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S-Designs- Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee and Sherwin Williams Black Fox Exterior Paint

BM Swiss Coffee is a gorgeous complex cream paint color with invisible green undertones that lean a bit toward yellow . This paint color is fabulous with earthy Tuscan Era finishes. Use it with earthy colors, browns, tans, and warm grays.

This is a great cabinet color with any earthy granite countertop. Use Swiss Coffee for a darker or North-facing room with cool light. If you have a room with low light, use a lighter white paint color for ceiling and trim to add contrast.

For an exterior, it will read like a soft warm white in the sunshine. Swiss Coffee can be a good trim and ceiling color, but only paired with darker whites. If you pair Swiss Coffee with a lighter white wall and/or trim color, it will look dingy.

One more thing make sure that you specify Benjamin Moore for this specific color. There are Swiss Coffees in just about every paint brand, and they are all different!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use with:Earthy Tuscan colors, muted colors, browns, creamy quartz, or Calacatta marble. Good white for dark rooms or north-facing exposures.
  • Dont use with:Clean whites such as Chantilly or Oxford White. Avoid cooler white paint colors like SW Extra White or BM Decorators White. Avoid cool marbles or finishes such as Carrara marble counters.
  • Best ceiling :Cloud White or White Dove
  • Best trim color :Cloud White or White Dove
  • Best Paint Matches: SW Dover White

The Verdict

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa Review

Let me do a quick review of what we learned about this fabulous paint color.

  • Is one of Sherwin Williams best selling paint colors
  • is a part of the Color Collections: Free Spirit, Living Well, Top 50 Colors, Timeless White, 2021 Tapestry, Rejuvenation Spring/Summer 2021
  • Has an LRV of 84
  • comes from the yellow of Green/yellow closer to the yellow hue family
  • has yellow almost beige-ish undertones
  • its a warm white paint color
  • looks great just about anywhere

Is Greek Villa Too White

Nope, Greek Villa SW 7551 is certainly not too white. Nor is it really a clean white paint color.

Its a warmer white color so you can expect it to never look stark or cold.

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What Color Of Quartz Goes With Sw Swiss Coffee Cabinets

The right choice of a quartz countertop will give your kitchen interior a bang as the finished look will sure leave your kitchen looking a thousand bucks better and more sophisticated.

There are many quartz colors to choose from when looking for the ideal one that will match very well with the SW Swiss coffee cabinets. When it comes to matching quartz with off-white shades like SW Swiss coffee, the best color matches are neutral colors like soft shades and blends of gray, black, and white are good choices.

Here are some quartz color and design suggestions for SW Swiss coffee cabinets.

  • Silestone Quartz
  • Sea Pearly Quartz
  • White Quartz Countertops
  • Cambria Weybourne Quartz
  • Caesarstone Quartz

Their neural undertones are versatile and compatible with a variety of kitchen cabinets and interiors. They give not only style but a look of simplicity to a kitchen interior as well.

Swiss Coffee Palette Inspiration

Sherwin Williams Swiss Coffee Semi Gloss / How To Pick The Right White ...

Palette 1: Soothing monochromatic

This first colour combination is the most calming pallet of the three. I printed off my Perfect Colour Palette for Swiss Coffee and walked through the endless fabric aisles at my Design Centre to find patterns that paired well with the combinations that I put together.

Look at how beautifully these 3 colour tones work together!

I am using this colour combination to find inspiration for fabrics and other home décor finishes. I am not saying you must paint with all these 3 colours, but instead, use them as inspiration for pulling together a design palette.

Heres what I found:

The first fabric is a fantastic, soft, and pretty floral fabric from JF Fabrics. You could use this fabric for a pillow on your sofa or apply it to some gorgeous drapery. You can see the other neutral-toned materials shown above that could be used for a sofa, a custom ottoman, and/or accent chairs.

Notice how the taupe looped rug sample compliments the fabrics and overall palette? The addition of the wallpaper sample with similar tones can be used to add another layer to your design palette.

Be sure to watch the video above to understand in more detail, why I chose each specific element of the designs.

Your home should always flow from room to room so that its clear that your design choices are purposeful. To do this successfully, repeat the same tones into other areas on your main floor.

Palette 2: Contrasting & Moody

Palette 3: Bright & Fun

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Three Beautiful Palettes For Swiss Coffee

In my previous post, I did a colour review for Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. Now I want to inspire you with ideas on how to pull a complete palette together using this sophisticated, soft white.

In this video, I demonstrate how to use the colours from my Swiss Coffee Perfect Colour Palette as inspiration for creating beautiful interior design palettes with fabrics, wallpaper, hardwood, and countertops for your home.

All the colours I use are included in my Swiss Coffee paint guide. I have come up with three gorgeous combinations, but there are many more ways that you could mix and match to create a design palette that is perfect for you!

