Midnight Blue Pearl Car Paint

Mica Pearl Car Paint Colors

UreChem Paints, Midnight Blue Pearl, Dual-Stage Pearl Color (400 Series)

Mica Pearl White Car Paints are the most common type of pearl and have been used in the automotive coatings industry for well over 50 years. This class of pearl is built from a mica substrate mined from the earth and purified, refined, and classified to create a variety in sparkle effect and chroma. Controlled layering of metal compounds creates a wide range of colors. There are literally hundreds of varieties and colors of mica pearl white car paint colors.

pros: wide range of colors and sizes, relatively low cost, ease of availabilitycons: typically not as chromatic and sparkling as xirallic and glass based pearls

Midnight Blue Pearl Base Coat Clear Coat Automotive Paint Kit


  • 1 Full Gallon of Basecoat
  • 1 Gallon of Clear

This Basecoat Clear Coat kit is made with high levels of lightfast automotive grade pigments and highly weatherable urethane co-reactants and UV protecting additives to ensure fast coverage and long life. The base mixes 2:1 with UreChem urethane grade reducer and the clear mixes 4:1 with activator for the MS clear or 2:1 with the glamour clear.

To learn more about pearl paint car colors visit here. For more information on the types of car colors available visit this link on our blog.

Understanding The Different Types Of Pearl Car Paint Pigments

Pearl pigments are created by a layering of specific metal oxides and complexes to very specific thicknesses on varying substrates. By varying the thickness of the layers and the size and type of substrate used a wide range of products can be created with varying color, chroma, and sparkle effect.

Automotive grade pearl pigments typically contain a weather treatment layer to improve durability for exterior applications. Below we will discuss some of the most common types of pearl white car paint colors used in the automotive paint industry.

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Plymouth Prowler Spray Paint: Prowler Midnight Blue Pearl Metallic B9/yb9

ScratchWizard Basecoat is a high-quality easy-to-apply solvent-borne basecoat that meets national VOC regulations. ScratchWizard is formulated to match Original Equipment Manufacturers finish and ideal for exterior automotive spot, scratch or touchup repairs. Please use ScratchWizard Clearcoat with Basecoat to deliver excellent appearance, outstanding gloss, and distinction of image.

Get everything you need:

  • Cleaner, sandpaper, scratch-filling putty, color-matching paint, primer, and clearcoat. Repair up to half of any plastic bumper
  • The paint selected is a Tricoat and price of this paint product is higher because this comes with two different layers of paint composed of ground coat which is the actual base color and a midcoat which is a tinted clear coat.

Save money and avoid hassle!

  • Body shops charge $400+ for bumper scuffs and scratches and keep your car for days. Fix your bumper with BumperWizard in just 45 minutes.
  • Spray Paint Only: 12 oz spray paint.
  • Spray Paint + Spray Clear Coat: 12 oz spray paint. 12 oz. spray clear coat
  • Complete Kit: Everything you need to get a durable like-new result: 12 oz. primer 12 oz spray paint. 12 oz spray clear coat 1 oz. body putty 2 oz. wax & grease remover Cleaning towel Coarse sandpaper Fine sandpaper Scuff pad

** If paint code selected is a tricoat paint- it will come with ground coat & Midcoat .


Can’t find your custom paint color?

  • 12 oz factory-matched paint in spray can.
  • Which Activator And Reducer Should I Use

    Restoration Shop Dark Midnight Blue Pearl Acrylic Enamel Auto Paint ...

    The activator and reducer to select depends on the size of the vehicle or parts you are painting, the temperature, and your air movement. Generally speaking when painting a 30%+ of a cars surface area at once youll want medium or standard reducer and activator as it is called for vehicle surface temps up to 85F. For temperatures above that slow is the better choice. Generally fast is only recommended for smaller areas in cooler temps.

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    Chrysler Pb8 Bb8 Midnight Blue Pearl

    Chrysler PB8, BB8, Midnight Blue Pearl paint is formulated using X-Prime Professional Coatings Low VOC Urethane Basecoat because it exhibits exceptional color accuracy and excellent coverage and is specifically designed for all Automotive Refinish Applications.

    No Mixing is necessary. We ship all paint from our facility pre-mixed and Ready To Use, and can be purchased in the following configurations:

    Touch-Up Kit

    Glass Pearl Car Paint Colors

    Glass pearl white car paint colors or ice pearl white car paint colors as they are commonly called in the custom paint industry are built from glass or borosilicate platelets which provides a high degree of transparency and sparkle effect. This class of pearls sees very little use in automotive OEM coatings as they provide more of a unique look and they are commonly larger in size which presents some challenges on assembly line operations. These provide the highest sparkle in the pearl category and also offer some nice clear tri-coat looks, even in lighter colors.

    pros: large sparkle = high brilliance unique lookcons: much more expensive than mica based pearl white car paint colors, often takes extra clear to bury profile

    Note: Ice Pearl is a registered and protected trademark of The Valspar Corporation. We are not affiliated with nor endorsed by The Valspar Corporation.

