Light Paint Colors For Bedrooms

Pay Attention To Finish

Bedroom Paint Color Ideas to Transform Your Space | Benjamin Moore

Our professional interior painters can also make recommendations on what kind of finish should be used in your space, as some finishes absorb more light, and others will reflect too much light and can draw attention to dings in the wall.

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Favorite Bedroom Colors For Couples

The best bedroom color for couples is Intimate White by Sherwin Williams. This neutral pink hue works wonders in creating a romantic and relaxing bedroom atmosphere. A few more favorite bedroom colors for couples include neutral shades of pink, soft blue-grays, and earthy greens. For a little spice, you can add a toned down shade of terracotta or even a regal purple shade as an accent color.

Accordingly, warmer whites and natural, soft tones can help make a master bedroom feel comfortable and tranquil for couples. Given that were spending more time at home these days than ever, this has never been more important. Luckily, each of these colors helps promote wellness, leading to a restful night of sleep.

Best Paint Colors For Rooms With Little Natural Light

Have you ever decided on a paint color, only to have it show up differently on the wall in your home? This phenomenon is a common one when it comes to painting interior walls with varying degrees of natural or artificial light. Some rooms in our homes get less natural light than others due to their positioning, the number of windows and doors and the tone of the artificial lights. Powder rooms, hallways and basements, for instance, usually have less natural light than other parts of a house.

No matter what interior room you decide to paint, considering the source and quality of light or rather, the absence of light in a given space is crucial to choosing colors for it.

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The Best Paint Colors For Dark Rooms

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Paint is a relatively inexpensive way to completely transform a room, and dark rooms are no exception.

This post delves into some considerations you need to take before choosing the perfect paint color as well as other considerations to to take into account to turn your room into a beautifully bright space.

Try Subtle Colour Injections

Bedroom Paint Color Trends for 2017

Clad walls in wood as a warm and rustic alternative to white paint. It’s not a colour as such, but it adds a lot of interest to a scheme – and let’s face it, not everyone wants to experiment with the super-brights. Here, colour hits are provided by the throw and cushion.

Plants are great for brightening, too, adding beautiful greenery to this natural-looking space.

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Can Color Affect Sleep

Colors can influence mood, emotions, and behaviors. Different colors can be used to evoke certain emotions from aggressiveness and anger to calmness and happiness.

Suzy Chiazzari, a color therapy and holistic interior design consultant, says that your bedroom decor can certainly have an impact upon your quality and quantity of sleep per night. Because color can make you feel a certain way, why not fill your bedroom with shades that can emit calmness and promote positive energy flow?

Pastel and muted shades are typically better for sleep than more vibrant ones, as bold colors can have an energizing effect. Understanding the way these colors affect your mood can help you manipulate your sleep space for better sleep.

Create A Botanical Garden With Green And Pink

In a place where you get your shut-eye, you’ll want a calm and tranquil space to rest. However, if you’ve ever spent the night in a tent in your backyard, you’ll know gardens aren’t the greatest spaces to sleep in. So get the next best thing with a botanical-inspired pink and green bedroom scheme.

Aside from sage-colored paint emulsion, beautify your bedroom walls with a leaf or floral-patterned rug to get that on-trend biophilic look.

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Relax With Blush Pink And Denim Blues

A few simple changes can transform a white room. Start by selecting a colour for the bottom half of your room, this blush pink creates a dreamy soft scheme that will warm up your whites.

Next add depth by choosing colours from the same pink colour family but with very different hues, such as a light and dark terracotta. Finish by adding denim blue bedlinen to ground the scheme and prevent it looking too ‘girlie’.

Best Warm White: Sherwin

Bedroom Color Ideas – Sherwin-Williams & Pottery Barn

The Spruce

The self-care trend “is having a big impact on how we design our bedrooms,” says Leigh Spicher, Director of Design Studios for Ashton Woods. “The color on the walls is essential to creating a peaceful atmosphere where homeowners can relax. My favorite shade of white for bedrooms is Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams. It is not stark white, but instead, it resembles the color of warm sea salt. It has a subtle yellow undertone making it the perfect backdrop for a bright and relaxing bedroom.”

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Best Light Wall Paint Colors

Light colours have always been the favourite when choosing to paint a room. So much, in fact, that in the most recent years they have become outdated due to over use, and many people are opting to paint their rooms in darker colours for a more modern and trendy look.

Have you been wondering about the best light wall paint colors? Check the best light wall paint colors and how they can enhance the various spaces of your home.

