Paint Color For Exterior House

Finding Exterior Color Inspiration

How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors | This Old House

As you narrow your shade down, factor in roof color and know that youll need to go warmer because of the abundance of exterior light, next you will need to decide on an actual color for the exterior body of your home. It helps to look for similar home styles to get a feel for the possibilities. I have a Pinterest board here that is all exterior paint colors on homes that can really help you to visualize a color.

Best Exterior Paint & Which Exterior Paint Color Fades The Least

Behr Premium Plus Satin Enamel Exterior paint is a top-reviewed paint while Kilz remains at the top for siding and primer. As far as fading goes, darker and vivid colors tend to fade faster than lighter colors because the sun will beat on it. Generally, reds, blues, greens and yellows will fade faster than earth tones like beiges, tans and browns.

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How Often Should You Paint Your Exterior House

You should paint your house exterior every 5 to 10 years. Painted wood surfaces last 4 to 8 years while brick and stucco can last 6 to 11 years. Of course, this depends on how much care your painters put into exterior prep work. A poorly painted exterior wont last 1 or 2 seasons before the paint starts peeling. Thats why hiring an exterior painting company with a good written warranty like Improovy is important.

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Vastu Colours For Home Exterior

As per Vastu Shastra, colour of a house is a form of light energy that can create a significant impact on the life and the energy of the people who live in that house. It is said that the right Vastu colours play a vital role in the healing power and correcting imperfections in the house.

According to Vastu experts, theres a set of specific vastu colours for home exterior that you must try in your house if you wish to attract happiness and balance in your life. Heres a list of Vastu colours for home exterior:

  • Yellow: Yellow, the warm and lively colour of the sun, signifies positive energy. You can paint your outside wall yellow as this colour is connected to power, so if someone in the house is looking to get promoted, then this Vastu colour for home exterior can help increase their chances. Yellow also brings happiness, wisdom, and optimism to the family members.

  • Pink: This Vastu colour for home exterior is known as the beacon of love. It characterises purity, love, joy, and romance. Opt for a lighter shade of pink as it is believed to be the best home outside colour as per Vastu.

  • White: According to Vastu colours for home exterior, white colour represents purity, unity, and wholeness. If you wish to have a home free from any arguments and fights then choosing a white home colour outside is the best choice. Painting your house exterior white will not only attract positive energies but will also make it look bigger.

  • Dos & Donts For Interior & Exterior House Colour As Per Vastu

    12 Trending Home Exterior Colors
    • Orange and Red are two perfect home colour outside to paint the walls in the southeast direction of the house.

    • As per Vastu, the living room should ideally be in the North-West direction of the house and be painted white according to the Vastu exterior house color design.

    • The parking area should ideally be in the South-East or the North-West direction of the house as this will keep your vehicles safe as per Vastu Shastra.

    • The kid’s room should have walls painted in white colour and must be built in the North-West direction, and as this direction is ruled by the moon.

    • Vastu home colour outside suggests that the master bedroom of the house should be built in the South-West zone. The bedroom should be painted in a light shade of pink, green, and blue this will help bring peace and prosperity into the lives of the family members.

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    Inspiring Exterior House Paint Color Scheme Ideas

    The Spruce / Almar Creative

    From clean whites and pleasing neutrals to cool blues and vibrant reds, exterior paint colors are your home’s calling card to the world. Calibrate the color right, and you’ll have a house exterior that welcomes visitors when they roll up to your home. More importantly, the right color scheme will give you joy every time you return home for years to come.

    Exterior Paint Color Ideas For A Beautiful Home

    Ashley Knierim has over a decade of experience in writing, editing, and content strategy. She held positions at Time Magazine, AOL, and JPMorgan Chase. She is also a home décor and DIY enthusiast who spends her free time decorating her home.

    Refreshing your exterior paint can be a gratifying way to transform your house without a full renovation. Though getting your house painted won’t be cheap, it can turn out to be one of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade your curb appeal. But, picking the right color can be more nerve-wracking than selecting an interior paint color, since your choice is on display for your entire neighborhood.

    It can seem like there are endless things to consider when picking out an exterior paint color. For example, Liz MacPhail, founder and principal designer at Liz MacPhail Interiors, says, “We always consider the neighboring houses when deciding on an exterior paint color.” On top of that, it is important to consider your house’s material and its overall condition.

    Meet the Expert

    To help you pick a color, we asked the pros for their advice. Read on for inspiration to revamp your exterior.

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    Sherwin Williams White Duck

    If youre looking for a white that is creamy with looking yellow, White Duck by Sherwin Williams is it. Its really a perfect blend of greige and cream. Here you can see it on this beautiful house by Garden Gate Homes.

