Painted Shingles Before And After

How To Choose A Roof Color

How to Paint your Roof Shingles with BEHR Flat Finish Multi-Surface Roof Paint

If youve decided that painting your asphalt shingles is the way to freshen up your roof, you may be wondering how exactly to pick a color. While this mostly comes down to personal preference, choosing the right color can drastically influence your homes appeal.

Because of this, youll want to choose your asphalt shingle color carefully and consider the following factors:

  • Your homes resale value. If you will be looking to sell your home in the future, make sure that you choose a color that will appeal to potential buyers. You dont want to choose a color that could deter someone from purchasing your home.
  • Your propertys size. This is an important factor to consider as some colors can actually make your home appear larger. For example, using lighter colors will greatly benefit a small home.
  • The surrounding houses. In general, you want your roof color to complement the other homes throughout your neighborhood. You dont want it to stand out too much, be an eyesore, or possibly violate the rules established by your homeowners association. Always check with your HOA before making any changes to the exterior of your home.
  • The homes other exterior features. When choosing the paint color for your asphalt shingles, you want to factor in all of the other exterior elements.
House Exterior Color
Nearly any color will work well with white. Including: gray, brown, black, white, blue, green
Log or weathered wood homes Brown, green, gray, black

What Are Roof Shingles

Roof shingles are a covering on the roof of your house that are laid out in a manner that they overlap each other.

They are often rectangular in shape, but size can vary. Shingles are laid from the bottom edge of the roof in rows, each row overlapping the one below it all the way to the top. Here is how to measure the quantity of shingles needed for a roof.

Shingles can be made of many different materials, such as wood, slate, metal, plastic, cement or even asphalt.

Roof shingles primarily exist for aesthetic reasons, but they are also there to create a barrier between your roof and the harsh external elements.

Though all the materials provide this protective layer, some materials work better depending on the weather conditions of your location.

The prices and cosmetic appeal of shingles also vary from material to material. To make roof shingles more aesthetically pleasing, people often get them in different colors, depending on their taste.

But what if your house is already constructed, and you dont want to spend on changing the shingles, can you just paint them? Keep reading to find out.

When Painting Asphalt Shingles Makes Sense

Using paint to improve the look of your roof, or any other part of your home, is a very practical option. If youve just moved into a home that has a roof with an undesirable color, you can paint it instead of wasting time and money to have it completely replaced.

Asphalt shingles come in a variety of colors to fit your needs. If your roof is of a darker hue, instead of going through the hassle of replacing the shingles, you may want to paint them. Dark-colored roofs notoriously absorb a lot of heat and could possibly increase the temperatures inside the home.

The following are some of the benefits that are associated with electing to paint your asphalt roof:

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Priming Cedar Shingle Surfaces

Ok, you may say, “I’m power washing first, then priming visible Cedar shingle surfaces.”

There are several reasons not to do this, most importantly the danger. If you’re roof is say a 5/12 pitch or greater, walking around wet Cedar shingles is asking for trouble, being so slick. So, still planning on washing, you’d better have a safety plan in place beforehand.

Notify a neighbor, or family member what you are doing. Maybe they’d like watching, seeing how crazy you look up there power washing you’re wood shingles. I don’t know, but what ever you decide, Be Careful, cause it’ll be slicker than snot up there. Maybe another idea is wearing your golf shoes, I don’t know. Tie off, but if it’s that hard, you can be assured this is not best practices. So yes, I have a real problem power washing Cedar shingles on the roof, and so should you.

No matter if you power washed, then primed with an extreme latex or oil bond primer, either one having proper binders, this does not matter. Yes, priming with higher bonding binders will extend the life, giving exterior paints something to grab on too, but destined for failure. Not being nearly as long term as product labels, each product warranties provide.

When Painting Cedar Shingles With A Roller

painting roof shingles before and after

A good roller will be not only wide enough, say 12-14″, but painting or repainting Cedar shingles will need at least a 1/2” to 1″ thick roller skin. This way you are more likely to get the maximum coverage.

Fair warning though. Just because you are using the longest nap roller skin available, does not insure you’ll be sealing every smidgen of cracks and crevices, I don’t care how good a painter you are. Consequently, having the slightest amount of wood showing, will let moisture in, thereby lifting that labor intense paint coating right back up.

So using a roller painting or repainting Cedar shingles sounds good, but only as good as the product designed for correct substrate. Here again, a roller would work well using a stain, not a paint.

Brainstorming, giving another reason the difficulty painting any roof shingle with a roller. Are you ready for this one? Well, let’s say your up on the roof, having a 6/12 pitch. Where are you going to have the paint bucket or speed pan? Needing to dip roller countless times for additional product, painting or repainting, making this as cumbersome as it sounds. I need not say anymore.