Simply White By Benjamin Moore

Simply White LRV: 91.7

If you do any research about white paint colors you will probably come across the color Simply White by Benjamin Moore. It was the Benjamin Moore color of the year in 2016, and for good reason!

This color is a crisp, clean, and bright white. Simply Whites fresh finish makes it a great option for bright trim, doors, or cabinets.

Benjamin Moore describes Simply White as:

Fresh as the first snowfall, this clean, crisp, multi-purpose white is a perennial favorite for trim, ceilings, and walls.

View the color Simply White on the Benjamin Moore website here.

Simply White has a LRV of 91.7, which is nearly the highest of all the paint colors on this list. The high LRV means it is the closest to pure white. The low 90s is as close to pure white as I recommend going any whiter and the colors start looking cool, sterile, and lack complexity.

The sitting room below is painted with Benjamin Moore Simply White.

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No : Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Warm, welcoming, and smooth are some words often used to describe Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. Its a great option for more traditional spaces and plays well with other creamy tones and golden hues.

From our Cove Remodel

We used McGee Home at 75% strength, because it was showing just a little too yellow when they tested it. It worked perfectly for the home!

Where To Use Greek Villa Sw 7551

White Paint Color Combos | Swiss Coffee

This is an easy answer. Everywhere.

Greek Villa is perfect for trim, walls, cabinets, shiplap, exterior, etc. Basically, if you can paint it, Greek Villa will work.


The kitchen cabinets are an amazing place to use Greek Villa.@holthomestead on Instagram paint her gorgeous cabinets using SW Greek Villa.

The color looks like the perfect white for her cabinets.

And I mean come on, does it not look like a dream kitchen? Especially with that island, that green paint color is amazing!

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Swiss Coffee Versus Navajo White

Navajo White is another Ben Moore off-white, but more tinted with an LRV of 79.88, and more creamy and beige-y than Swiss Coffee, and can read even a bit orange in warm artificial or natural light.

All in all, if youre looking for a warm, rich traditional, even elegant off-white, definitely give Navajo White some more consideration, too.

Does Sherwin Williams Greek Villa Look Too Yellow

I dont think it looks too yellow. In certain situations, for example, if you primarily have cool tones throughout a room and then incorporate GV, the cool tones will enhance the warmth of the paint color leading to a possible yellow tinge.

Also with certain lighting, it may possibly look too warm for your particular preference. However, it all depends on what you are looking to get out of the color.

I painted my home office with Sherwin Willams Greek Villa. I find that overall the paint color performs like a soft warm white. For reference, the room receives north-facing sunlight.

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Silos White By Magnolia Homes

I couldnt write a post about paint without including one from the Magnolia line. All of Joannas colors are beautiful , but my favorite white from her collection is Silos White.

Joanna Gaines describes this color as a warm white with beige undertones. I tend to lean towards the warmer whites because I love the bright and airy feeling they give off without the stark and sterile vibe that a pure white tends to create.

The dining room in the image below is painted with Magnolia Homes Silos White.

Moody Musings About Every Swiss Coffee Paint Color Ever

Swiss Coffee Paint Color Sherwin Williams : Our Review Of Swiss Coffee ...

Okay, that heading is probably a lie, because why wouldnt even more brands want a Swiss Coffee in their lineup? They could just be late to the party!

Lets recap:

  • Use the same shade of Swiss Coffee on everything if you want to keep it looking white. Use a cleaner white on the trim if you want to emphasize the cream tones.
  • Any Swiss Coffee is a good choice, but Benjamin Moores is the most popular, and probably the one youve been hearing about.
  • The lightest and most neutral Swiss Coffees are Kelly Moores and Valspars.

If theres one thing Ive poured hours into, its white paint colors. Find your dream cream in one of these posts:

Dont Forget Your Supplies!This little brush might look funny, but its my absolute ride or die!Rollers like these hold the most paint and make the job faster. Get a metal roller cage for easy on and off.DryDex is the fastest way to make chips and dents disappear. This tool will save your back and limit time on a ladder.

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Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee

Kelly Moore paints have nothing to do with Benjamin Moore, if you were wondering. Not that I googled that*cough*

The Kelly Moore version of Swiss Coffee is another of the lightest and most neutral options.

You can see beside the Valspar color that Kelly Moore is just a little bit warmer:

I do actually have a couple pictures, thanks to Cassandra from Studio H Designs .

I have to say that I really like this one!

I think this version of Swiss Coffee reads expensive.

Its giving cream, its giving satin, its giving fluffy white kitten.

Its not giving butter. Woohoo!

LRV of Kelly Moore Version of Swiss Coffee

Kelly Moore says that the LRV of Swiss Coffee is 83. If we were keeping in line with the other brands scales, I would say its more like 85.

Undertones of Swiss Coffee Kelly Moore Edition

This one reminds me quite a bit of Sherwin Williams White Flour, which is another of my favorite whites:

I dont think Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee has any strong undertones, but if its going to pick up a color, it could be peach.

