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With Our Lexus Touch Up Paint Guide You Can Get Your Lexus Back On The Road In No Time Discover How To Find Your Lexus Paint Code And Order Lexus Paint

Touch-up Paint Pen Toyota

Our comprehensive article on Lexus touch up paint is sure to answer any questions you may have about the DIY touch up paint process. It doesnt matter whether you have never repaired a scratch before, doing the work at home is a straightforward process that even a novice can do successfully.

Regardless of whether your 2012 GS needs Crimson Metallic touch up paint, your searching for Lexus Caviar colors, or you need to know how much it costs to paint an SUV, ERA Paints has you covered. If you already know you need Lexus Pearl White paint, then simply find it on our website, and we will send it with free shipping.

We dont compromise on quality. All of our paints are mixed to your paint code specifications and are Made in the USA to the highest standards, so they provide an excellent finish. If you know what you need jump to the section that is most relevant to you.

  • How to Find Your Lexus paint code
  • How to fix a chip or scratch on your Lexus
  • Should you use a Lexus touch up paint pen or touch up paint jars
  • What supplies do you need to repair your paint job on your Lexus
  • How much can you save if you fix your Lexus at home
  • How long does it take to fix a scratch if you do it yourself

If you have a question about Lexus touch up paint that we have not answered here, take a look at our FAQ page, our videos, or give us a call ! We have a great customer service and are always ready to lend a hand.

Should You Use A Lexus Touch Up Paint Pen Or Touch Up Paint Bottles

When looking to fix the scratches, scrapes, and dings on your Lexus, there are several options that you can choose from.

  • Lexus Touch Up Paint Pen
  • Lexus Touch Up Paint Bottles
  • Lexus Aerosol Canister Auto Paint

We do not sell Lexus touch up paint pens at ERA Paints. We strive to provide our customers with exceptional products that give an excellent finish. Unfortunately, touch up paint pens dont offer the quality finish that we expect, if you have a metallic or pearl-colored Lexus, using a pen will not bond to the vehicle correctly and will eventually begin to flake.

The best options are either spray cans or paint bottles/jars, and your choice will depend on the severity and size of the damage. The paint bottles are great for small chips or scratches that are generally smaller than a small coin. The applicators that the containers come with are the exact size for the job and provide the level of detail necessary to return your Lexus to its former glory.

A large scratch or scrape requires a 12oz spray can. If you are attempting to repaint your bumper or an entire panel, youll need multiple canisters. To make application easier, take a look at our spray can grip which lowers stress on your hand and helps apply a consistent spray. Always be sure to practice application before painting your car.

It Works So That Even The Most Amateur Car Owner Can Carry Out The Repair No Matter If Your Color Is Brilliant Black Or Vegas Yellow

Lexus touch up paint pen instructions. Apply several thin coats of Lexus touch up paint to build up the damaged paint area to the same depth as the surrounding surface. Apply paint using a Microbrush included in the Paint Chip Repair Kit to 1 FILL individual Chips or Scratches with manufacturers touch. Our paint kit makes Lexuss scratch repair easier than ever.

Paint Touch Up Application Thoroughly shake the automotive base coat color pen before applying. Make sure you let the primer dry thoroughly before applying the color coat. Empty Paint Scratch Pen 495 tupw0.

Paint Pens And Paint Scratch Pen Kits Click On Any Picture Below To Buy Or View The Items Description. The first three characters are the exterior color and the four after the slash are the trim colors. Its a three step process- paint blend and polish Chipex Lexus Paint.

Provides consistent paint flow. Depress tip to start paint flowing. Website is here but it apparently has no touch up paint information.

For more complete directions click here 1. Our precision matched touch up paint pens and brush-in bottles can help you fix minor scratches and scuffs on your Lexus in no time while larger jobs might require a 12 oz. Click Here To Get My Tri Coat Pearl Paint Color.

You are now ready to apply Lexus touch up paint to your car. We guarantee the results of our Lexuss touch up paint that it will match your vehicles OEM color. Toyota Super White 2 040 Touch Up Paint.

Elora Ryan Toyota Lexus Touch Up Paint

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Slectionner Une Province Et Une Langue

La province que vous sélectionnez nous permet de calculer un PDSF estimé pour votre véhicule

La province que vous sélectionnez nous permet de calculer un prix estimé pour votre véhicule qui inclut les frais de transport et de préparation de , les frais de climatisation de , sil y a lieu, et les frais du concessionnaire.

Can I Just Buy Any Paint Locally

OEM Touch

No. You want a car paint seller whose expertise is creatng OEM, or original manufacturer paint colors, for Lexus models and makes. No one has auto touch up paint standing around for your 7-year old car. If they did it would assumably not be good anymore. Only a couple excellent auto paint companies exist with the state of the art facilities needed to exactly create the accurate paint color for your Lexus. The top recommended touch up paint provider is MicroFinish AutomotiveTouchup because of their capability to match the original paint color of your car, high quality of paint, and moderate pricing.

