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We Have A Variety Of Colorful American Paint Horses

Moore Ranch / 6J Paint Horses – FOR SALE

In addition to standing DIABLOS PAINTED DOC, and VALENTINES HICKORY, Paynters Paint Ranch features Paint and Quarter horse broodmares from these famous bloodlines: Color Me Smart, JR Red Diablo, Cats Moonshine, Paddys Irish Whiskey, Gunner On Ice, Metallic Cattack, Shining Spark, This One Time, and Hickory Holly Time.

Our get from these bloodlines continue the Paynters Paint Ranch tradition. We are so proud that the horses that we have raised have become reined cow horses, reiners, ropers, cutters, penners, sorters, ranch riders, or just great horses to ride and enjoy for our customers.

Contact us today to breed to DIABLOS PAINTED DOC or VALENTINES HICKORY or to purchase your next winner in the pen or on your ranch! Remember, Doc’s foals have great potential to become your money earning performers! And Hickory is starting out his breeding career with a 2022 one time special. Contact us for details.

Use And Characteristics Of The American Paint Horse

The primary consideration when planning to buy an American Paint Horse is that it is a colour breed, which means both colour and quality are usually essential for registration. Technically, the colour is pinto, which can be found in other types and breeds. Important bloodlines also mark Paint Horses out as a distinct breed. Only American Paint Horse and selected Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred lineages are permitted. Registered breeders who sell an American Paint Horse maintain these strict standards of both ancestry and coat colour patterns. Standing between 15 hands and 16 hands high, the modern American Paint Horse combines a refined appearance with intelligence and strength. Powerful hindquarters that instantly provide forward propulsion when required are also a feature. Coat colours should be a combination of a base colour, such as black, sorrel, chestnut, brown or bay, plus white, although the solid-coloured foals of two registered Paint parents can also be registered. The two basic coat patterns are tobiano, the most common, and overo. Tobiano horses often have solid-coloured heads with markings such as a blaze, snip, star or stripe, with dark colouring on their flanks, and white legs. Overo consists of dramatic splashes of white scattered across the coat, with dark legs. Tovero is a mixture of both, and there are subdivisions of overo colouring, such as sabino and splashed white.

Horses For Sale In Texas listing of horses for sale in Texas. With more than 979,000 horses, the Lone Star state of Texas is a leader in the U.S. equine industry. Amarillo is home to the American Quarter Horse Association and the National Cutting Horse Association is based in Fort Worth. English or Western, has the most horses for sale in TX. Search for horses for sale from Lubbock to Austin, Dallas to Houston or San Angelo to San Antonio.

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American Paint Horses In Equestrianism

The APHA actively encourages its many international members and their talented horses to take part in activities as diverse as racing, showjumping and western classes. Foundation stallions include Painted Joe and Mr J Bar, while mares Calamity Jane and Crystal Eye were famed at cutting and racing respectively.

Origin And History Of Breeding The American Paint Horse

Paint Horses for Sale in Texas

Horses with attractive coat colours like the American Paint have existed since ancient Egyptian times. The tomb of Menna, an important official who lived in the reign of King Amenhotep III , has an image of a pair of spectacular chestnut and white chariot horses. Beautiful and refined horses with Tobiano colouring appear in Persian miniatures centuries years later. Experts on the breed suggest that horses with paint colouring were brought by some of the early Spanish arrivals to North America. While some people, including the native Americans, revered and cherished the horses for their colour, intelligence and sensitivity, others found them unattractive and excluded them from events. This form of prejudice also existed in the UK historically. Recognition of their fantastic qualities came in 1962, when Rebecca Lockhart and other supporters of paint stock horses decided to celebrate them by creating the American Paint Stock Horse Association. Now combined with the American Paint Quarter Horse Association, the APHA has one of the biggest registries on the planet.

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Where To Find Paint Horses For Sale In Texas

If you are looking for Painthorses for sale online, you really do have a lot of options. To be precise there are 2593ads available online, only for the state of Texas. If you think thats a lot, keep in mind that we only looked at four different websites. There are a whole lot more ads available on smaller sites, but we thought that wed offer a better perspective of the Paint horse market in Texas.

The four locations weve found that are great if you want to purchase Paints in the old southern state are,,, and

On there are 42differentads, however, despite the low amount of ads, this site is awesome because of one feature: the advanced search option. You can browse the horses on this website either by location , city, primary and secondary breed, sex, age, height, base color, price, bloodline, discipline, experience, attributes, temperament, and even the exact date when the ad was posted.

On there are 113 separate ads for Paint horses. You can browse these horses and refine your search by adding details such as country , state, county, breed, ad type , height, color, gender, discipline, age, price range, pedigree, type of seller , and ZIP code. You can also browse only ads with photos and/or videos.

Ellie Mae: 17 Yr Old Tennessee Walking Horse Mare For Sale

Ellie Mae is the newest member to the team, and has been with us since about October of 2019. What we love about EM is that she can manage to walk comfortably with the non-gaited horses. Since her time with us, EM has learned to neck rein, pony, be ponied, open gates, ride to town, traverse a diversity of water crossings. While she did not have a steady flat walk when she first came to us, now she has both a flat and a running walk, and she will also walk or canter with the group as requested. EM is not our go-to for ponying as she can be sensitive having other horses right next to her, however experienced guides use her regularly to pony and to pony off of without a hitch. EM is a fun horse with no buck, bolt or rear. Shes bossy though!! She is not a fan of ponying but we do that with her all the time. Some vision reduced but she does great on trail with her buddies under the direction of an experienced handler. Used regularly for petite youth riders. $4500 First right of refusal is required.