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Alternative Route: Hire A Contractor

Painting your roof shingles isnt easy or quick, so many people opt to hire a contractor to get the job done for them. There are some advantages to going this route, too, besides just saving time. A roofing contractor can use elastomeric spray paint, which applies more evenly and lasts longer than the paints you will have access to as a homeowner.

Power Washing Previously Painted Shingles

Even if you power wash old painted shingles first, allowing shingles to dry back out over several days to a week, the problem is not being able removing it all, having some amounts of paint left. Good luck trying to sand this, even with an orbital sander, palm sander, or sanding blocks. Depending on the square footage, also the pitch of roof, you’re in for one labor instance process. You’ll thank me 1000 times, while considering just replacing these darn things, never choosing to ever paint them in the first place! Much less having to remove old paint later on.

Power washing also allows moisture to soak into the wood, never getting completely dry, thereby lifting paint up on an ongoing basis. Oh yes, they can appear dry from a surface standpoint, but believe you me, there’s moisture under those hot shingle surfaces. Similar to when shingles are in bundles, before unstrapping. They all have much more moisture inside a few shingles, feeling damp. Shingles upon the roof is no different, except you can’t lay each one out to re-dry properly, so good luck with that too!

As you have been reading, I’m here to change the common general consensus if you should paint Cedar shingles or not. Everything out there on the web says you can, but I’m hear to tell you without a shadow of a doubt, your setting everything up for failure.

However, there is Great News, and Light at the end of the tunnel, regarding this subject. Keep reading.

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You Should Find That This Removes The Mildew And Algae And Returns

As you found out, trying to strip the paint with the pressure washer is dangerous. The following outline is intended to prepare you, before buying any such products, knowing exactly which type fits your final outcome. I hate the look of vinyl siding really and was thinking of just painting the house, but i’ve never done it before.

Can You Change The Color Of The Roof Shingles

How to Install Roof Shingles

Yes, you can repaint the roof to change the color of the shingles. Its inadvisable for new roofs as factory coatings last much longer and are more resistant to fading.

However, painting the shingles in a different color is a much more affordable way to update the homes look than replacing the roof.

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What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On Roof Shingles

Acrylic latex paint is the best choice for painting roof shingles. The main reason is permeability. Standard roofs are breathable membranes that transfer air and moisture outdoors. Its part of the reason asphalt makes excellent roof shingles in warm climates. Its highly porous yet 100% waterproof.

Unfortunately, some paints block the pores in roof shingles, trapping moisture. This can cause moisture problems in the rooms below and increase the risk of shingle corrosion and rot.

Acrylic latex paints stand out because they are highly permeable. Moisture easily flows through the paint coat without compromising adhesion. Unfortunately, oil-based and elastomeric paints arent so breathable.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint Asphalt Roof Shingles

The cost to paint an asphalt roof varies from one place to another, depending on several factors, from roof size to paint type and labor costs. Nonetheless, the following pricing guidelines apply to most shingle painting jobs.

  • Material costs: Exterior roof shingle paints cost $17/liter to $21/liter, depending on the paint type. Basic acrylic paints are the most affordable, costing around $17/liter. Meanwhile, nanotechnology paints cost up to $21/liter.
  • Labor costs: Most professionals charge $35 to $55/hour to paint roof shingles, with beginners charging $25 to $35/hour. However, the most experienced professionals charge up to $75/hour.
  • Shingle roof painting costs by project size: Expect to spend $2,000 to $5,000 for medium-sized roofs and $5,000 to $15,000 for large roofs. The national average is $2,354.

DIY is a little more affordable if you have the skills. For example, you only need about $1,000 to purchase enough paint for a 20-square-meter roof.

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Should I Paint New Cedar Shingle Siding

  • Prime using a high quality bonding primer

Searching online ”Best Ways To Paint Cedar Shake Siding”, below is what you might find.

As you can see, many highly authoritative sources on the net make their own suggestions, without really understanding the long term effect this will have. From Better Homes & Gardens, to This Old House, everyone of them incorrect.

However, having just a bit of knowledge can have the most detriment and unfortunate outcomes later on. Therefore, looking for best ways painting Cedar shake shingles is just not doing in the first place.

Other mentions to substantiate my position on this subject is mentioned in This Old House. Kevin O’Connor wrote an article “How to Stop Paint From Peeling On Cedar Siding“.

Kevin speaking about moisture content within the wood’s substrate

Prep the siding by scraping and sanding, as above, then check the wood with a moisture meter. If it reads 15 percent or less, it’s safe to repaint.

But if the peeling persists even after all those issues have been remedied, Guertin says there’s only one surefire way to break the cycle of scraping and repainting: Remove the old siding and start over.

As you can see, if moisture and peeling paint is an ongoing problem, time to remove and replace. With shingles being totally exposed to every element under the Sun, pardon the pun, it’s ridiculous to think paint will stick to Cedar shingles any length of time.

