Paint Ideas For Bedroom With Accent Wall

Use A Marble Backdrop

5 *EASY* DIY Paint Accent Wall Ideas For Every Room In Your Home

There’s nothing more beautiful than natural stone when it comes to adding color, texture, and detail to a space. This centuries-old material, known for its durability can help transform modern bedrooms into vibrant, timeless spaces.

Usually, stone, be it marble, terracotta, or slate is thought of as the ideal material for flooring or counters. Flip this trend on its head and utilize its aesthetics for an accent wall feature. Decorate the wall behind the bed with a stone feature, add long, hanging pendants in gold and create a dynamic appearance.

‘We chose a stone because it’s easier to clean and maintain, and we really liked the colours in the stone, the abstract water colour aesthetic and it is with the color of this marble that we built the palette of this bedroom,’ says Shonali Mahajan, principal designer at Studio Wodehouse .

Transform Your Bedroom With Grey Paint

You can easily transform any room of your home with a little paint. Using various shades of one color like grey for example paired with a bright pop of color like this yellow is a fabulous way to dramatically enhance the overall look and feel of a room. Its the perfect way to brighten up a space without going overboard. Geometric shapes like this accent wall adds depth and dimension while really making the space feel larger than what it really is. Its an eye-catching focal point that didnt exist before this simple and budget-friendly update.

Bold Bright Hexagon Accent Wall For Teen

Looking for clever and creative painted wall ideas? Make a bold statement in your teenagers room with this bright hexagon accent wall. This is a fun conversational piece that brightens up the room. Adding geometric shapes and prints like these incredible blue and orange hexagons is a fun way to add character and style to a bedroom, especially a teens bedroom. Feature your teens favorite colors and make it warp around the bedframe for a visually appealing accent wall that draws interest and really brings so much happiness to a space no matter how big or small.

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Welcome Texture To Walls

Make a feature of the wall by playing with textures. Wooden panelling can add interest to walls that doesn’t have to overpower in the same way pattern or colour perhaps might.

If you can’t envision where to begin with affixing real wood, you can easily fake it these days with highly realistic faux wood wallpapers.

Things You Should Add To Your Medicine Cabinet According To A

20 Trendy Bedrooms with Striped Accent Walls

Boring white walls in your bedroom? It could be time to dress them up a bit. Our viewer Kayla is tired of looking at her boring walls and ready for an upgrade. And it’s no surprise that interior design expert Lauren Makk has a few ideas. These unique accent wall ideas are complete show-stoppersand will probably make your bedroom your new favorite room in the house.

Don’t forget about macrame.

“Macrame is making a huge comeback and it’s not your grandma’s macrame. Now it’s elegant, sophisticatedit got a makeover. Macrame had its makeover and it’s having its moment,” explains Lauren. “So, I found a beautiful macrame hanging that’s perfect for Kayla that was digitally designed for her.”

“It’s lightweight, it’s elegant, it’s affordable. You can hang it on one nail, so it’s renter-friendly. And I think it really adds a mood to her space that’s sophisticated and doesn’t really overwhelm her,” says Lauren.

Go with a statement headboard.

“This is an exaggeration of a headboard, which means instead of just having it right over the bed, it’s elongated it through the room or elevated it up to the ceiling,” explains Lauren. This is an option that’s super DIY-friendly, but can also be done by any local craftsman or you can find them online.

” really just trick the eye into elongating the space, making it look bigger and grander than it is. Plus, what I love about a headboard is you can take it with you when you leave, so it’s a great way to add some style.” Such a creative idea!

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Grey Bedroom Paint Ideas

Painting your walls grey can give your master bedroom a modern feel. Darker greys can give you a hint of sophistication as its closer to black. Lighter greys can be bright and fresh but a softer feel than white.

If you want to with lots of colors, then painting your walls grey is the perfect neutral base color. It blends with all colors, so you arent limited in the color palette you choose.

Sometimes grey can fall flat and look dull. You can avoid this by decorating with different shades of grey. You can also avoid it by adding natural woods for warmth or add metals for shimmer and shine.

For more ideas on how to use greys, check out The Top 60 Best Grey Bedroom Ideas.

Painted Ceiling Bedroom Paint Ideas

Gone are the days of white ceilings. White reflects light and helps the room feel brighter and larger. But modern design trends have proven that white isnt your only option. If you have crown molding, you have the perfect frame for painting your ceiling.

A beautiful subtle effect is to paint your ceiling a slightly darker neutral shade than your molding. This color scheme creates a visual effect of the ceiling being further away than the molding, so the whole room feels taller.

A bold option is to make your ceiling a rich color. If youve chosen a dark color for the walls, continue the color through the crown molding and ceiling. This blends everything together and gives the illusion of a large space.