TEXT 512-230-8413 to request photos of Ellie Mae

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Performance Breeding & Horses For Sale

Situated on over 400 picturesque acres nestled in the Piney Woods of East Texas between Tyler and Longview, we are dedicated to producing quality horses with champion bloodlines, athletic ability, conformation and disposition.

We offer a choice roster of Paint and Quarter horse stallions who are the best in the performance horse industry standing World Champions and sons of World Champions in roping, reining, working cow horse and other events. We are also one of the few ranches in the United States to offer Friesian stallion services.

Just a few of the disciplines we specialize in:

  • Reining Paint Horses

Sire: Sallys Little Peppy

Dam: Docs Peppy Cutter

1999 Black Mare sired by Sally’sLittle Peppy with the great Peppy San Badger on papers. Peppy San Badgersired 2, 325 foals that earned more than 7,200 points in all divisions and wonmore than 25 million. Peppy won NCHA Futurity and the Derby and was reserveWorld Champion and won NCHA finals earning more than $172,000. Lena’s Damhas Doc Bar . Also on papers are the AQHA winners Mr San Peppy, Pepponita, DocO’Lena and Doc Tari. Lena was ridden as a two yearold, halters, stands for farrier. She is easy to work with and hasproduced some beautiful paint foals.Ready to produce great QHcha …

Texas Horses For Sale

American Paint Horse For Sale

Find your next horse in Texas from the largest Texas Horses for Sale website on the Internet! You can browse the list below or use the search form to specify the horse breed, discipline, and/or price.

Most Common Horse Breeds For Sale In Texas

While there are many breeds of horses in Texas, the most common breeds of horses for sale in Texas include:

5 Time-Saving Tips When Searching For Horses For Sale In Texas

  • Steer away from too-good-to-be true ads. Many people, when they start looking for a horse to buy, get drawn into cheap horse listings which turn out to be a scam or fraud. If the listed price is too low, you should think twice before contacting the seller of the horse. A $500 friesian horse, for example is just a click bait but many people fall into these kinds of scam all the time. Read more about horse scams and fraud alerts by clicking here.
  • Different breeds of horses have different personalities and behave differently in any given situation. You should find a horse that fits or matches your personality and also the kind of work they’ll be doing. For example, American Quarter Horses tend to be submissive and energetic, while Thoroughbreds tend to be edgy and very energetic.
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    Rusty: 8 Yr Old Red Gelding For Sale

    Rusty is an incredibly athletic gelding who has been in use for public riders and confident experienced youth riders for over a year with us. Currently, we trust Rusty to take beginners who are attentive to instructor direction, athletic and confident. He has trollied many a youth rider to Barbecue in town, navigating railroad crossings, noisy trains and traffic, barking dogs and more. Rusty is a solid mount for a variety of water crossings, ponying, riding doubles or bareback, opening and closing gates, and general working ranch chores. Rusty reins English and Western, and is used for general hacking as well as English riding lessons . He is approximately 143, with a lean build. Because of Rustys athleticism, we would like to see him go to a home were youth or amateur competition will fully engage him. $8500 First right of refusal is required.

    TEXT 512-230-8413 to request photos of Rusty

    Paint Horses For Sale In Texas

    Many Americans believe Texas to be a whole other country. But thats a good thing, isnt it? Surely, if Texas is indeed another country, its a country wild, enchanted, and full of that oldsoutherncharm. Now, if youre a real Texan, like me, you may also be quite the horseman. After all, the people of The Lone Star State have a history of ridinghorses, herdingcattle, and also being the best in the country at both those things.

    Still another thing that sets Texas apart from its other brothers is its sheer size. Ranking the second largest state in the US, you know it means business. And with its size comes, naturally, a much diversified landscape. And what do beautiful landscapes provide, of course? Surreal, breathtaking settings for long, horseback trails of adventure and friendship. Whether it is just you and your horse, or a few equine-loving buddies more, the land is surely best for these types of treks.

    But what if you dont have a horse? Or what if you have horses, but would like a new one? What if you have a ranch that you want to complete by adding a horse, or more, of one of the most famous American breeds: the American Paint Horse?

    Price Ranges For Paint Horses For Sale In Texas

    On the first website,, the prices vary quite a lot. If youre looking for a cheap horse, you can get one for as low as $250, but remember that these horses are usually rescued horses, which probably do have a lot of problems. If you would like a champion stallion from this website, you could pay as much as $12,000, but for that much money, you will be getting a perfectly trained and gentle Overo Paint Gelding, for example.

    If you would prefer to go to, you can find horses as low as $400. However, many of these are for lease or completely untrained. Still, its nice that even some of the cheapest steeds on this website have APHA authorization, so you know youll be getting a genuine Paint horse. However, for those of you that want moreexpensivehorses you can even get champions of up to $20,000.

    Although, not particularly aesthetically pleasing, the website does have some pretty solid horse offers. For instance, the starting price for Texas Paint horses is $3,000, and absolutely all horses on the website have been APHA approved. If youre looking for a horse that will blow the competition sky-high, then you can even buy a $30,000 Paint gelding.

    No matter which of these options you will choose, the prices are truly wilder than the wildest stallions. Just remember to follow or advice on looking for Paint horses for sale, available here, before you actually make a purchase.

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