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How Good Is Home Depot Paint Matching Can They Match From A Paint Chip

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From my own experience, I would say Home Depot is highly accurate at paint matching for 95% of the colors. The other 5% of the time, they will be off by a shade or so.

This can also be verified by mixed reviews Home Depot has for its paint matching services from different customers.

In my opinion, this is not because of negligence but generally due to the fact that colors can appear different when they are in liquid form vs. on a paint chip.

  • That said, if you bring in a sample of the color you want to be matched , they will be able to get it right almost every time.
  • Even if you bring the readable size paint chip or swatch from other stores, Home Depot will be able to get a perfect color match for you with no issues.
  • The same goes for if you use their ProjectColor software online. This is because the software uses a digital image of the color, which is more accurate than a physical sample.

Many of the color recipes and formulations of popular paint brands are included in Home Depots database, allowing the computer to provide a match for the majority of paints.

But lets say you bring the photo of color already on your old walls to get the exact match shade it might not be possible to get an accurate match.

This is because the aged color has already been mixed and has already been there for years facing different types of environmental conditions, so it might have changed shades.

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Does home depot re-tint my paint for free?

The bottom line

Does Home Depot Have A Color Match Guarantee

Home depot doesnt guarantee paint matches.

Can you match paint from a picture?

ColorSnap by Sherwin-Williams offers color matching from your phones camera or photo library. Sherwin-Williams offers an app called ColorSnap Match, that allows you to upload an existing photo or take a new photo to find paint colors that match it. The app is free and works on iOS and Android devices.

Choose A Paint Finish

A paints finish, or sheen, refers to the amount of light a paints surface reflects. Paint that reflects a lot of light appears shiny and makes a room brighter. Paint that reflects very little light appears smooth and flat and makes a room feel cozier.

Below are the types of paint finishes available:

  • Matte paint: also known as flat paint, absorbs most light and creates a smooth, almost chalk-like appearance. Matte finish paints are commonly used for ceilings. When dry, matte paints appears lighter than their swatch colors.
  • Eggshell paint: has a low sheen with a soft, smooth finish like an eggshell. Eggshell paints stay true to their swatch colors when dry.
  • Satin paint: has a soft and pearl-like finish. This is one of the most popular finishes for paint. Like eggshell paint, satin paint finish does not affect the paint colors appearance.
  • Semi-gloss paint: has a shiny, sleek appearance that brightens a room by naturally reflecting light. On the wall, semi-gloss paints appears darker than the swatch color.
  • High-gloss paint: reflects the most amount of light of any paint finish. It is very shiny in appearance. Generally, high-gloss paint is used for accents such as doors, moulding and cabinets rather than on walls. Like semi-gloss, a high-gloss finish makes colors seem darker than their swatch.

Tip: If walls have slight imperfections, choose a color in an eggshell or matte paint. These finishes hide defects.

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Interior Paint Colors By Brand

Oftentimes, youll be considering paint colors from specific brands as a homeowner.

In this case, your paint crew may have a preferred painting brand or a specific paint store may be located nearby. The most frequented stores include colors from specific paint brands. These include Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Home Depot, or Lowes stores.

To make things easy, were going to highlight our best picks for interior paint colors from brands carried by each store.

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Can Home Depot Match Paint

�How To Color Match Paint Home Depot Free Download

Home Depot offers a wide selection of paint products, including exterior, interior, and specialty paints. If youre buying paint from Home Depot, you may get a lower price than you would if you went to your neighborhood paint store. But can Home Depot match another paint? Heres all you need to know.


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Cons Of Color Muse Paint Match App

  • Not intuitive to use or consumer friendly
  • Color matching wasnt accurate
  • Colors that were matched actually were all over the place
  • Much of the ways you would use it arent needed when matching a paint color

Now that they have my email Ill keep the app on my iPhone.

It will be a good research too in general. For instance, search Repose Gray to see who makes that paint color.

Do you want a lower tech way to match a paint color? Ive got a solution for that too!

Tips For Decorating With Paint

Use Chalkboard Paint to Create a Command Center

An accent wall or portion of an accent wall painted with chalkboard paint provides a fun and versatile way to track the family schedule, make running grocery lists, or jot down notes in a home office. Chalkboard paint doesnt have to be black, this effect is available as a mix-in that can be used with your choice of paint colour to create a fun and functional space. This project is a great kitchen paint solution and can even be applied to the cabinets themselves.

Spray Paint Decorative Objects and Small Furnishings

Any decorative accent can look like new again with a few coats of spray paint. Plant stands, small tables, vases, and even sculptures can be transformed with a little imagination and a few dollars worth of paint. Use fun pops of colours, especially in childrens bedrooms and play areas.

