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Best Overall: Behr Premium Plus Ultra Pure White Exterior Paint And Primer In One

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Size: 1 gallon | Coverage Area: 400 square feet | Color: White | Finish: Semi-gloss

  • Paint and primer in one

  • Can be applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit

  • May require second coat for even coverage

  • Goes on too thick for some

What do buyers say? 52,900+ Home Depot reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

If you’re looking for exterior paint that makes your work easier, our best overall pickBEHR Premium Plus Ultra Pure White Exterioris an effective two-in-one paint and primer. You can skip the priming step altogether with this product, saving your time and energy. This 100 percent acrylic paint is also long-lasting, resists stains, mildew, peeling, and fading, and is Greenguard Gold Certified .

This sleek low VOC paint is available in semi-gloss, flat, and satin finishes and is suitable for numerous applications, including many types of sidings, stucco, brick, and fences. Maintenance is easy, too: Use soap and water to clean the surface. One coat should be all you’ll need to touch up any nicks or scratches. Although, you may want an additional coat for the best coverage.

While the price is pretty consistent with others on our list, it might add up quickly if you have a large surface area to paint. Depending on application and surface porousness, a 1-gallon can cover about 400 square feet. This dual paint and primer is also available in 1-quart, 1-gallon, or 5-gallon containers.

House Paint Colors: Finding The Right Hue

Choosing and matching colors can be nerve-wracking, which explains why there are so many white houses. Fortunately, paint companies are taking the pain out of this process. Many offer color cards that suggest color combinations for siding and trim. Several have also come up with other approaches.

For example, Sears tracked colors customers preferred and those found in nature for its Weatherbeater line. Research by the company yielded palettes that correspond to different regions of the countryone set of colors for the coasts, one for the Sun Belt and a third for the center of the country. Color experts from The Home Depot came up with 30 popular combinations from its Behr line that range from soft pinks and peaches to bold rusts and blues.

And if you have a classic home, or even a modern classic, the Sherwin-Williams Preservation palette offers a range of historical hues. Most paint dealers will also help you win the match game. Some offer color-matching software. For instance, Benjamin Moore dealers will also scan a photo of your house and let you experiment with color on a computer screen.

Apply More Than One Coat

Sorry not the news you wanted to hear. More than likely, you need at least two coats of exterior paint. A.G. Williams Painting Company suggests two coats of paint for a well-prepped and primed surface. For example, two coats are normal when painting a house a dark color over a lighter shade. However, if you’re painting your home white and it’s currently dark blue , you may apply more than two coats. A helpful hint is to have your primer tinted to match the paint you’re using. That way, you get a head start with the primer adding some color.

Be sure to take a break in between coats. It would be best if you allowed your first coat of paint to dry for two to four hours before the next coat . You’ll welcome the break after finishing the entire first coat. It’s best to let everything dry before switching to trim after painting the walls, or if you paint the trim first, finish that up before beginning the walls. This will keep the two colors from bleeding into each other and allow you to tape without ruining any wet paint. Complete all the coats of one color, then move on to the next.

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Behr And Glidden Are Popular Paint Brands At The Retailer

Deane Biermeier is an expert contractor with nearly 30 years of experience in all types of home repair, maintenance, and remodeling. He is a certified lead carpenter and also holds a certification from the EPA. Deane is a member of The Spruce’s Home Improvement Review Board.

The Spruce

If you’re standing in Home Depot’s interior paint section now, you may be wondering which of the store’s two main brands to choose from, Behr or Glidden, or if one of the other attractive contenders is the right pick.

Paint contractors may tell you to skip Home Depot altogether and instead purchase from a standalone store like Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore. But if you’re on a budget, or working on a smaller project like a kid’s room or a guest bathroom, Home Depot paints are perfectly acceptable.

Plus, any tools you may need to get the job done, such as ladders or sprayers, are right there at your fingertips. So the question remains: Which paint brand should you choose?

How Do You Remove Exterior Paint

Diamond Brite Paint 5 gal. White Oil Base Enamel Interior/Exterior ...

To remove paint from exterior surfaces, it must be scraped or sanded off. A putty knife or paint scraper can work on spots that are already peeling, but friction is generally needed to remove the paint in other spots. Sandpaper used on a belt or orbital sander is fine, but avoid harsher abrasions made by rotary sanders, pressure washers, and sand blasters. Anything that uses water to remove paint is not recommended because it could introduce moisture into the material that leads to mold or mildew.

For particularly hard-to-remove exterior paint, you can use a heat gun to melt the paint, making it easier to scrape off. There are chemical-based products that can also strip paint, but these usually have toxic ingredients that could harm the user and the environment, so they are not recommended.

