Paint And Sip Pictures For Beginners

Easy Painting Ideas Inspired By Everyday Life

SUNSET BALCONY | Paint and Sip | Step by Step Acrylic Painting Tutorial for Beginners

If youre looking for more easy painting ideas, check the list below. Theyre inspired by day to day life, which makes the projects more interesting and hopefully more personally significant.


  • flowers in a vase
  • portrait of your friend/BFF
  • a sunset/sunrise
  • a bicycle with a basket of flowers
  • a monarch butterfly
  • a bird on a branch
  • a small table with your favorite trinkets.
  • your favorite bangle/earrings jewellery laying on a table

By Step Acrylic Painting Tutorials

Some people want a step by step tutorial, and other people just want ideas to get their juices flowing. I am definitely the latter, but sometimes it is nice to learn new techniques by watching someone.

Below, I have linked up over 20 EASY acrylic painting tutorials on YouTube. I picked beautiful projects, ones that I would try to re-create to hang in my own home.

The 5 Easiest Bob Ross Paintings For Beginners

Everyone loves watching Bob Ross paint on television. His soothing voice and calm instructions are a treat in itself and watching him paint makes it look like the easiest thing in the world. But is it really? Beginning a new hobby can seem daunting, so check out our list of the five easiest Bob Ross paintings for beginners to get your painting journey started!


  • 2.5 1st Place: The Grandeur Of Summer
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    Sip And Paint Drawing Ideas For Couples

    For couples, a paint date can be a creative, fun, and relaxing way to spend an evening or a way to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary. Research shows that for healthy relationships at home, the 70:30 rule is key spending 70% of your time together, and 30% apart. So, an evening with a bottle of wine and some canvases can be the perfect way to spend some quality bonding time together without a huge expense.

    Curated Sip And Paint Drawing Ideas For Your Next Event

    Paint &  sip with my residents

    A sip and paint or a paint and sip, whichever comes first for you, is one of the most engaging and relaxing ways for your clients to spend their evening. Whether its a romantic date night, a birthday party, or one of those girls nights out, this activity beautifully combines creativity with a delicious glass of wine and sometimes snacks, too!

    So, if youre ready to get planning your next event as a paint and sip business owner, weve put together some sip and paint drawing ideas below

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    Discover Online Classes In Painting

    Explore thousands of classes in painting, watercolor, and more.

    Do you have dreams of wandering in nature, filling a canvas with everything you see in front of you? Or painting a lifelike portrait of your pet to hang on the wall forever? Even the best artists have to start somewhere when theyre looking for paint ideas, no matter what medium they choose to use.

    Were here to show you just how simple it can be with some easy things to paint for beginners. With these classes, youll quickly progress from an amateur to a confident painter, ready to showcase your first masterpiece!

    Easy Acrylic Pour Painting Idea For Kids

    Get your kids to make this easy acrylic pour painting to use in your home decor. They will be super proud their art is on display for all to see- and you might just unleash a budding artist in the midst.

    A fun addition to your list of easy painting ideas for kids. Children will enjoy getting creatively messy! Pour Painting for Kids

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    How To Paint A Large Red Poppy Flower

    Learn step-by-step on how to create a large red poppy flower with acrylic paints.

    The sky is the limit to what you choose to paint your poppy on. Whether it be on a blank canvas, or a stained wooden boards for a farmhouse look, or even in a art journal.

    You can apply these flower painting techniques in many types of project, the sky is the limit! How To Paint a Poppy

    Choosing The Right Painting


    When choosing the ideal painting for groups, its best to stick to simple color schemes. Look for tutorials that mostly feature primary colors and straightforward color-blending techniques. Celestial Dance is a great example you dont need much to create an exciting piece.

    Another tip: The best pieces for paint parties are creatively rewarding, but not necessarily photorealistic. You want your guests to stretch their creative muscles and socialize, not bend over backwards trying to paint a convincing hand. Take our Majestic Peacock piece for example. Its simplified so anyone can capture the birds beauty or create their own interpretation.

    Here are some other considerations:

    • Does your event have a theme or goal?
    • Is it a particular season?
    • What age is the painting party for?
    • Are your friends or colleagues more capable than beginners?

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    Paint And Sip Parties At Home

    Drink and draw, paint and pour, booze and brushes, wine and fine art however you like to say it, paint and sip parties are more popular than ever. Theyre a hit for girls night or date night, as well as a breath of fresh air to liven up corporate happy hours. Your guests can enjoy their beverage of choice at your in-person event or raise a glass from home.