Give Your Garage a Fresh Finish

There are an array of paints and epoxy finishes designed specifically for use on concrete floors, such as the garage. These paints can eliminate old oil stains and provide a finished look to the space. Their easy-clean finish makes them a great choice for finishing a workshop or concrete patio.

Stain Furniture for a Cohesive Look

Repaint Doors and Trim

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Refresh Your Room With Paint

Nothing is as transformative for a space as a fresh coat of paint. This essential step in the interior and exterior decorating process provides limitless possibilities with paint colours, finishes, and overall looks. The Home Depot carries a wide selection of paints and coatings to choose from, including acrylic paint, oil paint, and latex paint.

How Does Paint Mixing Work At Home Depot

How To Paint A Room | DIY For Beginners

To have your paint mixed at Home Depot, you will follow a slightly different set of steps depending on whether you are purchasing new paint or having paint youve already purchased re-mixed or tinted.

To have your pre-purchased paint mixed at Home Depot, simply follow these steps:

  • Visit your local Home Depot store with your paint
  • Visit the counter in the paint department and let them know what you need
  • In just a few minutes, your paint will be ready to take home
  • If you are purchasing new paint from Home Depot, follow these steps:

  • Visit your local Home Depot and choose which paint youd like to purchase
  • Choose a color from the paint sample cards or have a custom color match sample ready
  • Find the paint department counter and let them know you need your paint to be tinted and mixed
  • In just a few minutes, your paint will be ready to take home
  • Its important to be aware that in some cases, Home Depot might not be able to mix old paint. When paint gets too old, it dries out and can accumulate things like rust, corrosion, or even dust if its been stored improperly. So, if your paint isnt in great condition to start off, Home Depot might not be able to help.

    Its also important to know that once paint has been custom tinted, it cannot be re-tinted, returned, or exchanged.

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    Can Home Depot Match Paint Colors From Other Things

    In addition to paint chips and old cans, Home Depot can match colors from other materials, such as plastics, drywall, metal, and cloth. Bring in a fabric swatch to be measured by the spectrophotometer if youre serious about having your wall paint color match your new couch.

    Take a little scrap of fabric from below the sofa, or remove the cushion cover, and bring that instead if the furniture retailer didnt offer you with a swatch. One thing to keep in mind is that Home Depot does not have the ability to match transparent fabric.

    Best Paint Color Criteria

    First and foremost, our goal is to save you time and money with this list. You shouldnt spend all weekend ordering test patch swatches and driving to paint stores.

    To simplify the process, the paint colors listed are fairly neutral, easy to match, and can be used in most rooms. Remember, every home is different and the amount of light in a room affects how colors look.

    Accordingly, weve combined past job data, modern search trends, and interior designer favorites to rank paint colors by popularity.

    With this list of the best paint colors for your home, well make the process as simple as possible. Lets start with one of our favorite classic interior paint colors for any room of the house.

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    Try Paint Color Matching Apps On Your Phone

    In this high-tech world, you know there will be an app for that!

    In search of new options, I found a few apps to try and find out which one works the best.

    When you are trying to find out what a color is in a picture, apps can be a great option.

    Just take a screen shot and upload it to an app for a guided color match!

    Can Home Depot Match Paint From Pictures

    Free paint samples from the Home Depot make for a fun, DIY match game ...

    Yes, Home Depot can match the paint color from a photo youve taken or a picture from a magazine. Keep in mind that the same rules apply as beforethe color sample needs to measure a square inch, so you may need to blow up the picture if its not big enough in its original form.

    This method can be problematic because photos dont always represent the true color of an object. If you took a picture of the bedroom wall in your hotel room, for example, the color might be altered in the photo by the light in the room, which could affect how The Home Depots database reads the color.

    Its still possible to come close, so you can always try.

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    What Colors Can Home Depot Mix

    Home Depot can mix any color under the rainbow. Even if you dont find the color youre looking for in Home Depots offering of color samples, you can bring in your own color sample and request a custom color match.

    As far as we can tell, theres literally no color on earth that Home Depot cant match and mix.

    How Do Paint Brands Match Competitors Paint Accurately

    The average paint brand has a catalog of the paints its competitor makes. They get this by studying and matching the color combination and quality. The average matched paint does not produce a perfect duplicate of the original pain. But if the operator is highly skilled, the match can be nearly perfect. If the operator uses, a spectrometer, there is a chance of 90%.

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    During The 20th Century Lashings Of White Paint Obscured The Ornamental Sting Of

    Victorian home interior paint colors. What is the Victorian colour palette. Victorian paint colours. Combinations of these three colors with other rich tones would.

