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Where Can I Buy Spray Paints For Metal Surfaces

How to Paint an Exterior Metal Door | Ask This Old House

When starting out a new DIY project, its easy as a non-professional to maybe get the measurements or the materials wrong, and thats when a solid return policy will really come in handy, especially when theres not too much money to go around.

Because of that, the best place to look for when browsing for spray paints is, in our opinion, Amazon. Besides their worry-free return policy, you have the chance to see exactly what other users think of the products, which are the best, and which to avoid entirely.

In fact, some users go the extra mile of writing mini-reviews regarding their experience while using certain products, sometimes even providing real-life photos of the product, and even videos.

Preparing Your Working Area

Just as you would arrange your desk for optimum efficiency, a well thought out working area is essential for a smooth painting experience. Ensure that you have all of your tools ready and available to you and that your workspace is clean and tidy to avoid dust sticking to your paint. If you are using oil-based paint with solvents that produce fumes it is even more essential that you work in a well-ventilated area. It is also advised that you wear a mask and eye protection while you clean and prepare your metal surface for painting.

What Paint Do I Need To Use On Metal

Without diving into the deep end and getting confused over all the different types of metal paint on offer, your first point of action should be to think about what properties you need. Youll want to ask yourself:

  • What type of surface am I painting on?
  • What do I want my paint to do?
  • Am I painting inside or outside?
  • What kind of colour and gloss would I prefer?

Knowing these and having a good idea of how you want the finished job to look, will help make your choice easier. Remember, we have filter options on the left side of this page to narrow down your selection.

Colour and texture are also incredibly important. The most common colours for metal surfaces are white and black. Brands like Dulux do fantastic whites such as their Dulux Once in Eggshell Brilliant White& Gloss White, while Crown has their top-selling Crown Trade Stronghold Exterior Black Gloss.

Some products can be mixed to order in many different colours, youll find these products have a colour wheel highlighted beside the paint can.

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Our Best Value Metal Spray Paint Recommendation: Krylon Color Master Paint

This is our top pick for the best paint for steelbecause it provides a clean and highly durable coverage. The Krylon Color Master is available in a wide range of colors and finishes including matte, gloss, satin, and metallic.

This paint offers excellent resistance to fading, abrasion, and chipping. The paint dries to a glossy finish adding an attractive shine to various surfaces. However, this paint is also available in a semi-gloss or flat finish version.

An important feature of this Rust-Oleum paint is its incredible weather-resistance. The corrosion-resistant coating makes this paint ideal for outdoor and indoor use, and it can protect a wide variety of surfaces. This includes wood, masonry, concrete, metal, and more.

If you are after a durable, and rust-resistant paint, then this is a great option for anyone seeking a strong finish. The paint both looks great and offers superior durability and resistance to the elements.


  • Not suitable for high heat surfaces
  • The thick consistency can make it difficult to get perfectly even coats

To Spray Or Not To Spray


Paints for metal can be purchased in either a tin or a spray can. The shape you select should be tailored to the surface you intend to color.

A paint that comes in a can is convenient if you need to paint a large, flat surface, such as a wall or table. Applying this paint uniformly over huge areas is a breeze whether you’re using a brush or roller. The best metal paints are often sold in tins rather than spray cans because of the greater quantity available in the former.

It can be easier to paint smaller, more irregularly shaped items, like metal chairs or bed frames, with a spray can. Use a spray can to save time and effort, and to obtain better coverage in hard-to-reach areas than you ever could with a brush.

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Priming Interior And Exterior Metalwork

For increased coverage and protection, apply one coat of our versatile Intelligent All Surface Primer to new and unpainted metal furniture. You can then apply two coats of your chosen topcoat.

If your metalwork has already been painted, there is no need to prime. We recommend simply rubbing down the surface with sandpaper to improve adhesion, before cleaning with sugar soap and rinsing with water.

Make sure to consult our Technical Data Sheets for full preparation, application and maintenance advice.

Clean The Metal Surface

Prior to painting, metal surfaces must be free from any dirt, grease, old paint, and rust. Use appropriate sandpaper or any other scraping tool to remove dirt, grease, and other deposits from the metal surface. Mineral spirits come in handy when dealing with heavy deposits of grease. Alternatively, cleaning with a mild detergent solution can also help wash away persistent dirt.

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Eliminate Loose Or Peeling Paint

When applying new metal paint, any old paint that is loose or is peeling away must be completely removed. Hand wire brushing, scraping, and sanding are a few manual methods for removing such paint deposits. While methods such as power tool cleaning may yield quick results, they may also end up polishing the metal surface, leading to potential adhesion problems.

