Paint Color Ideas For Bathroom

Washed Red Paint Color


If you want to add vibrancy to the overall look of your bathroom but don’t want to go overboard, washed red paint color is undoubtedly one of the best picks for you. You can combine this color with white and light green to make your bathroom look more visually intriguing.

Using washed red paint color

When choosing paint colors for your bathroom, also make sure to factor in the overall color scheme of your home so as to maintain a sense of uniformity in terms of visual appeal. Select the best colour for your bathroom from this bathroom paint ideas list.

Add Height With A Split Colour Scheme

It’s an oldie but a goodie, using a stronger colour on the lower part of the wall to stretch the height an optical illusion of course. This simple trick helps to create to break up the wall and create the feeling of space ideal for use in smaller bathrooms.

In this stylish example a sophisticated shade of green is used on wood panelling to add definition to the colour break. A brilliant white above helps to elevate the colour contrast. Smart walnut cabinetry and touches of monochrome add a touch of characterful elegance to the look.

Charcoal Black And Grey Paint Color Combo

One of the best bathroom paint color ideas that can work well for you if you want your bathroom to look modern is to go for a charcoal black and light grey paint color combination. Introduce a few metallic accents to lend an unmistakable dose of sophistication to your bathroom.

Creating a modern bathroom look

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Introduce One Shot Of Strong Color

Color-blocking is a great technique for anyone keen to test strong paint colors without over-committing. An all-out approach, with multiple blocks of undiluted color, often clashing, is popular in modern homes.

But for a more classical look go for one small, clearly defined block of dramatic color. Take inspiration from the Shaker-style bathroom vanity idea shown above. The orange-toned red try Andrew Martins Tomato Frog No. 52 provides a dynamic focal point against creamy natural stones.

Restricting the rest of the paintwork to muted tones makes the statement color feels more impactful. Best of all, small injections of saturated color are easy to update.

Work With All Shades Of Grey

60 Bathroom Paint Color Ideas that Makes you Feel Comfortable in your ...

For a cosy, cocooning fee, grey bathroom ideas literally make the walls feel like they are closing in on you. Painting the bath in a paler grey and adding wooden accessories will give an added dimension and prevent the grey walls becoming overbearing.

Creating a panelled effect in the bathroom will not only add character it will also break up a flat area of painted grey wall – light will hit the panelling at different points and change its shade and tone, therefore adding interest.

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Best Green: Valspar Sable Calm 5002

The Spruce

We definitely have a thing for rich, earthy greens, and Valspar’s Sable Calm is no exception. This earthy tone feels different depending on the light and looks brighter in the day and rich and moody at night. It’s the perfect color for a small, modern bathroom and pairs beautifully with teak or bamboo accents and plush white towels.

Be Bold With Red Bathroom Paint

Go for a daring look in your bathroom with strong color and geometric patterns. This bathroom wall idea features a claret-red painted wall decorated with white hexagon tiles set with red grout for a striking effect.

What to avoid with red bathroom ideas? Red on all four walls will be somewhat overpowering and on a practical level will cast a red-tone on your skin when you look in the mirror. Good natural daylight and bathroom lighting ideas with natural-daylight lightbulbs are a must with this color scheme.

The stand-alone, designer basin and mixer tap give the room ultra-cool character, while quirky accessories, such as this wave hand hook and a Moorish mother-of-pearl mirror, take the look East.

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Take Advantage Of The Fifth Wall

While theres nothing wrong with a plain white ceiling, for color lovers its a missed opportunity. In this gray bathroom, the ceiling known as the ‘fifth wall’ is painted in Little Greenes Yellow Pink, a warm mustard shade that has a cozying effect on the high ceilings, a great look for bathroom ceiling ideas.

Little Greenes Carmine picks up the pace on the bath, with Farrow & Balls Arsenic adding brightness on the shutters.

These colors verge on clashing but, thanks to the subtler wall and floor tiles, they dont, explains Mandarin Stone s marketing director Louisa Morgan.

If you like bathroom tile ideas with textured finishes and interesting shapes, such as the three-dimensional and honeycomb tiles shown above, they are an excellent way of providing enough depth and character.

Opt For Blue In An On

What are the top paint colors for bathrooms?

Embrace this season’s ombre micro trend and incorporate the graduated paint effect into your bathroom. Often reserved for modern designs, it can look equally as stunning in a country scheme. If you have a south-facing room, it’s a good idea to invest in a cooler palette. This pale, sea blue has a tranquil, peaceful aura ideal for a room that receives the sunlight all day.

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What Bathroom Paint Colors Are On Trend For 2022

In 2022, we will see a continuation of the warm interior paint color trend in bathrooms and powder rooms. With so many people working from home, using interior colors to create a serene and inviting space is essential. Organic greens like Guacamole by Glidden and PPGs Olive Sprig offer a soothing vibe. Indeed, these relaxing tones are perfect for a living room, kitchen nook, or powder room.

