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Diy Beach Scene Easy Painting Idea

Behr Painting Project | Bedroom Set Makeover | Do It Yourself

When I went looking for easy canvas painting ideas and saw this cool DIY beach painting, I knew it belonged on my living room wall above the couch. Born near the ocean, Ive grown up around the water and just the sight of it pleases me and gives me this calm, happy feeling. It looks like an expert painted it, but I can assure you this cool canvas painting tutorial works for beginners.

I bought a set of canvases on sale at Michaels crafts, so this was super inexpensive to make, too. Create an ocean for your walls with this quick and easy wall art idea.

Paint The Garden Gate

A brightly-painted front door can add bags of kerb appeal to a property, but if your side gate or garden gate is looking a little shabby, why not show it some love too with a creative garden paint idea? If the weather is fine, painting a gate is an easy project to tackle over a weekend, with plenty of drying time for any paint jobs indoors or out.

Opt for a cheery paint shade if you want to make your gate a focal point and team it with colourful flowers and planting that will echo the sunny theme. Try a muted colour or heritage shade if you want the gate to blend in with your property, or consider matching gate colour to the front door for a chic, co-ordinated look.

Whether your gate is wood or metal, start by giving it a light sand down to create a smooth finish. Cover up handles and hinges with tape and then apply a suitable primer on an unpainted gate, or undercoat if it has been painted previously. Finish off with a coat or two of exterior eggshell for a matt finish, or gloss to give a high-shine effect.

Why not grab a tin of – it comes in a huge range of colours and comes highly rated by reviewers for painting exterior wood.

Paint House Number Planters

Jolly up the entranceway of your property with fun numbered planters to lead the way in. Youll need a couple of large-ish terracotta plant pots and exterior paint in one or two contrast colours cut costs by using tester pots or leftover paint that might be lurking in the shed.

Use masking tape to create the outline of your door numbers, pressing the edges down firmly to ensure that no paint seeps underneath. Use a brush to fill in the number with paint, allowing it to dry and then adding a second coat. Once dry, remove the tape and then fill in the rest of the space around the numbers with simple freehand flowers using a fine brush and contrast colours.

Once completely dry, fill your planters with blooms and display by the front door.

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When To Paint The House

Next, lets talk more about timing. For a fast and easy painting project, youll want to avoid extreme temperatures and moisture. These will stop the paint from drying as effectively, adding valuable time to the project before it is fully completed.

Naturally, this section is mainly for exterior painting more than interior painting.

First is the temperature. This affects the curing process of paint and other substances you may use when redecorating the home. Direct sun is infamous for causing cracks and other imperfections to develop in paint as it dries.

When you get high-enough temperatures, the paint wont even dry. Paint should have information about their optimal drying temperatures on their packaging. If not, you should be able to find more info online.

As for moisture, you obviously need to stay away from the rain. Surfaces being directly rained on will be near impossible to paint. Even if you do manage it, itll be inconsistent and look terrible. If it is raining but theres a sheltered surface that is dry, you can paint it with less worry.

Of course, moisture is more than rain. The air around us has an ambient moisture level that changes all the time. Get something that can measure relative humidity and, when it is at 50% or higher, reconsider painting for that day. If you must paint, give it more time to dry.

Awesome Diy Paint Projects You Can Do This Weekend

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Diana Hathaway Timmons has over 10 years as a color and interior design consultant. She writes about ideas and tips for beautifying your space and incorporating decor trends into your home. She wrote the book “How to Sell Your Home Without Losing Your Zen” and has been featured in the “Huffington Post,””Better Homes & Gardens,” and additional publications.

Accent walls will always be in style. They’re a simple DIY paint project that creates big changes with a little bit of paint. If you’re ready to make a style statement with your accent wall, consider using a wall stencil. A wall stencil DIY project gives you complete control of choosing your favorite design and paint colors. To pull your room’s design together, repeat your accent wall pattern with an area rug or pillow fabrics. Learn how to stencil walls and furniture from Cutting Edge Stencils.

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Paint An Easy Feature Wall

Try a simple paint project that will give a breakout breakfast area added focus with a fun feature wall idea. Painting a contrast panel on a wall is a simple trick that can be a useful way of creating zones in an open-plan area. A coloured panel helps to create a focal point, whether it’s a circle or a square, which can then act as a backdrop for a small arrangement of furniture.

Paint a contrast-coloured circle to echo the shape of a round dining table. To achieve a neat circle, cut a length of string measuring the radius of the circle and attach to a tack. Tie a pencil or chalk to the other end, then, holding the tack in the centre of where you want your circle, draw it out. Fill in with paint using an angled brush for a neat edge.