    Update: We ended up using Sherwin Williams White Duck on the exterior of our house, and couldnt be happier with our choice! In full sunlight, it has a very soft appearance and doesnt look too creamy. However, on a cloudy or rainy day, the creaminess of the color comes out. Below is an exterior photo of our house.

    Top Exterior Paint Trends 202: Sleek Matte Black

    TOP 10 Exterior Paint Color Combinations | House Design Ideas

    Painting an exterior with black color might sound too bold or dramatic, but it actually looks very contemporary, sleek, and polished in all building types.

    Moreover, matte black is actually one of the top exterior paint trends 2023 which is a very popular color for modern style houses as well as urban style commercial and apartment buildings.

    The color black is also widely used for modern Scandinavian type houses that seem more attractive and stunning in this color scheme.

    So if you are not afraid to make bold and trendy design decisions, then you should surely consider painting your exterior with matte black paint.

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    Green Exterior Color Scheme

    Complement beige exterior trim and natural stonework with warm shades of green. Hunter-green shutters and shake shingles stand out against this home’s soft sage-green siding. Green garage doors continue the nature-inspired color palette, while copper light fixtures pick up the amber hues of the surrounding stone.

    Suggested Paint Color: Spearmint SW6465, Sherwin-Williams

    How To Paint A Brick House

    Once upon a time, everyone wanted a brick house. Times have changed and although brick remains as durable as ever, its no longer in high-demand. If you want to update or refresh your brick exterior, and new coat of paint would do the trick. Although not everyone is a fan of painted brick, its not a bad choice for the following reasons:

    • Affordability. After all, brick replacement is not a budget-friendly option.
    • Paint can lighten a homes exterior appearance.
    • Painted brick offers greater curb appeal and can add to your homes resale value.

    Similar to painting any home exterior, painting a brick house is a big job and requires extra prep work. You can take the DIY path one sections of your house is brick. Bricks have a reputation for being difficult to paint because they are porous and absorb paint colors.

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    Brighten A Timeless Gray Exterior With White Accents

    Gray is one of the most elegant and durable paint colors for the exterior of a house. However, if you select the wrong shade it can look dark and unappealing. Therefore, if deciding on gray for the exterior of your home, also factor in ways to brighten the look. Select a gray with warmer, silvery undertones and pair with a clean white gloss for the trim, porches, window frames and door frames to catch the eye and brighten your home’s exterior.

    In the same way you would look at paint colors alongside curtain fabrics and furnishings, consider the architectural elements of your exterior too: do you have red or yellow tone bricks, limestone or granite walls, what color are your roof tiles? Build these into your design scheme to ensure your paint choices are complementary, says Ruth Mottershead.

    Dont let decorating the exterior be an afterthought, as well as weatherproofing and protecting your home, its a fantastic way to add design personality and curb appeal.

    Blue And White Colour Combination For House Exteriors

    Exterior Paint Schemes And Consider Your Surroundings â HomesFeed

    Blue is the safest and subtle colour for house exteriors. The different shades of Blue have different effects on home exterior and interior, depending on the colour combination for house exteriors that you use with it. If you wish to go for something that is soothing to the eyes, then a blue and white colour combination for house exteriors will look pleasing.Blue & White home outside colour idea.

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    Cream And Brown Home Colour Outside Idea

    This is one of the most subtle and elegant colour combinations for exterior house colour painting. Dark brown goes perfectly well with the cream home colour outside set-up. For the exterior colour combination for Indian homes, you can opt for a chocolate brown, or walnut brown with cream colour, this house exterior paint combination looks earthy and grounding.

    The home front colour combination image is shown below. For the best look, opt for these subtle house paint colors that are perfect in India for home exteriors.Best Colour Combination for house exterior – Brown and Cream

    Adding Drama With Black

    Getty Images

    Are you worried that your house looks boring and basic? Does it lack any interesting architectural appeal? Perfect, because thats the exact type of house that will look fantastic painted black. A fresh coat of black paint can breathe new life into a homes plain exterior and gives old and dated homes a fresh new spin. A black exterior amplifies architecture making the lines of your home look shaper.

    Going bold with your homes exterior can feel overwhelming, though. If you arent ready to splash the black paint on your whole house, use it as an accent color on doors, siding and trim.

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    Consider Your Region When Choosing Colors

    Color will always catch the eye but it is important that it fits in with your region and the colors of your neighbors’ homes. Avoiding clashes is key and one of the easiest ways to do this is to opt for white paint colors for the exterior of a house, but then pair with colored trim.