Image: Posters Store, Art Gallery from left: Green Palm Leaves No1 19.7 x 27.6, Dried Flower 19.7 x 27.6, Elephant on the Road 19.7 x 27.6, 19.7 x 27.6 in 27.6 x 39.4 passepartout, Nature 19.7 x 27.6, Green Palm Leaves No2 19.7 x 27.6 .

Similar Wall Paint Color: Benjamin Moore, AMERICAN WHITE, Bench: IKEA Stockholm 2017 Coffee table , Indoor Plant: Areca

Give Pink A Bohemian Makeover

If there’s one thing that this bedroom proves, it’s that you don’t have to give up using pink as a bedroom color once you hit adulthood. Full of gorgeous abstract and geometric lines, this boho bedroom is a grown-up scheme with not a garish or sickly-sweet tone in sight.

Create this seventies-inspired scheme by using a round jute rug, an airy sand-colored window treatment and woven materials on your bed and seating.

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Best Bedroom Paint Colors For A Restful And Serene Escape

Interior designers and color consultants share the key bedroom paint colors needed to create a calming retreat for rest and relaxation

Choosing bedroom paint colors is as much down to personal preference as it is about picking a shade that is both stylish and timeless. What is most important when selecting a color for this personal retreat is that the space feels calming and the shade will encourage rest and sleep.

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, a place to retreat at the end of a busy day and begin a new one afresh. Its probably the most personal space in the house, so it needs to strike a balance of showcasing personality while also feeling restful for which the right paint color is key.

From classic neutrals for creating a peaceful atmosphere, to bolder hues of blue, green, and pink to add more character, the colors recommended for decorating bedrooms by our team of experts all offer an unfailing foundation for your decorating scheme with an acknowledging nod to the most recent interior paint color trends.

Best Paint Colors For Low

Light Paint Colors for Bedrooms

When considering paint colors for windowless rooms or others with little natural light, many instinctively opt for clean white. While you may be tempted to brighten a room with a bright color it can often have the opposite effect. In fact, some of the best paint colors for low-light rooms lean toward the warmer rather than vibrant side of the spectrum.

Not sure which color may be right for you? Let Five Star Painting help you pick a palette of the best paint colors for rooms without natural light!

Rooms with low natural light are more susceptible to shadow and gray tones, which draw out cool colors that can make the room feel dark. This can make a hallway or north-facing room appear gray, dingy, and sparse. Lighten and liven up these locales with this list of paint colors for rooms with little natural light:

Agreeable Grey

  • If youre going to opt for cooler colors for your windowless room, give it a boost with some warm undertones such as Agreeable Grey. The beige undercurrents soften the starkness of the grey and would play well for a larger space such as a bedroom. Look toward a matte or satin finish for more trafficked areas. Finally, liven up the locations feel with vibrant accents and fabrics.

Lite Lavender

Wheat Penny

Golden Plumeria

Expressive Plum



Brighten a Room

  • Minimalize
  • Mirror, Mirror
  • Diffuse the Situation
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    The Spruce Best Home First Frost

    The Spruce

    Warm whites tend to look cozier and more traditional, but The Spruce Best Home First Frost is a brighter warm white. It is inviting without looking yellowed or dingy. If you’re a morning person, a warmer white is both comforting and feels inherently youthful, which can help to invigorate you when you wake. Pair this shade with yellows or oranges for a sunny, happy bedroom.

    Reflecting Pool By Behr

    Reflecting Pool is one of Behrs most popular paint colors in bedrooms for a reason. Many call it the perfect cool mix of blue, green, and gray hues. Certainly Reflecting Pool is a neutral gray, like a number of other colors on this list. However, what we love most about this bedroom color is when its paired with warm-toned or natural flooring.

    Cooler leaning gray-blue wall tones like Reflecting Pool are perfect for modern designs and sleek, upscale bedroom decor. Especially when you combine it with dark stained wood headboards, nightstands, and bedroom dressers.

    Its actually just a touch lighter than Behrs Light French gray, the third-best bedroom color ranked this year. As a result, you can combine both paint hues in the same bedroom as an accent and body-color combo.

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    Add Height With A Painted Dado Rail

    Firstly, loving this all over pink. It’s perfect for a small bedroom as it almost blurs the edges of the room and alludes to the space being bigger.

    The dado rail effect helps give the room height too, and you could really easily recreate this paint idea in your own space with any bedroom color. Just use masking tape to create your line and then use a slightly darker tone of the wall color above to create the subtle color block effect.

    Final Tips For Southern Rooms

    HOW TO PICK COLORS FOR DARK ROOMS | Interior Design 101

    Southern facing rooms are great places for plants. If youre a lover of leafy green foliage, keep in mind when choosing a paint color that all those greens will add an additional layer to your color palette.

