Modern Exterior House Paint Colors

Dos & Donts For Interior & Exterior House Colour As Per Vastu

Best Paint Colors for a White House with Black Trim
  • Orange and Red are two perfect home colour outside to paint the walls in the southeast direction of the house.

  • As per Vastu, the living room should ideally be in the North-West direction of the house and be painted white according to the Vastu exterior house color design.

  • The parking area should ideally be in the South-East or the North-West direction of the house as this will keep your vehicles safe as per Vastu Shastra.

  • The kid’s room should have walls painted in white colour and must be built in the North-West direction, and as this direction is ruled by the moon.

  • Vastu home colour outside suggests that the master bedroom of the house should be built in the South-West zone. The bedroom should be painted in a light shade of pink, green, and blue this will help bring peace and prosperity into the lives of the family members.

Hunter Green + Muted Sage + White

Without the lighter green gable and door, this home would look dark and uninviting. A small splash of color goes a long way, especially when framed in white trim. The chalky matte finish on the green exterior paint is a great way to make non-neutrals pair well together. The choice to paint the picket fence hunter green, rather than traditional white, keeps the attention on the home’s sage green door.

Narrow Your Exterior Paint Colors For Home Choices As Much As Possible

Cement paint absorbs moisture well and has an affordable price, so it is also in demand among consumers. Its shortcomings are a small range of colors and the appearance of different spots and damage to the walls over time. The basis of silicone facade paints is silicone resin. It is a polymer in which the smallest particles of silicon are present. Due to this composition, the paint is UV-resistant and hydrophobic. Also, it is more plastic, so it can hide microcracks after it is applied to the surface of the walls.

Silicate facade paints are waterproof and durable coatings. They protect the walls from ultraviolet radiation and sharp temperature changes. The composition of this paint, in addition to liquid potassium glass, includes a special filler of silicon and various mineral pigments, so it is durable and has anti-corrosion properties. Silicate paints are used for applying to walls of brick, stone, or plastered surfaces.

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Creamy Warm Shades Of White

Rather than going with a crisp white, off-whites are going to be seeing a resurgence in popularity for 2021. The best whites to take advantage of for your exterior are creamy and warm shades. You can go with something brighter or darker depending on your own preferences. While we recommend looking at off-whites, we do not suggest a true white. This can be a bit too cold and clinical to make a home feel warm and relaxing for a family. Warm whites work well with wood accents if you already have those on your home exterior.

How Long Does It Take To Paint A House

35 Stunning Modern Home Exterior Color Ideas

The average-sized house would take three people upwards of four days to paint. Assuming the house has one or two stories and four or fewer bedrooms. A three-story house, or one that has five or more bedrooms will need five to six days for the painting process. Just as it is with the price, time and steps required to paint your home will be affected by a few factors.


Cleaning the surfaces is a mandatory step in the process. Power washing the exterior walls is to get rid of dirt, mildew, pollen, and loose paint, and contaminants are key to achieving a smooth, even, long-lasting paint job. A full day has to be allotted for power washing. Even though it doesnt take a day, it has to dry thoroughly before you can begin painting. Wood siding might take a little longer than a day to dry completely.

Preparing the Surfaces

This is a big if in the process. If the home has peeling paint and needs any stripping or priming, the process will take at least a day longer. If the additional prep work is substantial, it could mean several more days.


Proper painting, assuming good weather, will take two or three days on average and seven to ten days for a large house with plenty of detail. Rain especially heavy storms will definitely add to the time required to complete the house.

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Watch Now: Exterior Paint Colors And Design Ideas For Your House

Here are 20 gorgeous exterior house color scheme ideas that might spark your vision for your home.

  • 01 of 20 Hendel Homes

    A Twin Cities builder of high-end properties, Hendel Homes chose a spot-on perfect blue for the exterior of this waterfront cottage. The combination of blue and white color schemes offers a lively yet traditional look. The red-leaf foliage and rosy-colored accents at the door give this house more visual interestlooking great in all seasons.

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  • 02 of 20 Color Design LLC

    Like an artist coordinating all elements of a painting, a house color consultant draws in many aspects of a home before choosing the final colors. Designer and color consultant Kimberly Laten from Color Design LLC expertly gauged the tan intensity of this Arizona home’s stucco exterior based on many factors, including the dazzling blue desert sky, white clouds, lush green lawn, and earthy olive-green succulents.

