Painted Brick Houses Before And After

A Painted Brick House May Need A Good Power

8 BEST PROS & CONS for Painting a Brick House White (Or Any Color)

All that dirt and mildew that you never noticed before because your brick was a medley of various red and brown tones? Youll notice it now. Its entirely possible that you will have to power-wash your home once in a while, although this would be true with any painted exterior, not just brick. This is because the dirt and the mildew that tend to collect on the exterior of the home can be more visible when your home is painted. On the positive side, if youre not thrilled with knowing that your porous, unpainted brick home is like a giant lint trap for dirt and debris, youll feel much better with a freshly painted exterior that is easy to keep clean!

After: Grand Colonial Home

Breaking away from its squared-off shape, the home now features cross gables over the garage and second level to create a more dynamic roofline. A large portico juts out over the front entry, which now features oversized French doors and a large lantern pendant overhead.Crisp white paint replaces the dull blue color and forms a distinctive contrast to the black shutters and doors.

After: Glowing Exterior Update

Pergolas over the front door and garage add architectural interest, and carriage-style garage doors replace the generic ones to create a Craftsman look. New horizontal-bevel cedar siding spruces up the facade, and a new color scheme gives the exterior a much-needed pop of color. Removed brick was reused for porch columns and planters in the front of the home.

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What Products I Used To Paint The Brick

I used Sherwin Williams masonry primer, Loxon, for my first coat on the brick.

After that dried, I rolled Sherwin Williams Resilience Exterior paint in Satin finish.

The color is Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground mixed at 50% on the brick and the siding.

The soffit and garage door color is a custom shade I made up.

Fascia, gutters, downspouts and shutters are all Sherwin Williams Black Fox.

After a year and a half of on and off painting, updating and landscaping here is what it looks like today.

Major upgrade dont you think!

I look back at these photos and think to myself, I cannot believe I was crazy enough to take on painting this huge house by myself. I know exactly why it wouldve been $20,000 to hire it done.

For a plethora of inspirational pictures of painted brick homes, check out this post by Traci from Beneath My Heart!

And have you seen Young House Loves house lately???? They recently painted their brick home, and its freaking amazing!

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed this before and after! And if youre wondering what our inside before and afters look like, take a look at the kitchen here, bathroom here and living room here!

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Before And After Painted Brick House

Even when going with dark base paint color, nothing says your trim must be white. Try using a trim color like Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, as in the example above, to add beautiful contrast without looking too stark. Here, the design draws all eyes to the doorway with a teal jewel-tone another on-trend paint color for 2021.

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How Much Did It Cost

We havent received final invoices yet, but Lance said he typically prices a house of our size around $4,500 $5,000 in labor. Our labor line item in his estimate was exactly $4,500 . We paid for the paint separately, and our job took 7 four-gallon buckets of masonry paint complete which cost around $1,700 in materials. And when we add in about $200 in siding paint that we purchased ourselves and provided for Lance, our material cost was around $1,900. So the painting portion of this makeover, again by our best guess without invoices being here yet, is about $6,400 total.

Obviously, every project is different and there are lots of factors and circumstances that can affect cost. There are definitely regional price differences too . So just note that this price might be higher or lower than yours, depending on where you live. We went into it fearing it would be closer to 10K, so we were pleasantly surprised, although $6,400 isnt exactly pennies.

I said the painting portion of this makeover was $6,400 because thanks to a spontaneous porch makeover we also had a few hours of work from our electrician and about a half a day of work from Sean the Contractor, but were still waiting on those invoices. And speaking of the porch makeover

After: Noteworthy New Home

The addition of a front porch, dormers, and several styles of trim combine to create a custom appearance that brings the home to life. Low-maintenance fiberglass columns and molded polymer millwork, along with charming white rocking chairs, frame the new entrance. A sunroom addition visually balances the garage.

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Painted Houses To Inspire You In 2021

Painting your homes exterior can definitely feel like a big commitment however, with the right paint, its a game changer for curb appeal. Weve curated 21 of our favorite painted houses to get you inspired to grab a paint brush! As you will see in these home transformations, the end result can be absolutely spectacular. We created this list for those on the fence to nudge you in the pro paint your brick, siding, and stucco direction and to give you some color ideas that will make you glad you took the leap.

While paint color is a key part of any exterior home remodel, it is just one piece of having a cohesive look. Get it right the first time with brick& battens exterior home design service. See your home transformation before you commit to costly changes on your largest investment!

