Paint For Kitchen Floor Tiles

If The Tile Surfaces In Your Home Leave Much To Be Desired You Might Wonder If Painting Is An Option Heres What You Need To Know Before You Begin This Home Improvement Project

Painting my (ugly) kitchen tile floor with Rust-Oleum RockSolid Home | Floor paint tutorial

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What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On Tile Floors

When it comes to painting your floor tiles, its best to use specialist paint to prevent any chipping or cracking. The best floor tile paint for high foot-traffic areas is an oil-based option as it is less prone to damage, however, high-gloss latex paint is another popular choice. If in doubt, contact your local Amber Tiles and a representative will be able to offer some guidance depending on your desired finish, style and colour.

Cons Of Painting Tile

Expect a lot of prep work. Painting tile requires extensive preliminary work, including repairing any broken tiles and priming the surface.

It’s not permanent. Painting tiles is not a permanent solution. Instead, it prolongs the life of your existing tiles. Paint will eventually peel or crackle. Greater exposure to moisture or foot traffic will hasten deterioration. Using mats and rugs, especially in high traffic areas, will prolong the life of your painted tiles.

Also, paint needs time to dry. Your kitchen or bathroom will be out of commission for a little while. So, schedule this during a time when few people will need to use those spaces.

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How To Paint Kitchen Tiles

This article was co-authored by Art Fricke. Art Fricke is a home renovation and repair specialist and the owner of Art Tile & Renovation based in Austin, Texas. With over 10 years of experience, he specializes in bathroom and kitchen renovations. Art focuses on a single contractor approach to customized renovation work, and performs projects such as installing custom tile showers, fixing tiled shower leaks, replacing cracked tiles, and installing floor and wall tile. This article has been viewed 55,414 times.

Are your kitchen tiles worn out or dated, or do they no longer fit with your modern decorations? If you’re looking for a fresh look, painting the tiles can be a surprisingly easy and inexpensive option. While you need to take care of some simple prep work and choose the right products, painting kitchen tiles is a relatively simple project for the novice DIYer. Youll be amazed at how different your kitchen looks and how well the paintwork lasts.

First Things First: Can You Paint Tile

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Absolutely! There are many reasons why people opt to paint tiles. First, it’s a cost-effective upgrade. Painting tiles can spruce up your space and extend the life of tiles in high-traffic areas, like floors, kitchens, and bathrooms.

However, paint also covers the original characteristics of the tile, and grout lines will likely be painted over. In areas with lots of traffic and water, painting tiles is not recommended. Shower tiles, in particular, are not recommended for painting, because the paint tends to chip quickly.

“When painted correctly bathroom tiles look extremely impressive. The best part is that your outdated ugly colored tiles will be completely transformed in a day, versus a week if you have to completely gut the bathroom,” says Tomas Satas of Windy City HomeBuyer. But he does not advise that a homeowner buy a refinishing kit and do bathroom tiles themselves. Instead, he suggests a professional paint job with high-quality epoxy paint, which is extremely durable and difficult to scratch or damage.

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What Paint To Use For Tile

Painting can be an affordable way to refresh the look of outdated tile. Although painting tile can be somewhat tricky to pull off, its a viable alternative to tearing out and replacing tiles completely.

We dont recommend painting high-traffic areas like countertops and floors, as well as around showers, tubs and sinks. However, if you have your heart set on painting a tile backsplash or bathroom walls, we recommend using products specifically made for use in moisture-prone zones.

Professional painter Brad the Painter believes there is a way to paint tile successfully to ensure the best, most long-lasting results. Its a combination of proper prep and the right primer and paint, he says. That holds no matter which type of paint you choose oil-based enamel, epoxy acrylic or non-toxic latex.

Are Painted Floors A Long

The short answer is no, it is not really a long-term solution. It can look amazing, but it is not very dependable to keep looking that way as time goes on.

It may be your best option to be budget-friendly, and if you are not necessarily needing a long-term solution, otherwise you can accept the inevitable touch-ups in years to come.

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How To Clean Painted Floor Tiles

Cleaning sealed & painted floor tile is easy. I use the exact same method as I clean other flooring in my home – a mop and all-purpose cleaner! If you have any stuck-on residue, I’d be careful scraping it with anything sharp or metallic. Using soft, plastic tools would prevent the flooring from getting scratched.

Use Epoxy For Prolonged Longevity

Painting tile floor and grout lines… a success!

You may have heard that primer is effective in prolonging your painted tile’s lifespan however, while this does make a difference, it is not as powerful as epoxy ).

