Paint Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Introduce A Splash Of Colour With Paint

Small Bathroom Makeover On A Budget 2021!| How To Paint For Beginners+Decor Ideas For Renters

Never underestimate the power of paint! Its one of the quickest and easiest ways to add colour to a bathroom. As this small bathroom shower idea proves it can completely change the mood of the room, and its easy to re-paint if you get tired of it. This lovely coral colour livens up an otherwise plain white bathroom, and the large mirror will bounce light around to make it look bigger than it really is.

Choose Light Colours For Doors Windows & More

Who said light colours can only be used for walls and ceilings? There are many other aspects of the bathroom that you can paint. Dont ignore the fixtures, doors, windows, trims etc. Paint the window frames or wall trim in a lighter colour than the walls. When you do this, the wall appears farther away and makes the bathroom look bigger.

Paint Woodwork In An Inky Shade

Dark, dramatic wall colors are migrating out of living rooms and bedrooms and into bathrooms, too and with good reason: they look elegant and are the perfect backdrop for showing off shapely sanitaryware and pretty accessories. For plastered walls, pick a matt finish for a contemporary appeal for a woodwork or paneling, go for a mid-sheen paint finish, which will help bounce light around the room. Invest in good bathroom lighting, too.

Check out more of our black bathroom ideas if that bathroom is your vibe.

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Maintain The Continuity Of Color

In a small bathroom, the walls are typically the primary color. If youre afraid of using too much color, follow this advice.

Leave the walls in a small space in the same shade as the existing furniture. You can use a chair or stool or even the sink drawer in a small bathroom to do so. This way, your space will appear to be twice as large.

Pay Attention To The Trim

85 Beautiful Small Bathroom Decor Ideas on A Budget

Trim, whether you stain or paint it, will affect the design of your bathroom remodel. When choosing colors for larger surfaces like walls and flooring, its especially vital to consider how the colors will pair with trim.

You can paint swatches of potential colors next to the trim to see how the undertones contrast with the final look. However, you can still paint the trim, even if the shades collide rather than balance.

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Darker Colors For A Bathroom With No Windows

If youre not thrilled with the color choices weve mentioned so far, dont be discouraged. White and neutral colors arent your only option when it comes to choosing the best paint colors for small bathrooms.

Lots of designers go the complete opposite route and choose dark colors for bathrooms without windows and natural light.

Small Bathroom Paint Ideas: Colour Block

Another great way to create the effect of more space is by using two different colours. Strong pigments like Blue 06 can help soften a room so its perfect if youd like to get daring. If you live in a period home, anchor the space by painting the bottom half of the walls in a darker shade. And then why not try white bathroom paint. Using a paler colour, like White 04, paint the upper half for walls that flow into the ceiling and highlight any architectural features.

You can try painting your bathroom cabinets in a different colour to your walls for a fun colour blocking effect .

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Find Bathroom Color Inspiration

Look to magazines or sites like Pinterest to find bathroom color combinations that appeal to you. To map out possible design choices, review fabric, wallpaper, paint chips, and floor samples and pick your favorites. Then create an inspiration board to find common color themes. “Pick colors using objects as your guideâan old celadon teapot, the burnt sienna in a paisley fabric, a blade of grass,” says Sasha Emerson, a Los Angeles designer. “It’s so much more lively than paint chips. I always, always, always start with a thing.”

Darker Color Small Bathroom Paint Ideas


When considering bathroom color ideas, be open to a darker shade. These create a mood of sophistication without the harshness of going full black. The darker colors can also add a sense of warmth and balance to your bathroom.

You could commit to the darker color and paint the entire bathroom. You can then accent your dark wall with a bright white sink, toilet, and tub. Finish the space with a warm metal for the fixtures and highlights of natural wood.

If this sounds like too much dark for you, then pair your dark shade with bright white. If you already have an all-white bathroom, then this is the perfect solution for changing the feel without doing too much work. Paint half of the walls the dark color and leave the others white. If your tile isnt white, then take this into account when choosing the dark color. For a polished looking bathroom, choose a dark color that pairs well with the color tones in your tile.

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Add Contrasting Tones For Drama

In the hands of a design pro, even the most jarring color combinations can look wonderful. It’s not so much the colors but the way they are used, the surfaces they are used on, and their intensity and amount of use. All these factors play an important role in creating effective color contrasts.

When choosing two extremely bold hues, it’s always better to use them both in balance, and limited quantity. For instance, two bold colors can be used on a single accent wall to create an impact. However, drenching the entire room in, say deep blue and stark yellow may not have the best results.

The most common couplings are of primary colors and secondary colors . There are lots of colors that go with pink, but it looks especially striking with blue. The cool shade of pink can subdue the sharp tones of blue, and create an unusual pairing.

