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Does Paint Go On Sale

Home Depot Debbie shares painting tips and tricks

We were actually wondering about this recently because lets be honest here, PAINT IS EXPENSIVE! Dont get us wrong, we think painting a space is WELL worth the investment because its a DIY project that can instantly and dramatically transform any space. But the cost of paint adds up quickly like really, really quickly. These days a gallon of paint can run over $50!

Thats when we started thinking, does paint ever go on sale?! And if so, we need ALL the details because this $50 a gallon business is getting old.

Enter lots of research and an annoying amount of questions for Bs dad . The good news for all of us is that we got some answers, and the GREAT news is that paint DOES goes on sale! Heres the scoop:

Where Can I Find Home Depot Oops Paint

You can find Home Depot Oops Paint in the store only, not online. Typically this paint is displayed close to the counter in the paint department. If you cant find it, ask a sales associate to direct you to the correct shelf. If you get a confused look, ask for mistinted paint. We spotted the Oops Paint rack near the end of one of the aisles at a nearby Home Depot. The amount and selection will vary depending on, well, how many mistakes in mixing have occurred. Your chances are higher after holiday weekends when a lot of DIY weekend warriors tend to tackle home improvement projects. Think right after Memorial Day and Labor Day, for example.

Pay Attention To The Cents

This one comes from my article on Cracking the Price Tag Code. Pay attention to the cents on the Home Depot price tag.

If the item has an ending price of .06, it means the product is on clearance and will be lowered again in 6 weeks.

If the price ends in .03, its a final markdown and will be removed from the warehouse in 3 weeks if not sold.

By looking for items ending in .06 or .03 youre guaranteed to get a low price.

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When To Shop To Save The Most On Appliances Home Decor Tools & More

Anyone who shops at Home Depot knows theyll find savings on appliances, tools, flooring, and gardening supplies all year long. But not all sales are created equal, and there are some times of year youll score bigger discounts than others. The Groupon Coupons team charted out Home Depots seasonal sales to uncover what you should buy when to save the most. Hot tip: Check out our collection of Home Depot coupons for ways to save every day.

Home Depot Black Friday Sale

Home Depot Behr Paint Sale
  • What Goes on Sale:Pretty much everything, with some in-store deals you cant find online.
  • Typical Discounts: In 2020, Home Depot ran deals for 40% off select appliances and $60 off Ninja Foodi 6.5-quart pressure cookers.
  • Tip: Do. Not. Miss. This. Sale.

True-blue Home Depot shoppers know that the Home Depot Black Friday Sale is nothing to sneeze at. Youll find savings around every corner of the store. We think the discounted multi-piece tools and small kitchen appliances will make for great holiday gifts.

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White Paint Vs Base Vs Primer

Many times white paint, base paint, and primer are confused with one another, especially now that many white paints are formulated with primers. Here are the differences:

  • White paint: A white paint is a neutral topcoat of paint.
  • Base: A base is a clear or white medium used to mix the pigments to create a paint color. Some professional painters use a non-tinted base on top of a primer and before a topcoat to add durability to the paint job. However, other painters may refer to base paint as the first layer of a paint job that comes after the primer.
  • Primer: A primer differs from paint in that it’s specially formulated with a mix of resins, solvents, and other ingredients to seal porous surfaces , hide surface discoloration, and help topcoats of paint to better adhere to the wall.

Home Depot Labor Day Sale

  • What Goes on Sale:Grills and patio furniture
  • Typical Discounts: In 2020, Home Depot offered $30 off a Nexgrill 5-Burner Gas Grill.
  • Tip: This is by far your best chance for end-of-summer savings.

If you can hold off all summer, youll find the steepest discounts on grills and patio furniture during the Home Depot Labor Day Sale. Why? This is typically when stores slash prices on end-of-season products to get ready for fall.

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Can I Stock Pile On Paint Now And Use It Later

So what if the paint is on sale this weekend, but you really dont need it until later this year? Youre a savvy shopper and we love that and we say GO FOR IT! Many of these stores will allow you to buy the paint now and bring back the paint months later to get it mixed into the color youll eventually need. Just make sure to check with your specific store first and make sure to save your receipt so that you can prove you bought the paint in that store.

Rookie Tip:If for some reason your paint job gets pushed back further than you anticipate, make sure the paint stays in a climate controlled place so that it doesnt freeze over the winter.

3. What If I Miss the Sale?

Well if youre not super picky on the exact color, you may still be in luck to get a discount on paint. Usually, all paint stores or large hardware retailers have a super clearance section for misfit paints, or as the professionals call it the mis-tints . This collection of perfectly good paint is on super-duper sale because it was mixed with the wrong color or mixed with a different shade than anticipated or desired.