‘Many professionals recommend a primer, even contending that the success of your tile-painting project hinges on a good primer. However, it won’t make a paint that won’t do the job become durable or long-lasting,’ Lauren says. ‘For long-lasting effects, epoxy over your project.’

Before using epoxy, the designer recommends vetting your paint choices to decide on the strength of the epoxy. ‘If painting tile completely, I strongly suggest going with professional-grade epoxy that you can tint accordingly. If stenciling, go with a latex that you will later seal with clear epoxy.’

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Can You Paint Over Old Tile

If replacing the tile in your bathroom or kitchen isn’t in your renovation budget, you may be considering painting over what is already there, instead. Full disclosure: While it’s more affordable, it’s still a short-term fix. As for how long your paint job will last? “It depends on use, abuse, and the entire process of painting it,” explains Rick Watson, director of product information at Sherwin-Williams. Inadequate surface prep might compromise the existing tile in the long run, he says, and the paint might ultimately start flaking off. But if you’re committed to the project, you’ll want to do it right. Here’s how to paint well-worn tiles correctly, according to Watson.

Can You Paint Bathroom Tile

According to Bob Vila, most tiles, except for glazed quarry tiles, can be painted over. Ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone are fair game, but they need to be sanded, primed, and painted with epoxy paint. Bathroom walls and backsplashes are better suited for painting.

What about the shower, though? While shower surfaces can be painted, it’s not practical or cost-effective. Due to constant exposure to water and moisture, bathroom tiles are more susceptible to premature fading, peeling, or blistering.

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Can I Paint Ceramic Floor Tiles

Absolutely, yes!

If youre not quite ready to commit to the costs of replacing tiles, you can paint them instead.

Floors tiles do take a lot of wear and tear for obvious reasons, so while it may not be a long-term solution, it is a low-cost and easy approach to covering up old floor tiles in the interim.

Does Painting Floor Tiles Last One Year Review

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A Rustoleum floor tile paint review after one year!

One year ago I shared how to paint tile floor when we painted our pink tile floor on our covered back porch which we use as our workshop.

Ever since sharing that post, I have received countless questions about the durability of the painted tile and how it is holding up!

Does painting floor tiles last? Well it has been one year and Im rieady to share a totally honest review!

Here is a look back at the before and after of our painted tile floor:

Note, I have also painted bathroom floor tiles too. You can see how to paint tile floor in a bathroom and the 6 month update on those painted bathroom floor tiles in that post!

Before I get into the full one year review, there are some important factors to cover first.

Note, this post contains some affiliate links. For more info see my disclosures here.

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Giving Your Grungy Old Tile A Makeover Is Easier Than You Think

Are you tired of looking at your old, out-of-date tile floor but lacking the time, budget, or energy to replace it? Believe it or not, there’s another option! You can revitalize old tiles and give your room a whole new look with a fresh coat of paint. We asked Maggie Griffin, founder and lead designer of Maggie Griffin Design to provide her best tips and tricks for how to paint a tile floor. The good news is, it’s probably easier than you think.

After All Your Paint Has Thoroughly Dried You Are Ready To Seal It With A Topcoat

The new kitchen now has a totally different look just with minimal changes. Taking your time on this is really important, as any muck on the surface will prevent the paint from sticking. Painting kitchen tiles kitchen paint kitchen decor kitchen cabinets kitchen stickers diy decorating stove inspired projects

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Can You Paint Floor Tiles

For those wondering, can you paint floor tiles? The answer is yes! If youre looking to freshen up your bathroom or kitchen tiles, but dont have the time or budget for a full re-tiling, then painting your floor tiles may be a great option.

Offering full design flexibility, you can choose any paint colour, pattern and finish you like. Painting your tiles also allows you the chance to see if you like a colour, and if so, you can take the plunge and use that for re-tiling inspiration later down the track.

Painting your floor tiles is something you can do yourself, so if youre a DIY fan or searching for a new home renovation project, this is your perfect weekend activity.

Sanding Your Floor Tiles

How to Paint Tile Floor | Painting Tile Floors Before and After
  • After thoroughly cleaning the area, use your sanding block and sandpaper to thoroughly sand the area. As well as buffing the tiles and removing any residue, the textured finish allows the paint and primer to properly stick to the surface.
  • Once you have thoroughly and evenly sanded the area, use your microfibre cloth to wipe away any residue or dust to provide a smooth finish.

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Five: Dust Floor And Apply Sealant

So your paint is dry, whats next? Now you are ready for sealant! Well, almost. For this part, make sure you are wearing clean socks and not shoes or anything that would mess up your clean painting job. Dust your floor to make sure it is clean, and then you can add your sealant.

