Paint Color For Laundry Room

Nautical Laundry Room Paint Colors

How to Paint Laminate Cabinets- Laundry Room Makeover! (Lowe’s Arcadia Diamond Now)

The nautical laundry room paint colors should be on your list if you are a beach enthusiast.

Opt for the blue color for the wall, then add a little touch of the white colors for a better combination. It must be the most wanted style where you can bring in the summer vibe to your house.

Add some decorative stuff related to the beach will make the nautical vibe feel stronger.

Choosing The Right Neutral Color

This may seem like a ridiculous section but bare with us! theres much more to laundry rooms than pure white painted walls You can still be creative with what you choose to use.

Of course the most obvious choice to some is white. While you may be tempted by this, we strongly urge you to steer clear of this option. Yes the laundry room is a functional space, but it doesnt mean it cant have something fun going on too.

Instead of white, consider cream, beige and shades of gray to switch up the main neutral color of the walls. If you have a countertop area or custom cabinets these can absolutely be finished in white, but ensure you have a neutral accent color on the walls as well to help liven the room up. For laundry rooms without a window, always choose a lighter shade to help brighten the space.

This neutral color for your laundry room will hugely depend on how the rest of your home is decorated. If you have more grays throughout, then sticking with this will help to keep a cohesive design throughout. Alternatively if you prefer much warmer hues, creams and beiges will be a good option.

From this, you can then explore options for accent colors. Pale blues, greens and even baby pink are great possibilities to choose from. These accent colors are purely personal preference, but if youre looking for something neutral, pale sage green looks beautiful with both grays and creams.

Best Paint Colors For Your Laundry Room

The laundry room is often seen as purely functional and usually neglected when decorating, which makes sense. They are generally too small to add decorative pieces like flowers, accent furniture, or paintings, they may lack the light required for plants, and any extra space is often taken up with cleaning supplies, hampers, and drying racks.

This does not mean it cannot benefit from easy, cheap ways to freshen up a room. There are many reasons to decorate a space as simple and functional as the laundry room. Vogue writes about the psychological benefits of keeping a space decorated and clean, stating that notable psychiatric theorist Carl Jung argued that the way a home is decorated is a reflection of the self, and this research is still being conducted today. Aside from psychological benefits, there are emotional and spiritual benefits to decorating the art of feng shui being entirely dedicated to this belief.

An easy, cheap way to reinvigorate the mundane experience of the laundry room is by adding a fresh coat of paint. Read on for a few ideas and inspirations to liven up your laundry room.

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Best Bright: Behr Pink Mimosa

We love a spunky color like Behr’s Pink Mimosa for turning your laundry room into a destination room. This bright pink shade has orange undertones and is perfect for smaller laundry rooms that could use a little extra personality. Pair it with cool neutrals like white or go all out and create a bright coral palette with varying shades of orange and red.

Laundry Room Paint Color Ideas

12 Best Paint Colors for a Small Laundry Room

Laundry room“This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.”

According to a survey, women spend around two hours a week doing laundry, while men spend about 35 minutes. Spending over a hundred hours a year repeating the same chore can become monotonous. Pouring detergent, moving clothing items between machines, and folding or hanging clothes once they are done can be quite tiring. But, what makes this process even more boring and exhausting is an unkempt and disorganized laundry room.

Seepage-ridden walls, cracking paint, and scratched-up floors can make your laundry room very unappealing, which can make you keep putting off doing your laundry. Given the amount of time you spend in your drawing room, it should be a haven where you enjoy yourself.

So, if youve decided to revamp your laundry room and are in search of some laundry room paint color ideas, were here to help!

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The Rest Of Your Home

In general, you want your laundry room to flow with the rest of your home. If you decorate with a lot of white, stick to that color scheme. If you choose more moody, bold colors, stay there. Your laundry room can be an accent color, but it should usually be in the same color family as any adjoining hallways or rooms.

Best Muted: Magnolia Vintage Collection

If your style is a little more traditional or farmhouse-inspired, consider a muted color like Magnolia’s Vintage Collection. This lovely pale lavender is the perfect shade for giving your laundry room a vintage feel and for adding color without overwhelming the space. It pairs beautifully with lighter gray colors and the cool undertones give your laundry room a cleaner feeling.

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How Do You Make A Small Laundry Look Bigger

Make Your Small Laundry Room Look Great Dont paint its walls dark because you want to save space. They appear bigger if they are painted lighter shades. When it comes to adding a touch of elegance, choose a cool toned color in the room. Due to the softness of the colors within the room, it will appear larger upon closer inspection.

Sleek Laundry Room Paint Colors

Hallway & Laundry Room Paint Colors | Dutch Boy Paint

Make your studio looks stunning by decorating your laundry room sophisticatedly.