Another way to find paint that is discounted is by checking to see if the paint store or large hardware store is selling discontinued colors for a discounted rate. Just because the brand isnt making that specific color anymore doesnt mean that it wont look amazing in your space.

Home Depot After Christmas Sale

Don’t Let Home Depot Steal Your Paint Rebate Gift Card
  • What Goes on Sale:Christmas decor like holiday lights, lawn ornaments, and artificial Christmas trees.
  • Typical Discounts: Youll find savings of up to 50% on most decor, but shop the clearance section for even bigger discounts.
  • Tip: Miss the After Christmas Sale? Youll get another chance to save next year by shopping for holiday decor during the Black Friday sale.

As soon as the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays are over, youll start to find steep discounts on holiday decor. This is a great time to upgrade your holiday lights, stock up on ornaments, or switch to an artificial tree .

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Buy Paint On A Holiday Weekend

Having worked in the paint department, I am quite familiar with the times of the year when Behr paint goes on sale.

The dates to remember are any long holiday weekend, especially between the months of April and October.

So think Memorial Day, Fathers Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day.

Paint will be $5 off per gallon and $25 off for a 5 gallon bucket.

Sometimes youll have to mail-in a rebate to get the discount and sometimes youll get it when you checkout.

If youre planning a big paint purchase you can save a good chunk of change by timing your purchase to coincide with one of these holiday weekends.

One Way To Save: Home Depot Oops Paint

New projects are fun, but they can cost you quite a bit. Paint can cost a lot more than you think. Paint varies in price from $15 to more than $80 per gallon.

Luckily, Home Depot, one of our favorite DIY megastores, can help affordably gear you up for your painting project needs. They even offer a pretty cool way you can save tons on your paint, which you probably didnt even know about. Its called Oops Paint, and all it requires is that you are flexible on your color choice. You can find gallons of paint for around $5 to $10, and pints for $1 or even less in some cases. If its been sitting on the shelf for a bit, your bargain just got better.

For comparison, full-priced gallons of paint from brands we found on the Oops Paint rack cost around $40.

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Home Depot Presidents Day Sale

  • What Goes on Sale:Appliances, bath items, and storage
  • Typical Discounts: This sale usually offers up to 40% off select appliances and storage solutions.
  • Tip: In between sales, check out our Appliances sales calendar.

The Home Depot Presidents Day Sale is the perfect time to stock up on cleaning tools and storage solutions to make your home neat and tidy. Keep an eye out for discounts on items like iRobot Robot Mops, Shark vacuum cleaners, and garage cabinets.

Want more Home Depot savings? Check out our Home Depot Appliance Sales Calendar.

Behr And Glidden Are Popular Paint Brands At The Retailer

Behr Premium Plus Ultra Exterior From Home Depot

Deane Biermeier is an expert contractor with nearly 30 years of experience in all types of home repair, maintenance, and remodeling. He is a certified lead carpenter and also holds a certification from the EPA. Deane is a member of The Spruce’s Home Improvement Review Board.

The Spruce

If you’re standing in Home Depot’s interior paint section now, you may be wondering which of the store’s two main brands to choose from, Behr or Glidden, or if one of the other attractive contenders is the right pick.

Paint contractors may tell you to skip Home Depot altogether and instead purchase from a standalone store like Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore. But if you’re on a budget, or working on a smaller project like a kid’s room or a guest bathroom, Home Depot paints are perfectly acceptable.

Plus, any tools you may need to get the job done, such as ladders or sprayers, are right there at your fingertips. So the question remains: Which paint brand should you choose?

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Find The Oops Section

Many Home Depot stores keep a small, discreet section of what’s termed “oops” paints. It’s the perfect section to look for colors for small paint jobs. These incorrectly mixed paints, damaged containers, or returned paints are sold at a substantial discount. Look for the tiny oops section usually located close to the paint mixing area.

Look For Damaged Packaging

This tip involves looking for damaged boxes or packaging when shopping at The Home Depot and politely asking for a discount.

I did this recently on a damaged kitchen sink box when doing an interview with Inside Edition.

The box had a slight tear in one of the corners and I asked for a 15% discount and they offered to take 10% off for me.

Managers want to get rid of anything even slightly damaged so use this to your advantage and save some money.

Be sure to click below to read all of Loris great Home Depot money-saving tips:

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Durability And Ease Of Cleaning

Quality paint is durable and easy to clean. You don’t want paint that rubs off the wall when you’re trying to clean up unexpected food splatters in the kitchen or marks on the wall in your kids’ playroom. A good brand of paint will adhere to the wall and provide better protection. The durability of the paint will also give you peace of mind of the knowledge that you won’t have to paint any time soon .

