Paint Colors To Go With Oak Cabinets

What Color Ceiling With Dark Oak Cabinets

The Best Paint Colours to Update Oak (Wood) Cabinets, Floor or Trim

The decoratorsWhite CC-20 works great as a ceiling color with dark oak cabinets.

The light-colored ceiling makes the kitchen appear airy and large, so go with Super White PM-1, White Dove OC-17, and Topsail SW 6217.

If you want dark ceilings to go with Valspars Bayou Shade and Townsend Harbor Brown HC-64.

Unless your ceilings are hardwood, white colors or soft colored ceilings are great for dark oat cabinetry.

White ceilings make the kitchen appear light, bright, and airy.

Whereas dark ceilings add to the elegance in the room, make sure your kitchen has enough lighting installed in every nook and corner to chase off the darkness in the room.

There are certain conditions where you can get your wish of painting your ceiling with a dark paint color.

If your kitchen walls are the white or equally light color you can use dark ceilings as a contrast.

Secondly, if you want an intimate and cozy feel to your kitchen paint your ceilings with dark paint.

Finally. Dark ceilings complement light-colored wood details on the ceiling of the room.

Here are few options to make you better understand the kind of ceiling colors you should go with dark oak cabinets in your kitchen.

  • Super White PM-1
  • Topsail SW 6217

Is It Cheaper To Paint Cabinets Or Replace Them

A lot of people think that it is cheaper to paint cabinets than to replace them. But this is not always the case.

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether or not to paint cabinets. Some of these factors include the cost ofreplacing a cabinet, the size of the cabinet, and the type of cabinet.

How To Tone Down Orange Cabinets Or Floors Pick A Contrasting Color

If neutrals are not your thing, and you want to downplay some of those orange-yellow tones in either your honey oak or maple woodwork, then picking a color on the opposite side of the color wheel will help to tone down orange cabinets, trim or floors.

Do you know why women with dyed blonde hair use blue or purple shampoo? The blue/purple helps to diminish brassy tones in the hair. The exact same principal applies here!

Now, I do not suggest painting your walls purple. Purple is not, and never will be, a color that works anywhere besides a little girl’s room. You can however, use a paint color that has a purple undertone.

Personally, I find that shades of blue green paint work best alongside oak, especially in kitchens with cabinets that have lot of that orange going on.

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Oak Trim Needs Painting If Old Or In Poor Condition

If the oak wood molding is in poor condition or has lost its original look, you should consider repainting it instead of replacing the trim. Honey oak wood trim has an orange tint so it will require more than one coat of neutral paint color to spruce it up.

The Alternative to Painting Your Oak Trim: Stain

Weve given you some good reasons to paint your oak trim a neutral color, but if the wood is old and requires treatment, you may consider applying stain instead of paint in order to preserve its original look.

After all, painting over the oak trim will hide its rich character and not everyone is keen on doing that unless they wish to lighten up the wood color.

To stain your oak trim with a neutral finish, you need to remove the old stain if any, and refinish the job using a good quality sealer.

The old stain finish can be removed with a chemical stripper, and once youve successfully removed and cleaned the old finish, the next step is to gently sand the wood surface. Neutral or transparent stain finishes with medium to dark tones are the best choice for honey or red oak.

What Colors Go Well With Oak Wood

43 Inspiring Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas with Oak Cabinet

Lets get into the colors that best compliment oak cabinets. Here are some of my go-to farmhouse paint colors that I like with oak kitchen cabinets.

  • Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray A warm light medium gray with a purple undertone. This was my color of choice for our kitchen in Texas. I wanted a gray at the time and this was my favorite when looking at samples.
  • Benjamin Moore White Dove A creamy greige color that adds warmth to the space while complementing any orange tones in the room.
  • Sherwin Williams Rainwashed Rainwashed is a perfect color if you want a tint of color but still want the light and airy look in your home. It complements the oak wood cabinets just enough making it a ideal color.
  • Sherwin Williams Repose Gray This gray literally goes with everything. If you want a safe color and dont want to do much thinking, you are pretty safe going this route.
  • Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter If you dont already know this is my new favorite color of all time. I love that its the perfect greige color that leans a little more on the warmer side.
  • Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground A tan with a gray undertone. My friend over at used this in their kitchen and I love how it changes with the lighting.
  • Sherwin Williams Rosemary If you want to have fun and add some color you could choose Rosemary! I am in love with how this color makes the oak wood look so modern and less orange.

