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Other Stores With Paint Samples

Choosing Paint Colors: Decoding the Display

A variety of stores give paint samples, either free or at a ridiculously low price. Some of which are discussed below.

The famous Home Depot-This store can be found literally anywhere. Their paint department has a wide selection of color samples. All the paint sample swatches are free to take home with you.

Sherwin- Williams The Ohio-based paint and coating manufacturing industry provides innovative paint solutions, including free paint samples to all their customers according to their needs.

Benjamin Moore The Benjamin Moore allows you to try on a color before deciding on what you want for your home project. They stock up on peel and stick paint samples that you can either get in store if you have one of their outlets near you, or you can order online through their website, and it will be shipped directly to you.

In 2022 Does Lowes Provide Paint Samples

As of 2022, Lowes customers will be able to take home free paint chips and 8-ounce paint samples both in-store and online.

The Lowes online and in-store paint samples are categorized by color and tone, with more than 1625 paint samples available for under $5.

Stay tuned for further information on the sorts of paint samples that Lowes offers and if you can get them for free.

Does Lowes Offer Paint Samples

If paint swatches do not help you make your decision on paint color, then you also have the option to purchase paint samples from Lowes.

Their paint samples come in half pints and cost around $5.00 to purchase.

A paint sample is a great way to try out multiple colors on a larger area before purchasing a large gallon container of paint.

Paint samples can help to prevent you from having to deal with the hassle of returning paint at all and you can purchase several samples for a reasonable price.

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My Little Trick Is To Buy Paint In The Middle Of A Weekday Vs At Night Or The Weekend

Why? Because many times the weekend paint desk staff is flex or part time help and they dont have the knowledge needed to access the data base.

Here is a real life example at my house during my master bathroom remodel.

My GO TO cabinet and furniture paint is Valspar Cabinet & Furniture Enamel.

Ive written some lengthy tutorials and helpful information about it in the following posts:

Why I tell you this is because I fell in love with Benjamin Moores Decorators White with my tile, but wanted to paint my cabinets with Valspar Cabinet & Furniture Enamel.

However, this paint brand is only available at Lowes Home Improvement Stores.

So how did I magically achieve this color from Benjamin Moore in a Valspar branded paint?

Didnt you know I am Tinker Bell and can wave my magic wand and poof make it appear?

LOL! NO, but I do know a LOT about paint because I worked for Valspar for 5 years in the Lowes group.

Valspar is owned by Sherwin Williams and our group trained the Lowes Paint Department staff about our products.

Plus we studied all of the paint manufacturers brands features and benefits, so when I tell you this is possible its DEFINITELY possible.


Its called CUSTOM COLOR MATCHING my friends!

Here is Valspar Cabinet Enamel tinted on 3/26/19 in Decorators White my proof!

If you want to paint your cabinets this color, just take a screen shot of this and show it to the paint desk associate for guidance

Does Lowes Give Free Paint Samples

Valspar 8 oz. Paint Sample

Lowes has launched a Buy A Sample initiative allowing customers to purchase paint samples at any of its stores.

While the manufacturing process for chips is pretty standard, they have to have an exact quantity with the same manufacturing process.

The retailer has to sell eight-ounce samples of the product for customers to purchase.

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What Types Of Paint Samples Does Lowes Offer

Lowes sells Paint Samples to help customers decide which paint to use for what project.

You can also get instant paint samples to make your own designs and then easily remove them later. These are also available for a few different brands of paint in various colors.

When you order the paint you can request the paint sample base that is used underneath the product for a nicer finish.

Apart from that, here are the other types of paints you can sample from Lowes: Clear coat, primer, and finishing.

Lowes has different color samples, so you can easily pick out which one you want to apply.

Can You Return Paint At Lowes

Lowes offers hundreds of different paint colors to fit the needs of any paint project.

While painting can be a fun project, it can also be extremely stressful to find the perfect shade you are looking for.

Regardless of whether you have already purchased paint from Lowes or you are thinking about using Lowes for your next project, you are probably wondering if you can return your paint to Lowes.

Here is what you need to know about Lowes paint return policy.

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Final Thoughts On Lowes Paint Samples

Overall, paint samples are no longer free at Lowes, but you will find that shelling out a few dollars for samples at the beginning of a large project is worth it. This ensures you are getting the exact color that you want for your home.

Whether you already know what color you want, or you want something customized, Lowes is able to handle all sorts of paint requests.

Therefore, if you are looking to paint a room in your house, there is no reason not to head into your local Lowes to get a few paint samples to try before you commit to painting an entire room.

