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Is Valspar Paint Any Good | Lowes Valspar Porch and Floor Paint Review

Literally, this takes about 60 seconds!

The cool thing is paint swatches are free from ALL major brands like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

YES, you can match any Sherwin Williams at Lowes really easily because the database of ALL of their colors are IN the Lowes paint system.

Hand the item you need matched to the Lowes paint desk associate and they will do the rest for you!

All you have to tell them is that you want a sample and the sheen you are matching.

They put your item under the X-Rite iVue machine that has an eye to read the color.

Then the computer develops a tint formula that is custom matched to your item .

So high-tech and cool in my opinion, but I am a nerd

Then they transfer the formula to the tinter and make up your paint sample. Easy right?


This is a really important step.

The first time I went to have Decorators White tinted in the Valspar Cabinet Enamel, it was wrong!

The small issue was the formula wasnt listed as decorators white, but decorators white.

Be upfront and ask the associate if they have experience with the database and CUSTOM TINTS.

If they look baffled, work with someone else or ask for the paint desk manager or for when they will be on duty.

Lowes will give you credit for a mis-tint, so start with a SAMPLE to be certain before spending money on the paint.

How To Submit A Claim

Step 1: Choose a new color. Purchase the exact same eligible* Valspar product that you purchased, in a new color . Be sure you have both receipts and do not return your paint to the store.

Step 2: Take photos. Snap a photo of your wall, with both the old color and the new color visible and take photos of your purchase receipts.

Step 3: Submit a rebate request. Fill out the online form and upload your photos to receive a rebate for the purchase of the original color. You can also contact our Customer Support Team by calling 1-877-825-7727.

  • Valspar Pristine® Interior Paint + Primer
  • Valspar Medallion® Interior Paint + Primer
  • Valspar Color Style® Paint + Primer
  • Valspar Expressions Interior Latex Paint + Primer
  • Valspar Integrity® Interior Paint + Primer
  • True Basics® by Valspar Interior Paint
  • Valspar® Professional Interior Paint
  • Valspar® Supreme Interior Paint & Primer

My Little Trick Is To Buy Paint In The Middle Of A Weekday Vs At Night Or The Weekend

Why? Because many times the weekend paint desk staff is flex or part time help and they dont have the knowledge needed to access the data base.

Here is a real life example at my house during my master bathroom remodel.

My GO TO cabinet and furniture paint is Valspar Cabinet & Furniture Enamel.

Ive written some lengthy tutorials and helpful information about it in the following posts:

Why I tell you this is because I fell in love with Benjamin Moores Decorators White with my tile, but wanted to paint my cabinets with Valspar Cabinet & Furniture Enamel.

However, this paint brand is only available at Lowes Home Improvement Stores.

So how did I magically achieve this color from Benjamin Moore in a Valspar branded paint?

Didnt you know I am Tinker Bell and can wave my magic wand and poof make it appear?

LOL! NO, but I do know a LOT about paint because I worked for Valspar for 5 years in the Lowes group.

Valspar is owned by Sherwin Williams and our group trained the Lowes Paint Department staff about our products.

Plus we studied all of the paint manufacturers brands features and benefits, so when I tell you this is possible its DEFINITELY possible.


Its called CUSTOM COLOR MATCHING my friends!

Here is Valspar Cabinet Enamel tinted on 3/26/19 in Decorators White my proof!

If you want to paint your cabinets this color, just take a screen shot of this and show it to the paint desk associate for guidance

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Other Chalk Paint Projects

After I loved the results of my side table, I tackled my daughters bedroom furniture. I used Valspar Woolen Gray and leftover coral color I had from a previous project.

The chalk paint gave excellent coverage even on the formica top of the desk. Instead of using wax on the bedroom furniture to seal the paint I used a polyurethane clear coat.

Ive started using clear coat on any furniture that gets a lot of wear and tear on the surface, it seems to last longer than wax.

After using the Valspar Chalk paint on several pieces of furniture I definitely recommend it. If you are familiar with Annie Sloan you will find a slight difference.

Annie Sloan goes on easier, however Valspar definitely does the job and is much less expensive. Its worth giving a try.

Lowes Bedroom Makeover: Choosing A Paint Color

Shop Valspar Tintable Chalky Paint (Actual Net Contents: 29

Its Monday morning, which means we are OFFICIALLY done with the Lowes master bedroom makeover. Ahhhh. I think were still both a bit slap happy from the combined excitement and exhaustion. It was a loooong, but good great, weekend!

We cannot wait to show you the big reveal this Thursday, but until that post is all ready to go we wanted to chat about the paint colors we used for this new space.

When Mike & April moved into their home in the spring, their master bedroom was a light green color. Its actually a pretty shade of green , but it wasnt quite their style. Plus, they were excited to get some fresh paint on the walls to really make their bedroom feel clean and new.

Oh and did we mention that allllll of the outlet covers were painted over in green paint. Ugh. Seriously the worst. So besides giving the space a coat of fresh paint, we would need to change out all 7 of the outlets and switches to a crisp white.

After chatting with the couple, they told us that they wanted a nice neutral gray on the walls. Yeah were pretty sure theyre our dream client. Light neutral gray? Youre speaking our language here, people! After seeing their space in person, we decided that we wanted a light warm gray to brighten up the space.

So what did we go with? Valspars Filtered Shade in a matte sheen.

You may remember this color from Bridgets master bedroom. Its a gorgeous gray with just a hint of warmth and she has absolutely loved it ever since she re-painted.

Bridget& Casey

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Furniture Makeover With Valspar Chalk Paint

I tried Valspar on several pieces of furniture. One was this small side table that we picked up for free several years ago. We purchased a sofa set off Craigs List and when my husband went to get it, they guy asked if we wanted the table since he was getting rid of it anyway.

The tables always been a little plain but I wasnt motivated enough to change it. After finishing my hutch, I was inspired to change this little table.

Paint Color Matching Example At Lowes

Im going to walk you through the process I used to have paint tinted to match my old kitchen cabinets for a touch up job.

The color match was EXACT!

Remember, this can be done using a paint chip sample as well!

Luckily, I have a friend behind the paint counter at my local Lowes store.

He nailed it using his own coloring abilities not a machine.

So after years of working together, he was nice enough to let me document the custom tinting process so I can teach you how it works!

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