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Darker Grey Wall Paint And Honey Oak Cabinets

The first wall tone that we suggest you pair with honey oak kitchen cabinets is grey, particularly the darker one. The reason is that such color can help to erase the outdated appearance of the furniture by giving a more modern feel to the interior.

You can see the photo of an eclectic kitchen above if you need an example of how the combination looks. As shown in the image, this kitchen does have not only a set of base and wall honey oak cabinets but also darker grey wall paint.

If you are curious about the wall tone used here, you need to know that it is something resulted from the mixture between two paints. The designer mentioned that it was 75% Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray HC-169 and 25% Intrigue 1580.

You can create a custom mixed paint like this if you cannot find a suitable option for your kitchen design. As a suggestion, mixing colors from the same brand can give you a better result because of the same formula contained in each product.

There is one last but not least thing that we want you to notice from the photo above. It is about how the wall paint can help to make the stainless-steel appliances installed as parts of the cabinet design, and the light grey subway tile backsplash looks compatible with the honey oak color. The wall tone here seems to become something that blends everything to look compatible with one another in the interior design, which is a nice thing.

Paint Color Shades Goes With Honey Oak Cabinets

Benjamin Moore Horizon:Benjamin Moore Horizon is a light silvery blue and is like a breath of fresh air. So, it looks perfect with honey oak.

Caldwell Green: It is not a typical green because it has a blue touch in it that gives it a unique and beautiful tone.

Balboa Mist: Its a light gray paint shade with a warmth feel. It looks fantastic with honey oak.

Comfort Gray: With a gray undertone it is a light blue-green paint shade. It can be applied anywhere with woodwork including honey oak.

Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray: Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray is a cool mid-tone gray with green undertones and has a more grounding quality.

Sea Salt: Sea Salt is a light blue-green and Sea Salt is perfect for creating an ocean-inspired retreat.

Mindful Gray: Mindful Gray is a light gray with warm undertones and Mindful Gray is ideal for infusing any space with a sense of calm and serenity.

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Will Honey Oak Ever Come Back Into Style

Well, the simple answer to that is probably not. Honey oak had its hay day back in the 80s and 90s and while there are many things that have circled around and come back into style, that color wood likely wont ever be one of them.

The reason why it wont come back into style is the color of the undertones it has. They are very yellow and orange and ever since we hit the 21st century we have done pretty much everything we could to remove that orangey wood tone.

I still have flashbacks to my first kitchen in my first house and the orange undertones the wood had. Orange doesnt look good in that much wood in that big of a space.

Dusty Blue Paint And White Appliances

Sherwin Williams Paint Colors To Use With Honey Oak Trim

This open-style kitchen features a combination of honey oak cabinets and white appliances. The choice in paint color is a dark blue shade by Behr, called Starless Night PPU14-20.

While the colors of the cabinets, appliances, and the wall are all different but the result is striking. With such a deep wall paint color, the outdated visual of both the cabinets and the appliances are erased.

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Is Honey Oak Coming Back In Style

Image Credits: Bob Vila

Regrettably, it is not. Honey oak had its heyday, and likely won’t be making a comeback very soon, like many other items from the 1980s and 1990s. But that doesn’t imply your house has to be trapped in the same era for all time just because honey oak is no longer the standard.

You can do things to update your home as stated above, regardless of whether your trim, cabinetry, or flooring is that lovely orange-yellow color.

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Jacky Chou

Paint Colors Goes With Honey Oak Cabinets

Honey oak cabinets are the perfect addition to any kitchen. They provide a warm, inviting space that is perfect for entertaining guests or preparing meals.

And, with the right paint colors, they can also help to brighten up the room and add a touch of style. Here are 11 paint colors that look great with honey oak cabinets:

White: A classic choice that never goes out of style, white paint can help to make your kitchen feel more spacious and airy.

Cream: A creamy white color is perfect for adding a bit of warmth to your kitchen. It also pairs well with other earth tones, like brown or green.

Tan: If you want to keep your kitchen feeling light and airy, try a tan or beige color. This color palette also works well if you have a lot of natural light in your kitchen.

Grey: Grey paint is a great way to add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. It also pairs well with white or cream-colored cabinets.

Blue: Blue paint can help to give your kitchen a calming, relaxed feeling. It also works well with other cool colors, like grey or green.

Green: Green paint is perfect for creating a natural look in your kitchen. It also helps to bring out the honeyed tones of your cabinets.

Purple: Purple paint is ideal for adding a pop of color to your kitchen. It pairs well with both light and dark colors, making it versatile for any space.