This bathroom by 2LG Studio is a good example, where the pink wall tiles partner up with blue-painted cabinets and help create a smart scheme. The two colors hold their own, not dominating the other yet creating a wonderful scheme, lifting the humble small bathroom in the wake.

What Colour Is Best For A Small Bathroom

Greys are extremely versatile and will work perfectly in a small bathroom. Says Justyna Korczynska, Senior Designer at Crown . Crowns Soft Steel is a light grey hue and will give the room more texture than white. Coral is a vibrant and up colour and works especially well in a bathroom to add style and drama – maybe try a coral on one key wall to create a dramatic effect.

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Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams is another VERY popular greige paint color that is perfect to use in small bathrooms.

Its warm tones play well to blue colors and Agreeable Gray works well in rooms with lots of natural or artificial light. It’s a popular choice for farmhouse style design, but can be used with any design style to bring warmth into a space as a neutral paint color.

Best Yellow: The Spruce Spr

Modern Small Bathroom Paint Ideas

The Spruce

Though yellow can be a little overpowering when used in small spaces, we love a bright, cheery yellow paint in a small bathroom with wainscoting or half-tiled walls to add a wonderful pop of color. The Spruce’s Wax Pepper is a sunny yellow with warm, golden undertones. It’s perfect as an accent wall or throughout a whole bathroom. It works in bathrooms with or without a lot of natural light and pairs well with light, warm hues.

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Go For Oatmeal And Add Colour With Accessories

Bathrooms can feel cold and unwelcoming if they’re decorated in pure white but add a hint of creamy brown to the bright white and you have a warm, neutral shade that makes the room glow even on dull days, and definitely under lamplight. And, if you want to switch up the colors in the room, you can do so with an ever-changing array of colorful towels.

Make A Statement With A Coloured Basin

If the thought of a coloured suite fills you with horror, think again, there are some beauties out there now. But if you cant face the whole matchy-matchy thing, why not choose a funky coloured basin?

There are loads to choose from now in fantastic colours and shapes like this square one in peppermint green find similar at Kast . Then team it with striking terrazzo-effect, hexagon tiles in monochrome, then pick up the ochre colour in the painted wall. If this doesnt cheer you up in the morning, nothing will.

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Play With A Light And Dark Contrast

Dark and light colours share a stylish tonal relationship that can work wonders for your bathroom. To achieve this unique and modern look, we recommend using a mid-toned neutral shade like Warm Pewter for the lower areas of your space. This perfectly contrasts a lighter pastel shade like Blush Pink for your upper walls, giving your room a sense of dynamic style.

Paint: Tuscan Glade 3

Paint Shades That Will Open Up A Small Bathroom

How To Paint A Bathroom – Painting Tips From a “Decent” Painter

Small bathrooms can especially be a pain to design. Choosing the right colors and decor are crucial, as you don’t want your bathroom to seem smaller than it already is. You’ll also want to factor in the colors present in the rest of your home the colors in your bathrooms shouldn’t disrupt your flow of design. When looking over all the available paint colors, it also may be wise to grab a sample of the current tile in your bathroom to ensure the new colors you’re bringing in are complimentary.

There are different colors to create the ambiance you’re looking for, according to 21Oak. Colors for the bathroom are typically those that are soothing, but there are also plenty of other colors to choose from if you’re hoping to stay on-trend. There are a plethora of colors to choose from, so we’ve listed some of the best paint colors to use in a small bathroom.

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Paint Shutters To Match Walls

Loved the pink in the bathroom paint idea above? Here’s another way to include it in your bathroom paint color scheme but with a more traditional finish. The palest of pinks on the walls could look somewhat wan, but with the shade on the shutters, chosen to be a few tones darker, the room looks layered and interesting.

Decorate In Cool Blue

Paint walls blue for a refreshing bathroom scheme. Blue bathroom ideas combined with white might be associated with classic interiors but it is increasingly being used to add a crisp feel to contemporary schemes.

An additional ensuite bathroom offers an opportunity for more adventurous decorating, as shown here with the strong wall color and chequered flooring.

Echoing the palette of the bedroom scheme ensures a unified look. When , brilliant azure-blue walls will create a dramatic backdrop for a fresh white bathroom suite. Patrick ODonnell, Farrow & Ball Brand Ambassador states, ‘teal is an impactful bathroom shade against the standard white sanitary ware. Team with the blackest of greens or rich plum-tinged reds’.

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Barely Teal By Benjamin Moore

Give your walls barely-there color with Barely Teal by Benjamin Moore. This teal variation is a soft, pale blend of green and blue, with just the faintest hints of gray.

An 82 LRV gives this color the ability to reflect light into the room. A well-placed mirror or two and the right lighting make your enclosed space feel larger and inviting.