    Paint A Mermaid Tutorial

    If you want to paint a beautiful mermaid ocean scene, complete with a moonlit starry sky, this tutorial is for you. This full-length tutorial is designed for all levels and goes beyond the basics. Itll give you the techniques you need to make your painting reach the next level.

    In this video, youll learn how to make the moon and stars glow and accurately reflect on the water below as well as in the mermaids hair. Youll be able to paint a beautiful, colorful seascape as well as a detailed mermaid in the foreground.

    This is the perfect tutorial for a whimsical sip and paint evening. If you have friends that are looking to learn some new painting skills and make a beautifully colorful piece without getting lost, this is the perfect tutorial for you. You can find the full-length tutorial here on this YouTube video:

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    Corporate Events And Team

    The data is in: Employees that socialize together are more productive, innovative, and happier with their job overall. Hosting a corporate painting event promotes your teams well-being, helping them to de-stress and build relationships with one another. It can also act as a creativity booster and potentially spark new ideas as theyre working through a tough project.

    Paint And Sip Sunsets

    Pin by Jayne Cambronne on Paint and sip

    A sunset is one of the best scenes for beginners to paint. With simple outlines, it also requires basic colors that are easy to mix on the palette. Best of all, the finished product looks great in any room of the home. It provides a calm atmosphere and brings a plain, neutral-stained wall to life.

    For hosting a Paint and Sip party, Sunset is an exciting theme. You can time it so that the session ends just when the yellow ball of fire goes down the horizon. Serve tequila sunset to your guests, and prepare a cheese platter for everyone to munch on.

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    Black And White Facial Features

    Start your portrait journey by practicing individual elements before moving onto a whole face.

    If youre new to portrait work, sometimes its best to start with smaller details rather than trying to create a whole face in one sitting. Youll learn some of the basic skills, like shading and working out realistic proportions of facial features, so its worth spending some time on this if portrait painting is an area of art that youd like to explore further.

    How To Paint Daisies In A Jar

    Daisies are a perfect flower to learn as a beginner painter, since they have pretty uniform/simple shaped petals.

    In Tracys tutorial youll learn how to paint a simple daisy flower thats arranged in a small bouquet. Youll also learn how to recreate rustic looking wood panels with acrylic paints- something you can apply to many other paintings in the future.

    Check out her awesome step by step tutorial to learn how to recreate this little piece of summer. How To Paint Daisies in a Jar

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    The Easiest Bob Ross Paintings For Beginners Our List

    With over 400 episodes of The Joy of Painting, it is only natural that some episodes are harder than others. Most people get their painting supplies and pick an episode at random.

    While painting is all about freedom and letting your creative juices flow there is one major problem with this approach: pick the wrong episode for your first try and youre likely to get discouraged when your results arent quite the masterpieces that Bob produced. Thats where we come in to help!

    Oh, and one last thing before we start: While Bob only takes 25 minutes to paint a picture it will likely take you around two hours for your first try. Just remember: Bob has done this all his life and finished over 1200 paintings for the show alone, you are just starting out. And painting isnt about speed, but about relaxing and having fun!

    Easy Things To Paint For Beginners

    Tropical Window | Paint and Sip | Step by Step Acrylic Painting Tutorial

    Home / Craft Ideas / Easy Things to Paint for Beginners

    If youre looking for easy things to paint, grab these canvas ideas for beginners. All of these are achievable for the newbie artist.

    Skills Required: None. If youve never picked up a paintbrush before, these projects will be a great place to start. They are all canvases and leave a lot of room for error .

    When I was in second grade, I started taking painting classes . I remember one of the first things I painted, and I was excited: my Cabbage Patch Kid named Sarah.

    I remember sitting back from my first canvas and thinking, that doesnt like the doll at all. I was 8. I was disappointed.

    Im pretty hard on myself when I start a new craft or hobby, and I bet a lot of you are too. So before we even get started, I want to encourage you not to do that.

    Thats why were starting with easy things to paint . . . because youre more than likely new to it. Its more than okay to not like what you make, and to let the canvas dry and then paint right over it. Sure we all want to be successful the first time.

    But sometimes were not.

    So just keep that in mind as you move along in your journey. Dont give up, and allow yourself room to make mistakes. Do it for me!

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    Who Is Bob Ross

    Bob Ross was a famous television painter known for his calm and wholesome demeanor, and his ability to make painting fantastic landscape pictures look like an absolute walk in the park. A little happy tree here, a big fluffy cloud there, and youve got yourself an absolutely fantastic painting in less than 30 minutes. He was also famous for his huge permed hair.