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Best Budget: Diamond Brite Oil Base Enamel Interior/exterior Paint

Courtesy of Home Depot

Size: 1 gallon | Coverage Area: 200 square feet | Color: White | Finish: Glossy

  • Can be used on interior or exterior painting projects

  • Provides hard, shiny finish

  • Long drying times

  • Must be applied in conditions above 55 degrees Fahrenheit

Certain exterior paints can cost a pretty pennyespecially if youre painting a large home. This enamel paint from Diamond Brite will get the job done for less. This versatile oil-based paint can be used on interior and exterior surfaces, covering wood, concrete, masonry, and even metal. A difference with oil-based paint is that its clean-up requires mineral spirits, not water.

This all-purpose paint is available in a dozen shades, as well as 1- or 5-gallon cans, and it creates a tough, durable surface that resists peeling and cracking. You can roll, brush, or spray the paint onto your home. It has a 10- to 12-hour dry time and 24-hour recoat time.

When Should I Use Oil Based Paint Vs Latex Paint

Oil based paint can be used in almost every situation, but it is up to you to decide when you want to put in the extra work for it. Here are some projects that you should consider using oil-based paint for.

  • 1. Interior and exterior trims
  • 2. Doors
  • 3. Cabinetry
  • 4. High-moisture rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom
  • 5. Popcorn ceiling. If you go with latex paint, you may find that it doesnt adhere nearly as nice as oil based paint.
  • 6. Also, if you have the time, it can really pay off to use oil based paint on your decking as well. Sherwin Williams Exterior Oil Based Stain is one we recommend for deck staining.
  • 7. When using a faux finish, oil based paint takes longer to dry giving you more time to play with the faux and make it more to your liking

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Find The Oops Section

Many Home Depot stores keep a small, discreet section of what’s termed “oops” paints. It’s the perfect section to look for colors for small paint jobs. These incorrectly mixed paints, damaged containers, or returned paints are sold at a substantial discount. Look for the tiny oops section usually located close to the paint mixing area.

Experience A Different Kind Of Paint Store

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Knowledge is mixed into every can of Benjamin Moore paint. Color consultants and paint experts help you combine the right color with the right paint for the right results. And unlike big box stores, youll always find personalized, unrushed service.

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Our innovative products are found at over 7,500 independently owned paint and hardware stores throughout North America. But if for some reason the product you need is out of stock, we can usually have it delivered to the store overnight.

You can buy paint samples at your local Benjamin Moore store. Product questions? Visit our Product Catalog.


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Cover Everything And Tape

You’d be surprised where paint can end up when painting the exterior of your home. Trees, shrubs, and the yard all need to be protected. Use drop cloths to cover the grass right below where you’re working. You’ll need to move the covers as you go. Don’t bother with plastic drop cloths. They are helpful indoors, but outside, the wind will catch them, and you’ll have to keep weighing them down or chasing them, according to House-Painting-Info. Canvas drop cloths are heavy and reusable, which makes them a better choice. Besides the grass, you can cover shrubs and other landscaping you don’t want your rose bushes to have a new shade of blue to match the house.

Painter’s tape is the next way to protect your home while painting. Use it for edges and trim that aren’t getting painted. Choose tape designed for painting, so the paint stays put when you peel the adhesive off. When applying it, use a putty knife to press it snug against the wall, then remove it as soon as your paint dries . If trim is being painted as well, you can tape the edges when you paint the siding, and reverse it when you’re done and tape the siding where it meets the trim.

How Do I Use Oil Based Paint

Painting with oil based paint is slightly different than other paints . Here are some general guidelines to follow when using oil based paint.

  • Acquire a higher-quality paint brush that is advertised specifically for oil-based paint.
  • Expect to spend more on items such as disposable brushes, varsol to clean the paint off, other miscellaneous sundries, since the oil paint usually ruins most of the equipment so it cant be reused like with latex based paint.
  • When buying the paint, it may be a little harder to find. Look for industrial rust preventative or some similar name, which is the same paint. In Toronto and the GTA, most of the oil based paints have been fazed out for more environmentally and zero VOC paints. So, keep that in mind prior to when your painting project begins.
  • Oil-based paint takes significantly longer to dry, but it can be worth it. You just need to make sure you have the time mapped out properly in order to be able to let everything dry. Be sure to let oil based paint dry for a 24 to 48 hours in a well-ventilated room, per coat. If youre working outside with oil based exterior paint, its the same amount of time.
  • Before the final coat, sand the wall to keep imperfections out of the final finish.