Evoke Purity With A White On White Bathroom Paint Scheme

The Best Colors for Small Bathrooms

will always be timeless and an all-white scheme can make a real statement, great for master bathroom ideas.

Glamorous yet relaxed, mix up different tones of white for a fresh and airy feel. ‘White also works well with brass accessories as it will allow them to stand out against the background,’ explains color expert Judy Smith.

‘This is also true for colored bathroom ceramics or accessories, painting the wall a light color will help them stand-out and be the focal point of the room.’

A white bathroom is more complex than you think. As there are no distractions every choice becomes critical. Wood will warm up a white scheme as will marble, glass and ceramic accessories.

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Small Bathroom Color Ideas To Enhance Space

Transform your perfectly petite bathroom with a cool color hit. From zen den neutrals that shower a sense of Japandi calm, to bubble-up brights full of flair, and twilight shades that plunge a scheme into the dramatic dark side, theres no color palette that a small bathroom cant handle, given the right careful consideration and expert advice.

Justyna Korczynska, Crown color consultant says: Color drenching, especially when using darker brave colors, works best in small spaces like a hallway, corridor or small bathroom. By enveloping a small space in a color, the focus shifts from noticing the size of that space to just appreciation of the shades that surround us.

Treat your small bathroom to a color dipped scrub-up with the freshest bathroom paints for 2022.

Create An Inviting Space With Warm Bathroom Paint Ideas

If your bathroom faces north or has a small window, it’s likely to suffer from poor natural daylight, and may feel cold and unwelcoming as a result. You can fix this with a good bathroom paint idea choice: deep spicy shades calmed by muted naturals will make a bathroom feel instantly welcoming. Ensure the bolder shades have earthy rather than citrus tones, and match them with flooring in a natural material and furniture in dark, richly grained wood for a look that oozes character.

Love this bathroom paint idea? You will love our orange room ideas .

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Theres A World Beyond White

Because of its light, clean appearance and capacity to make a small bathroom feel bigger, white may seem like a modern bathroom color option. However, if all-white rooms arent your thing, it doesnt have to be your norm.

Small bathrooms, such as powder rooms and guest bathrooms, are a great place to experiment with darker colors and designs that you might avoid in broader living spaces. Also, to pack big style into a small room, you can couple a bright wall color with an eccentric floor tile to make a statement.

Best Brown: Farrow & Ball Hardwick White No 5

DIY SMALL BATHROOM REMODEL | Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

The Spruce

It may seem odd that our pick for the best brown is actually called “white,” but Farrow & Ball’s Hardwick White is actually a very light gray-brown shade that’s perfect for a quaint bathroom. It has cool undertones and appears almost chalky on most walls. It’s the perfect color for a more traditional bathroom that is short on space, but not on style.

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Use Color To Create Contrast

Opt for a daring combination in your bathroom by pairing primary colors from the opposite ends of the color wheel.

Red is often considered a brave choice for interiors, but when red bathroom ideas are used creatively it can introduce a welcome burst of energy and flamboyance.

Pale aqua makes a wonderful backdrop for vibrant accents of red that have been given a light-hearted, theatrical note using stripes and checks. And because it’s a fresh shade, it will reflect lots of light, perfect in a small or light-starved room. In this bathroom, a wonderful example of ceiling paint ideas and bathroom wallpaper ideas, the use of contrasting colors feels stylish and unique, establishing a stand-out space.

Make The Most Of Storage

Wall storage is another clever way of keeping your floorspace open while creating plenty of storage for your items. Shelves are an excellent addition and can be easily installed if you dont already have any to work with. You can also install a row of item hooks and attach baskets for a simple and customisable storage option. Wall decorations, like these metal circles, are a creative example of adding both style and functionality to your bathroom. Shelving also presents another opportunity to inject more colour into your home. Why not try something like the image below, which uses Polished Pebble on the walls with Kiwi Crush paint as an accent in the shelf pockets?

Paint: Polished Pebble& Kiwi Crush

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Introduce Pattern With Accessories

Accessories can be an effective element in a small bathroom to supply complementary colors or pretty patterns. “Everyone thinks of walls when they think of color,” says David Bromstad, HGTV designer for the series Color Splash. “But using color in accessoriesârugs, pillows, artâmakes an amazing impression without going crazy on the walls.” Bathroom window treatments are another opportunity to experiment with color. If your bathroom’s view isn’t great, use a contrasting color for focus if the window should stand out, blend the curtains more with the walls.

Streamline Your Paint Colours

The Top 88 Small Bathroom Paint Ideas

Opting for a limited colour palette not only gives your room a refined sense of style, it also helps to make your bathroom feel bigger by reducing visual clutter. We recommend choosing a paint palette of two complementary colours for your walls and fixtures, like Blush Pink and Heart Wood.

Paint: Blush Pink& Heart Wood

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