Highly Recommended Paint For Metal Surfaces

How to Paint Metal Surfaces

With so many different products on the market, choosing the best spray paint for metal can be an overwhelming task. Whether it is premium durability, coverage, or color that you are looking for we have compiled a list of our three most recommended products to assist you in completing your DIY project and help you decide what paint to use on metal.

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How To Paint Metal Exterior Surfaces

Exterior metal surfaces present unique challenges for homeowners. Metal outside your home is a necessity and needs protection from the elements. You may be asking yourself, how do I paint metal exterior surfaces?

Exposed metal is subject to water and thus, rust. One way to counteract the potential breakdown of your outside metal is to paint it. This will provide a protective layer on top of the metal and potentially slow or halt the rust.

Keep reading for our tips on painting metal exterior surfaces such as steel and aluminum

Black Spray Paint Krylon Fusion

If you need an all-in-one spray paint, the Krylon K02754007 is the paint for you. It is matte black in color, so whichever you need black, this will look beautiful. As a paint and primer brand, theres no need to mix anything.

You can use this spray paint for indoor and outdoor projects, and can spray from any angle. Krylon guarantees no peeling and rust protection. Known for its durability, you wont have to worry about applying another coat of paint a year later.

The spray paint brand has a quick drying time of 20 minutes. If matte isnt your forte, there are also the options of gloss, hammered, satin, flat and textured for you to choose.


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Paint For Metal Surfaces

To enhance and protect metal surfaces, the correct metal coating should be applied, in the correct way. Before application of a metal coating paint, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned to remove all dirt or grease, primed to protect the surface and create better adhesion of the paint to the surface.

Most metal surfaces requires a metal coating for better lifespan and durability, surfaces would include gates, garden furniture, garage doors, fences and even carports etc. Naturally, there are different types of metals like mild steel, galvanized iron and aluminium to name a few. Before painting the steel, ensure you have the correct metal painting for the job. Also take into consideration the condition of the steel, whether it is rusted or previously painted. There are also different types of metal paint, water-based or solvent based.

Applying a metal coating on a surface like a gate which gets a lot more wear and tear than a carport, you will require a more durable metal paint to sustain the longevity of the finish of the paint. Whether you just require a new protective coating or you would like to treat the metal surface, both have various products which can be used for the best result.

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Five Steps To Buying The Best Outdoor Metal Spray Paint In 2022 For Your Home


The best outdoor metal spray paint for your home is the one that will help you get through life. You should buy the best item to make your life easier. It’s not always easy to find the perfect fit, but it’s worth it when you do!

There are many products available in the open market, and it is challenging to choose one, but don’t worry. Here we have five steps that will help you find the perfect product for your house.

Step 1: Identifying what features are essential in the best outdoor metal spray paint you intend to buy

Step 2: Research different product brands so you know their prices and features.

Step 3: Compare sample products of the same product category by reading the reviews on each product.

Step 4: Make sure you have enough money to buy the best outdoor metal spray paint for your home.

Step 5: Search for the best nearby to buy your desired product.

These steps will help you make a wise decision and buy the best outdoor metal spray paint that suits your needs.

1. Identifying what features are essential in the best outdoor metal spray paint you intend to buy

The best outdoor metal spray paint provides consumers with a wide range of features, meaning that the product is uniquely designed so consumers can benefit from it in different ways.

Features of the best outdoor metal spray paint can include color, size, and type. However, the most efficient way to identify a good product is by researching reviews and following trusted merchants.

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Priming Exterior Metal For Painting

A primer gives the metal a protective coating which prevents moisture getting through the paint, helps the paint adhere to shiny surfaces and enhances durability.

Find Your Perfect COAT Metal Paint Colour

As there are so many types of metals, they can all react in different ways and its important to get the right primer to suit. Give us a ping if in any doubt, but here are a few general principles:

  • Dont scrimp, cheap primers have cheap ingredients. This primer needs to protect your metal, hold off the corrosion and you want it to last.
  • Some metals like aluminium dont love to naturally let paint adhere to their slippery surfaces, so a galvanised primer would be needed here.
  • Even if your outside surface isnt open to the elements maybe youve got a fancy gazebo we recommend using a rust-resisting primer. Nature is pesky, it gets in everywhere!

How to Prime For Outdoor Metal Painting

Once youve chosen your primer and done all your prep, youre ready to get going.

  • Make sure youre in a well-ventilated area, if youve moved your project indoors
  • Follow the instructions of your chosen primer product
  • Apply 2 coats for the best protection and preparation for your COAT.
  • Leave to dry thoroughly and dont let the elements get to it.
  • Types Of Paint For Metal

    Are you planning on painting metal? Then there are many types, similar to other conventional paints, each created by different manufacturers who manufacture their paint with specific ingredients. Depending on the brand and your budget, the higher the quality the higher the price you can expect to pay for your paint will be. If you choose the cheapest metal paint, you will in all likelihood, sacrifice quality and durability. Fortunately, there are some quality budget-friendly options available.