Mx your topcoat per the directions, and start applying to the floor. Be very gentle during this step, as the paint is more vulnerable and can scratch easily. Use a thinner roller, such as a ¼ inch roller so that it doesnt absorb too much of the sealant. Once your first coat is done, wait 24 hours and apply a second coat.

After the second coat is complete, wait another 24 hours before you walk on it! Wait another 72 hours before putting any furniture in the area so that you can be sure that it wont cause any scratching or chipping. It takes a full week for the sealant to cure, and then it is all set to go!

Grad all the supplies youll need here to tackle this project!

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Clean The Tiles Thoroughly

Its crucial to clean tiles before painting, so never skip this step. Use a tile cleaner and an abrasive sponge to clean them thoroughly, or try wire wool. Concentrate on the grout, too, as this also needs to be clean. If the tiles are throughly clean before you start, the paint will adhere better to them for a good finish and long-lasting results.

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Can You Paint A Tile Floor

‘Painting tile can be a great way to improve a space I’ve done it a slew of times,’ says Lauren Byington, the co-founder of Warren & Lauren . The designer adds that are many reasons why you may want to turn to paint including if you want to paint over tile with a new color, color match , stencil tile, or simply clean grout then paint it as a refresh.

‘Professionals may disagree on whether painting tile is a good idea, but, done right, I attest that it is a fantastic option,’ Lauren says. ‘I’ve had personal success painting tile by prepping with a good primer, painting over tile and grout completely, then epoxy-sealing the project.’

How Durable Are Painted Floor Tiles Do Painted Floor Tiles Last

my future image by sae

I’ve had my painted floor tile since May 2018 and it still looks great! There’s no peeling or lifting, and it still looks fresh years later. I think that most painted tile should last many years if the surface is prepared properly, a good paint is used, and if it’s sealed properly. You may want to consider re-sealing the floor every year or two if it’s in a high-traffic area that will get lots of wear and tear.

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Repair Chips And Cracks

Tile is very durable and looks great for years, however, it can show signs of wear and tear. Before painting tiles, make sure to inspect them carefully. Use a putty knife to fill cracks and chips with caulk. Make sure to scrape away any excess with your knife and wait until the repairs dry before you go to the next step.

Is Tiling Over Tiles A Good Idea

Tiling over ceramic tile is definitely an option to cover up your tile. It is more expensive and more labor-intensive than painting over your tiles.

The floors also need to be level and not be warped from time. The floor also needs to be cleaned and not have any awkwardly placed tiles that would be hard to replicate.

If you are up for the task, it is possible! But it might not be a good idea if you are looking for an easier, cheaper solution.

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How To Paint Tiles


Over 1 day

Got ceramic or mosaic tiles with a dated design or color? The first question you might ask yourself is, “Can you paint tiles?” You can choose to replace your tiles or you can update them with a coat of paint. When properly done, ceramic painted tiles look great in almost any room. Of course, painting tiles in the shower isn’t recommended, but other areas are fine. The steps for how to paint tiles on a fireplace, painting tiles in the bathroom or painting tiles in the kitchen are basically the same. This guide shows you how to prep for painting tiles and how to use kitchen or bathroom tile paints.

Pros Of Painting Tile

How To Paint Floor Tiles

It’s cost-effective. It is more economical to paint tiles than to replace them. Painting provides a cost-effective way to renew the look and feel of old tiles. Painting materials are cheap compared to extensive replacement options.

Homeowners can complete the project themselves. Painting tiles can be a simple DIY task that can transform the color and pattern of a room. You can customize your tiles to suit your needs and style. Painted tiles also require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning with a gentle detergent will do the trick.

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How To Paint A Tile Floor

  • Make sure the tile is clean, dry, and free of any dirt or debris. If you paint over dirt, dust, or hair, it will get trapped and mark your beautiful new paint.
  • Sand the tile lightly with 220 grit sandpaper. Be sure to clean and dry the area again when you’re through to make sure all the grit is removed.
  • Tape off any adjacent rooms, fixtures, or cabinets with painter’s tape to protect them from errant splashes or overreaches with your roller.
  • Read the packaging on your paint can to determine if primer is necessary. Griffin prefers epoxy paint, which she says doesn’t always require primer. Other floor and tile paints may require primer. If in doubt, err on the side of caution and prime the area.
  • Starting from the furthest point of the room, use a roller to coat the floor evenly with a light coat of primer. Let it dry. Follow up with a second coat of primer and allow it to dry.
  • Griffin says, now you’re ready to paint. Roll it on evenly over the tile with your roller. Be sure to let it dry completely.
  • If you want to adorn the tile with stencils or hand-painted decorations, do this now. Make sure it is also completely dry before walking on it or moving any furniture back in.
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