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  • 03 of 20 Life on the Shady Grove

    If your dream is a white farmhouse-style home, follow the lead of Wendy Durnwald of the lifestyle blog Life on the Shady Grove. As she puts it, for her “pretend farmhouse,” Wendy sought out an elegant white that would steer clear of sterile and dull. She chose a soft, warm, and rich white exterior paint color: Sherwin-Williams Roman Column. This active property is filled with five children and many sheep things are far from boring at this house.

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  • How To Pick Home Exterior Paint Colors

    Choosing exterior colors for your house can be one of the biggest design decisions you ever make, as they’re a major factor in its overall look and feel. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow to make the decision less daunting.

    When choosing a color palette for your home, there are three elements to consider: the main or field color, the accent color and the trim color. Scope out your neighborhood for field color inspiration if your neighbors homes feature mostly muted hues, neutrals and earth tones will be your best bet so your house doesnt look out of place. Accent colors are where you can have some fun consider pairing a white or gray field color with a bold yellow front door, or a brown or beige field color with cheerful green shutters. For the trim, white looks clean and crisp against just about any exterior, but brown, black and gray can also complement many color schemes.

    Now that you know the basics, browse the following exterior house colors and get inspired to spruce up your homes curb appeal.

    Paint colors: Sherwin-Williams Software + Sherwin-Williams High Reflective White + Sherwin-Williams Cheerful

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    Cream And Brown Home Colour Outside Idea

    This is one of the most subtle and elegant colour combinations for exterior house colour painting. Dark brown goes perfectly well with the cream home colour outside set-up. For the exterior colour combination for Indian homes, you can opt for a chocolate brown, or walnut brown with cream colour, this house exterior paint combination looks earthy and grounding.

    The home front colour combination image is shown below. For the best look, opt for these subtle house paint colors that are perfect in India for home exteriors.Best Colour Combination for house exterior – Brown and Cream

    Exterior Trends 202: Golden Mean

    New House | Our Exterior Color Choices

    The golden mean in the choice of exterior paint colors 2022, taking into account the burnout of the dark color, the frequent soiling of the white facade and other nuances, is a calm gray color that will emphasize the style of the house, which is not afraid of burnout and yellowness, absorbs less heat than black, and on which the settled dust from the road will not be noticeable.

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    Grey Mixed Siding Modern House

    When you simplify the color palette, you have more room to play with texture. With this home, theres a mixed siding approach. Portions feature a vertical board and batten design, while others look closer to cinder block or grey brick. The patterned cinder block along the carport and entryway is another texture, adding more interest.

    All of that is coupled with a rich, reddish wood on the soffits, on the ceiling of the carport, and up select exterior walls. Since the window frames are black, they dont detract from the other elements. As a result, the design feels balanced and inviting.

    New Outside Wall Color For Houses With Gray Roof

    The classic look of the façade will give the use of natural colors. The fashionable colors of the facades of houses are also represented by pastel colors, the use of which carries fewer risks than thfewerhe more intensive ones, because dark colors often become important, rather than more neutral ones.

    If you suddenly have doubts, whabouthe t at the color of the lutiochoicehoose for a large surface of the facade among related flowers, you should choose the one that will become the least bright. In the photo, the colors of the facades of the houses show that its safe to create darker and more daring colors on small surfaces or combine thecombineght tones.

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    Consider Your Roof Color

    Before you can go much further in your color decision-making, you will need to consider the color of your roof. If you have a black or neutral gray, you dont have to worry as much about color clashing. Unfortunately, I have a dark brown roof with slight red undertones, so colors like shades of green or blues wouldnt work for me and would clash. For those of you that have a roof with red, tan, green or blue gray undertones in your shingles, you will for sure need to factor in your roof color as you choose your exterior paint color palette.

    If youre like me and you have a dark brown roof with shingles that have a red undertone, you will want to stick with a true neutral main body color for your home to play it safe. If you have shingles with green or blue gray undertones, you have a little more leeway and you will prevent color clashing if you choose a color thats either neutral or has a slight hint of your shingle color in it to blend and compliment and not fight. If you have a black roof, you can pretty much do anything.

    If you have stone or brick on your home, you will need to also factor in any strong undertones found in your brick or stone. If your home is full brick and you just need to choose a trim color and I will match either the lightest, mid-tone or darkest color found in the stone/brick and use that as a trim color.

    Picking A Home Colour Outside: Factors To Consider

    Modern House Exterior Colors Ideas and Inspiration Paint Colors

    While there is no shortage of colour combinations, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before renovating your home exterior. These factors include:

    Using Paint Samples: Instead of printed paint samples, use actual paint samples to get an idea of how the home colour outside will look. There can be a significant difference between print and natural paint samples, so checking the actual samples is necessary.