Painted Brick Houses With Before And After Photos

Exterior Home Makeover Before and After! | Exterior House Tour

Painting brick is a tried and true way of updating your homes exterior without replacing the masonry. While some brick styles have stood the test of time, others have become dated more quickly. Moreover, many homeowners prefer a solid field color for their home as compared to the natural variety of brick. If youre considering painting your brick home, we have some tips and tricks to ensure your success. In this post weve compiled 15 of our favorite painted brick houses with before and after photos to inspire you.

If youre considering painting your brick home, our expert designers will ensure that your vision comes off without a hitch. Choosing the right color for your type of brick, style of home, and design dreams can be tricky. Our exterior designers take into consideration your homes environment, the condition of the brick, and your preferences to create the best design possible for your particular home. Get started today!

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How Long Did It Take

Every project and house is different, but I thought itd be helpful to give you a sense of how long it took for this to happen at our house. It all occurred over the course of five days, but really it was four when you exclude travel.

  • Day 1: Travel and prep
  • Day 2: Brick on front & chimney side of house get first coat
  • Day 3: Brick on the back & garage side of house get first coat
  • Day 4: Brick on the whole house gets a second coat
  • Day 5: Siding painted, clean-up, and travel

And again, this was with a professional crew of three painters working from about 8am to 6pm straight every day . Lance said typically theyd use scaffolding instead of a lift, but the lift was easier to rent and made them faster. So if your crew uses scaffolding it might add extra time.

After: Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Ripping off gables and a pretty arch to the right of the home was a big risk, but the exterior home remodel certainly paid off. Thoughtful updates, such as a cedar shake roof, an expansive dormer, and a glass-panel front door, transformed the home’s previously lackluster exterior. Painted a crisp shade of white with black trim details, the home now boasts modern farmhouse style. A new paver pathway, planters, and landscaping add curb appeal.

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Before: Less Than Charming

The interior of this 1893 Victorian was full of details, but the exterior had lost its classic touches. The porch was previously removed because of rotting wood and the house was re-sided. A new wraparound front porch and a bold new exterior paint color update the home’s exterior design and change the look of the home completely.

Pros Of Painting Brick Houses

Before And After Painted Brick House

When it comes to painting brick houses, you might find there are a few benefits:

  • Improves curb appeal: whether youre selling your home or just wanting a new look for it, painted brick is a wonderful look. If you choose a deep colour like slate grey or a bright white, you can create strong visual impact to impress buyers or passers-by.
  • Easy cleaning: brick is naturally rough and porous, but coating it with paint means less dirt and debris get trapped inside the holes. Smooth, painted surfaces are easy to clean and a high pressure water wash is enough to do the trick.
  • Protective seal: when you paint over brick, it gives an extra layer of protection from what can often damage brick. Whether acid rain or snow, the paint coating reduces any fading over time as well.

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What Color & Product We Used

I could look at before & afters all day but we wanted to answer your burning questions. First and foremost, the paint we used is a product called Masonry Flat Paint by a company called Romabio and we cant recommend it highly enough. None of this post is sponsored or anything so Im just gonna say that up front because Im about to rave about this paint and it might just sound like an infomercial. It is THAT GOOD. So here we go.

My research kept pointing me in the direction of Romabios Masonry Flat Paint and we can totally see why. The main thing is that its a MINERAL paint thats made specifically for brick, stone, stucco, etc and not a traditional LATEX paint. Latex paints seal brick which can trap moisture and cause damage, but this mineral paint lets the brick breath like it needs to. Its essentially more like a stain but it has an opaque painted looking finish, which is the look we wanted.

It has a ton of other cool things that make it amazing for this type of application and these factors all helped give us the confidence to move forward with the project:

After Googling / Pinteresting a bunch of white exterior colors and consulting with some friends with white houses, we got little masonry paint test pots that were color-matched to these four colors: Sherwin Williams Moderne White , Benjamin Moores Swiss Coffee , Sherwin Williams Alabaster and Benjamin Moores Stonington Gray . Our winner ended up being right at the top: Moderne White by Sherwin Williams.

Painted Brick House Makeover

Im pretty excited to be sharing this post with you guys today. Last year, we moved into our new little ranch home out in the country and we havent looked back since. The house was built the same year that I was in the 80s and the previous owner was an older gentleman that did his best to make some upgrades to the house, but it wasnt truly our style.

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Fix The Broken Bricks

For some minor repairs, consider using concrete caulking to fill in the chips and scraps your bricks have experienced throughout the years. After scrubbing your house down with a power washer, these marks might be more visible. Fixing these cracks might be enough for you to put off a total refacing for a few years.