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Tailor The Space To Suit Your Taste

A feature wall needn’t mean a whole width of a wall. Use the space as you see fit to create the accent that suits your personal taste. Using a few drops of your chosen wallpaper can help to create a mural effect within a dedicated space, say above the headboard between built-in wardrobes.

Utilising this space helps to make the most of the wall’s potential. Making a feature of an awkward sized expanse of wall that would otherwise be rendered a waste, is a great way to add thoughtful detail to the decor.

Neon Signs Gallery Walls Wood And Dramatic Paint Add Personality And Budget

Painting a Bedroom Accent Wall Black | DIY Bedroom Makeover

My Houzz1. Tropical Style in South CarolinaThe Beverly Hills Hotel2. Palm Trees in a Suburb of ParisAnanbô3. Pretty in Pink in Los AngelesFaith BlakeneyLaura Berger4. Black and Shimmery Gold in Tennessee5. Dramatic DIY Accent Wall in a Chicago Homeadd color to her bedroom wallsPolishedLeatherDivine WineTextile Discount Outlet6. Jewel Box Bedroom in HarlemshiboriRectangular Directoire table: Global Views lamps: eBay A7336 Glimmer curtain fabric: Greenhouse Fabrics8. Tropical-Inspired Textiles in a Southern California Room13. Global-Inspired Luxury in a California Suburban HomeImagine Walls15. Abstract Art in an Open Downtown Loft 20. Vintage Stars and Stripes in a Providence, Rhode Island, Bedroom Light fixture: RH outlet24. Green Sign Lights Up a Cool Manhattan Studiorecord label26. 1970s Boho Style is on Point in This Tennessee BedroomFecht Design40. Fun Ferns in a Tween Boys Bedroom42. Printed Landscape Gallery Wall Backdrop in a Harlem Bedroom43. Meaningful and Monochromatic in a Chic Coastal Cottage Bedroom45. Blue Makes a Big Splash in This Jersey City, New Jersey, BedroomPool BlueSaturday Evening Post

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Black Silver Gray And Off

With plenty of accent paints available, chalkboard paint is one that offers an extra dose of fun. Cover one wall with the paint to give you full reign to change the design any time you wantmaking it an ideal choice for kids rooms or a home office.

Even a simple accent wall can breathe fresh, energizing life into any space. Choose from our accent wall ideas and then decorate with framed photos, metallic prints or photo canvases.

Accent Wall Bedroom Paint Ideas

Painting one wall of your bedroom a different color from the rest of them is an easy way to inject color into the space without it becoming overwhelming. Dont be afraid to get creative with your accented bedroom wall.

Choose your favorite color and then choose the perfect wall. Most people prefer the wall behind the headboard, but you dont have to choose this wall. The wall behind your headboard makes sense because its typically a focal point in the room. You can also use your painting ideas as a part of your bedroom design.

Use pieces of wood trim to create a geometric pattern on your accent wall. Paint them the same or a similar shade to the wall. This scheme creates depth and texture. Try mounting the trim in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines.

Another option is to choose something different for the accent wall. You could use chalkboard paint for your wall paint. Youll have a black accent wall, but you also have a blank canvas for being creative or writing notes.

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A Guide To The Best Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Whether youre looking to spice up a small bedroom or completely redo the design aesthetic of a master bedroom, adding an accent wall is the perfect solution.

Accent walls are a mainstay in the interior decorating world for a reason. They can help switch up the design and personality of your bedroom instantly without the hassle of a full bedroom makeover. Theyre also extremely versatile with a wide range of options for any home decorator. From unlimited paint colors to new materials, your accent wall can be as one-of-a-kind as you are.

Excited to explore potential bedroom accent wall design options? Read on and get inspired.

What is an accent wall?

An accent wall, also known as a feature wall, is an interior or exterior wall that is aesthetically different from its surrounding walls. Whether by color, design and/or material, an accent wall stands out from the crowd to create a focal point in any room.

Depending on your personality and style, an accent wall can highlight exactly what you want people to first notice when they enter a room. Additionally, since a bedroom is mainly for your own eyes, an accent wall can be an exciting opportunity to try out new decor ideas or experiment with your interior design style.

Your bedroom is supposed to be your go-to space for relaxation and comfort, so why not guarantee that it matches your ideal home decor?

Which wall should be your accent wall?

5 bedroom accent wall ideas to get inspired

What Is The Best Color For An Accent Wall In A Bedroom

15 Inspirations Wall Accents Colors for Bedrooms

There are no set rules when it comes to the best color for an accent wall in a bedroom.

There are many factors to consider, and it completely depends on your style, preferred color palette, and what effect you want to create.

Emma Bestley, co-founder & creative director for YesColours says, ‘when using colors in a bedroom, its best to think about the tone rather than the actual color itself. We see color as an extension of someones personality, sparked by a memory or part of our culture, so we have limitless possibilities in how we can use color in our lives.’