Is Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee A Good Wall Paint Color

The short answer is YES, I think its a great choice.

Heres why

I think its such a beautiful soft white color which works in so many different style homes.

Ultimately you need to love it.

Before you begin painting your walls, I cant recommend trying it out first as a sample in your home enough.

Maybe this seems so obvious, but even the surrounding light from one from one room to another can differ not to mention the time of day

Live with a few samples for a few days before making your final decision.

Test it in natural light and in artificial light too!

I always recommend using these Samplize adhesive self stick paint samples.

These are by far the best way to test out a wall paint color in your home.

These self stick samples are such a brilliant product and a great option when it comes to testing out different paint colors.

No messy paint cans and brushes to deal with!

I tend to use a lot of Benjamin Moore paint, but I have nothing against Farrow and Ball or Sherwin Williams paint, or any other well known paint brand.

These brands all offer similar cream color options and can be found over on Samplize as well!

Samplize Sample of Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore

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Convenience At Your Fingertips

Swiss Coffee is now part of my Benjamin Moore Whites & Neutrals Collection showcasing all 10 of my Benjamin Moore white and neutral Perfect Colour Palettes.

My Perfect Colour Palette library has been expanded and now has 40 paint colours to select from. Click here to see them all.

If you want to get all my Benjamin Moore colour guides in one place, look no further than my Benjamin Moore Ultimate Collection. All 20 of my Benjamin Moore guides are in one handy collection.

Remember, it only takes one mistake to take your home decorating project from divine to disaster. Dont let the paint be what stresses you out!

Take my Colour Quiz to see which Colour Palette best suits your style.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee Living Spaces

Paint Colour Review: Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC 45

10. Living Room Built-Ins in Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee is one of my top choice colors when I want a beautiful, creamy and subtle background to let other decor pieces shine.

I love the simplicity that this color brings, which allows this crazy dichotomy of standing out and fading into the background. Doesnt it like the perfect shade in this living room from Design Loves Detail?

11. Swiss Coffee Modern Living Space

I think there are few whites or off-whites that bridge the gap between light and dark as well as Swiss Coffee does.

The creamy softness combined with the gray and slight brown undertones makes this a go-to off-white to create a drool-worthy living room. It fits perfectly with the brown, gray, and black pops of color in this space from Wildflower Home Blog.

12. Comfortable, Relaxing Cream Paint

I love the comfortable, relaxed vibe that Swiss Coffee gives, and to me, thats what a living room is all about. This vintage yet modern living space is the perfect example with its cozy cool furniture pieces and warmly painted walls.

13. BM Swiss Coffee Living Kitchen Combo

Talk about versatility! From easy, comfortable vibe to chic transitional, Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore really CAN do it all! Its very light but still soft in a room with tons of natural light like this one from Design Loves Detail.

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Oxford White Also White Heron

White Heron is a clean white with slightly warm undertones and looks amazing with marble and cool gray finishes . We see it most often as a ceiling and trim white color. For the wall color, make sure you use this white in bright spaces to prevent dingy gray corners. This crisp color is a perfect backdrop for colorful art. In this photo, we show a room with White Heron/Oxford White Ceilings, trim, and fireplace.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use with: Carrara marble counters, crisp grays, blacks, and clean colors. The best granite is honed absolute black.
  • Dont use with: Dark earthy granite countertops. Could end up looking like primer. Be careful about using this color with quartz countertops. Because of the quartz manufacturing process, most of their whites are off-white or creamy. White Heron will not go well with off-white or creamy quartz.
  • Best ceiling color :White Heron or BM White Diamond
  • Best trim color : White Heron
  • Best Paint Matches:Sherwin Williams Pure White

What Paint Colours Go With Swiss Coffee

When it comes to Swiss Coffee, there arent a lot of paint colours that I totally LOVE with it, and would lean the most towards

  • Beige or tan paint colours that have a weeee tiny wink of green hiding in them
  • I would absolutely avoid greige or taupe
  • I would avoid many/most gray paint colours, unless they had a bit of depth to them

Not sure if Swiss Coffee is right for you? Want a bit warmer or cooler? Ive got more! Also, because I use Swiss Coffee so rarely in my E-design, I dont have photos of it, but these next reviews have some AWESOME example photos for you to check out!


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Swiss Coffee And Classic Gray

People frequently wonder if Swiss Coffee goes with Classic Gray. Classic Gray is another popular Benjamin Moore paint color. It is light and airy.

Overall, Swiss Coffee and Classic Gray paint colors are okay together.

I probably wouldnt use them in the same room for a few reasons. For example, they are fairly similar in depth. They dont play off each other, and instead run the risk of looking fairly similar. Additionally, you may find that one pulls out an odd undertone in the other.

But, I would use Swiss Coffee and Classic Gray in the same house, assuming the rooms didnt run into each other.


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