Give Your Shower Door A Steel

Next up, we’ve taken a tip from savvy DIYer Jasmine of Instagrams @_OhAbode . She gave her shower screen this cool Crittall-style finish using black electrical tape. The crittall effect shower door hack hack cost a grand total of £2, but looks super stylish. You can source your , otherwise, you can use window lead adhesive for a similar effect.

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Today Im Sharing A Collection Of Some Of My Favourite Diy Painting Projects

Its a big week around here! This morning we are gearing up to start painting the exterior of the house! My husband and I are both off this week so its an ideal time to get this huge DIY project tackled as a team. I love painting projects there are few transformations as quick and easy and dramatic as you can create with a couple of coats of new paint. Its so satisfying!

Acrylic Birch Tree Canvas Painting Diy

Part 4: White Bed Frame Project: Do it yourself painting white

One of my favorite DIY canvas painting ideas ever, this do it yourself wall art is so much fun to make, you are going to want to make more than one. A fun project to make alone or with a friend or two, my boyfriend and I created one of these cool canvas paintings for our living room. People talk about it every time we have guests, the initials in the tree could not be any cuter. No special artistic talent required, and you will get what you see in this step by step tutorial. I love this acrylic painting tutorial, it makes a difficult looking piece of art totally doable.

Acrylic Painting Projects

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Amazing Diy Paint Projects You Can Start And Finish In A Day

Hi, sweet #sifamily! The hot summer weather comes and goes quickly here in Toronto. So its nice to spend as much time as possible gardening, walking, and going for long adventure drives. Im guessing Im not the only one who feels this way so I thought it would be fun to share some fun smaller projects with you today. DIY Paint Projects you can start and finish in a day!

I hope it inspires you to get creative with smaller items around your home while enjoying your summer as well.

Below are 15 of my favorite small DIY Paint Makeovers in no particular order. If youd like to read the full tutorial including colors, and all the supplies used, Ive included a link to the original post in the title above each image.

Enjoy the roundup friends!

Revamp Drawers With Textured Wallpaper

Give bland basics a new lease of life with the addition of some lovely textured wallpaper like this one with a hexagonal pattern. Apply to the fronts of an old chest of drawers, adding chic handles. Once papered, you could take it to the next level by painting the entire cabinet forest green or navy blue.

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Create A Breakfast Nook

Carve out a corner seating area that’s perfect for a family breakfast nook. Take an IKEA shelving unit as the base and combine with an upholstered headboard attached to the wall to make a backrest. Place your dining table next to it and nestle dining chairs around it for extra seating. Add cushions and blankets to cosy up the look and store baskets beneath to curb clutter.

Diy Splatter Paint Art

Learn to create in your unique way, without having to do it all by ...

Bring a Jackson Pollock-inspired piece to your home at a DIY price tag. Place a large stretched canvas on a drop cloth. Drip, drizzle, and splatter paint until you have a design you love. Experiment with old paintbrushes, toothbrushes, and splatter tools to create different effects.

This pillow’s painted cover is sewn from a flour sack towel.

  • Choose a pillow form, then fold and trim your towel to size. The cut towel should wrap around the pillow entirely with an additional 1 inch on three sides for seam allowances.
  • With right sides facing, sew the side seams together using a ½-inch seam allowance.
  • Sew the remaining side, leaving a 4-inch opening in the middle.
  • Turn the pillow cover right side out, lay flat, and insert a piece of cardboard to prevent paint from bleeding.
  • Use painters tape to make stripes on one side.
  • Spray fabric paint over the untaped areas as desired and according to manufacturer’s directions.
  • Let dry and remove tape.
  • Add stripes as desired in a second color.
  • Let dry and insert your pillow form. Whipstitch the opening closed.
  • Jazz up plain white glass vases with custom-painted designs.

  • Mix glass paint with a few drops of paint thinner.
  • If desired, adjust the amount of paint thinner to achieve varying viscosities and results, such as drips and runs.
  • Paint freehand designs on each vase using an acrylic brush.
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    Painting The Ceiling Last

    Many prefer to leave the ceiling for last. It is the most difficult to access, after all. However, you may be disadvantaging yourself here. What happens when you paint the walls first?

    You paint the ceiling, then the wet ceiling drips onto the already painted walls. Since lighter colors are used for ceilings, its very noticeable and can ruin your walls.

    Instead, do the ceiling first and then the walls after it has dried. Put a tarp down to protect the floor from drippage, too!

    Make Your Own Boggle Game

    Learn to make a colorful painted Boggle game with wooden blocks! Not only is this a fun game to play with friends and family, but it’s a decor piece when not in use.

