Paint By Number Kits For Adults No Mixing

Paint By Number Kit For Adults

How to Paint by Numbers

What Is Paint By Numbers

Paint by numbers is a painting kit that was invented in the 20th century and became very popular. The paint-by-numbers art form was created by Dan Robbins in 1950. The idea was to create a painting that anyone could create, regardless of their skill level. The kit comes with a canvas and numbers pre-printed on it. All you have to do is match the number on the canvas with the corresponding color and fill in the area. The kit consists of a canvas with a printed image and numbered areas corresponding to different colors. A set of paints and brushes is also included. The user paints the numbered areas on the canvas according to the color key provided, creating a finished work of art.

Ballet Dancers By Vikmari

  • Pros: Magnifier, delicate design, gift box available
  • Cons: Traditional design
  • Difficulty level: Beginner adult

Capture the behind-the-scenes glimpse of dancers warming up with this beautiful paint by numbers kit by Vikmari. It comes with an easy-to-read numbered canvas, a set of paintbrushes, pigments, magnifier and instructions. You’ll just need to find a frame to finish.

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More Paint By Numbers Tips:

  • Start with a small area first: On your first day, paint a small area, and let it dry. Come back and see how the paint dried- and whether you applied too much or too little paint. Adjust accordingly.
  • Work one color at a time: Midway through my canvas, I realized I get more area covered if I just pick one color and move the canvas around to fill ALL the areas of that number.
  • Lay the paint thick especially light colors: If you apply a thin coat of paint for those lighter colors, you will be able to see the printed number on the canvas once it dries. So apply a thick layer of color from the get-go. Dont worry about running out of paint, I had lots of paint left over after I was done.
  • Take breaks often: Dont try to do too much in one sitting. You might inadvertently smudge wet paint when you try to do too much at once. Not to mention strain your eyes if you are painting super small areas.
  • Work with a task light: I love using this task light on my desk while painting. It helped me see those tiny printed numbers VERY easily.
  • Keep your reference sheet: If your kit comes with a reference sheet, keep it safe. I thought I wouldnt need it but ended up pulling it out a few times to check orphan areas that were missing numbers. Sometimes, you paint just a partial area, and later realize there is a blank area with no number!
  • Use Water To Your Advantage


    Acrylic paint is water-soluble, which means you can thin it out with water to get interesting effects. Water makes acrylics look more transparent, making it great for adding subtle shifts in color.

    For example, a lot of flowers have petals that have soft color shifts or reflect colors around them. Instead of having a simple flat color for the petal, why not add a thinned out layer of paint to bring even more life to the petal? A pink petal with subtle hints of orange looks beautiful.

    Its good to test out the color on a spare piece of paper before you paint it on your canvas. Sometimes the color will be too dark or too thin and you want to see what it looks like before committing to it.

    Be careful about how much water you mix into your paint. Too much water breaks down the binder in acrylic paint, so test it out in small batches first!

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    How To Make Paint By Numbers Look Better

    Have you ever heard the saying that talent is earned, rather than gifted to us by birth? Its true! With enough practice and experience, anyone can learn how to paint. Here at Ledgebay we often get asked How to make paint by numbers looks better?

    People would ask, How can I make my paint by numbers for adults look like a professional artist did it? Should I get a paint by numbers black and white? Should I watch YouTube paint by numbers tutorial? Should I opt for the flow method paint by numbers from Paint Plot?


  • 10 Make Your Own Colorful Paint by Numbers Look the Way You Want
  • What All Comes In The Kit

    A rolled canvas, all the paints needed to complete the canvas, 4 paintbrushes, a reference guide, and also a picture in color of how the canvas will turn out. A frame is also included in the Artist Loft kit. This is a no-mix kit. Which means that all of the paint colors come premixed and ready to paint. All you do is match the number on the canvas to the paint and fill it in.

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    Animal Kingdom To Paint

    Animals paint by numbers is a collection that includes all the different species from the animal kingdom available to paint by numbers.

    The animal kingdom is known for its beautiful and rich diversity, from the birds in your garden to the wild African safari, you can paint a great variety of these cute creatures. Birdwatching is a fabulous activity to discover the hidden life of the birds, for this reason, a dedicated collection is attributed to these fascinating animals. You have the opportunity to recreate these unique and precious moments in a painting.

    Life at the farm is also a thematic that is magical and amazing to reproduce on a painting, different paint by numbers are available to recreate this relaxed and quiet atmosphere found in the countryside. These landscapes are filled with cows grazing in a field and horses running freely.

    Exotic animals are fascinating, unfortunately, for most of us, these creatures cant be seen in our everyday life. This is why the exotic wildlife collection is ideal for any lion lover or elephant.