What Kinds Of Paint Samples Does Lowes Provide

Your Benjamin Moore Paint Store

There is a wide choice of paint samples for sale at Lowes, from various manufacturers and application methods.

As an example, instead of painting with a brush, you may use peel and stick paint samples. Samples of paints may also be purchased for use as a basis for your preferred color.

Additionally, Lowes offers the following options for you to test out:

  • Interior and exterior paints

The paint samples at Lowes are organized by color and tone, making it easy to select the color you wish to test.

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Stick To Smaller Sizes

One trend among paint companies has been to offer larger paint samples than ever before. While this does help you to see more of the paint color on the wall, you also have more unwanted color that you need to cover up.

Not just that, unwanted paint color samples must be disposed of, especially since they aren’t suitable as a true paint product. Leaving a paint can open over time will help the paint eventually harden. Better yet, use an inexpensive paint hardener from your local paint store or home center.

What A Paint Color Sample Is

Paint color samples are liquid portions of a paint-like product, ranging from 7.2 ounces to around 30 ounces.

Paint color samples are meant to be applied to the actual surface that will be painted. Paint samples cannot be removed from the surface they must be painted over.

Paint samples, physically, as not the same as the eventual paint that you may buy. The pigments are the same since the purpose of the sample is to represent color. But paint color samples don’t have the same body as real paint.

Paint samples are available from both paint stores, such as Sherwin-Williams, and from large home centers and hardware stores, such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware.

Because paint samples are temporary coats of paint, they must later be top-coated. Even during use as a sample, they tend to look streaky. So a second coat of paint sample is recommended.

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How Does Paint Matching Work At Lowes

Lowes does paint matching for people who may have a color in their home or on a cabinet that they want to match but do not know the exact paint color.

Since paint comes in a wide variety of shades, it can be important to get the exact color correct.

A spectrophotometer is used to match paint colors at Lowes.

This machine measures the number of photons, also known as the intensity of light, that are absorbed after it passes through a sample.

For the machine to properly match a color, you need to provide a one-inch square sample, whether that is a sample of the paint that is already on the wall or cabinet, or Lowes can also match a paint color to a fabric.

Once you have your paint match, it is recommended that you get a sample of the paint color to try next to your original color in order to ensure that the new paint matches.

It can be difficult to get the exact color.

Everything You Need To Know About The Lowes Paint Return Policy

Valspar Yellow Paint Samples at

Lowes allows you to return most of the products they offer in their retail stores and online shop, including liquid paint. In case you are not satisfied with the paint you purchased at Lowes, you can return it for a refund or an exchange with a comparable can of paint.

Lowes may also decide to issue in-store credit that matches the price of the paint. This way, you can buy another product at Lowes for the amount you were offered.

Customers can return exterior or interior Lowes liquid paint within 30 days from the moment of purchase.

If you want to get a refund or an exchange for the paint you dont like, your return request must meet the following conditions:

  • The paint or the container is not purposefully damaged
  • You need to return the paint in the original container
  • You have a matching receipt, order barcode, or alternative proof of purchase
  • The paint needs to be returned in a nearly pristine state, i.e., like new

The company reserves the right to limit the guarantee they offer for liquid paint products.

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Paint Color Matching Example At Lowes

Im going to walk you through the process I used to have paint tinted to match my old kitchen cabinets for a touch up job.

The color match was EXACT!

Remember, this can be done using a paint chip sample as well!

Luckily, I have a friend behind the paint counter at my local Lowes store.

He nailed it using his own coloring abilities not a machine.

So after years of working together, he was nice enough to let me document the custom tinting process so I can teach you how it works!

How Do You Know How Much Paint To Buy

In order to figure out how much paint you need to buy, you will need to determine the size of the area you are painting.

You will want to measure the space you are painting and figure out how many square feet it is.

Once you have determined the square footage, then you will also want to determine if you are going to be applying multiple coats of paint.

Each gallon of paint will cover approximately 350 to 400 square feet.

Most of the time, you will need at least one coat of primer and one coat of paint, but many times, you might need multiple coats of primer and paint depending on if you are covering up a dark color with a lighter color.

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Can You Return Paint To Home Depot

Home Depot does offer a paint satisfaction guarantee and will allow you to return paint if you are not 100% happy with it.

The Home Depot paint return policy is very similar to Lowes paint return policy.

You have 30 days to return the paint to Home Depot and must provide an original receipt or proof of purchase.

They do allow you to return opened paint if you have your original receipt and it is in the original container.

Similar to Lowes, you cannot return mixed or tinted paint to Home Depot.