Try applying the metallic color will make the room feels way more elegant. Add the marble accent. It can be the focal point among the dark vibe. It is also good together with the stacked washing machine.

Besides, the cream chevron flooring works to balance the dark painting. No worries, it wont ruin the elegant vibe at all.

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Check Out Our Laundry Room Paint Colour Ideas And Consider A Colourful Upgrade To Washing Day

  • Ideas to enliven and brighten up small laundry rooms with bold paint colours on shelving, walls and even floors.
  • Tips on enhancing spaces with dynamic colour combinations on cabinets and walls.
  • Playful colour and design ideas like stripes or other DIY designs to make folding fun.

Blue Green For Bold Elegant And Relaxing Look

The color you see in the cabinetry in the picture above is neither blue nor green. It is, in fact, the combination of both colors that are more familiar to call as a blue-green and this is the next recommended tone we suggest you pick.

When you use a blue-green color in your laundry room, you will not only be able to get a relaxing look in there. You can also make the interior looks bold and elegant at the same time.

It is true that blue-green color available in different shades nowadays. However, you need to know that most of them are quite dark. About this, you need to know about how to use the color properly without making the laundry room looks too dark.

As an example, when you want to paint the cabinetry in the room with blue-green tone, you can choose a brighter neutral color like white for the walls and ceiling. This way, the dominating dark blue-green color of the cabinet will not swallow the place.

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Benjamin Moore Breath Of Fresh Air

The Spruce

When you’re in search of a color that can lift your mood while also keeping things calm, a pale blue is a no-fail option. “I love Breath of Fresh Air by Benjamin Moore,” says interior designer Cecilia Casagrande. “The name says it all for what you want in your laundry room, clean, bright, and fresh feeling.”

Can You Use Flat Paint In Laundry Room

Making doing laundry FUN with this dreamy laundry room #patternedfloor ...

The use of a top- paint finish for laundry rooms will create a significantly higher level of protection than a regular top-coat exterior. Even few exterior paint coats existed several years ago. A flat, semigloss, & gloss finish can be used. For this reason, semi-gloss was painted on most rooms with high moisture levels, including kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

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Small Laundry Room Paint Color Ideas

Small classy laundry room.

When remodeling a small laundry room, it is essential to find an attractive color that you wont get tired of seeing. At the same time, you also want to ensure that your color choice doesnt make your laundry room appear small that it is. So, for this purpose, it is best to stick with light tones as they make a room appear bigger and more spacious.

Warm, nature-inspired neutral tones are a classic choice for your laundry room. If you want to play it safe but still make your small laundry room look beautiful, warm neutrals like beige and a combination of creams and pale tans are great options. Warm neutral paint tones are an amazing choice to brighten up a small space while making it look comfy and cozy.

Tips For Painting A Laundry Room

AdminComments Off on Tips for Painting a Laundry Room

When it comes to most rooms in your home, you want to paint them and decorate them so they are unforgettable. But, the laundry room, not so much. Nonetheless, even though this is not a place you will be living and its probably pretty small, this should still be a place that should be pleasant, even fun, and it should be a place where the paint you pick out is well thought out. The question here is what color to paint it. Should it be a color pulled from another room in the home? Should it be a cheaper paint color or higher end? Well, these are the very questions people such as yourself ask themselves every day when it comes to painting the laundry room. Below, you will find a few options as well as advice on probable colors you should or might want to think about painting your laundry room.

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How Do I Brighten My Laundry Room

  • Make the walls look nice by painting them.
  • The light bulbs should be replaced.
  • You need attractive containers for your supplies
  • Do a wall photo shoot
  • Windows needs to be installed
  • It would be helpful to add shelving to our home.
  • Hang them on the wall.
  • Baskets that are rolled out are ideal for carrying clothes.
  • Best Paint Colors For Laundry Rooms

    Farmhouse Laundry Room Makeover – Painting Formica Countertops DIY – Decorate With Me

    Homeowners EJ and Whit Brown opted for a poppy hue when renovating this Florence, Alabama, 1,400-square foot cabin, using the lively Sherwin-Williams Fame Orange, SW 6346 and a gallery wall to bring in plenty of personal style.

    Maggie Bullwinkel went bold when it came her mudroom/laundry room in the renovation of her 1970s home in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. “It’s basically where I live,” says Bullwinkel of the utility space. She chose Benjamin Moore Slate Teal to draw you into the room.

    Sometimes it’s hard to beat a classic white. In the 2019 Southern Living Showcase Home, we used Sherwin-Williams Dover White, SW 6385 to maximize natural light. Don’t forget to layer in darker accents to keep it cozy.