The paint finish that you use will also help with the ease of scrubbing that wall, but a better grade of paint is both durable and scrubbable no matter the finish.

These Are The Best Home Depot Paint Colors

How To Get 40% Off On Behr Paint At Home Depot

Design: Blue Copper Design Photo: Life Created

If you want to totally transform the look of your space without investing too much time or money, we’d like to introduce you to The Home Depot’s immense paint collection. Whether you’re learning toward moody and dark or cheerful and light, you’ll definitely believe in the power of paint after seeing how quickly it can transform your interiors. We asked The Home Depot’s Sarah Fishburne to guide us through the color schemes that will give your space the stylish boost it needs.

Meet the Expert

Sarah Fishburne is The Home Depot‘s director of trend and design. She manages the company’s team of designers, develops products, and identifies trends in merchandise.

Below, Fishburne explains why these hues should be considered for any paint jobs you may have in store.

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Price Bulk Vs Smaller Quantities

Buying in bulkmeaning a five-gallon bucketdoesn’t always pay off. Before you grab that bucket, price it out on a per-gallon basis and see if single gallons might be cheaper or more practical for your needs.

For example, you may only need three to four gallons of paint for your job, which means a five-gallon bucket could be overkill and overpriced for your project. Sometimes, the price per gallon and the price for a five-gallon bucket are extremely close, and, other times, the bucket is a better deal. Prices may vary near you, so always do the math to find your best buy.

Home Depot Paint Stick Sanders

Paint sticks are free at any Home Depot paint department. Naturally, Home Depot paint sticks work great as as paint stirrers, but theres are a few other uses for them as well. A little bit of glue and some sandpaper can transform a free paint stick into a custom sanding tool. If youd like to kick it up another notch, glue a few paint sticks together and then carve them into a curved shape. Adhere sandpaper and youve got a custom curved sander, perfect for sanding unusually shaped objects.

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Where To Buy Paint Online

The key thing to remember about the pending paint shortage is that it’s just that: pending. That means that there are still plenty of retailers with paint inventoryfor now. You can shop in-store or online at home improvement mainstays like The Home Depot or Lowe’s or at major retailers like Target or Walmart. You’ll also find a generous selection of paint types and colors at

Here’s where you can still order paint online:

Paint Can Opener As A Mini

Home Depot Memorial Day Paint Savings: Up to $20 off Select Paint via ...

Freely available from your local Home Depot paint department, these tiny metal devices make surprisingly great utility tools. The looped end lets them be stored on pegboard hooks or a tool bag carabiner. Their hooked pry lip makes for a relatively gentle pressure point, especially when combined with a scraper.

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Are You A Veteran

Every day, The Home Depot offers a 10-percent discount to all active duty military personnel, reservists, retired or disabled veterans and their immediate families on purchases up to $500. Customers looking for this discount need to present a valid military identification card. However, ask before trying to use the military discount in combination with other store sales or discounts.

Buy A Discounted Gift Card

A little known way to save money at the warehouse store is to buy a Home Depot gift card for less than the face value at a website like or

This works especially well if youre doing a big home improvement project and know youll be making some large purchases because the bigger the gift card, the bigger the savings.

For example, you can save 8-9% on gift cards with a balance over $100. Easy money.

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Paint Stick Push Tool

When it comes to working with saws, safety is paramount. But if you can get safety alongside great value, then you almost cant go wrong. Keep your free Home Depot paint sticks in a PVC tube near your table saw, and youll never have an excuse not to use a push stick the next time youre ripping a board.

This Is The Best Time To Go To The Home Depot

How to Choose Paint: A DIY Digital Workshop | The Home Depot

Its time for that home improvement project youve been putting off. Whether its an updated bathroom, new flooring or painting the nursery, Home Depot

Its time to finally start that home improvement project youve been putting off. Whether its a bathroom update, new flooring or painting the nursery, The Home Depot has you covered. As one of the largest home improvement stores in most markets, there are deals to be had at the big-box chain, you just need to know when to go.

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Home Depot Memorial Day Sale

  • What Goes on Sale: Appliances, outdoor furniture, and grills
  • Typical Discounts: In 2021, Home Depot offered up to 20% off small kitchen appliances. They also offered $50 off Weber Grills with free delivery.
  • Tip: Use these sales to get yards summer-ready for less.

Late spring and early summer are when Home Depots Garden Center spills outdoors with colorful rows of flowers, plants, and bushesand the Memorial Day Sale is when you can save on them. The sale can also help you tame outdoor living spaces with lawnmowers and insect repellents, as well as beautify them with patio furniture, grills, and pergolas.


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