Your accent wall can either contrast or complement with your overall scheme, so carefully considering how you want the design to sit within the rest of the room is key. An accent wall provides a chance to be bold and brave with color, but if that isn’t your style, as we have explored, there are many subtle and simple options out there to choose from.

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Keep Things Subtle And Sophisticated

If you want to incorporate an accent wall into your bedroom space but do not want to paint a whole wall, why not create a painted paneling feature around your bed, or paint halfway up the wall instead.

Similar to bedroom accent walls, wall paneling ideas are often incorporated in the bedroom on the wall behind the bed, adding inviting character and helping to zone and ground the bed to the room.

In this bedroom, the light blue paneled bedhead adds a refreshing sense of color and texture to the space, with the upholstered pink cushion creating softness. The blue paint has then been extended to the lower part of the wall, establishing a cohesive and unified look that creates a subtle and elegant painted accent wall.

Selecting The Accent Color

  • 1Favor muted colors over bold ones to stand the test of time. Rich, vibrant colors work well for accent walls, but if youre leaning toward a particularly bold statement color, like fire engine red, think carefully before you take the plunge. This is especially true if the color youre considering is a current trend. Trends come and go, and in the long run youll probably be happier with something more neutral.XResearch source
  • Color trends like bright purple and aqua don’t have to be avoided completely! If you’re considering a bold or unusual color, consider a slightly muted shade of that color.
  • If you dont mind painting the room again when youre over the statement color, then you should go for it. If you dont want to paint again in a year or 2, opt for a muted shade.
  • 2Account for the rooms purpose and the mood you want to create. Different colors convey different energies, and these energies can have a significant effect on some people. If youre painting a bedroom, for instance, a red accent wall might be jarring or make it difficult to fall asleep. A color like cerulean blue, which is still a vibrant hue, may create a more calming atmosphere.XResearch source
  • In a room where you want to create energy, like a den or playroom, vibrant options like lime or chartreuse work well. A bathroom might benefit from a calmer green, like seafoam green.
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    Bedroom Paint Pattern Ideas

    Why not bring your accent wall to life with a pattern? You could do this with a single color, two, or several. By creating a pattern on your accent wall, you create a focal point and statement piece in the room. It can also create movement and depth.

    An easy pattern is to create stripes. Vertical lines will make the room feel taller, while horizontal stripes will make the room feel longer. You could also create a geometric feel by using groups of lines running in multiple directions.

    A modern interior design approach is to create an abstract geometric pattern. You can do this by painting the entire wall. Then create random intersecting lines with masking tape. Then paint the entire wall with a second color. When you peel the tape off, the underlying color will get revealed.

    How To Take Your Accent Wall From Basic To Brilliant

    Painting a DARK GREEN Accent Wall Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas 2021

    I decided to focus on Olivers bedroom since were about to transition him to a big boy room in the coming months. But I knew I couldnt just paint a wall. It had to be a little more special than that, explains Elizabeth. Instead of sticking with the standard accent wall ideas like stenciling or removable wallpaper, she decided to add geometric architectural details using pieces of MDF board. And when it came time to choose an accent wall color, not only did she want a quality paint that would apply easily with a pro-level finish, she wanted the color to be as adventurous as her son is.

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    The 35 Best Accent Wall Colors

    Although beige and desert-inspired tone palettes are popular right now, you shouldn’t be afraid to add a splash of color to your residence, and an accent wall is a fantastic way to do it without going overboard. Using an accent wall to provide shade or showcase the décor treasures on your walls is a terrific way to do both. One of the most appealing parts of an accent wall is the opportunity to choose a strong, vibrant color that you may be hesitant to apply throughout the whole space.

    An accent or highlight wall allows you to experiment with color in your space without overwhelming it. Moreover, the location is entirely personal, just as The Spruce mentions. So, if you’re having trouble adding visual appeal to a vast, boxy space, an accent wall might serve as a lovely focal point. When choosing an accent wall color, you can even look for a complementary hue darker or more decadent than the rest of the space. Here are a slew of the most stunning accent wall colors if you’re looking for inspiration.

    Feel Like Vacay Everyday

    Big and bold, this wallpaper’s tropical-inspired jungle pattern is totally on-trend and coordinates perfectly with the bedroom’s rattan headboard. This attention-grabbing paper is a perfect example of what makes an accent wall impactful: covering all four walls with this pattern would be overwhelming but just one wall jungle-licious!

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    A Contemporary Wall Design To Make A Statement

    Dont you just love how the bedding and the wall are one in the same? An accent wall can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint all the way to an elaborate print inspired from your favorite bedding like this shabby chic decorator had in mind. Whether you take a photo of your favorite print and try to find a replica or take it to a shop to have it made into a stencil, either way you will have a stunning accent wall thats uniquely you. Accent walls are great for showcasing your eye for design as well as incorporating your own style and personality into your bedroom.


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