However, they will adjust the color for you free of charge if you are not happy with the way the mixed or tinted paint color turned out.

What Types Of Paint Can You Not Return To Lowes

How to Paint Interiors: Color Selection [2/12]

Lowes accepts returns on most types of paint, but there are certain types that they will not let you return.

You cannot return spray paint, any mixed paint, paint that has been tinted lighter or darker, or chalk paint.

Paints that are mixed and tinted are sometimes difficult for them to try to resell so they will not allow you to return them.

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Lowes: Paint Samples Just $99

02/26/2016 By Charlene

Lowes is offering paint samples for just $.99 right now. I LOVE these sales as these little samples are perfect for smaller projects or just if you want lots of options to actually see inside your home.

This sale applies to any color and any brand and runs through 2/29.

Check out this adorable picnic table I painted last summer using these exact paint samples from Lowes:

Can I Return Lowes Paint If Its Used

Lowes accepts returns of liquid paint containers that are unsealed, as long as you used only a portion of the paint before returning the product. If that portion matches a small test amount of paint, your return request is likely to be accepted.

Lowes reserves the right to exchange the paint for a matching product or issue in-store credit instead of monetary compensation if it determines you used a large portion of the paint.

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Paint Color Sample Tips

Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 13 years.

The Spruce / Sanja Kostic

Using a paint color sample on your walls, ceiling, cabinets, or whatever you want to paint is the best way to determine the final look. Online paint color visualizers and paint cards do have their place but nothing can match the fidelity of real paint pigment in real life.

How To Use A Paint Sample The Right Way

Valspar 8 oz. Paint Sample

Paint samples come in either liquid form as testers or in solid form as swatches. Paint samples or testers are bottles of liquid paint ranging from 2 ounces to 8 ounces that are applied directly to your wall or to a piece of white foam board or scrap drywall.

Do not apply to bare cardboard, as this is too absorbent. Solid paint swatches are thick paper squares or rectangles representing paint colors. These come either loose or bound as palettes in graduated form.

Liquid paint samples allow you to use disposable foam brushes or rollers, or even real brushes, to apply sample paint to your walls. Create a coverage box with painter’s tape and stay within that box as you apply the sample.

With 8-ounce paint samples, you have 1/16th of the volume of a gallon of paint. Since a gallon of paint typically covers 400 square feet, with an 8-ounce sample you can cover as much as 25 square feet. Read the instructions on the tester, as some paint samples only cover about 16 square feet.

For a one-wall application such as an accent wall, you will be able to create a 5-foot by 5-foot square of test paint. For entire rooms, it is beneficial to coat all four walls because of shifting natural light during the day and artificial light at night. This amounts to about 6 1/4 square feet of test paint per wall .

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Hgtv Home By Sherwinwilliams Armitage Grey Interior Eggshell Paint

Shop by color or use to fit your needs. Find quality paint samples online or in store. Find a variety of quality home improvement products at or at your local lowe’s store. Find a store near me.

image credit :

Grey Paint Samples Lowes – Shop paint samples at lowe’s. Shop paint samples and a variety of paint products online at Grey Paint Samples Lowes.

image credit :

Grey Paint Samples Lowes – Find a store near me. Shop paint samples at lowe’s. Grey Paint Samples Lowes.

image credit :

Grey Paint Samples Lowes – Find a variety of quality home improvement products at or at your local lowe’s store. Shop by color or use to fit your needs. Grey Paint Samples Lowes.

Is Lowes Paint Match Accurate

Lowes paint matching is an accurate process. Although the results depend on the samples you bring, the spectrophotometer will give you at least 90% accuracy, which is pretty decent.

Lowes paint matching isnt only accurate but also relatively fast. The process takes a few minutes, and you should have your new paint in no time.

Does Lowes guarantee a paint match?

According to Lowes paint colorguarantee, you can return any paint bought at its stores within 30 days of purchase if unsatisfied with it. You need to return the paint in its original container plus the purchase receipt to any of Lowes store locations within this period. If they accept your return, Lowes will replace the paint with a comparable paint per their return policy.

However, Lowes wont accept your return if its due to application errors or if it was a paint color sample. Theyll also reject returns if they suspect fraud.

How long does it take for Lowes to match paint?

After taking your paint sample to Lowes, theyll analyze and match it in 1-5 minutes. After matching the paint, theyll give you a quote based on the type of paint you need and the amount.

Lowes paint matching services customer reviews

Overall, Lowes have negative customer reviews about their paint matching services. According to customer feedback, they cannot match the color exactly as shown in the sample. In one of thereviews, a customer complained of subpar customer service after complaining about the color match.

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