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Which Is The Best Colour To Stain Oak Furniture

Stain colours will affect the final look and so darker shades tend to deepen those undertones, bringing out the reddish quality of oak. While paler and more natural stains tend to bring out tinges of yellow or orange. Either way, youre working with a warmer undertone. Cooler colour palettes contrast with oak, creating a subtle balance.

Best Shade Of Charcoal: Farrow And Ball Down Pipe No 26

Luxury Paint Colors for Kitchens with Golden Oak Cabinets

The Spruce

If you are looking to appease your dark side, give in to this decadent shade of charcoal by Farrow and Ball Down Pipe. It is an incredibly rich shade of gray that works with a broad range of contrasting materials with light and bright finishesfor instance, picture dark charcoal wall with honey-toned, oak wood cabinets with brushed brass hardware.

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Final Thoughts On The Best Paint Colors To Go With Honey Oak

Don’t let your oak woodwork get in the way of creating a home you love. Not everyone has the funds, desire or ability to change their kitchen or all the trim and moldings in their home and that’s ok!

Heck, maybe you LOVE those original oak accents and just want to know the best colors to complement them.

Whatever your reason for reading this article, I hope it has provided some insight into the paint colors that will work best for you.

No matter what you end up choosing, just remember the basics of color theory and it will help you understand how to work with the orange undertones of your honey oak.

Don’t forget – no matter what you’ve read or photos you’ve seen online, it’s really important to sample paint colors in your home before committing!

Samplize provides real paint samples that are easy to move around your home, and cheaper than buying a gazillion paint pots! It’s the only way I buy paint samples.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Shall we talk about a very popular gray paint color by the name of Agreeable Gray? This is a great paint color if you want gray walls but you dont want gray walls. Does that make sense?

Agreeable Gray has a touch of bronze undertones that pairs nicely with the yellow undertones in your cabinets.

If this blog post teaches you anything it should be that you can work with anything in your home. Anything is possible!

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The Best Paint Colours To Complement/contrast A Wood With Pink Or Red Hues

Red hue or cherry toned woods are the richest of the bunch, adding depth and colour to a room. Red-toned woods can also look slightly pinkish or can give off a subtle purple cast at times.

If youre a bit of an exhibitionist and want to show off your wood, these colours will do the trick! Youll see reference to SPECIFIC colours shortly.

Should I Accentuate The Orange Tones In My Oak Wood Trim

Kitchen Paint Ideas with Oak Cabinets

This depends on whether you want to blend in your oak trim in the background or highlight it as a feature. Some people choose to emphasize the orange undertone of the oak by pairing it with contrasting or more neutral color tones.

Speaking of neutrals, these tones draw the eye to the oak trim by serving as the backdrop. On the other hand, if you want your honey oak trim to blend in with your wall or furnishing color, pair it with warm, earthy tones like reds and browns in order to help natural light accentuate the woods undertones.

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Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray

Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray , unlike the name suggests, is actually a light blue-green paint color with a gray undertone.

It’s a lovely paint color to bring a coastal vibe to any space. It works equally well with oak and other wood tones as it does with crisp white trim.

And while you can see how beautiful it is in the kitchen below, it’s also a perfect color for a bedroom or bathroom.

Kitchen Paint Colors With Light Oak Cabinets

This next combination will not give you a headache. The reason is that light oak cabinets are more on the neutral side.

Do you know what it means? It means it will be easier for you to pair it with any wall color.Still, however, we will recommend some of the best kitchen paint choices that will finally result in the fabulous look that you will love. Here are the two most popular options.

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What Are The Paint Colors That Complement Honey Oak Wood Cabinets

Some of the greatest paint colors for honey oak cabinets are those that embrace rather than strive to counterbalance the warm tones of the cabinets.

If you’re trying to hide the orange undertone in your cabinets, you should look over to the opposite side of the color wheel and pick a paint shade with either a blue or a purple undertone.

Final Thoughts Paint Colors That Work With Honey Oak Trim Cabinets And Flooring

30+ Inspiring Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas With Oak Cabinet

I can go on and on about all the colors I think will work with orange-toned wood but I think the key points to remember here are the ways you yourself can find a paint color on your own.

I can easily say use, Dorian Gray, it will for sure work in your home. But as I have said plenty of times in all my articles, you need to test that paint color in your space to be 100% sure it will work. Sampling a paint color in your space is the key to success.

Overall, I think all the paint colors I talked about will work with honey oak wood. Whether you are looking to enhance the wood or balance the intensity of the tones there is a paint color out there for you. Remember to use the tips I shared and of course sample, the paint colors and you will be set.

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