Painted Brick Home Exterior Makeover Before And After Ideas

Painting a Brick House White

7 Gorgeous Ideas for Painting a Brick Home!

Are you thinking of painting your brick home? Here are some gorgeous examples and tutorials for how to paint your brick home. Some of these homes have tutorials included if you are wanting to DIY, and some of these homes are great for inspiration and pinning! Please be sure to click over to the original source to pin and gather ideas for your project. If you are looking for more home exterior renovation ideas, you would love this post as well: 20 Home Exterior Makeover Before and After Ideas. If youve painted your brick home, Id love to hear about it! Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

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Step : Clean And Prep The Brick

Before painting brick, always clean it thoroughly so that your application of paint better adheres. Dirt and efflorescence should come off with soapy water and some diligent scrubbing with a stiff-bristled brush. Need something stronger? Try trisodium phosphate . A half cup of TSP mixed into a gallon of water ought to do the trick.

Where you encounter mildew, apply a solution of one part bleach to three parts water. After letting it soak for half an hour, proceed to scrub the area with a wire brush. Never use acid cleaning solutions, any of which might compromise your paint job.

Note: If the brick has been installed recently, its essential to allow it plenty of time to dry and acclimate. Wait at least a year before painting it. If the installation has already been in place for decades, check the mortar for signs of damage and repair small cracks with acrylic caulk. With more pronounced issues, repointing the brick may be necessary. Whether or not you make any repairs, remember that brick must be completely dry for the paint to adhere successfully.

After cleaning, delay painting for a period of at least 24 hours.

Trim Windows And Doors As Important Elements To Pair With The Repainted Brick Ranch Home

When you want to repaint your ranch homes brick exterior, you can think about adding new colors for other elements connected directly to the walls for the most excellent result. Of course, in this case, the colors must look compatible with the new brick tone that you pick.

There are at least three elements that we are talking about here. Those include trim, doors, and windows.

To make the explanation easier, you can take a look at the picture above. This transitional ranch house is remodeled, and it got the greige paint to color the brick walls. FYI, the paint used here is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172.

You can see that at least two other colors are companying the greige brick tone from this closer look. The first color is white for the trim and windows.

The second is the grey color of the French doors as well as window shutters. The paint used here is Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain 2134-30.

All these secondary colors look good together with greige brick paint. Particularly for the doors and shutters, we love how the color also has a warm undertone that can match the exterior wall tone very well.

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Pressure Washing Brick Homes

Pressure washing is perhaps the MOST CRITICAL step in the entire process of painting a brick home. Dirty or moldy brick will cause an uneven topcoat most importantly, the paint will lose adhesion and durability.

Not all homes can be cleaned with intense pressure. Washing older brick homes with high pressure or could damage brick mortar.

The force of pressure washers varies and are rated in PSI . Typically, when pressure washing unpainted Brick, its recommended to use a minimum machine rating of 2,500 to 3,000 psi.

Ranch Style Brick Painting

Curb appeal before and after. Paint brick house white. Adds interest to ...

This ranch-style home had previously unpainted red brick that looked dated. After a good powerwash, we masked off the windows and exterior fixtures before priming the brick walls.

We painted the brick and the 2nd story cedar shingle siding the same white color. Sea Pearl by Benjamin Moore is a beautiful off-white color with slightly gray undertones. In turn, this uniform coat made the home look larger and updated.

Last but not least, we painted the shutters, house numbers, and front door a warmer slate grey. The dark gray used was named Raccoon Fur . Correspondingly, it coordinated very well with a warm, creamy brick color like Sea Pearl. This resulted in a simple yet modern brick home thatll look fantastic for years.

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After: French Country Exterior

A former neighborhood misfit, this country French-styled home is now an old-world charmer. Rough stucco slathered over pinkish brick added several inches in thickness to the walls. A new slate roof received a gentle sweep on the ends. Lower windows were swapped for slender exterior French doors with arched tops, paneled bottoms, and iron hardware. The main entry now features an arched, solid-wood door flanked by sidelights that continue its curve. A rustic stone arch crowns the entry. A cut-stone terrace across the front of the house, a rustic flagstone walk, and a low stucco wall that serves as a fence add to the French-country romance.

The Purpose & How To Pressure Wash Brick

In short, pressure washing involves removing moss, mold, mildew, and other grime off the brick and remaining areas. Soap and sodium hydrochloride must be used to kill all mildew and mold before painting can begin. For newer brick homes, trisodium phosphate and muriatic acid are used.

Before pressure washing, spray the Brick down with a mildewcide solution. Keep an even distance away from the wall taking it slow and steady. Cleaning challenging sections with a stiff-bristled brush by hand for best practice.

We also have a more in-depth guide where you will find more pressure washing specifics, but whenever pressure washing, there are a few things to remember:

  • Wear eye protection
  • Avoid using a ladder, if possible
  • Cover or close any outdoor plugs, outlets, or electrical devices
  • Protect shrubbery with drop cloths or plastic sheathing

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