Historic Preservation Review Board. Painting could be the solution.

Sure, you could have the brick repointed , but that can be costly as much as $25 a square foot depending on where you live and the degree of damage.

If you try fixing it yourself, “You’ll likely get cement all over the brick, which is really messy. The best thing to do in that case is to actually paint it,” Landis says. Dried cement all over your brick isn’t a good look.

#3 If the Brick Was Meant to Be Painted

#4 If the Brick is Inside

Painted Brick Stucco And Siding Before & After

Before &  After

Today we are going to take a look at painted brick, painted stucco and painted siding. Three of these homes were transformed this year while one was done in 2016.

First, lets look at painted brick, which is still running full speed in Atlanta.

Britton first called me in 2017 to help with interior colors. Evidently she was pleased, so she had me come back in April of this year to help her select exterior colors. Here is her house as I saw it that day.

This is your basic two-story traditional red brick in Roswell. Britton was interested in painting the brick, but wasnt sure they were going to. As I told her that day, if she didnt paint the brick her house would look pretty much the same afterwards no matter what color she chose for the trim however, if she did paint the brick, she would end up with a new house. We came up with two different color palettes one if she painted the brick and one if she didnt but I was delighted to find out she had painted it.

Are you wondering why we needed two separate palettes? Thank you for asking. If she was not going to paint the brick, then we needed to make sure the colors we were using played well to the brick. In other words, we were limited by the brick. The red brick wouldve been our largest fixed element that we could not ignore. On the other hand, if she was going to paint the brick, our only limitation was the roof color which had warm tones. We were careful to tie that in with the hues of the trim.

Brick Alabaster

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Ranch Style Brick Painting

This ranch-style home had previously unpainted red brick that looked dated. After a good powerwash, we masked off the windows and exterior fixtures before priming the brick walls.

We painted the brick and the 2nd story cedar shingle siding the same white color. Sea Pearl by Benjamin Moore is a beautiful off-white color with slightly gray undertones. In turn, this uniform coat made the home look larger and updated.

Last but not least, we painted the shutters, house numbers, and front door a warmer slate grey. The dark gray used was named Raccoon Fur . Correspondingly, it coordinated very well with a warm, creamy brick color like Sea Pearl. This resulted in a simple yet modern brick home thatll look fantastic for years.

Im Unsure If I Should Even Paint On My Exterior Bricks Is That Really Okay To Do

This is always a top concern when it comes to potential clients thinking about doing some exterior brick painting. The answer is you can absolutely paint your bricks! A good exterior brick painting job can actually work to protect the brick from the effects of the weather as well as sun damage over time. Also, painted brick also works to detract live mold from settling in as well.

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How Much Does It Cost To Paint Brick

One gallon of Sherwin Williams Loxon Masonry Topcoat paint is $50.24 (check here for the most up-to-date price. Then, of course, there is the cost of labor for prep work and painting. Professional painters generally charge about $2.00-3.30+ per square foot for labor. Usually, one gallon of paint covers up to about 400 square feet for one coat.

For a 2500 square foot house, the average cost to paint a brick home is about $7000 – according to But it can go up to over $10,000. Especially if you use top-of-the-line products. Prices can vary depending on which type of paint you buy, how complicated the job is, the size of your home, and labor pricing fluctuations in your area.

Rear exterior view of a large white painted brick home.

Trapped Moisture Can Damage Brick Youll Need To Make Sure Your Brick Is Painted Properly

How to Paint a Brick House /// Exterior House Painting Tips

If your brick home isnt properly painted, any moisture that seeps in can cause the paint to chip, and in the worst case can damage the brick over time. You dont want water to get under your paint through any cracks or gaps such as beside windows and doors, so properly prepping your home before painting it is important.

How do you make sure that water wont seep under your paint and damage your brick over time? Use a professional painting company to paint your brick exterior. And dont use the cheapest one, either. This isnt just a self-serving suggestion. Pro painters are usually more eagle-eyed than homeowners about spotting any cracks or gaps that need to be caulked or filled. Theyll also use the proper primer that is pH-balanced for masonry, and the right paints that will protect the brick while still letting it breathe. And theyll apply these products with uniform coats that are thick enough to protect your brick exterior from the elements, but not so thick theyll crack over time. Painting a surface as rough and porous as brick is much more involved than just painting a house with stucco or wood siding. This is an area where you dont want to take shortcuts.

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Average Job Size For Exterior Brick Painting

One of the major factors that influence the exterior brick painting process cost is the size of the project. Generally, based on the size of the project, the cost is around:

  • Bungalows 800-1200 Sq. Ft: $3,800-$6,700+ +hst
  • Home 1,500-2,500 Sq. Ft: $5,700-$14,300+ +hst
  • Home 2,500-3,500 Sq. Ft: $7,600-$19,000+ +hst

Charming Cottage Style Home

Image credit: Pretty Purple Door

We love this before and after photo because the effect is instant. From a rather drab, dull looking home, a bright white coat is added to take this cottage style brick house to the next level! The white paint on brick is brightening, with a cute, turquoise front door for some contrast.

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Painted Brick And Porch Renovation By Shades Of Blue Interior

Rachel from Shades of Blue Interior completely changed the look of her porch and home with several projects that you can find documented in detail on her blog. She painted the brick, installed wooden columns, and changed the flooring of the porch. This renovation was a DIY process that has really made a huge difference in the curb appeal of their home!

// Large Stately Brick Colonial

Before and after Ranch Style House renovation. Painted Brick in Sherwin ...

This gorgeous three-story brick colonial got a major facelift with limewash. It brightens up the whole house and gives it a more French Country vibe with the upper balcony and cottage shutters. You can adjust the level of limewash coverage based on the condition and color of your brick to suit whatever aesthetic youre hoping for.