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Or Browse Lexus Genuine Oem Auto Paint Products Book

So obtain forever excellent final finished paint repairs on your Lexus by using our revolutionary Automotive most cost-effective dedicated family-friendly mastered permanent, proprietary 2-stage fully guided easy repair paint process with multiple world-class connected product options for scratching and chipping, so fix your Lexus vehicle better properly repairing all scratched and chipped damaged paint on doors & handles, window frames, wipers, sill panels, mirrors, roof, bonnet, boot, mudguards, sports mags, wheel rims, bumper bars, spoilers, mouldings, trims and all other painted body parts like a Pro!

O.E.M Lexus Exact Match Factory Eco-Friendly Genuine Paint Repair Colour Formula Included In Every Kit.

Perfect For Lexus Cars With Swirl Marks, Road Rash, Stone Chips, Paint Scratches & Body Blemishes.

Save Yourself Dollars & Add Value To Your Car By Touching Up Your Lexus Cars Paint Work.

Watch The Auto Paint Repair Demonstration Videos Also Made For All Lexus Cars.

Your Genuine Lexus Paint Code Repair Color Is In Our Listed Stock Pile.

Were Here To Help You Correctly Repair Your Lexus Car.

Use Our Ultimate Pragmatic Lexus Automotive Touch

Welcome to our authorised dealers specialised Automotive Touch-up Paint Factory Super Store where we sell everything you need to fix damaged Lexus car body parts and panels. Browse from our complete range of auto parts, accessories, colour swatches, scratch kits and sample paints. Get Genuine Lexus Auto Paint In 3 Easy Steps. 1) Select any Lexus paint product & buy it. 2) Fill vehicle paint information form. 3) Submit your order. Its That Easy!. Notes: Be sure to check your paint type before buying any colour products to ensure maximum paint repair results. Finding Colours?. For best results, Research BestBuy from our complete original Lexus cars multi-function multipurpose user-friendly colour restoration paint kits, clear painting kits, metal primer kits, plastic adhesion promoter paint kits, stop rust treatment kits and many other types of miscellaneous cleaning, cutting, polishing, waxing, painting and repairing equipment, choose from our online store anytime and or visit us in-store. Also, quickly search, find & peruse the complete range of other Lexus superior paint and repair products or look-up paint codes and colour numbers or see vehicle paint code locations.

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Color N Drive Lexus Touch Up Paint Kit

Our Lexus Touch Up Paint KIT components are exclusively selected and formulated for perfect mach to your Lexus’s original paint. Interdisciplinary combination of new generation ecological pigment based formulations and patented clearNcorrect solution ensures touch up applied surface to resist the elements, and lasts for ages without the harmful environmental impact of other touch up sets in the market.

We all know how important color matching is when it comes to Lexus touch up paint performance, which is why color matching is the cornerstone of our new generation touch up paint and auxiliaries formulations.

There is no reason for your Lexus touch up paint to be costly and it should not harm the environment. You do not have to compromise on the quality to turn around and purchase another touch up paint kit a few months later to keep your car looking new.

Shop For Lexus Touch Up Paint

Lexus paint scratch fix touch up method black colors by froggy

Lexus owners are well-known for being passionate about their cars. Owners of Lexuss are typically not shy of their love for their precious automobiles, and for good reason â the co-host of Top Gear, Richard Hammond, called the Lexus the âbest car ever made.â We are sure you will not be disappointed with your Lexus Touch Up Paint purchase to Color N Drive.

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Application Steps To Lexus Touch Up Paint Kit

Ensure that application surface to be repaired has been cleaned entirely by our patented cleaning solution Make sure all all dirt, wax and polish are removed and surface is ready for the touch up paint.

Apply the custom made paint by microbrush on the application area by thin layers, if necessary smear the paint flat across the chipped area with your finger or thumb whilst wearing the protective glove. Make sure the paint is smeared out flat. Than leave it for minutes drying. Drying time of the paint anywhere between 40 seconds up to 5 minutes depending on the temperature and applied paint quantity.

When the paint is dry, apply gentle amount of CorrectNClear solution to the towel in the KIT. Make a light pressure and run the towel across the surface to remove excess paint from the surface. Do not push the surface by towel so hard, let the blending solution do the work. Repeat the step 3 until all the excess paint is removed from around the chip/scratch. Then leave it for dry for few minutes again.

Apply the custom made paint by microbrush on the application area by thin layers, if necessary smear the paint flat across the chipped area with your finger or thumb whilst wearing the protective glove. Make sure the paint is smeared out flat. Than leave it for minutes drying. Drying time of the paint anywhere between 40 seconds up to 5 minutes depending on the temperature and applied paint quantity.

Where Can I Find The Paint Codes For My Car

All Lexus cars have paint codes specific to the color of your car. Fortunately, Lexus makes it very easy to find your code. The paint code is needed to get you the exact OEM paint color formulation for your Lexus model color and year.All Lexus paint codes can be found on the driver side door jam. The paint code will be 3 digits, which can be both numbers and letters. The code will be immediately after you see “C/TR”.

showing a sample label where the paint code can be found and what you are looking for.