    Paint the inside of windows or that part of the frame nearest the sash light color. Colonial homes survived with Victorian architectural ornament and additions and the lives of early Victorian homes were extended by late Victorian color schemes. Layered Brights Courtesy of Dunn-Edwards.

    Typically green doors and shutters and black sash. As you can see these colors do not necessarily jump out at you but they do command attention and bring life to a room. But if this sounds a bit dramatic for a modern home you can mix this imposing palette with lighter shades.

    SW 0021 Queen Anne Lilac Interior. Interior colors begin to reflect the richness and depth of color of the Victorian period. Deep shades of red green and amber were most popular for Victorian homes according to Interior Design It Yourself.

    Paint something the exact same colour as the walls like these bookshelves extends the eye upwards as well as keeps an area looking a lot more open without losing any kind of functionality. Offers a powdered milk paint formula consisting of lime pigment and purified caseinjust add water and youre ready to paint. Bright-red and rich-yellow accents highlight this Queen Anne-style homes ornate architectural elements.

    Victorian But Want To Keep For Reference Anyway Victorian Kitchen Remodel Kitchen Interior Classy Kitchen

    Does Home Depot Match Paint

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    Home Depot is among the best places to get materials and services for renovating or fixing your home. Painting your walls is probably near the top of your list of do-it-yourself home improvement projects.

    But are you wondering Does Home Depot Match Paint?

    To give your home the right color pallet?

    Well, lets find out

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    Does Home Depot Match The Paint Price

    Home Depot can match any color paint from any of their competitors. But what about the price of their paint?

    Along with a paint match service, Home Depot also has a price match guarantee.

    If customers find an item from one of their competitors that is lower than their own price, the store will adjust the price of the item to 10% lower.

    For example, Lowes has a can of Benjamin Moore matte exterior and it cost $32.27. Home Depot also carries the same paint, but the price at Home Depot is $39.14.

    The customer can show the paint and price to an employee at the Home Depot paint department.

    Once the manager sees the price difference and approves the price change, the customer can buy the same can of paint at Home Depot for 10% less than the original price at Lowes. So, the price will not be $32.27, it will actually be $29.04.

    Home Depot will also match an online price.

    Color Muse Paint Matching App

    Want to know every paint color from 7 different manufacturers?

    This app is omniscient! It has all paint colors and isnt tied to any one brand.

    Initially, I thought this was going to be the best app.

    First, you HAVE to register your email which completely annoyed me.

    Then you come to the home screen, where they ask you to connect a device via bluetooth huh?

    Ok, Im already feeling overwhelmed are you? Nothing about this app was intuitive.

    Then they have random paint colors listed in a color palette that doesnt mean anything to anyone.

    The inspiration was just random colors too.

    Its FULL of paint colors, so if you want to find all of the paint colors called Sea Salt Blue this is the place!

    Finally, I landed on the star icon and was able to add my own picture.

    Same as the other apps you tap the area you want it to paint color match.

    Since this has ALL paint colors I tried that first and NONE of them really matched my dining room wall.

    To give the app a chance, I filtered down to just Valspar colors since that is what I used in this room.

    Im giving this app a failing grade for color selection.

    The colors were not even close to what I used in the room or even on the same paint strip.

    What I do like about the app is you can find any paint color and save your favorites for later.

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    Home Depot Project Color Paint Matching App

    The next app I tried came from Home Depot and recommends paint brands sold in their stores: Behr and PPG.

    Again, no email required just download the app and open to start using.

    That is such a smart idea and where most of our inspiration is stored for later.

    For this exercise, I just pulled existing pictures from my iPhone to use.

    The paint color match on the Home Depot app was IMPRESSIVE!

    After using the Sherwin Williams app and finding the color a bit off, I was pleasantly surprised how well it did with the blues in my home.

    This works the same way, where you add your picture and then find the paint color match.

    They dont auto match your colors for a more personalized approach.

    Instead you click on the area you want to match and then it gives you THREE really good paint colors.

    Pretty nice right? This room photographs differently in different light or if the sun is shining or not.

    On this day it did look more gray versus blue, so this match was really good!

    The original color is Sea Salt Blue, from Valspar.

    Too see how it worked in a kitchen to find wall and cabinet colors, I chose my own kitchen.

    Again the match is really good. In real life, PPG White Lagoon is the closest match to what I used which is Valspars, Winter in Paris.

    For this app, you have to select one color at a time for your three selections.

    All you do is move the pin around to the area you want it to paint match.

    It was fun to just move the pin to my cabinets, without having to leave the picture.


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