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// Cape May Cobblestone

If youre looking for a modern gray for your brick home, Cape May Cobblestone by Benjamin Moore is an excellent choice. It has proven to be a versatile neutral in our exterior design palette. This shade of gray falls more to the warm side but does not have much of an undertone. It is an elegant and classic choice for your brick home exterior update.

Are Painted Brick Homes A Passing Trend Or A Lasting Look

Painted brick is not a new concept, but like wood paneling and shag carpeting, it has a shelf life.

“Although painting brick has been around for a long time, thanks in part to the popularity of the ‘modern farmhouse’ look, painted exterior brick is very popular now,” Bierman says.

Like all trends, painted brick can go in and out of style. Consider this if you’re looking to change a fundamental part of your home, especially if you’re looking to sell in the future. Plus, you as the homeowner could find you dislike the look as the trend fades.

“Homes with a very specific look won’t appeal to everyone. In some neighborhoods, white painted brick may provide the curb appeal that seals the deal. In others, not so much,” Bierman says.

Some buyers might love the look of a home with painted brick, while others might view it as akin to painting wooden furniture or putting carpet down over hardwood floors.

“I recommend it if it fits the place and purpose for existing homes. It’s a cost-effective way to achieve a major transformation of the home,” Bierman says.

Bierman points out that a prospective buyer might recognize the difficulty in changing a home’s paint color, so the best way to prep a home with painted brick for sale is to make sure the paint is in good shape.

“To prepare for sale, existing painted brick should be cleaned or repainted,” she says.

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Painted Brick Houses With Before And After Photos

Painting brick is a tried and true way of updating your homes exterior without replacing the masonry. While some brick styles have stood the test of time, others have become dated more quickly. Moreover, many homeowners prefer a solid field color for their home as compared to the natural variety of brick. If youre considering painting your brick home, we have some tips and tricks to ensure your success. In this post weve compiled 15 of our favorite painted brick houses with before and after photos to inspire you.

If youre considering painting your brick home, our expert designers will ensure that your vision comes off without a hitch. Choosing the right color for your type of brick, style of home, and design dreams can be tricky. Our exterior designers take into consideration your homes environment, the condition of the brick, and your preferences to create the best design possible for your particular home. Get started today!

History Of Painting Or Staining Exterior Brick In Toronto

Exterior Home Makeover Before and After! | Exterior House Tour

Toronto is the home of numerous brick houses, and some of them are more than a hundred years old. You can encounter some stunning brickwork across Torontoâs Don Valley and Bathurst Street. Brick houses represent Torontoâs glorious past and how cultural the city was even a hundred years ago.Remember, any kind of maintenance work including paint or damage repair on the brick walls require more investment than other walls. Brick houses across Toronto and other parts of Canada remind us of the influence of British culture in the history of the country. Brick walls remain a popular choice among the people of Canada, as brick and stones are believed to be the most durable materials used in building houses. However, no matter how strong they are, brick walls will need maintenance works, as their condition can be damaged by many external factors like heat, cold and wind.

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The Brick Paint & Back Rolling

Now its time to choose durable paint. Paint options vary widely depending on the Brick and desired results. Our recommended brick paint is Sherwin Williams Resilience in a Satin Finish. There are several reasons that we choose this product the most important is Resilience allows the brick to breathealso referred to as permeation.

Back rolling all painted brick surfaces using a 3/4 roller nap or thicker is an essential step to professional results. This process helps to seal the Brick and spreads the paint evenly, increasing topcoat uniformity and appeal. If the paint is not applied evenly initially, some areas wont have enough paint to back-roll.

The most crucial step that inexperienced painters miss is to start back rolling IMMEDIATELY after spraying. The paint must be completely wet, so the roller isnt removing thick paint that has already begun to dry.

We NEVER recommend painting brick with flat finishes. Flat paints are more subject to mold growth and failure over time. For painting horizontal surfaces , we highly recommend using a dedicated concrete paint or stain that is either a solvent, oil, or acrylic enamel.

Best Painted Brick Houses Of 2022

by Andre Kazimierski | Sep 17, 2021

Thinking about painting the brick exterior of your home? Weve put together our top 8 painted brick house before and after pictures in 2022 to help you decide. Whether youre painting brick for the first time or changing colors, we hope youll find some inspiration in these brick home examples.

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Using The Right Tools And Materials

Like any other job, having the right tools on hand will make the job flow much smoother and easier. You will want to make sure you have a sprayer or roller that can cover large amounts of an area at one time. We recommend using a sprayer. This will cut down on work time, will make it easier to get into all the joints, and will be much easier overall. But make sure to spray at all angles to make sure the paint gets into all of the nooks and crannies of the brick. This is especially important if you have over grouted joints like our house.

If using a sprayer, you will still need a brush on hand for any drips or any hard-to-reach areas. Always keep in mind that before applying a second or third coat, you want to make sure and let the paint dry for at least 4-6 hours.

We own the Graco Magnum and absolutely love it. If you are going to DIY a painting project like this, a good paint sprayer is a must.

Its also very important to use the right type of paint on your exterior brick. We recommend using either a mineral-based paint or a latex paint made specifically for masonry. Both are fine, but mineral-based should hold up even longer.

Con: White Paint Makes Worn Out Things Stand Out

Before And After Pics Of Of Painted Brick Himes

This CON is similar to the con about white paint making your shabby flower beds stand out. White paint will also make a worn out roof, driveway, door, and shutters more obvious too.

Our roof and driveway had some black staining and mildew that was WAY MORE obvious next to that nice, new white brick paint. We had to have them professionally cleaned after painting our brick.

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