    ‘The exterior of any home should always consist of white and one other accent color for doors and trim, depending on your region, climate, flora and fauna, and style. In South Florida, tropical colors can produce a delightfully elegant trim effect: Cantelope, mango, seafoam, pink ground, or orange blossom. In New England, fire engine red, navy blue, or black can be as rustic as they are traditional. In Charleston, South Carolina, Hale navy, Repose gray, caramel, or Dishy Coral ,’ says Baron Christopher Hanson.

    House Exterior Paint Trends 202: Earthy Sage Green

    BEST EXTERIOR PAINT COLORS to Help Boost Curb Appeal! | Julie Khuu

    Sage green is one of the latest but most rapidly growing color trends of the moment, which captivates many people with its soothing and sophisticated color tone.

    Apart from that, sage green is also in the list of unique exterior paint trends 2023 that is capable of enhancing any type of building surface while making it more fashionable and attractive.

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    Colour Combination For House Exterior

    Greys are one of the most popular and highly preferred home colour outside options. Both the lighter shades and the dark shades of grey are in the trend, although they have different appeal on the eyes. The light grey shade gives you a modern finished look. While the darker home colour outside gives your home an enhanced sophistication.

    Grey paint makes for an appealing home colour outside

    Popular Exterior Color Trends 202: Blue

    If you are keeping up with the latest design tendencies, then you probably know that blue-gray and many of its shades are in the list of the biggest interior and exterior paint colors 2023.

    The beauty of this color lies within its unique tone, which is a lovely blend of two elegant colors.

    However, the best of this color that all of its shades from light blue-gray to deep dark look equally stunning on the house exterior.

    What is more, nowadays blue-gray paint is especially widespread among modern farmhouse exteriors that easily stand out with their charming color scheme.

    All in all, if you are looking for some interesting and fashionable exterior paint colors 2023, then you should certainly consider getting a blue-gray paint.

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    Exterior House Paint Ideas

    With some new paint, you can transform the look of your homes exterior and add distinct curb appeal. Its a relatively low-cost makeover with noticeable results.

    Still, before you commit to a color, think about how long you want to keep your house. If youre planning to sell in the next few years, limit your house color ideas to a more neutral or classic palette.

    Home Exterior Painting Apps

    10 Beautiful House Paint Color Ideas Exterior 2020

    Some popular home exterior painting apps include: CentraPro Painters, which allows you to upload a photo of your home and add a new color scheme after you register. Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap is another option that allows you to upload a photo of your home and paint it with a tool. Sherwin-Williams also has a color visualizer that will allow you to upload a photo of your home after you register on the site. Its a bit clunky but its another option. McCormick Paints has a similar option on its website where the user has to register prior to using. You must also register to use Benjamin Moores Personal Color Viewer.

    A fast way to prepare your home for painting is to use a pressure washer to clean the old paint and make the new home exterior paint stick better. These tips will let you know what goes into pressure washing a house.

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    Neutral Exterior Paint Trends 202: Taupe & Beige

    When speaking of the fast-growing tendency of neutral color exteriors, it would simply be wrong not to talk about some of the most popular neutrals which are taupe and beige.

    These two colors are two of the most welcoming and cozy colors among the exterior paint colors 2023 that are able to instantly enrich the surface of any sort of building while making it look contemporary and classy.

    Modern House Exterior Paint Colors 202: All White Surface

    The current tendency toward simplicity and minimalism significantly affects the development of interior and exterior design, including the color schemes, which are continually heading towards neutrals and more peaceful tones.

    This probably explains the growing popularity of all-white surface look among ultra-modern houses as well as the fact that white is considered to be one of the most stylish exterior paint colors 2023.

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    Exterior Paint Colors For A House

    When most people think of redoing their home they tend to picture a dramatically restyled and overhauled house, both inside and out. While this might be true for some, and the best option given their circumstances, other homes might simply need a new coat of paint and some nice exterior features to completely change the look, feel, and curb appeal.

    Adding exterior paint is a cost-effective way to redo the exterior of a home, which makes it a preferred option for many homeowners that want a new look without the hefty price tag.

    However, even though a new coat of paint can go a long way, it can also be a dramatic change thats hard to comprehend until the entire house is actually painted. Accordingly, its important to carefully consider multiple options before making a final decision and changing the entire exterior of a home.

    In this article, well walk through expert guidance for choosing the best paint color for a home exterior, and other pro tips on improving the curb appeal of a home.

    In case you didnt know, Foyr is an online interior design tool made for amatuer and professional interior designers. So, while this article is written for interior designers who might be advising clients, its the perfect starting point for anyone whos wondering how to pick the best exterior color of their home.

    If youre ready to help a client make a serious, fun, exciting change to their home, then lets dive right in.

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