Undeniably, people will continue to realize the impact that their home paint colors have on the way they feel and their energy levels. Accordingly, this energy starts with your master bathrooms wall color as you wake up in the morning to start the day.

Thats why cheerful dusty blues like Aleutian by HGTV Home and silvery light greens like Breezeway by Behr are becoming more popular each month.

To that end, natural bathroom color palettes will continue to gain traction as we venture into bolder organic colors that invigorate us in 2022 and beyond.

Looking For More House Painting Inspiration?

Paint Shutters To Match Walls

Loved the pink in the bathroom paint idea above? Here’s another way to include it in your bathroom paint color scheme but with a more traditional finish. The palest of pinks on the walls could look somewhat wan, but with the shade on the shutters, chosen to be a few tones darker, the room looks layered and interesting.

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Paint Color Ideas For A Small Bathroom

Ashley Knierim is a home decor expert and product reviewer of home products for The Spruce. Her design education began at a young age. She has over 10 years of writing and editing experience, formerly holding editorial positions at Time and AOL.

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Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in our homes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with color and decor. Even the smallest bathrooms can easily get away with bright, bold colors if done correctly. Plus, whether you have ample natural light or not, the right paint color can open up the space and help create the illusion of a well-lit room.

Your first step in is to understand what lighting options you have and what vibe you want to aim for in your bathroom.

Once you know what color or palettes you’re interested in, here are our favorite 14 paint colors perfect for any small bathroom.

Add Depth With A Blue

Calming Bathroom Ideas and Inspirational Paint Colors

Keep your bathroom simple with a white suite and chrome brassware, then ring the changes with a deep blue-green wall colour enabling you to switch up your style by simply re-painting.

Building out a shallow shelf and tiling with plain white tiles not only hides waste pipes but also offers the perfect ledge for fresh foliage, bringing in pops of vibrant green to the scheme. The oval bath cuts corners to enhance a sense of space a great small bathroom idea.

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Use Patterned Wallpaper For The Easiest Of Bathroom Color Ideas

Wallpapering is a great way to stop bathrooms from feeling too sterile and just perfect for creating truly happy spaces, which I believe every bathroom should be, says Nicola Harding, owner of Nicola Harding & Co .

Installing half-height paneling helps protect wallpaper from the danger zone, where water is most likely to splash, while also providing another opportunity to add cheerful colors.

Here, the bath is positioned well away from the walls, offering another layer of protection for the beautiful Ceraudo wallpaper.

If youre still concerned, apply Polyvines Decorators Varnish, which can be brushed over wallpaper to prevent moisture ingress.

Best Bright: Behr The Real Teal P470

The Spruce

If you’re worried that a bold color such as Behr’s The Real Teal is too vibrant for a small bathroom, think again. We love using rich hues like this green-blue teal to add loads of personality to a small space. Pair alongside other vibrant colors for a small bathroom that packs a big punch.

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Create An Inviting Space With Warm Bathroom Paint Ideas

If your bathroom faces north or has a small window, it’s likely to suffer from poor natural daylight, and may feel cold and unwelcoming as a result. You can fix this with a good bathroom paint idea choice: deep spicy shades calmed by muted naturals will make a bathroom feel instantly welcoming. Ensure the bolder shades have earthy rather than citrus tones, and match them with flooring in a natural material and furniture in dark, richly grained wood for a look that oozes character.

Love this bathroom paint idea? You will love our orange room ideas .

Keep Things Fresh With The Palest Greens

Best paint for bathroom – lesson learnt!

Oooh, this bathroom just looks so fresh and clean and inviting. A pale green is the perfect color if your bathroom gets lots of natural light, it can look a bit cold in a darker room, so just test out some swatches in your space before you start painting.

This bathroom is painted with Benjamin Moore’s Italian Ice Green , which works so well combined with black and dark greys to create a really contemporary contrast.

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The 6 Best Bathroom Paint Colors Trends 2022

Homeowners spend lots of time thinking about paint colors for living rooms and bedrooms but what about the bathroom? Your bathroom is a place you spend time getting ready for your day or unwinding after a long one, and the paint color you choose contributes to its overall ambiance.

In 2022, homeowners consider the best bathroom paint colors to be those that contribute to a feeling of peace and calm. But that doesnt mean boring! From neutral beiges and whites to bold blacks and jewel tones to earthy blues and greens, the list that follows is full of bathroom paint color options to choose from for creating a unique space youll love.

Go For A Dramatic Blue Black Scheme

In a bathroom with a high ceiling and good natural lighting, a deep, inky wall color will look elegant. Painting bathrooms is a good time to experiment and use color blocking to make the room feel loftier still, with the lighter colors from picture rail upwards, and pick a pale, reflective material, such as marble tiles, for the flooring. Want a really contemporary feel? Paint the ceiling too .