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    Hyundai Sonata Midnight Blue Pearl Ueb Touch Up Paint Kit

    Say bye to your stone chips and scratches in your Hyundai Sonata Midnight Blue Pearl UEB. With German patented technology Color N Drive puts an end to your problem in 3 basic steps. Evey KIT is custom prepared in line with your manufacturer’s choice on original paint brand.

    With innovative Hyundai touch up paint system, Color N Drive easily treats the areas that needs to be covered fast and easy. Our system prevents your car from the affects of corrosion and rust. So you can get rid of expensive repairs easily.

    Due to the patented solution ‘Correct N Clear’, you can use the system without any worries. With only three basic steps you can repair paint chips and scratches instantly for your Hyundai.

    How Much Paint Do I Need

    Mixing BLUE Pearls into SHADOW BLACK

    The amount of paint you will need depends on a lot of factors including the size of the vehicle you are painting, how much of the vehicle you are painting, which color you use, your spray equipment, and the technique and skill of your painter. Generally speaking a gallon kit of paint is enough for the outside and jambs of a small to medium sized vehicle. Larger vehicles or if you are painting more than the outside and jambs will require more paint. Quart kits are generally enough paint for motorcycles and golf carts. However, if you have a large motorcycle or golf cart with a lot of pieces you might need an additional quart kit.

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    Why Our Blue Ghost Pearl

    Our Blue Ghost Pearl is guaranteed to mix well with any clear paints or tinted candy paints, and has a temperature threshold of about 1600 degrees fahrenheit. It is a very fine powder and will spray well through airbrushes, powder guns, and HVLP paint guns. It is very light, so it stays well mixed in paint without settling too fast in your gun, and can make great tinted clears for light to heavy effects .

    One 25 gram bag treats from 2 to 4 quarts of clear. It can be mixed in everything from Paint, Powder Coat, dip or other coatings, Any clear Polyurethane, or shoe polish, or Concrete Sealer. We have had users use it on shoes, motorcycles, bar-tops, baked into pottery glaze. This is some of the most beautiful and versatile powder you will find anywhere. In the old days, they used to paint Ghost Flames with clear Mica powders because the clear mica particulate reflected one color while letting you see the color underneath.

    Xirallic Pearl Car Paint Colors

    Xirallic pearl white car paint colors are a relatively new type of pearl to the automotive coatings market but have made quite an impact because of their clean, chromatic colors with high sparkle brilliance. These pearls are built on a proprietary synthetic aluminum oxide base substrate and then layered and treated in in much the same way as mica based pearls. Xirallic pearls are widely used in automotive finishes despite being substantially more expensive than mica pearls on average.

    pros: beautiful sparkling pearl shimmer, cleaner, less dingy than others in light colors like white tricoatscons: more expensive than traditional mica pearl white car paint colors, limited colored shimmers, some prefer smaller sparkle.

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    Give Our Midnight Blue Candy Paint Pearl Night Shade A Try And You Will Not Be Disappointed

    Shop with usthe leader in paint and Pearl Pigments Since 2005

    25 gram Orange Copper Candy Pearl Paint Pearl25 gram Bright Orange Candy PearlHint: Use under our Gold Illusion Pearls for an effect like Lamborghini Orange.25 gram Satin Royal Gold Candy Paint Pearls® 25 gram bag of Lime Green Candy Pearl

    Does This Product Meet My Local Voc Requirement

    Dark Midnight Blue Pearl 1 Quart URETHANE BASECOAT Car Auto Body Paint ...

    Check local regulations before purchasing. Some areas require a low VOC automotive paint for compliance with new air regulations. Should you require a low VOC paint we have one available in this kit. To find the low VOC kit enter the color name in the search box above and look for the option showing cans with green and white labels. See our low VOC tab for the latest information.

    NOTE: Automotive paints, such as those represented on this site, can be hazardous to your health, and as such, require specialized equipment and training to use properly and safely. These products are designed for use by professionally trained autobody painters with proper personal protective equipment in an approved spray booth and are not recommended for at home or “do it yourself” type applications.

    WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

    Many states, counties, and/or municipalities have regulations regarding the application of low volatile organic compound paint. The states shown in red below currently require the purchase of low VOC paint, but it there are other areas with regulations.

    Before ordering, please check your local regulations. If you need more information concerning low VOC products, please email us at .

    Canada and several US states have laws requiring the use of Low VOC coatings. Be sure to check local regulations before ordering.

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    How To Use

    What is an OEM paint Code?

    Original Equipment Manufacturer Code is used to formulate the paint in your car.

    I can not find my code in your database or the color i see looks different?

    If you can not find your color in our database, try to write your color code in the system and proceed, if the color code is provided there will not be a mistake in the formulation. Computers can show the colors different sometimes due to programming code that is used.

    Is it really this simple?

    Yes it is, please check our application page to see how easy and effective our system is.

    Is this a permanent repair?

    Yes, after the paint is cured like 3 days, our paint has the same resistance like oem paint. So you will not see that paint chips and scratches for years.

    What is the shelf life of your product?

    The shelf life of our products is up to 12 months. Assuming the products are stored properly in a dark, cool and dry place. Our solution has a indefinete shell life.

    Do You have stores or application centers?

    Altough we have offices around the world, we do not employ people for this purpose in order to keep our prices at minumum levels.


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