And thats all there is to it. Oil based paint does require a little bit more work, but it definitely pays off in the end with a much higher-quality paint job.

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Picking Exterior House Paint

Whether youre shopping for an exterior acrylic latex paint or an oil-based paint, you can tell a good quality paint by its can if you know what to look for.

Why do some five-year-old paint jobs peel and flake while others done some time during the Reagan era look as if they were laid on last week? The answer is deceptively simple: Quality exterior paint when it’s properly applied over a well-prepped surface lasts longer than the cheap stuff. But trying to find the good stuff at the store can be an experience in sensory overload. Besides pondering the oil-vs.-water-based dilemma, homeowners have to choose from among several lines from each of the national brands as well as from locally produced products.

And, while price usually indicates quality, with some exterior paints tagged at $40 per gallon, going by price alone can get expensive. Fortunately, there are some other indicators that will help you buy the right paint if you know what they are. So whether your next outdoor-painting project is imminent or a few years off, read on to find out what, according to independent researchers and industry experts, makes a quality product. You’ll also pick up some helpful tips on both the all-important prepping process and the esthetic science of choosing colors.

Proper Prep: How To Paint The Exterior Of Your House


Even the best exterior paint can fail if it’s applied incorrectly. Always use a primer when painting any untreated surface to seal it off and to provide a base for topcoats to stick to. Alkyd primers are best for bare wood because they cover bleed-through from wood knots better be sure the label states that the primer is designed to stop bleed-through.

Water-based primers are a good choice if knots aren’t an issue. Water-based paints are compatible with both types of primer. When repainting, prime only when necessary. If the paint hasn’t cracked or flaked, you may not need to prime at all. Advantage 900 from Porter Paints is designed to go over any existing paint without priming or sanding. If you must scrape down to bare wood, spot-prime.

Not sure whether priming is needed? Try this test: Paint a small portion of the wall and let it dry. Then put an adhesive bandage on the newly painted surface and snap it off. If paint sticks to it, the old paint won’t support a new coat and requires a coat of primer. If the bandage is clean, power wash the siding and paint.

For painting new construction, the FPL recommends dipping each piece of siding in a paintable water repellent, priming, then applying two coats of water-based paint. The lab also suggests installing siding on furring strips, creating a ventilated space behind it to reduce vapor. Seal the bottom with screening to keep insects out.

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Durability And Ease Of Cleaning

Quality paint is durable and easy to clean. You don’t want paint that rubs off the wall when you’re trying to clean up unexpected food splatters in the kitchen or marks on the wall in your kids’ playroom. A good brand of paint will adhere to the wall and provide better protection. The durability of the paint will also give you peace of mind of the knowledge that you won’t have to paint any time soon .

The paint finish that you use will also help with the ease of scrubbing that wall, but a better grade of paint is both durable and scrubbable no matter the finish.

Select A Complementary Color

You might be artsy and creative with wild colors inside your home however, your neighbors may not appreciate a purple house with a pink porch if the entire street is a row of beige homes. Sure, that means your neighbors are a little boring, but you all have to live next to each other. Stand out with a beautiful home without drawing unnecessary attention.

Paper Moon Painting suggests you first consider the façade of your home when choosing a paint color. If you have a good amount of brick you want to leave exposed, you’ll have to match the undertone of the brick. It could be pink, yellow, orange, blue, or gold, and the paint color should complement that hue. But that’s not the only thing you should keep in mind you should also weigh what matches your location. Using a beachy color is great if you live near an ocean, but it’s going to look out of place in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. If you’re stuck on which shade to pick, neutrals are always a good choice because they blend in with the neighborhood, easily match any landscaping style or décor, and seldom go out of style . It’s essential to bring home samples to try before deciding.

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Best For Brick: Romabio Bianco White Limewash Interior/exterior Paint

Courtesy of Home Depot

Size: 1 gallon | Coverage Area: 200-450 square feet | Color: White | Finish: Matte

  • Variable coverage per gallon

  • Application process might be confusing

Painting the exterior of brick homes is a popular trend. If youre hoping to transform your masonry, the ROMABIO Limewash Interior/Exterior Paint is specially designed for the job. This product is an authentic slaked-lime paint that allows brick, stone, and other masonry surfaces to breathe, reducing moisture build-up. Its UV-resistant and durable, resisting peeling and chipping.

This zero-VOC formula has a flat finish that emulates the natural limewash look of historic Europe. You can use a garden hose or spray bottle after painting to achieve this style. One gallon covers up to around 450 square feet and dries in 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the conditions.


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