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The next time you’ve got a free weekend, you’ve got time to give your brick fireplace surround a dramatic new look. It takes a little prep work, a few tools, and brick fireplace paint. Ensure the product you choose is rated for high temperatures and designed to use on brick surfaces. Before you start painting, inspect your fireplace surround to determine its material. Although you can paint over a wide variety of surfaces, some types of stone fireplaces are harder to change after you paint them. A brick surround is the best bet for painting. Next, choose your fireplace paint color. A whitewash brick fireplace is a classic choice, but a black-painted fireplace adds drama. Pick a color that matches the style of your home and the room’s decor. Then follow these steps on how to paint a brick fireplace.

Wevet By Farrow & Ball

Give your walls a bright white coat of paint with a color thats got the slightest hints of gray to give dusty shadows. Named for a spider web, this clean, collected white will soothe your worries over having a red brick fireplace.

Whites are a good choice when youre not too fond of the richness of red brick and want a way to detract from the boldness.

Scandinavian Family Room With White Fireplace And Wicker Pendant

For a monochromatic look, you can minimalist this double-sided fireplace which is painted white to match the ceiling and floors. The black frame artwork hanging above it adds a subtle hint of texture. What I love here is the combination of white and wood. Such lovely contrast indeed!

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Benjamin Moore Silver Satin Oc

Its a toss-up between Silver Satin and Classic Gray. But since I tend to give Classic Gray more attention, I figured it was Silver Satins turn .

In this next photo, its tough to get a read on Silver Satin due to the amount of natural light. Remember, colours with higher LRVs can wash out with too much natural light.

Comparing Silver Satin to the white of the table in this next photo is a great way to get a feel for its approach

Silver Satin is an off-white WARM gray paint colour. While its not as warm as Classic Gray, they share a mild tendency towards a violet undertone.

And because I cant even stop myself, heres a good shot of Classic Gray in action ITS SO STINKIN PRETTY

Get your PEEL & STICK SAMPLE of Silver Satin

Can You Paint Tile Around A Fireplace

Red Brick Fireplaces

Yes. But unlike painting a brick fireplace, it is not done directly. Aside from the basics of thorough cleaning, priming, and painting, dabbing a paint around a tile fireplace includes sanding until it is polished enough for the paint to adhere to the surface.

If you do not see yourself sanding the tile anytime, you can use a special bonding primer for the tiles.

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Paint The Brick Fireplace

Since you took the time to prime and seal it, painting the brick fireplace is fairly straightforward. While the sealer is drying, wash the paintbrush with soap and water. Also, change the liner in the paint tray, and swap a fresh roller sleeve on the paint roller.

Pour about ¼ gallon of acrylic latex paint into the paint tray, then use the brush to work the paint into the mortar joints, following up with the paint roller. Just go slower in this step than you did with the sealer, as its easy to miss a spot if youre using white or light paint over the light sealer.

Repeat this step as many times as necessary until youre happy with the coverage. Once the paint is dry, resecure the fireplace surround.

Elegant Living Room With Black Fireplace And White Shelf

You can create an accent wall with paint a brick fireplace. The color scheme of the cozy living room is combined with a blue sofa set. Blue brick Standart fireplace adds vibrancy and contrast against the medium tone wood finishes. White shelving mixed with blue brick fireplace. The round soft table is blue-white in color.

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What Sheen Do You Paint A Fireplace

When painting a brick fireplace, you will want to start by using an indoor acrylic-latex blend paint. The paint needs to be able to withstand high temperatures. As far as what sheen to go with, eggshell is a lower sheen and gives off a warm glow. It is easy to apply and is great at concealing imperfections.

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace House On A Sugar Hill

How to choose your fireplace color [choose the right paint for you]

Cookies that may not be necessary for the website to function and are used specifically to collect personal data through analytics, ads, and other embedded content are called junk cookies. You must obtain user consent before sending these cookies to your website. When we moved into our brick house over a year ago, we planned to paint the outside of the house. In the end, due to the period and location of the house, it was decided to leave and add other elements to break the monotony of the bricks.

So what does this have to do with the kitchen??? Good question! Although we decided to keep the exterior brick original, I also felt that the interior brick fireplace needed to be painted!

So which color did I choose? BLACK! I love a good accent wall with black. I think that the light elements in the space, the black give this great contrast.