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Some Factors You Should Know About Touchup Paint For Lexus

How do I find my Lexus paint code?

To find the paint code of your Lexus, open the driver’s door and look at the sticker that has the VIN number. Below the VIN you will see C/TR. The next two or three letters after C/TR are the paint code.

Herein, can you buy Lexus paint?

TouchUpDirect has the Lexus OEM touch up paint kits you need to get fully rejuvenate your vehicle’s paint job. Whether you drive a Lexus sedan or SUV, TouchUpDirect has the specific paint colors to match your unique model.

Just so, where can I find Lexus paint color?

Find Your Lexus Color and Lexus Paint Code Lexus made is pretty easy to find the color code. On all models, there is an color ID plate on the drivers door jamb. When you locate it, it will have the letters C/TR and then the paint code follows.

Also asked, does Lexus do touch up paint?

No matter the size of your auto paint repair, AutomotiveTouchup has Lexus touch-up paints and body repair products that can make it as inexpensive as possible to achieve an original factory finish.

How Much Does It Cost

OEM Touch

Simply enter your REG number plate or color code or even your vehicle name below to find out. Prices vary depending on the vehicle.

  • Chipex has been tested and certified by TUV, the German testing agency. The product allows the motorist to simply and safely repair road rash, scratches and paint chip damage efficiently and increase the resale value of your car.
  • A paint color match guarantee across all makes and models including your Lexus vehicle
  • Seamless, professional results thanks to the high-grade blending and polishing solutions
  • Clear, simple and user-friendly instructions
  • A complete set of accessories
  • Three sizes to choose from
  • Your Chipex paint repair kit will arrive within 48 hour tracked if it is a UK address, or:
  • Delivery to EU is tracked 12 days
  • Delivery to USA is tracked 1-2 days
  • Delivery to the rest of the world is tracked 2-3 days
  • All Chipex paint kits are tailor made to each individual order due to the unique color code paint product. As a result single paint products and paint kits are exempt from Distance Selling Regulations.
  • Non custom made paint products can be returned within 28 days of receipt for a refund. All items must be in their original packaging and unused.

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Where To Buy Lexus Touch Up Paint

Lexus Dealers – Your local Lexus dealer may have Toyota touch up paint. Pricing will vary. We reviewed several Lexus dealership websites, as well as the US Lexus website, and Lexus parts and accessories sites, and were unable to find any Lexus touch up paint for sale or any pricing.Original Paint ManufacturersIf you do not want to pay the dealer’s cost, waste gas checking out dealers, or have a model where dealer paint is no longer available, we highly recommend the following two companies. These are the state-of-the-art auto paint providers which make the paint and have over 100,000 professional formulations guaranteed to match the color of your car no matter the year, make, or model.You probably know auto manufacturers rely on suppliers making various parts for their vehicles. You will not go wrong with either of these original paint manufacturers:

Automotive Touchup

Microfinish Automotive Touchup is headquartered in Louisiana. Automotive Touchup is our leading provider of Lexus touch up paint.The company has more than 60,000 original OEM colors used to formulate over 300,000 custom colors to exact match your. They even match faded car paint colors.After comparison shopping we found Automotive Touchup was far cheaper than other alternatives.

Paint Scratch

How Much Can You Save If You Fix Your Lexus At Home

If you have damaged a large section of your Lexus, then a trip to the body shop may be worthwhile because getting the necessary tools can be expensive. However, for small scratches and scrapes, there is rarely a need to take your Lexus to the body shop. Our Lexus touch up paint kits offer far better value and are delivered for free. See below for a breakdown of the price comparison.

$40 to $100 $150 to $400

Only a few manufacturers produce high-quality paint necessary to fix your Lexus. We exclusively stock top-tier paint, which is the same used by body shops, so youll get the color required for a flawless factory finish.

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How To Find Your Lexus Paint Code

Finding your Lexus paint code is simple. The tag will vary slightly depending on the year of your model. It may either be a light blue, silver, or white color. However, all Lexus have the paint code in the same location, which makes finding it easy.

To find the color code for a Lexus:

  • Open the drivers side door
  • Look in the door jamb
  • Locate the sticker and find the prefix C/TR, the color code comes after
  • The Lexus paint code typically has three characters, followed by a slash, then another four characters.

The first three characters follow the prefix C/TR are the exterior color. The four that come after the slash are the Lexus trim colors. The first three digits are the most important.

Example code: C/TR: 6T1/FB22

In the code above, the most relevant character at 6T1 as this is the code for the exterior color. In this instance, it refers to a Bamboo Pearl Lexus. You dont need to worry about the FB22 code as this is for the trim colors.

As with other car manufacturers, Lexus car colors use a variety of different names for the same color paint. So, your Burgundy Lexus may look the same as your neighbors, but they could have a different name.

If, for some reason, the Lexus paint code is not in the drivers side door jamb, you have a few different options to find the color.

  • Navigate to our color find and type in the model and year of your Lexus vehicle
  • Speak to your car dealer and give them your VIN. They can check their records and give you the information.
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