    Paintzen professional painters and color consultants are ready to assist you in your project. Our painters have years of experience and know-how, and our color consultants are knowledgeable about popular trends and the intricacies of paint colors.

    If you are ready to start transforming your southern facing space, Paintzen is prepared to help. You can contact us or get a free and near-instant quote today. Professional painters can be ready to paint your space in as little as a week.

    As you move throughout the house from one room to the next, you can either strive for continuity or give each room its unique character and personality. A fresh coat of paint is a great way to do this without breaking your budget. We can help you with color consultations and sampling to make all your rooms feel more like home.

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    Or Just Paint The Ceiling

    And if you love dark interior design ideas, but aren’t quite ready to commit to an all-over look, this bedroom paint idea is for you.

    Dark ceilings can make a real statement, especially when contrasted with paler walls. If you want to warm up the look just bring in some yellow and gold tones as you can see with this gorgeous bedroom color idea.

    Bring in some fun textures too to stop the monochrome scheme feeling too flat.

    Can You Paint A Dark Room A Dark Color

    Yes! If it’s done right. Sometimes working with what you got is easier that fighting it.

    Embrace the darker aspects of your space and complement its moodiness with rich, dramatic colors. This is a great way to inject personality into a darker room.

    A room can always be made to feel brighter with other tricks such as good lighting lighter drapes and mirrors that bounce light back into the room.

    Keep shades on lamps white, wood trim white and add in metallics like silvers and mercury glass to instantly achieve the light reflecting properties that you need to visually brighten the space.

    These tricks are especially important when dealing with spaces like basements that really have almost no natural light coming in.

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    Liven Up Your Bedroom With Polka Dots

    Create your own feature wall without wallpapering by painting different shapes in various colors against a pale background color its a very effective and an easy way to add interest to an existing bedroom color scheme. Use an on-trend metallic for the dots, as shown in this pink room for a touch of boudoir glamour.

    Whats Better Dark Or Light Paint Colors

    Bedroom Paint Color Trends for 2017

    Whats better dark or light paint colors? We all know that picking paint colors is tricky. What a paint sample looks like in the store or on a swatch can be completely different than what it looks like in your room. Sometimes light paint colors can look disappointingly dull and drab on the walls, and dark colors can look surprisingly rich and welcoming. But before we can determine whether dark or light paint colors are better, weve gotta bust a couple of common paint color myths.

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    Soothing Bedroom Paint Colors For A Tranquil Retreat

    Lets explore a range of restful paint colors from warm whites to soft blacks from designers across the web. BTW. Dont let the peanut gallery talk you out of painting your bedroom one of the whites suggested here. There are folks who think white paint is white paint, and those folks are wrong. If you need me to set them straight, leave their email address in the comments section hahahahaha.

    A Calm Color Can Set The Tone For Your Sleep Space

    Ashley Knierim is a home decor expert and product reviewer of home products for The Spruce. Her design education began at a young age. She has over 10 years of writing and editing experience, formerly holding editorial positions at Time and AOL.

    The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

    When it comes to choosing bedroom decor, its no surprise that the most commonly used adjectives include relaxing, tranquil, and peaceful. Energy and stimulation are best left to the living room or kitchen your bedroom should be your calm zone. To channel that perfect calm, look to your bedroom walls where the perfect hue can set the tone for the rest of the room. A soothing bedroom paint color doesnt have to be boring. There are ways to add a little color to your space, either on all the walls or just an accent wall, and still have it feel soothing.

    • Color Family: Various
    • Pairs Well With: Neutrals, muted colors
    • Mood: Calm, serene, relaxing, cozy, inviting
    • Where to Use: Bedrooms, accent walls, accent furniture

    Here are some of the top tranquil bedroom paint colors that are anything but dull.

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    Highlight A Feature With A Different Shade

    Copy this bedroom paint idea and choose one strong color then, pick a lighter accent tone of the same color to show off your room’s features to add an extra touch of character.

    The paler circle around the mirror and the stripe at coving height soften the effect of the deep purple paint color a similar approach will create a bedroom paint wall design that is unusual and striking.

    Break Up Bright Yellow With Pattern

    Choosing Interior Paint Colors | Room Color Ideas | The Home Depot

    Bedroom paint colors don’t need to be too sensible, though! OK, there’s no two ways about it. It takes a confident person to pull off a yellow bedroom. But, if you’re staring at that person in the mirror, then this sunny shade will brighten up your mornings.

    To make this shade work for you, invest in lots of affordable patterned pieces that you can switch out across the seasons. Go for Daffodil hues in the height of spring and move to spicy mustards and ochers when you need your fall fix.

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