I admit, even though my creative side knew black was better, I was skeptical. And one day I left!

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The Best Dark Gray Paint Colours With Violet/purple Undertones

While the top eight colours focus on the lighter end of things, theres a great demand for darker grays, especially on cabinets, feature walls and exteriors.

Check out how this next home is updated with a BEAUTIFUL shade of gray-violet

Remember, EVERY gray has undertones of blue, violet or green . And while in the darker end, theres often more demand for grays with a blue-violet undertone, this doesnt mean gray-violets dont have a solid place.

The 5 Best Paint Colours To Go With A Red Or Red

This is one of the easier bricks as it suits a variety of paint colours!



Are you feeling brave and want a paint colour with a bit more DEPTH to partner up with your brick? Dovetail is a beautiful, medium-toned warm gray. It can be a subtle complement to your brick as isnt overly colourful, while still pulling into the warm gray often found in this type of brick. You can consider Dovetail as an accent wall colour and pair it with a light neutral or use it on ALL of your walls.

Paint colours that have a similar approach to Dovetail: Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray, Sherwin Williams Classic French Gray, Benjamin Moore Metropolis



Natural Tan is a fabulous neutral tan colour its like slapping your nicest pair of khaki pants on the wall! Natural Tan is slightly warm but is overall, a relatively neutral tan paint colour.

Paint colours that have a similar approach to Natural Tan: Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan, Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground, Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige



With its fresh warm yellow undertone, Simply White is a great way to create a bright look without the starkness of a more standard white paint colour. The brightness will contrast with the depth of the brick.

Paint colours that have a similar approach to Simply White: Sherwin Williams Pure White, Benjamin Moore White Dove


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How To Enhance A Brick Fireplace

If you LOVE your brick and want it to really come to life, you can do this via CONTRAST. Just remember, many warm colours dont love being partnered with colours that are cooler AND lighter than them, so you have to tread carefully. Often, its best to contrast with a COOL colour that has some DEPTH to it .

In this next photo, while the green undertone in the paint colour is a CONTRAST to the pink undertone in the brick, because its LIGHTER, its not doing a good job of CONTRASTING it needs much more depth .

Rustic Painted Brick Fireplace

Modern Rustic Painted Brick Fireplaces Ideas 26 #Livingroomdecorations ...

Rustic design schemes are always timeless. When we talk about hearth and home, this style is a go-to vibe.

Distressed brick and the rich, brown, and red tones of brick give us a rustic feel that is hard to miss.

You have heard of whitewashing, but mortar washing is also an underrated method to give a brick fireplace its rustic, distressed tone.

For this one, the brick is softened with the mortar wash and the gold firebox enclosure is changed to an all-black case.

Preparing for a rustic themed holiday with family? Might as well refurbish your old-school reddish-brown fireplace into something lighter and more updated.

With the use of carefully chosen trinkets to line the mantel and hearth, you can keep the holiday mood burning and your spirits warm and alive.

If you think that lightening up a brown toned brick fireplace would not make it rustic, here is a sandy colored repainting that would prove you otherwise.

Transitioning from an encased fireplace to an open hearth, and keeping these built-in, rustic look floating shelves give it a balanced, and contemporary tone.

For an edgy, rustic mood for the fireplace, this ordinary looking, red brick fireplace is painted with a fresh coat of teal and framed the entire thing with this bold and thick, wood mantle.

The firebox is changed into a black colored one, dropping the formerly bronze firebox. To make it more earthy, a wood rack is placed on the corner.

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Apply The Primer On The Brick Wall

The next thing to do is apply a coat of primer to the wall.

This masonry primer is a good primer to use on the entire brick surface.

It blocks stains and will protect the paint against soot.

We recommend you use a small brush with stiff bristles to get the primer into the mortar lines.

Then, take the roller and apply the primer across the clean surface of the old bricks.

Leave the primer to dry overnight.

White masonry primer on brick fireplace surround.

Are Red Brick Fireplaces Already Outdated

There are different arguments surrounding this but from a home development standpoint, as long as the red brick fireplace is maintained well, it still adds value to the home.

However, recent home improvement methods such as whitewashing, mortar washing and brick painting set the gap on the reselling value of homes with red brick fireplaces and those that are remodeled so, that is one thing to consider.