    Check your Neighbours House Colours: If you want to score some points from potential buyers and neighbours, choose a colour that complements the neighbourhoods curb appeal. If the area has a Homeowner Association, consider checking their guidelines and choose your home colour outside.

    Note: Remember to choose colours that complement your neighbourhood and not pick the same colour.

    Seek Professional Help: With so many options, picking a specific colour combination can get overwhelming. Instead of choosing something just for the sake of it, consult a professional. Share your confusion and concerns with the expert. They will understand your house colour outside expectations and suggest something that goes with it.

    When seeking professional advice, dont hesitate to ask questions. Its your house exterior, and you have every right to make it look good. So, ask questions and make an informed decision when choosing a house exterior colour.

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    Neutral Exterior Paint Trends 202: Taupe & Beige

    When speaking of the fast-growing tendency of neutral color exteriors, it would simply be wrong not to talk about some of the most popular neutrals which are taupe and beige.

    These two colors are two of the most welcoming and cozy colors among the exterior paint colors 2023 that are able to instantly enrich the surface of any sort of building while making it look contemporary and classy.

    Color Blocked Exterior Color Scheme

    One trend that is huge across all design styles right now is color blocking. The architectural design is accentuated by painting different blocks of your homes exterior in contrasting colors. Allison Fannin did just that in her most recent new build home. Contrasting deep black with creamy white creates drama and interest, not to mention massive curb appeal. The bright orange wood accents pop out beautifully against the black and white exterior tying the whole design together.

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    Mixed Greige And Wood

    Since some home designs are brimming with architectural features, a subdued color palette is often necessary to keep the look from being over the top. This house has several shades of greige, creating visual separation for different elements and highlighting siding textures while keeping things simple.

    The white trim also creates divisions, which is helpful for a home of this size. The wood elements and stone cladding add texture and warmth and make the house seem one with nature.

    Its Simply Time To Paint

    Exterior House Painting Colour Ideas 2022 | Modern Home Outside Painting Color Combination Designs

    Even if your home doesnt look like it needs to be painted, after ten years, you will need to paint it. It will be easier and more efficient to repaint while your home is in good condition rather than waiting until it isnt.

    With so many colors to choose from, the most important thing is for you to decide how you want to feel when you arrive home each day, and select paint colors based on that feeling. Take a look at these 50 exterior house paint color scheme ideas that will convince you its time to give your home a makeover.

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    Popular Exterior Color Trends 202: Blue

    If you are keeping up with the latest design tendencies, then you probably know that blue-gray and many of its shades are in the list of the biggest interior and exterior paint colors 2023.

    The beauty of this color lies within its unique tone, which is a lovely blend of two elegant colors.

    However, the best of this color that all of its shades from light blue-gray to deep dark look equally stunning on the house exterior.

    What is more, nowadays blue-gray paint is especially widespread among modern farmhouse exteriors that easily stand out with their charming color scheme.

    All in all, if you are looking for some interesting and fashionable exterior paint colors 2023, then you should certainly consider getting a blue-gray paint.

    Best Exterior House Paint Colors For House With Green Roof

    The green color of the roof of the house gives more freedom of choice because this color is quite easy to combine. Of course, there are exceptions. The least successful combinations will be green and dark blue or turquoise hues, it is also not necessary to decorate the facade in one tone with the roof.

    People who appreciate originality can easily choose bright colors, right up to red.

    In most cases, the facade uses colors that are related to nature yellow, brown, and pastel. These color solutions perfectly complement each other. So, for example, a house with yellow walls, which is complemented by windows and doors with dark colors, looks particularly cozy and presentable.

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    Dark & Moody Exterior Color Scheme

    thorny branch S-H-780 | suede grey PPU18-17 | onyx black PPG1011-7

    If youre looking for a sophisticated moody exterior, this is the color pallet for you! This dark front entrance has a great modern design. A deep grey is the main finish for the exterior paneling with an accent of medium grey for the horizontal siding. A deep black paint color is used for the trim and the railings. The exterior design has emphasized horizontal lines found on the front door, railings, and siding. With a concrete front porch this home by Jordon Iverson Signature Homes has all the right modern exterior elements. If youre looking for more modern architecture inspiration, check out his website, they are a fantastic resource.

    Inspiring Exterior House Paint Color Scheme Ideas

    Here are the 19 Most Popular Exterior Colors

    The Spruce / Almar Creative

    From clean whites and pleasing neutrals to cool blues and vibrant reds, exterior paint colors are your home’s calling card to the world. Calibrate the color right, and you’ll have a house exterior that welcomes visitors when they roll up to your home. More importantly, the right color scheme will give you joy every time you return home for years to come.

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