    If your laundry room doesn’t have natural light, try playing with color and patterns like designer Meg Kelly did in this Nashville home renovation. To get this look, opt for a whimsical wallpaper paired with Sherwin-Williams Wondrous Blue, SW 6807 on the trim and cabinetry.

    “We spend long portions of each day in the laundry room, so I wanted to make ours happy,” says interior designer Andrew Howard. In his Jacksonville, Florida, home, the laundry room that doubles as a mudroom features cabinets painted in Benjamin Moore Spruce Green to complement the checkerboard tile floor and cheery wallpaper.

    A citrusy color is a clever way to brighten a space and Benjamin Moore Concord Ivory is a creamy, golden shade for warming up your laundry room without looking dated or cheesy.

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    Best Pastel: Benjamin Moore Cumulus Cotton

    A crisp pastel blue shade like Benjamin Moore’s Cumulus Cotton creates a cool, clean feeling in your laundry room that may even inspire you to do more chores. This light pastel blue has a cool undertone and adds a bit of happy energy to any laundry space, even one in a dark basement. It looks great alongside many colors including smoky gray, light green, dark yellow, and classic white.

    White Modern Laundry Room Paint Colors

    The white painting in the laundry room looks great if you support it with proper light. It helps you to create a spacious and clean atmosphere.

    Complement the white laundry room with the touch of the decorative pieces. Use the white lamps as the main light, then add the warm yellow hanging lamp over the sink.

    Other than that, attach a wall decorative piece in black to add a different accent. Add a fresher atmosphere by adding some potted plants.

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    Laundry Room Paint Color Ideas For A Fresh New Look

    Make wash days a therapeutic ritual with laundry room paint color ideas sure to enhance your space’s style and function.

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    Take a load off your mind and make laundry day less of a drag with fresh laundry room paint color ideas that will totally upgrade your washing room space.

    After all, ironing isn’t the most riveting of chores but one we all must do. So you need the perfect paint colors to give your laundry room space a stylish spin! Whether your area is large and airy, or small and dark, theres a color wheel of possibilities to consider.

    Magic Up Your Space With A Striking Monochrome Palette

    Laundry Room Makeover Reveal â Decor and the Dog

    Just like crisp white sheets, give your space an impactful aesthetic with on-trend black and white. This en vogue pairing celebrates the contrast between light and dark with a graphic edge and is a great choice for perfect combo mudroom laundry designs.

    If youre feeling bold, try this fashion-forward wall decor idea by painting contrasting stripes on walls using Benjamin Moore’s Toucan Black and Cotton Balls . Take the stripes vertical to enhance the feeling of height and space, or opt for chunky horizontal stripes to keep a small space from looking too busy. But don’t stop there. Learn how to paint a ceiling and continue the color update onto your fifth wall added wow factor.

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    What Type Of Lighting Is Best For Laundry Room

    In any room, I recommend at least 2 lighting sources.

    If you have a window that gets good light that counts as one!

    If not, consider: overhead lighting, under cabinet/shelf lighting, wall sconces, or even a lamp on a shelf!

    Lower lighting makes a room feel more cozy and can be easy to cut on at night, too.

    What color is your laundry room?

    Sunny Laundry Room Paint Colors

    Having a bright laundry room paint colors will always be a good idea that works to convenient your time while doing laundry.

    It helps you to make you feel comfy and warm. Also, the power of bright color works perfectly to infuse a joyful vibe. Hence, it probably makes you more productive.

    Shout out to those who adore art. It is the best option for your best laundry room paint colors.

    Choose blue and white colors to beautify the wall of your laundry room for a better appearance.

    You can paint the scenery that you love. On the other side, you need to make sure to make the whole room looks adorable.

    Paint white and blue the other stuff in the room that melts with the wall painting.

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    The Most Appropriate Paint Color For A Laundry Room

    Neutral, pastel, and gloomy hues are among the best-recommended paint colors for laundry rooms. Hopefully, the preceding guidelines and color suggestions will assist you in selecting an appropriate wall color for your laundry room.

    Dont forget that you may have different colors on each side, and no one is preventing you from using unusual hues!

    What Is A Good Color For A Laundry Room

    Laundry Room Makeover | Laundry Room Ideas | Decorate with Me 2022

    Antoinette, founder of interior design studio, Happy Your Space , advises: ‘Stick to cool colors and warm neutrals in the laundry room for a crisp and clean look and feel.’

    And her top 5 Paint colors for Laundry rooms include:

    Benjamin Moore, Chantilly Lace

    Sherwin-Williams, Buoyant Blue

    Benjamin Moore, Titanium

    Benjamin Moore, Stonington Gray

    Pratt & Lambert’s color of the year 2022, Gray Mist

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