    Want an easy painted craft idea? Grab an IKEA magazine holder and paint it as unique home decor or for a gift! Add your favorite Duck Tape to personalize.

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    Paint The Inside Of A Closet Or Pantry

    Just because its practical doesnt mean it cant be pretty too. A bold color in a small space not only makes it look more spacious, but it also helps it appear more organized too. So the next time you reach for a jar of pasta sauce youll be delighted the moment you open the door. If the pantrys naturally a little dark, a bright color might be just the pop of color you need to lighten it up.


    Diy Paint Projects Pros

    Painting a Bedroom set | Do it yourself home project

    First, lets talk about the pros of doing your painting project yourself.

    • Cost: Obviously the first and most noticeable is going to be the cost of the project. It will definitely be cheaper to do it yourself.
    • Control: You can do it on your own time and at the pace that you want to complete it. You have the ability to go room by room and do things in the order that fits your life.
    • Satisfaction: There is a certain satisfaction that comes from completing a project by yourself. Painting is one home project that is very easy to see the change when youre done. The satisfaction of seeing a freshly painted wall in a color that you love is unmatched.

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    Do It Yourself Painting Tips

    Painting the exterior and interior of your home undoubtedly transforms spaces and is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to renewing a space. Most of the time, we tend to think that its an easy job to do and that anyone can do it, and its partly true. Why not paint your house yourself! Weve dissected and learned of some of the benefits of painting a home yourself.

    Throwing Your Paint Away

    Lets say you follow most of this guide and get the job done. Thats great! Now its time to throw away any leftover paint, right? Sure, if you plan on never giving the paint job a touch-up.

    When looking for colors, you may have realized just how tough it can be to find matching shades. Well, similarly, you dont want to look for similar shades in the future. Instead, keep the exact same paint around, sealed in a jar for freshness. Then, if you need to touch up the paint, you have the same shade ready for action.

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    Painting Onto Rotten Wood

    This one goes together with our advice about dirty walls. Just because you paint over it, doesnt mean the wood has been cured. You cant just paint over rotting wood and pretend that its fine.

    Instead, you need to replace/repair the wood and patch up any imperfections with compound. This may cost more than just painting over it but its cheaper than the entire wall rotting through and needing replacement later which youll also need to paint again. Do it right the first time.

    Find A Handyman Who Does Exterior House Painting

    Finger painting craft idea painting diy craft craft ideas diy ideas diy ...

    Try calling fix-it people. I found a retired contractor who charges $150 a day flat fee to do anything I want. Including house painting. He is still licensed and bonded. Important to get someone bonded.

    Anyway, even their hourly rates are cheaper than a professional painters rates.

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    Easy Diy Projects And Makes To Do This Weekend

    Take inspiration from our easy DIY projects and stylish ways to update your space

    We generally spend more time thinking about doing easy DIY projects than the time it actually takes to get them done. And whether it’s putting up shelves or giving the garden gate a fresh lick of paint, ticking these home improvement jobs off our lists is very satisfying. As long as you’ve got the essential tools, these DIY ideas are relatively easy and can be achieved on a budget.

    Cute Easy Painting Ideas

    A lot of painters want to try Mod Podge and vice versa . . . so I decided to pull together some cute things to paint I thought you might like. Do you have to seal them with Mod Podge? No. But could you? Absolutely.

    These are not only cute, but theyre also easy. So if youre just getting started with painting, these ideas are a great place to start. There are options on wood, fabric, metal, canvas, terra cotta, stone, clay, and more. Everyone will find something here!

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    Do You Need Help Deciding What Color Of Paint To Use

    We recently just tried Samplize and it totally beats having to buy individual paint samples. These 9 x 14.75 samples will get shipped directly to you and save the hassle of clean-up .

    You can also check out our post, see our review and hopefully get the answers to those frequently asked Samplize questions.

    From DIY wall painting ideas to painted furniture makeover, here are 20 painting projects.

    It is amazing how far one can of paint lasts for home painting projects. Simply put DIY paint projects are some of our favorite ways to modernize and makeover our home. Here are 20+ favorite DIY paint projects.

    Base Coat For A Future Job

    Steps & Methods to Prepare a Wooden/ MDF Product for Do-it-Yourself Craft-Painting Projects I Primer

    When you make a dramatic switch from dark to light paint, it can take a lot of work to cover up the old color. You might be able to use your leftovers as a base coat or primer for a future job.

    A bit of sweat equity can be incredibly rewarding when it comes to making your home uniquely you, even more so when youre able to upcycle materials. Find more DIY projects at the Schlage blog or get inspired on our board.

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