    Bob had a TV show called The Joy Of Painting which aired over 31 seasons and a total of 403 episodes. In each episode, he paints a landscape painting in a standard half-hour TV slot, and boy does he make it look fast and easy! You can check out the whole collection of finished paintings on

    What Should I Paint As A Beginner

    When youre thinking about what to paint, especially when youre new to this type of art, it can be really easy to get swept up in big dreams and visions. You can find so many cool things to paint in everyday life, but your skills might not be quite ready for that yet.

    Instead, think about how you can work with those scenes or objects in their simplest form. Maybe instead of trying to paint the whole fruit bowl, you can start with just an orange or apple. Keep practicing until you feel confident enough to add in new elements, like shading.

    Its also good to remember this when youre shopping for your first art supplies. You dont need to buy 20 different paintbrushes to get you going. Start small as you work on easy things to paint and slowly build your supplies as you work on more complex pieces. Trust us, your wallet will thank you!

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    Painting Together Is Fun & Social

    These paintings can take upwards of 2 hours to make. Yikes! But dont worry, it wont feel like that. How often do you get to sit down together for that long and engage in an activity?

    Making art is a social activity! You and your loved one get to talk, laugh, get paint on your noses and overall enjoy yourselves.

    Simple Painting Ideas For Kids And Adults

    View Paint and Sip Artwork

    Tracie Kiernan at Step by Step Painting is a painting tutorial machine! She is a childrens art teacher and her simple lessons are loved by all.

    She even has a membership program for licensing to create your own Paint and Sip business. Her simple yet cute paintings make great party designs easy to demonstrate in a couple of hours.

    Michelle is a one-stroke instructor and has some lovely lessons. You can see by her paintings she has a style all her own and shares some tutorials on her Facebook page as well as more in-depth lessons on her website.

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    How Do You Start A Canvas Painting With Acrylics

    Buy a pre-primed canvas that was already primed with gesso. Find an idea youd like to paint and print the reference. Sketch it lightly with a pencil or charcoal and paint with acrylics moving from the background forwards, from darker colors to lighter accents. Always paint in thin layers and let them dry for 30 min in between.

    Tip : Work From Your Own Artwork

    Once Ive set a date, time, and fees for my paint-sip, I begin the hunt for the ideal painting to teach during the event. In my experience, Ive found it best to select one of my own paintings and simplify it for a beginner student level.

    Typically Ill browse my own artwork on my website, and use a stylus to draw over it on my phone. I break the painting down into sections, and number them in order I think would work best during the lesson.

    If this sounds a lot like one of those old paint-by-number methods of painting, youre absolutely correct! Most paint-sip participants will want to walk away with a painting that looks just like yours at the end, so make it easy for them by simplifying the painting and the composition accordingly.

    You also shouldnt pick a painting that needs advanced techniques or skills to finish .

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    Hosting Your Own Paint Party Is Easy With Painting To Gogh

    Painting to Gogh makes hosting your own social painting event a piece of cake! Our packages accommodate all of the scenarios weve covered in this post, with video tutorials taught by real artists for your in-person, hybrid, or virtual painting party.

    Receive all the materials and guidance you need and walk away with unique memories and artwork that lasts forever. Choose your painting now to get started!

    Tip : Teach The Painting Not How To Be An Artist

    Learn How to Paint WITCHY WOMEN with Acrylic – Paint and Sip at Home- Autumn Step by Step Tutorial

    As youre planning the painting, resist the urge to actually teach the participants how to become artists. That might sound funny, considering theyre coming to a painting class, but the goal is to teach your class how to make one particular painting for one scheduled nightnot art theory, not composition and technique, and definitely not how skilled you are as an artist.

    Can you show your students a few tips and tricks? Of course! Theyll love learning a couple of artists secrets. Just keep it to one or two basic techniques, and think of the rest of the painting as filling in all of the sections.

    You can still educate your participants on things like names of brushes, specific colors and their complements, and typical mistakes to avoid. Just remember to keep the focus on the painting steps, and sprinkle the occasional art buzzword or technique tip as a bonus for those who are interested.

    If youre teaching a painting that has drawing involved, dont be afraid to make paper stencils for your students to use. Those students who arent comfortable drawing will be more than grateful for them!

    Remember also that your students might not have your uniquely built artist musclesa lot of brushing and blending might be enjoyable for you, but could be painful for participants whose arm and hand muscles are not as strong.

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    Painting Date Nights For Couples

    Fresh out of date night ideas? Couples love participating in paint nights because they can grow closer while doing something new and out of the ordinary together. There are even diptych-style paintings, like our Cheers art piece. Each person paints on their own canvas and you display them side by side to form one complete painting. Add in your favorite alcoholic beverages or snacks for an extra special evening.


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