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Combine Bathroom Paint Colour With Wallpaper

That’s it. We are done. We have found the coolest bathroom paint idea ever. How can you look at this bathroom and not want to copy some aspect of it? We love how the teal paint works with the banana leaf print wallpaper, but you could pick your fave paper and get a color match for a hue that’s within that and achieve a similar effect.

Stay Neutral For Easy Color Scheming In A Bathroom

Pin on Bathroom Optimization Include Decor and Storage ideas

Neutral bathrooms are classics for a reason. They allow colors to inspire feelings of calm and serenity. But they do need breaking up you can do this by mixing two different neutrals together. Go one shade darker grey and white, or beige and brown.

This is a great way to future-proof your bathroom too, as double-neutrals dont really go out of style. For a balanced look, paint two-thirds of the room the lighter neutral shade and the remaining third the darker.

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In The Shadows By Ppg

PPGs In The Shadows is another one of those faded blue bathroom wall colors that really seems to pop against white trim and tile. No question, its an elegant hazy blue that adds sophistication and charm to small and medium-sized powder rooms.

Also worth noting, In the Shadows has indigo and cobalt undertones but is still warm enough to pair seamlessly with cream-colored trim or cabinets.

Unmistakenly, this neutral blue color is one of our favorites to pair with off-white or creamy trim colors in bathrooms. This is primarily why we put this lovely blue bathroom color on our list this year.

Lastly, this popular blue bathroom shade from PPG looks great with wood accents in bathrooms. Surprisingly, it also works as a main wall color for black or deeper green trim colors if you are feeling adventurous.

Considering a kitchen makeover? Find out which 11 cabinet paint colors we chose as our best of the year.

Redecorate In An Artists Palette

Minty greens and sugary pinks look fresh and clean, a winning bathroom color ideas combination. Dilute the sweetness with a punch of stronger pink and smart black brassware.

While its wonderful that were all much more open to using stronger colors now, there always needs to be balance and pale pastels make a great neutral backdrop, says Dean Keyworth, director of Armstrong Keyworth .

Do take advantage of the increased availability of custom-colored finishes, like this striking magenta mirror in a bespoke shade created by Balineum. You may have to pay a surcharge for non-standard colors but its worth it to achieve a beautifully balanced scheme, adds Dean.

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Go For Invigorating Green

Pep up a white room with a vivid colour. Push the boundaries of your colour barometer and go for the brightest blast you can muster. If you love one colour, use it to the max. In this scheme mixed-pattern mosaic tiles in dark and light green adorn the walls and window, giving this modern scheme colourful style.

Shopping For Danishes: Add Some Sweetness

How To Paint A Bathroom – Painting Tips From a “Decent” Painter

One of the trendier ideas for bathroom color schemes these days is the Danish pastel aesthetic. Airy and romantic, those colors are bound to make you feel cozy and relaxed. And if youre not sure whether your chosen shades fit this scheme, heres a hint: if you walk into this room feeling like youre in a Wes Anderson movie, youre on the right track.

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Cozy Corners: Use Dark Shades To Create Comfort

Whats funny is that there are people who will answer the question of what colors to use in a small bathroom in the opposite manner theyll say you can definitely paint it dark! Of course, this approach demands greater care in choosing the shades. You will also need to put in a lot of light details to balance the palette out and make sure the space is well-lit but it certainly can be done.

Be Bold With Black And Gold

Create drama in the bathroom by painting walls and ceiling jet black, painting the ceiling not only gives the room an immersive feel it also smooths out the lines of a sloping roof.

Add designer touches by choosing statement tiles and brass clad units for a real touch of luxe. The gold brassware echoes the glamorous feel of this bathroom whilst the addition of fauna & foliage keeps the look grounded.

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Add Vitality To A Grey Scheme

Team zesty yellow with classic fittings for a sophisticated mix. Primrose yellow walls warm the cool grey scheme up with uplifting vitality.A white basin set into a stone console creates an attractive Art Deco style, while its elegant mirrored legs match the display of chrome fittings set on the wall.

Split Your Walls To Add Height To Your Bathroom

Explore Paint Colors for Bathrooms

This a particularly great tip for smaller bathrooms or bathrooms in loft conversions where the low ceilings can make the room feel cramped. Splitting your walls between two colors will allude to your ceiling being higher and can create the feeling of more space.

Paneling is an obvious way to break up the space, but if you don’t have paneling or prefer a more modern look, you could use paint or tiles in different colors for a very similar look.

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Quick Bathroom Paint Idea Paint Your Bathroom Door

Want to give your bathroom a splash of color but don’t fancy committing to painting any walls? Try painting the door instead. We love how this deep blue ) looks in this clean, all-white bathroom, adding just the right amount of color to stop the space from look too clinical.

Check out how easy to can be to paint an interior door yourself with our step-by-step guide.


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