Paint Can Put Your Roof At Risk For Moisture Problems

Painted Roof Shingles Before And After

If you decide to paint your roof shingles, using the right paint is critical. Look for an acrylic paint specially designed for use on roofs. This type of paint lets accumulated moisture escape from the shingles. Avoid elastomeric paint, which is known to trap moisture in shingles, encouraging the growth of mold and algae, which contribute to rot.

Even a roof with metal or asphalt shingles is at risk for rot. The shingles themselves might hold up, but trapped moisture can still damage the wooden sheathing under them and create leaks.

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How To Paint Wood Shingles

Before you start painting, ensure to prime your wood shingles with a stain-blocking primer for the best result. Ideally, you should remove the wood shingles and prime all six sides of the slats with primer. If you cannot do so, ensure to apply a whole coat to all exposed areas.

When it comes to safeguarding your wood shingles, a two-coat technique is highly suggested. Using a primer and topcoat of paint would serve you more compared to one layer of paint. Youre almost guaranteed to have adhesion problems if you dont use a primer before painting over worn wood.

You may use a brush, a sprayer, or a roller to apply the paint on your wood shingles. Professional painters often spray the paint and then back-roll it. The painter may apply the most profound coat of color with a hand brush, which will fill in any pores or gaps.

If youre going to spray or roll the paint by yourself, back roll it while its still wet. This ensures that the color gets deep into the porous wood. If youre using fresh wood shingles, you should paint them within two weeks after installing them.

Weathered wood does not maintain the coating as effectively as new wood. If your wood shingles are pretty old, it is best to hire a specialist. Theyll know how to deal with any loosened wood fibers as well as mold and grime.

How Long Does Roof Paint Last

If you use the right kind of roof paint, it can withstand several years of wear and tear. However, no matter how durable your roof paint is, you will probably have to repaint your roof after five to seven years. Nothing can withstand years of direct sunlight, rain, wind, and other weather attacks, after all.

However, there are steps that you can take to increase the life span of your roof. Regularly inspect your roof, either by yourself or by hiring a roofing contractor. You should do this every 12 to 18 months. During your roof inspection, keep an eye out for chipping paint or damaged shingles.

As soon as you notice a chip or other problem with the paint on your roof, touch it up immediately. Catching problems as soon as you see them can prevent larger damage to your roof and extend the time between paint jobs.

We hope this guide helps you decide if you should or should not paint your roof shingles!

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Painted Shingles Mean Extra Maintenance

Unpainted shingles can look good for 20 years or more with only minimal maintenance. Painted shingles, on the other hand, start showing wear much faster and usually need re-painting once every five to seven years. Each time, the roof will need to be cleaned and repaired, then primed and painted.

Whats more, paint on the roof is hit harder by sunlight, rain, wind, and snow, so it will fade faster than the paint on your exterior walls. If you want to keep a certain amount of contrast between your walls and roof, you might need to repaint your roof more often than average.

What Type Of Paint Should I Use Wood Shingles

How to Install Shingles on a Shed | Ask This Old House

Regular exterior paint may not last as long on your homes wood shingles as it should. This is because the wood is porous and absorbs standard paint quite rapidly. As a result, the exterior layer of the wood gets a thinner coat, making it more susceptible to deterioration.

Use a top coat made entirely of acrylic-latex paint. This heavy-duty, weather-resistant paint will completely cover the wood and fill up any pores or flaws. A skilled painter would help select the best acrylic-latex paint for your wood based on their condition.

A 100 percent acrylic latex paint, adequately primed, will preserve the wood shingles for decades. These paints allow the woods moisture to escape while shielding it from air moisture that may cause an extractive bleed. While alkyd-oil primers are preferred, high-quality latex primers with stain blockers can be used instead.

Furthermore, paints with high sheen levels will reflect light better and provide more coverage. Therefore, you need to choose a high-sheen paint for wood shingles. The best option is oil-based paint, which provides excellent resistance against weather conditions.

If you want to achieve a darker shade, consider using semi-gloss paints. They offer good coverage but would require multiple coats. If youre looking for a lighter shade, use flat or matte finishes.

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Thinking An Oil Based Paint Stain Would Do The Trick But I Was In For A Surprise

Typically for all wood surfaces, power washing first is first on the agenda when painting exterior surfaces. Power washing Cedar shingles, rinsing off the outer most layer of older wood, generally leaves a fresh, new blonde wood underneath, bringing out a brand new appearance. Allowing it to dry properly, generally 48-72 hours is sufficient before any sealants applied.

However, understanding what Cedar wood shingles are suppose to do, along with paint criteria, you can thank me sharing this story, being careful what you read on the internet.

Not everything published on the net is accurate, having first hand experience.


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