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What Sheen To Paint A Brick Fireplace Matte Or Satin

I started by painting the fireplace using chalk paint and it looked amazing. But I got distracted and didnt seal it right away.

And when my son drove his little cars all over the hearth, the paint got pretty scratched up.

In an effort to save myself some time , I repainted it using satin latex paint in a color that exactly matched the chalk paint color I had used.

And when I was finished, it no longer looked amazing.

This is hard to capture in photos, but the photo below gives an idea. The more shiny half on the right is painted with satin paint.

The shinier side just doesnt look good. Im not even really sure how to describe it, but all my attention was drawn to the actual paint on the shiny side.

Not the fireplace, the paint itself. The matte chalk paint side looked like it belonged and the shiny side did not.

I know that sounds crazy, but there was a huge difference between the two. I dont think it had anything to do with using latex paint rather than chalk paint.

The problem was the slight sheen of the satin paint. The brick itself has a very matte finish, so it makes sense that matte paint looks much better on brick.

Lesson learned and in the future I will only use matte paint on brick, even if I am just painting with boring old white paint.

White Brick Fireplace With Colorful Background

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace

Add a little to vitality a white painted fireplace with a colorful back panel. The color paintings are used to add vitality and contrast to the white space. There are comfortable blue seats that accompany them. Lightwood was used on the floor while white colors continued on the ceiling. The table, consisting of dark wood and glass, attracts attention in the white space.

ID# 100932

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Nebulous White By Sherwin Williams

White is one of the best paint colors with a red brick fireplace. Using this cool color can tone down the richness of red brick.

Nebulous White gives you the blank slate factor associated with white. But it also has personality from gray tinting that adds just the right amount of contrast when placed with red brick.

How To Paint Brick

The process of painting a brick fireplace requires two steps: prepping and painting. However, if you have recently set fireplace bricks, you should let them dry before painting them for at least one year. Below is a breakdown of the steps to painting a brick fireplace.

Hassen says, When painting a brick fireplace, the most important steps are in the prep work! First, make sure the brick is in good condition, and if there are small cracks, you can fill these with acrylic caulk.

Hassen says, Prior to painting a gorgeous coat on your brick fireplace, use a heat-resistant, acrylic primer**. If you plan to operate the fireplace, its best to get a primer that is stain blocking. This is important as a standard acrylic** or oil paint** can give off an odor when heated, even after it has had time to dry and cure.

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White Brick Fireplace With Gold Circular Mirror

The color scheme of the soft living room is combined with a white sofa set. The white brick fireplace adds vibrancy and contrast against the dark tone wood finishes. White walls add freshness to space. A large gold detailed mirror above the fireplace creates an eye-catching focal point.

ID# 100940 | Credit |

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace: Picking The Best Paint For Your Fireplace

Pin by Misty Smith on Krista (With images)

Painting a brick fireplace is a great and inexpensive way to give your space a fresh, new look.

NYC-based designer Jill Romine says, When a full-scale remodel is not in order, one of my favorite ways to refresh a brick fireplace is to simply paint it! When red or brown brick doesnt work for your personal style, an easy way to change it is to embrace the texture, depth, and dimension of the material but use paint to change the color and better suit your design aesthetic.

If youre considering painting your brick fireplace, learn more about what goes into painting a brick fireplace, including how to paint a brick fireplace, fireplace paint ideas and the best paint for brick fireplaces.

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Gorgeous Painted Brick Fireplace Ideas

Get this vintage home news, reliable tips, tricks and DIY Smarts projects straight to your inbox from our experts. A fireplace is usually at the top of a home buyers wish list. Not only is it an architectural focal point, but it literally warms up the room. The trick is to look past what the real estate gods have given you and see the potential instead. When Kristen and her husband @homewithharper bought a new house, they were excited to get a fireplace, but didnt like the dark brick red color. A painted brick fireplace was an easy fix.

When we moved into our new house, the fireplace was really plain red brick and we knew we wanted to paint it. I dont usually decide, so it was easy for us to narrow down the colors. We originally thought about white, but our walls were all white, so we wanted to shake it up and do something different. said Kristen. My husband was thinking about painting it black, well have to do it after we find Black!

After the paint, a black brick fireplace made a bold statement in the living room and helped play off the other black accents. Thus, instead of preventing the already white walls, the modern look of the fireplace is specified.


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