    Use White Pencil To Cover Numbers

    My First PAINT BY NUMBERS Kit || Tips & Review

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    While extra layers of paint cover up most of the numbers printed on the canvas, sometimes lighter paints are tricky. In certain angles or lighting, youll still see a ghost of that number through paler colors that can distract the eye.

    Before you begin working on a particular section, use a white colored pencil to cover up the number instead. Dont press too hard so that you dont dent the canvas surface. One or two layers of gentle pressure are enough to soften the dark print.

    It often wont get cover the print all the way, but thats where your multiple coats of paint come in. With the printed number covered in white pencil, it no longer shows through even the lightest of paint colors.

    This is also a good technique to cover up any dark paint accidents that invade your lighter paint areas.

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    Tips For Paint By Number Kits For Adults

    Here are some tips to get most of this relaxing experience :

    #Tip 1. Iron Your Canvas

    Imagine that you have an interview at a prestigious company and you didnt have time to iron your shirt. Is it a big deal? You bet. And all good artists know that taking care of their supplies is very important. They wipe brushes, put the lids back to avoid drying out and iron their canvas to get rid of creases and wrinkles from fabric. Some people iron canvases before painting, some of them after. You should be very careful not to burn the canvas. A tea towel can be used to cover the surface entirely.

    #Tip 2. Consider Buying a Kit with Frame

    Everything in this world has content and shape. If this balance is ruined the chaos comes! Thats why you should consider buying a paint by numbers kit with a frame so you avoid any disorder and enjoy your painting. The frame is very helpful in many situations. First of all, it keeps your canvas tight and it cant slip. Secondly, you can easily paint small and bigger pictures without going beyond the edges. Finally, your work is beautifully highlighted with any frame, which adds a special elegance to your picture.

    #Tip 3. Keep the Work Area Clean

    #Tip 4. Start from the Top

    Im a lefty, so I worked one color at a time, from top to bottom and right to left. It proved to be a great system!

    #Tip 5. Start from the Background

    #Tip 6: Make it look real

    #Tip 7: Make that inner perfectionist SHUT UP 🙂

    #Tip 8: Take it slow. Enjoy every stroke

    Triple Check Youre Using The Right Color On Your Colour In Canvas For Adults

    It may seem like a basic tip, one you might roll your eyes at, but its one of the most important parts of an artherapy paint by numbers project. Even veterans with ten projects under their belt can make this simple mistake.

    When youre hours in on your painting process, its easy to get into a calm trance so make sure to triple check youre using the color you want. Be careful about following the paint by number instructions.

    If you do happen to put down the wrong color, wait for it to dry before messing with it. Then try painting over it with the correct color. It may take extra coats of that color to cover up the accident, but acrylic paints are very opaque with enough layers.

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    The Cons Of Paint By Numbers For Adults No Mixing Kits


    1. Doesnt give you the full artist experience:

    Of course, if you truly want to become a skilled artist, the only downside of PBN kits is that what you do is limited considering that theyre pre-made and beginner-friendly. Youre skipping the experiences of a traditional painter — priming the canvas, mixing the pigments, sketching, initial painting, and so forth. However, it could work to your advantage as a beginner, especially if you want to alleviate the pressure.

    2. Can be overwhelming at the beginning:

    It is quite inevitable to look at the canvas the very first time and doubt yourself. The canvas size is 40 x 50 cm or 16 x 20 inches. So its quite a big canvas for a beginner. But, if you want to work it out and feel less overwhelmed, start with the bigger segments and work your way through the smaller ones from the darkest color to the lightest one. Thus, it is important to remember that patience is everything so simply take your time and dont feel pressured nor embarrassed that its taking you quite a while to finish the painting.

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    Paint By Numbers For Adults No Mixing Kits: Is It Worth The Try

    Do you wanna learn a new artistic hobby without spending too much time doing the preparation? Are you one of those people who enjoy painting but has no time nor enough patience to do the paint mixing process? Well, we have a great kit for you. Paint by Numbers no mixing kits allow you to create a wonderful painting without the hassle. If you havent tried the kit yet, were here to show you the pros and cons of Paint by Numbers for Adults no mixing kits to help you decide whether you should buy one for yourself or a special loved one. Lets get started.

    The main goal of Paint by Numbers is to help people of all ages become the artist they want to be. A lot of us think that were not innately talented with painting, but with a little bit of practice and patience, youll be able to create beautiful pieces of artwork by yourself. If youre a beginner wanting to learn and improve your painting skills, then painting by numbers is the way to go. Youll not only learn how to put the colors on the canvas, but youll also be able to observe the color schemes and how they work together, how to get detailed with your brushwork, how to blend colors, and much more. But, what if you want to learn all of those things without spending too much time preparing what you need? Then you should purchase your kit from Best Paint by Numbers by clicking here.