    Metal surfaces can be difficult to paint and you need paints that have been specifically designed for metal, or a multi-purpose paint that is also compatible with metal and other surfaces. Let us have a look the types of paint designed for use on metal.

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    How To Prep Metal Garden Furniture Before Painting

    Proper prep will decide how flawless your furniture finish will be. Heres how to prep outdoor furniture made of metal before painting:

    • Assess the conditions of any bolts and replace any missing or rusty ones.
    • Kill any algae on your metal garden furniture with a fungicidal wash.
    • Remove any existing paint flakes from the furniture so you have a smooth and even surface to paint on.
    • Once all the above is done, clean and dry the surface before painting.
    • If working with ferrous metals, apply a special metal primer before painting.

    The Best Paint For Galvanised Steel

    How to Paint a Rusted Wrought Iron Railing

    Galvanised steel is a shiny metal surface that does not rust. Galvanised metal doesnât rust due to a zinc layer covering the surface, which is the aspect that will take the influx of oxygen avoiding the reaction taking place within the metal and affecting it its durability.

    This type of surface has the ability to be painted on without a primer using specific paints. However, it is still highly recommended to use a primer first to avoid it peeling off prematurely due to the zinc layer rejecting the paint.


    Zinsser Bullseye 123 Primer

    Zinsser Bullseye 123 is the perfect primer to be used on galvanised steel surfaces as it contains a biocide that will help with the build-up of any fungus, debris, or rust on the surface of the zinc layer. This primer works especially well on new metal as it sustains the painted metal surface from potential rust and ensures the surface doesnât need to be cleaned as often. The primer can be applied without sanding and dries remarkably quickly so you can begin your exterior painting within an hour. It can be used on both interior or exterior surfaces and can be used with water-based and oil-based metal paints, making it a fantastic primer no matter what metal paint you decide to use.

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    Time It Takes To Finish Painting

    You will substantially enhance your experience painting metal if you select a paint that dries rapidly. Oil-based paints do not require a primer, so you won’t have to spend time priming the furniture before painting it.

    Oil-based paints often require more time to dry than water-based paints, but you can find some oil-based metal paints that dry considerably more quickly. While an uncomfortable spray can is not a deal-breaker, it can be helpful to have one specifically made to be more comfortable on your hands.

    Indoor Vs Outdoor Paint

    The next thing you must take into consideration is whether the metallic object that youre about to paint will be sitting indoors or outdoors, as environmental conditions can also affect the paint jobs quality in the long run.

    For example, indoor spray paints dont have the same water resistance and durability as outdoor paints . On the other hand, since indoor spray paints dont need to be so durable, manufacturers can go ahead and create them in a wider range of colors.

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    Can You Spray Paint Over Spray Paint On Metal

    You can certainly use spray paint on metal that has been painted before. The key is prepping the metal furniture prior to repainting.

    As per above, if you are painting furniture that has been painted previously, ensure you scrape away any chipping paint and sand the surface for a smooth finish when the painting is complete. After this, clean the furniture properly prior to painting.

    The can will guide you on how many cans of paint will be needed for your particular project. Painting in an area with little to no wind will save you a lot of paint! So make sure you select a good painting environment.

    Refresh Your Outdoor Space With Our Range Of Exterior Metal Paints


    With a full range of exterior finishes available, you can use your most-loved Little Greene shades outside too. Rather than using monochromatic colours on railings and metal gates, opt for a subtle alternative.

    Refined mid-greys such as Lead Grey or Serpentine look especially elegant when offset against a bolder shade on the front door. For something a little more colourful, try Celestial Blue.

    Consider the brickwork or render of your home when choosing a complementary shade for metal railings and gates. Stone-based exteriors favour warm neutrals, whereas white render contrasts beautifully with deep, sumptuous hues like Basalt or Obsidian Green. To accompany red brickwork, you might consider an impactful complementary colour such as Harley Green.

    Revitalise a set of metal chairs with a pop of one of our most playful shades. Colours like Trumpet and Orange Aurora will bring joy to your garden and complement floral arrangements for the summer months.

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    Diy Vs Hiring For Painting Exterior Metal

    If youre here with us and have made it to this part of the blog, chances are youre on a DIY mission great work!

    For sure, you could hire a pro, but then youd never gain all this cool knowledge and skills.

    Stick with your gut instinct, follow our steps to prep like a pro, and if you still need help, just reach out.

    How Much Is Best Outdoor Metal Paint

    Best Outdoor Metal Paint come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays.Because the price range is so wide, you don’t know how much something costs. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as best outdoor metal paint.

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