    Video: Paint By Numbers Tips For You:

    I share all of my Paint by Numbers tips and tricks for finishing your canvas in this YouTube video. Not only that- you get to watch the canvas come alive with color. Enjoy

    Affiliate links have been used below at no extra cost to you. If you purchase using these links, I might receive a small commission. Read more in my disclosure here.

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    Why Trust The Spruce Crafts

    Leah Rocketto is a writer for the Spruce who’s passionate about creating the ultimate home environment, whether thats through decorations, baked goods, or family fun. She is currently a freelance content creator and strategist. She spent hours researching the best paint-by-number kits from top brands in the category. Leah also spoke to Leela R. Magavi, M.D., for her insight on the connection between painting and anxiety.

    Become A Master With Paint By Numbers Kits

    Paint by Number PBN Flow Technique on a Canvas with a PBN Kit

    Whether you’re a seasoned artist, a decent craft hobbyist, or a total beginner to the painting world, a painting by numbers kit can help improve your art, increase your understanding of colour and tone, and take your skill to the next level. And with the extensive range of paint by numbers kits available here on eBay, and the freedom of online shopping, you don’t even need to leave home to conjure up your next painting project.

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    Which Paint By Numbers Kit Did I Use

    I bought my Paint by Numbers kits at Michaels. They have many beautiful designs. I purchased this colorful Butterfly design and also this Eiffel Tower design for my daughter to paint in.

    TIP: Buy a design that interests you and has colors that make you happy. You will be spending a good chunk of time with this kit

    ETA in 2021: Heres how many paint by numbers we have now. This Red Cardinal one was super complicated even though it says intermediate level. It was not a fun one to complete. Were now starting the Snowy Cottage, Dalmation and Mountain Scene.

    You Wont Regret Buying Our Paint By Numbers Kits For Adults No Mixing Required Sets

    Paint by numbers for adults no mixing. Landscape London Paint By Number Kits For Adults No Mixing HedyArt. To complete a painting in a professional way. Introducing Paint by Numbers kits for adults no mixing required paint sets.

    Paint by Number Kits for Adults. Awesome Paint By Numbers Kits for Adults. To achieve the primary purpose of painting B.

    Paint By Number is an art drawing game to color modern artworks with coloring by numbers. These Paint by Numbers kits for adults no mixing required paint sets are definitely worth the try. Fresh and fun Paint by Number designs from Plaid.

    Try one as a treat for yourself or your special loved one. Save 40 off the list. The long answer is No absolutely not painting by numbers is NOT cheating.

    No mixing no hassle. Choose one or more kits relax and let your artistic side flourish. These kits remove the hassle when it comes to mixing paints so you dont have to worry about anything all you have to do is paint.

    24112020 Easy paint by number kits for adults with no mixing or color blending. The paint comes in the kit of paint by numbers are acrylic paints. Paint by number Kit for Adults Beginner Landscape DIY Oil Painting on Linen Canvas with Brush Paints Pigment No Blending No Mixing fantastic Pictures Painting London Tower Bridge 16×20 Inch Frameless 234 11 99.

    Paint by Numbers Tips. If this sounds like something that appeals to you look for a paint-by-number. Give two people the same paint by number and see what happens.

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    Painting By Numbers Is A Game In Which Everyone Can Make A Piece Of Art

    The rules are simple: fill in the numbered areas on the canvas with the appropriate colors. Select zone you’re planning to paint and start painting from the largest to the smallest areas. Draw anywhere! You don’t need an easel or other extras to do this. Numbers and outlines are printed clearly, so you don’t have to look at the picture under a magnifying glass. Acrylic paints are odorless and dry quickly. If you went beyond the outline – it’s not a problem! Just apply the appropriate color on top. The game is designed for children older than 7 years.

    These PaintWorks Paint By Number Kits are highly detailed designs and quality materials of these paint by number sets help PaintWorks lead the industry in paint by number products. Dimensions PaintWorks paint by number s gives incredible attention to detail and artistic technique and are now brought to you to master! The Paint By Number Kits’ Acrylic paints blend beautifully and the textured art board of these paint by number sets lends to the feel of real canvas.

    PLAID PAINT BY NUMBER KITSAnyone can be an artist with PLAID Paint by Number kits! Delivering a fresh, contemporary look to a classic art form, these kits are created to suit a variety of skill levels. Designs feature wonderful detail with an expansive paint palette, eliminating the need for color blending!

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